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10 Famous Good Girls Who Aren't As Sweet As You Think

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10 Hollywood good girls gone bad. Talk about a diva attitude! Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Videos you might like: 10 Celebs Who Are NOTHING Like They Seem https://youtu.be/EALoce1tcSQ The REAL Story Behind Hilarious Internet Memes https://youtu.be/5KAy4NPM1ws NAILED IT! 10 Biggest DIY Pinterest FAILS https://youtu.be/OGhV-tPB-60 Description: It’s no surprise that many of our favorite Hollywood celebrities aren’t as sweet as they seem. Many famous people have to put on an act in front of cameras to be appear to be kind, sweet and lovable. But over time, the act wears off, and these celebrities are exposed for being rude, bratty and difficult to work with. We have now come to realize that many famous people aren’t as sweet as they appear. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (4804)
Nichole Andersson (23 days ago)
Ariana grande is NICE AS HEEELLLLLLLLLLL! She gave her own money to a poor man that needed food!
Mhik Cruz (29 days ago)
Wow really ! Taylor swift is included!
Anna Mote (1 month ago)
No no no not Claire underwood plz stop lying hmmm oh my god stop.......lying
sister tea (1 month ago)
Ariana grande is the SWEETEST. So why don’t you go hide in a rock.
The Gamer Simon (2 months ago)
With Ariana Grande Saying Her Fans Fucking Die,Is A Totall BullShit!Don't Gossip such a shit
Just Rose (2 months ago)
Add Kendall Jenner
Josh Castor (2 months ago)
Salam Hamza (3 months ago)
What about justin beaber? She is soooo rude
Jairon Durham (3 months ago)
No one's perfect, and I don't care what anyone one else says I still think Ariana Grande is an amazing actress who will no doubt make up for mistakes. The same can be said for Megan Fox.
Violet Rose Gooden (3 months ago)
Katherine Heigl It is ok i am still in love with her.
lampardy888 (3 months ago)
What else better can you expect from Hollywood silverspoon B!tches
#ARIANATOR For life (3 months ago)
Ok idk anything about the people on this list (other than Ariana) But I’m pretty sure you should find out the full story of everything that happened I found out that Ariana sent that tweet because that wasn’t what she said (I think she got hacked or something I don’t remember) And at the donut shop She was high on funny gas cuz she got her wisdom teeth removed and Ricky her boyfriend at the time was supposed to make sure she didn’t mess up but he dared her instead
3:42 can anybody tell me the name of dat movie she acted in 😂?♥
TotallyWeird Bro (3 months ago)
Carrie Underwood is actually really nice and have this stuff is fake. The only reason they talk bad about celebs is to get views
Ghost pepperdragon (3 months ago)
TaylorSiskMusic (4 months ago)
Mmmmmm back off on Carrie Underwood.
Elliot Shelton (4 months ago)
Don't like j.roberts OR e.roberts the both of them can't ACT
Courtney H (4 months ago)
Damn, Julia Roberts is savage af
Dreamy GamesMsp (4 months ago)
-_- THIS channel hates ariana and taylor why???? i really hope ariana didn't say that she hopes her fans would f***ing die ;-;
Emaar Pakistan (4 months ago)
Excuse me TAYLOR SWIFT is not bad she is the best and is really sweet don't u dare say anything to her let me kick u
x ppP (5 months ago)
Everybody has moods everybody's mercurial one time or another especially in the acting world sometimes you are surrounded by jerks what about when the crew is rude what's what about when the directors rude only points for the actor because the cameras pointed at them?
NASCAR fan 88 (5 months ago)
I'm shocked that Carrie Underwood is on that list
Rex McComb (5 months ago)
They need to put a clause in their contract that says disrespectfulness will cost you $50,000 a day even if you are rich that will get your attention
SD5 (5 months ago)
Taylor Swift is no better than the Kardashian’s. And she still uses Kanye West for publicity.
JK (5 months ago)
Can't stand self entitled dunmb bitches.
ojb2008 (5 months ago)
"I want _only_ yellow m&m's" NO WAY! HOW COULD SHE SAY THAT?! SEND HER TO PRISON! WHAT!?!?!?!?!?? "I don't like red m&m's" Right, that's it get her out of here!
Kylie Krisp (5 months ago)
Carrie Underwood is icky.
Tom Latcham (5 months ago)
Malissie A Osbourne (5 months ago)
That's what happens when u think you're beauty will get u where u want to be ,but in reality u are rotten and dying in side. May you all stop and find out who really matters . Jehovah and Jesus is what it's all about you
iFaceYourPalm (5 months ago)
Fame and money bring out what people really are underneath. Just like weed and alcohol. It removes filters and shows your true colours. It enhances what you already are.
S K (5 months ago)
celebrities are human and have the same shit as the rest of us
Bot Prophet (5 months ago)
"Complain about everything" sounds like every women.
James Brice (5 months ago)
Wow! Julia Roberts is a monster!
Jacob Masters (5 months ago)
Good girls are good til they are caught
M4RTIN (5 months ago)
I don’t know why but I like Ariana even more after hearing that xD
Sif A.W.E (5 months ago)
Taylor swift shouldn’t be on this list 🤬😡
Kandrien Evander (5 months ago)
Ariana always looked TOO innocent to be true. It’s super satisfying to hear that 😂
Bayan R (5 months ago)
Wow, you just described all the girls in my school
Anthony Joyce (5 months ago)
It is amazing what you can get away with if you look as ridiculously gorgeous as Ariana Grande.
Renie Moforis (5 months ago)
The yellow M&ms isn’t cause she’s a diva, it’s a way of checking if the people setting up the stage and reading the requests and the job they are supposed to do are doing their job to make sure everything is the way it should be. If they don’t make sure the simple things asked for are done correctly and are half assed, how would Jen trust that everything else they set up and do for the stage, setup, and for her isn’t half assed.
Beh nam (5 months ago)
bunch of trashy Hollywood brat spoiled $hit
epicgroobi55 (5 months ago)
self entitled cunts
Michael Quintana (6 months ago)
am not surpriesed. the bible says so allready " there is none good no not one"
Helen Keller 2.0 (6 months ago)
Ariana should be careful what she wishes for.... Too late
Dangerous Ariana (6 months ago)
Um ari is very nice
Bryan Shah (6 months ago)
I dont care about other celebs but ariana and megan..damn they broke my heart..
Sharky. (6 months ago)
ah.... now people will think all good people are bad in disquie.... people are that stupid... yeah there maybe some people who try to hide their attitude but there are also genuine good people out there so please don't go around assuming things..
Velldurnsblackwolf (6 months ago)
Ariana grande is triggered at U.S cause of the terrorist shit She still a weenier tho
Only For Android (6 months ago)
Taylor Swift isn't Bad, She's actually sweet off camera and all she says was true.
Arindam Chatterjee (6 months ago)
Here's my take: Taylor Swift - I was a big fan, my fav singer but surely so many guys won't leave her for nothing. She's excellent in PR but petty & mean underneath. used to think Kim Kardashian is worse, but I was wrong. some show their dirt some hide & fake it.
Joseph Drummond (6 months ago)
there are 3s and 4s everywhere acting like they are god's gift, and desperate dudes following them around telling them they are tens. the women on this list are actually 10s, they're millionaires, and they're famous. how do you expect them to act?
SethTheProphet (6 months ago)
No. 1 did not surprise me lol.
Brooke Harris (6 months ago)
Just because all those people did something stupid doesn’t mean they are “not like they seem” everyone has done something stupid before
G.J. Akuo (6 months ago)
ariana grande ? really ? o.m.g. -_-
BossCrazyRoss (6 months ago)
Taylor Swift is pretty ugly TBH
Daniel Leahy (6 months ago)
Taylor Swift should not be on this list because she is an absolute angel she’s perfect in every way.
INFERNO - (6 months ago)
If isis says they will kills us for thins then they will be the good guys and we will be the bad
cyber (6 months ago)
I hope julia roberts gets hit by a car and dies
xxxYYZxxx (6 months ago)
Every one of them whores who sucked Weinsteinesque cock to get famous.
Patinho (6 months ago)
Adriana also sucks her best friends bf’s cock. But they’re all ok with it
Ruchitha Rao (6 months ago)
I wonder how much truth is in this video and media. It just takes one little article to ruin a person's image even without having evidence because people just believe what is being fed. Only few girls in this video actually had evidences. One should definitely not believe what's being said by the other person unless you see it for yourself.
Midnight Jewels (6 months ago)
I don't care this was one year ago but for the donut licking from Ariana, she had her wisdom teeth out you mostly get nitrous oxide or laughing gas soo she made it clear about it.
HE SAID (6 months ago)
Julia Robert is sick.. Wtf did she say to her sister..
Rishard Adams (6 months ago)
Ful these ugly stinky cave beasts! Yyyyuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkk
Richard 12 (6 months ago)
Don't all m n m colors taste the same?
Hamish Williamson (6 months ago)
Ariana licking donusts and left them... I'd still buy them in a heart beat.
Tyrel J. (6 months ago)
Who cares bout these assholes
Lacey Rowe (6 months ago)
They just need some good dick hahahahahaha
Hannah Baker (6 months ago)
Who cares
HellØ Watchers (6 months ago)
Stop putting Taylor in her.. 😤😤😤
walshy (6 months ago)
They’re all like that. Spoiled, snobby, stupid, selfish bitches.
Terry Dearing (6 months ago)
I was really suppressed by what you hade to say about Zoey Dechanial, I’m really dissapointed in her.
Terry Dactyl (6 months ago)
Why is no one talking about the yellow m&ms?? So there I am, in Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, at about 3 o'clock in the morning, looking for one thousand brown M&Ms to fill a brandy glass, or Ozzy wouldn't go on stage that night.
tye (6 months ago)
Ariana can lick my doughnuts any day
Kate Archuleta (6 months ago)
I was surprised at Carrie Underwood, but I really shouldn't be considering her being a southern Baptist (hellish experiences there, don't ask)
robert beyea (7 months ago)
all slut whores
Cluch And Skills (7 months ago)
Who gives a shit if j low asks only for yellow mnms
da ne (7 months ago)
Ariana can lick my donut anytime! Donut doesn't mean donut! She can grab my order.
waaazup D (7 months ago)
Very surprised
Daniel Rhone (7 months ago)
Fame and money has definitely ruined these Hollywood divas. 😥😥😥😥
Retrobat's Gaming (7 months ago)
Speak baby speak your speaking facts
Tiffany Jones (7 months ago)
Not surprised at all... fame will change people , usually for the bad so I honestly don't feel bad for any of these [email protected]#ches!!!
kitty 1905 (7 months ago)
Taylor Swift the snake.
Jon Barnes (7 months ago)
Requesting yellow M&M's only...on the same list as an assault and battery?
Ben g (7 months ago)
Stupid s***
Master of Disaster (7 months ago)
Biatchs are always biatchs!! Biatchs, hoes and ssluts and cuntss. All you women know you are!!
Jon Jones (7 months ago)
Hot girls tend to be bitches. I say take off the make up and let’s see. Or, let’s see you at 40
Steve Musser (7 months ago)
Pretty much knew they were hose from the start when I say hose I mean hose you get the drift
CherryRose63 (7 months ago)
Me and my friend Aubrey used to love Ariana grande..... now that I heard all her fans should go fucking die, she is basically saying me and Aubrey should die. That whore can go fucking die because all she does is make sex songs and then act sweet and innocent
Nepto Slykick (7 months ago)
But Emma Watson is a good girl,Anyone agrees.
Bo Barry (7 months ago)
All are defence mechanisms!
George Kolotouros (7 months ago)
I'd tap Taylor in a heartbeat .
JAMES PROULX (7 months ago)
Mike macdonald
Patrick Gragg (8 months ago)
Look at HIS adams apple @ 3:20
Patrick Gragg (8 months ago)
Every single "female" that you have shown in this video are men! TRANNY ALERT
Benjamin T Haden (8 months ago)
Kim Kardashian is a SLAG, what she did with Taylor Swift was BS, the Kardashians are talentless in fact, they’re benefit cheats
Edward Stack Sr (8 months ago)
All female entertainers are whores and all male entertainers are queers! So what is new?
Michael Begay (8 months ago)
Pretty roses but deadly thorny roses bushes .
Michael Begay (7 months ago)
Jock McScottish True colors of plain bitchiest Hollywood Star.
Michael Begay (7 months ago)
Jock McScottish Can I watch an learn how to use a wood shed besides storing wood.
William Reed (8 months ago)
Sean Fagan (8 months ago)
Emma Roberts is a mental case. No one cares about jenny working the block.

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