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The Cheeky Girls - "Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)" - Official Music Video from 2002 (UK)

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Do you remember the CD single? Do you remember the enhanced CD single? Well, I do! This channel is dedicated to providing fans with the videos that were enhanced on the CD singles of yester-year. Here's the official music video for "Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)" from The Cheeky Girls. These girls were contestants on "Popstars: The Rivals" which was the second season of "Popstars" in the United Kingdom back in 2002. (Girls Aloud were the winners of that season.) This music video has been taken from the German CD single for "Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)" that was released there in March of 2003.
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Mimi Magic (5 days ago)
My after school club plays this song on their radio... it’s for 4-11 year olds.
Georgia Cash (8 days ago)
Wat the heck did i watch girls failing to sing😂😂😂😂😂
Easytiger007 (9 days ago)
Utter load of cheap porn rubbish 🤮🤮🤮🤣🤣🤣🤣
Broken Mirror (11 days ago)
Hahahaha just so funny how this song exist in my workplace.
Barışcan Bektaş (12 days ago)
Still listening after a eons... :)
W W (15 days ago)
I spent a week at a residential music school in Guildford in 2003. One of these idiots walked in like a VIP. I had to walk away in disgust.
ShadowBanned (16 days ago)
What a load of shit
Mirabella Mcgarry (19 days ago)
Omg great song good for parties dancing or out and about 2019?? Love this one who's still listening?? Xxx
Richy Rookstube (20 days ago)
Lmao in a good way.
Richy Rookstube (20 days ago)
Andy Andries (24 days ago)
UK my ass! These girls are romanian! Do not misinform people
Kento Yamazaki (24 days ago)
This is one of fav song and other one is asereje hahaha i still remember if there is a party on our town i always hear a 80s-90s song and then this one ahhaaa the old days r really amazing
Minuka Rodrigo (25 days ago)
One of the last eurodance songs to be released...
James Risk (26 days ago)
'touch my bum' ....yyeeeeeeaaaahhhh, no
Dazza (28 days ago)
“don’t be shy, touch my bum” yeh it’s not 2002 now, we’d end up in prison for that 🤣😂
Sean Ryan (28 days ago)
I imagine this is on the feminazi’s list of banned music videos
John Carter (28 days ago)
in this corner of the internet is anybody in 2016?
John Carter (28 days ago)
2019 lol
Vincent McDonald (30 days ago)
greatest (1 month ago)
must unhear
Mycenaea (1 month ago)
I love deep music.
Archie Campbell (1 month ago)
Haha, this is canceroud
tokionovaloid (1 month ago)
I first heard this in primary school in the school disco lmfao
How to get in the mood on mondays and drive you to a murdering rampage? Listen to this song
compendious succient (1 month ago)
This is considered rape culture now
Eleanor Jones (1 month ago)
M Taulier (1 month ago)
Unforgettable !
卐ϟZypheϟ卐 (1 month ago)
Is this some sort of british thing? Never once heard of this in my life from america
Jim Davies (1 month ago)
There's some kind of tragic fatalism in the lyrics, "touch my bum, this is life". It's like they've accepted that everyone is just going to touch their arses, and they just want everyone to get on with it. It's a real shame that the me too movement came that bit too late to save these two women from the rampant sexual abuse that they must have had to suffer. And then they might not have recorded this aural turd of a song.
Mistah Susan (1 month ago)
you're reading too much into that line. that line was suggested to them by their mom. and they're romanian, and their mother even more so; i doubt the deeper philosophical musings of that line were really means.
pachma (1 month ago)
People actually paid to listen to this. It's beyond comprehension.
Mistah Susan (1 month ago)
they were the pick of the litter in the first few generations of a nationwide talent show.
Patrick MacDonald (1 month ago)
This song sucks! Sounds like they are saying stinky girls, stinky boys
Md. Mosla Uddin Raju (1 month ago)
Why it's catchy?
bigpp theif (1 month ago)
Mini Minter helped this
Hubert Fontaine (1 month ago)
Les saaaloooopeeeessss ! Ein grochen cochonnes
Bunny_gamer19 (2 months ago)
No bum, no fun.
Mistah Susan (1 month ago)
no arse, no class.
Alex Alexiss (2 months ago)
One of the greatest things Romania has EVER offered to this small world🙄😂
Sir HellGuitarLord (2 months ago)
They're still talented
Francis Cyprus (2 months ago)
It's very difficult to explain but this is so bad that it's good.
Maria Autei (2 months ago)
Wtf e oribil, engleza de cacat, miscari la fel nush oribil totul
Joe Mana (2 months ago)
Why i youtube: 30% to watch video 70% to read comments lol
Rinaree (2 months ago)
They’re cuteeeee!! 💞
Noon Lee (2 months ago)
2018, anyone with me? 😉😉
James McKean (2 months ago)
How does one join the Cheeky Club?
Lewis Dawson (2 months ago)
I'm going to see them tomorrow hahaha
Wendy Grace Rey (2 months ago)
Used to dance this song back in 2003 in our school program😂😂😂
97channel (2 months ago)
So bad it's bad.
MsLovelygirl120 (2 months ago)
Daz brought me here and I see why he hated it
Maryam7862010 (2 months ago)
I feel like everyone has forgot about these lot😂 2018 viewers?
andzz (3 months ago)
Their teeth are so mashed up
Smol_ Potato3 (3 months ago)
Uhm, so. I heard anorexia took over?
Smol_ Potato3 (3 months ago)
It’s 2018. Why am I here back in 2002? I went back in time, oh lord. Help, make it stop. WHAT THE HECK DID I DO TO GO BACK LIKE THIS?!
Mistah Susan (1 month ago)
chutchy107 (3 months ago)
i recall all the fat slags dancing to this doing the moves.lol
Georgia Cash (3 months ago)
This is just is so weird like wth😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😐😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😐😐😑😐😑😐😐😑😑😐😐😑😑😐😐😑😑😐😑😑😐😐😑😐🤔🤔😐😑😑😐🤔🤔🤔😐😑😑😐🤔🤔🤔😐😑😑😐🤔😐😐😑😐🤔😐😐😑😐🤔🤔😐😑😑😐🤔🤔😐😑😑😐🤔😐😐😑😑😐🤔🤔😐😑😑😐🤔🤔😐😐🤔😐😑😐😐🤔😐😐😑😐🤔🤔😐😐😑😑🤔🤔🤔😐😑😑😑🤔🤔🤔😐😑😑😐🤔😮😮😮😮😮😥😣😣😥😮😥😣😥😮😮😣😥😮🤐🤐😣😣😮🤐🤐😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😐😐😴😴😴😴😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😬😰😱😳😡😠😠😡😳😱😰😬😬😳😵😡😠😠😵😱😰😬😱😵😡😠😠😵😱😬😬😱😵😡😠😈👹👺👹😈👹👹😈👹😬😰😱😵😡😠☻😠😳😰😬i have no words to describe this
teeth stew (3 months ago)
This has been stuck in my head for weeks
Marjolein Pls (3 months ago)
Spank me please
ItsMeHarry (3 months ago)
I can't believe I forgot this masterpiece existed
Kyle Mahase (3 months ago)
im here from miniminter
gurufabbes1 (3 months ago)
This should be the national anthem of Romania!
?Anonymous? (3 months ago)
Sky Dumont (3 months ago)
Sky Dumont (3 months ago)
Shook (3 months ago)
Um .. touch my bum ?!
Bay Sean (4 months ago)
Is here a piano playing for this?
manictiger (4 months ago)
I feel like this is the kind of song that's played in someone's Miami drug den while they snort medical grade cocaine off of the bellies of tranny midgets while wearing a saddle and loading AK rounds into magazines.
Mitch Mitchell (4 months ago)
Didnt one of these twats go with a politician ???
Slimword (4 months ago)
How the hell did I end up here?
Madi (4 months ago)
how the hell was this whole thing real
init3 (4 months ago)
When you see them on Bargain Hunt - their career has degraded fast
RIXRADvidz (4 months ago)
10.10.18 : watching an episode of Have I Got News For You with Anne Widdicombe hosting, she read out part of the lyrics to this song, here we are, now in the comments
Cheeky Girls is better than Spice Girls! Change my mind!
Pizza is Overrated (4 months ago)
Nah why was this played at my school discos in primary school loool
Toxic Jutz (4 months ago)
No ones gonna play this song on their funeral?
Sophie Kubis (4 months ago)
Sexy theeth
이마리아 (4 months ago)
2018 ❤
Toamastar15 (4 months ago)
This is why there are sexual harassment issues....
Sudhir Jain (4 months ago)
Even india was untouched by this marvelous piece of art..i miss my childhood dayd
ArcticWolfgacha Gacha (5 months ago)
Ultimate cringe
JamaicaNice Apawan (5 months ago)
elementary days😍😍😍
Mia Esler (5 months ago)
I came from snog marry and avoid who else
michael hobbs (5 months ago)
They were great back in the day saw then in town one time ago playing the cheeky quiz they had quite small bums though did have a crush on them but I was too young had I been born the same year I would not have minded to be a shy boyfriend to them. They did sing well even though they were not always live.
Beer & Cheesefries (5 months ago)
What the hell just happened?
Trading Cards Rule (5 months ago)
Simon touch my bum mm7
Mike (5 months ago)
this gave me a panick attack
Toamastar15 (4 months ago)
Same lmao somehow my Bulgarian housemate had never heard of them and I could only show him like 30 seconds
Mad Hatter (5 months ago)
I want to throw up in my mouth.
Atothenal (5 months ago)
this song was on my first burned mixed cd
Ella (5 months ago)
This is what you want!!!
Moonlight Grande (5 months ago)
I hate this song with a passion but can’t stop singing it 😂
djtapczan (5 months ago)
Polska odpowiednik - siostry Godlewskie :)
LittleDolly Doll (5 months ago)
Another primary school disco classic... haha the nostalgia!
K A W A I I (5 months ago)
Who else is here from Snog Marry Avoid?
Maria Autei (2 months ago)
Mia Esler (5 months ago)
K A W A I I me
khabib record (5 months ago)
Harvey weinstein loves this song?
truthhurts101 (5 months ago)
What genius came up with this?
Sorina Bara (5 months ago)
Philip Black (5 months ago)
Rosie Masson (6 months ago)
So I guess this is what Germans do in their free time...
My childhood is ruined 😥
Jessie Langton (6 months ago)
What the fuck did I just watch
Heavy Metal Collector (6 months ago)
They're like if Jackie Q had no talent
Bread Harrity (6 months ago)
Wow. This is so bad.
Florentine 193 (6 months ago)
Music in the early 00s had the "so bad it's good vibe" Music nowadays is horrendous, and literally in a bad way.
Petrut BLN07 (6 months ago)
2018 somebody?
Costy Tattoo (6 months ago)
Doua daramate

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