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CSS Tutorial For Beginners 14 - Targeting Multiple Elements

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Hey guys, in this CSS tutorial for beginners we're going to talk about grouping selectors in CSS, so that you can target multiple elements in the same rule. Grouping selectors in CSS is a great way to save your time so you can spend more effort into black-belting your skills instead :). SUBSCRIBE TO CHANNEL - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW5YeuERMmlnqo4oq8vwUpg?sub_confirmation=1 ========== CSS for Beginners Playlist ========== https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4cUxeGkcC9gQeDH6xYhmO-db2mhoTSrT ========== HTML Basics Course ========== https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4cUxeGkcC9ibZ2TSBaGGNrgh4ZgYE6Cc ========== The Net Ninja ============ For more front-end development tutorials & to black-belt your coding skills, head over to - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW5YeuERMmlnqo4oq8vwUpg or http://thenetninja.co.uk ========== Social Links ========== Twitter - @TheNetNinja - https://twitter.com/thenetninjauk
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I'm a Manchester United Fan, WHY NOT? WHY NOT? EXACTLY, WHY NOT? Being a part of Most Awesome Club in this world, and my CSS teacher is Red Devils too, haha!
Alem Dinarević (8 months ago)
1:07 Unsubscribe, dislike. ffs Ninja, I didn't want to know that. My tutor being my biggest rival! (Ofc I won't unsub or dislike)
scifi vampire (11 months ago)
HI Net Ninja, could this also been done with a container tag?
Keith Segovia (2 months ago)
yep or even the body tag. This was just an exercise to show how to use multiple selectors
Elano Silveira (1 year ago)
You never answer the comments ;(
Elano Silveira (1 year ago)
+The Net Ninja no problem my friend :). Have a great day.
The Net Ninja (1 year ago)
Hey, I do try and answer as many as I can, but in truth I normally get about 50 - 100 comments/questions per day, so it's hard to keep up with them all :(
eeker01 (2 years ago)
Could you go one step further to target all of the tags in the document by just using "body" as your selector, instead of listing out all of the tags the document has? Then, only add CSS blocks for any one off style mods?
iqrasadra (2 years ago)
"I'm a Manchester United fan, why not?" That's why I really love all of your tutorials, because I'm Manchester United fan too hehehe :))
lina suhail (2 years ago)
johnnyp443 (2 years ago)
Would you do this as an id tag, or just elements?

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