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Man jumps shirtless into frozen New York lake to rescue stranded dogs

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A Yonkers man and his dog didn't hesitate to jump into a frozen lake in Irvington to rescue two stranded dogs in need of help. Timofey Yuriev was walking his dog Kira last weekend at the O'Hara Nature Center when he noticed the older dogs crossing the lake on the ice. After he saw the dogs fall in, he said he knew help wouldn't arrive fast enough so he took off most of his clothes and jumped in -- breaking the ice along as he went. Yuriev grew up in Kazakhstan and said his grandfather taught him to swim in ice in Siberia when he was 7 years old. Tim Fleischer has more: https://7ny.tv/2XQbyJk Check out more Eyewitness News - http://7ny.tv/2suJHTd NEW HERE? – Hi! We’re abc7NY, also known as Channel 7 on TV, home to Eyewitness News, New York’s Number 1 news. We hope you love us on YouTube as much as you do on television! OUR SOCIAL MEDIA – FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ABC7NY/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/abc7ny INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/abc7ny/ NEW TIPS: Online: http://abc7ny.com/submit-a-news-tip/2599968/ Phone: 917-260-7700 Email: [email protected] #abc7NY #localnews #dogs
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Text Comments (79)
Thommy Turtle (1 day ago)
Russian hero in the US
Janos Merges (1 day ago)
Lucky this is USA and not germany. In germany nobody helps, because afterwards you get ridiculed by peope for "trying to show of your masculinity" . Compliment for Ice-swimmig-man, and compliment, that your country is not as gay as mine.
sergei vinogradov (20 hours ago)
Janos Merges true, he lives in the states
Janos Merges (21 hours ago)
+sergei vinogradov Yes I understand. Met many russians in the past, and it always was a pleasure. But from my understanding he is living at some american lake, and the dog rescue was also at some american lake.
sergei vinogradov (21 hours ago)
Janos Merges the guy is actually a Russian from Siberia
Человек собаке товарищ -- это знают все вкруг
Andrey Sh (1 day ago)
Alex Nemo (2 days ago)
That's true Russian for you. 😎👍
К (2 days ago)
В Америке по последней переписи уже 2млн.367тыс. россиян.
Voice of Mordor (1 day ago)
Все собаки будут сохранены!
Xom9k Kgb (3 days ago)
молодчина, респект)
Alekov (4 days ago)
Ничего особенно для нас/Nothing unusual for us
Анатолий М (3 days ago)
Alekov конечно конечно…в рф все 100 процентов мужчин юных и старенькых сходу же прыгнут в ледяную воду не думая…был бы предлог…а если всерьез то таковой поступок и рф был бы редкостью.
Vasiliy Tryanichev (4 days ago)
Есть такая песня: ...российский юноша в огне не пылает, российский юноша в воде не утопает... Молодчага, почтение из севера России 👍
Ну то что в воде не утопает это понятно))))))
Евгений Л. (4 days ago)
Тимофей молоток!!! Да и пес надежна...
Russian icebreaker
Вася Пупкин (4 days ago)
попросту реальный человек, практически Маресьев :)
dwainer djon (2 days ago)
он российский же
Николай (4 days ago)
Круто сработали!
Alex S (4 days ago)
Русских холодом не испугаешь;). Да и по натуре собственной большая часть из их несут в мир добро и правда!
+Араб ну-ка для твоей задницы уж в Америке нашлось применение, там педерастов немало 😂
Араб (3 days ago)
василиса прекраснаяАхахаха, че пробовала пиздой вести торговлю однако очень уродлива? Торгуй органы :)
+Араб лишь бы не быть таким кретином будто ты... 😏
Араб (4 days ago)
Лучше под лед в Америке, чем выживать в России.
Ставьте лайк,те кто не осознает по-английски.
Icebreaker "Timofey Yuriev"!
TuzPik (5 days ago)
(= ниначвопя тевирП
396023900 (5 days ago)
crazy Russian
Крот Копай (5 days ago)
российский и в Америке остается русским!
Крот Копай (4 days ago)
+Араб российский янки,российский уркаинец и тд,российский не означает россиянин!!!
Араб (4 days ago)
Он уже не российский, и не будет больше вовек :)
雅惠 (5 days ago)
Wonderful man and his dog, they are heroes.
Ubulilee Pneumonia (6 days ago)
Luckily he was recording because if he wasn't, it wouldn't even matter
Lisa Messmer (7 days ago)
Good boy, Tim! Good girl, Kira!
Lisa Messmer Yeah, but he is Timofey anyway)
Lisa Messmer (3 days ago)
The ID on the clip shows his name as Tim. Take it up with the news show clip. Not me.
Илья Ш (3 days ago)
His not Tim.Timofey
dusty fireworks (7 days ago)
Addendum kebic (7 days ago)
Unbelievable gesture! But who were the idiots who 'thumb downed' this video?! Unreal!
foxibot (8 days ago)
So the owners were not there? Did the owners claim their doggies or know they were trapped in the ice? What a wonderful man. I thought his wife was the owner but she was filming. Kira was fantastic touching their nose. Did the dogs have owners? I hope so. Or I hope they were adopted by caring people.
Dako Boran (9 days ago)
Кто пришёл из-за Tengrinews? ;)
Fred Albertan (9 days ago)
Aston Martin (9 days ago)
Aston Martin (1 day ago)
+Петр Врангель 🇰🇿⚽️🇷🇺
Aston Martin More Like 🇷🇺💪🏻👌🏻
Avol80 (9 days ago)
"we got you brother" - Kira
Pancho Villa (9 days ago)
the man knew the global warming induced record cold would be fatal--saved the dog just in time
B W (10 days ago)
My goodness thankfully this man was nearby to save these dogs and his own dog kira jumped right in with her owner, amazing man and his dog. This is such a risky rescue, what a smart grandfather he had to teach him such skills. Really love his dog kira lol and how she just jumped right in and nudged the other dog to come on and follow them, AWESOME!! Thank you for saving these two fur babies ❤
Lisa Pdx (10 days ago)
It's lovely how humans (not Muslims) are compassionate, kind, loving, thoughtful toward dogs "man's best friend". Such a lovey story of Western Civilization values.
Daniel Morgan (5 days ago)
+Dooly King like donkeys ,camels ,sheeps and goat...
Albert Akm (5 days ago)
+Sergey Macolin and of course - only you, who was born (maybe living now) in Russia or former USSR have heard that he is from Russia. @ Lisa Pdx what western civilization values you are talking about?(facepalm) Yes, Timofey (not Tim) lives in the US wright now, but his values were learned in Russia.
Dooly King (6 days ago)
+chris kershaw You need to know about those Muslims who feed dogs stranded in an island. Nobody knows where the dogs were from, but presume the dogs were left by the US military when they left for the US. They say they want to feed those dogs so they can do something good in the name of their God. Not all Muslims avoid dogs, that's for sure. There are many Muslims who love animals.
Sean Hokanson (10 days ago)
God bless that man
Kenneth Allen (10 days ago)
Love it
Richard Callahan (10 days ago)
Awesome, great job!
Paula Mears (10 days ago)
What a wonderful man and story. Thank you for saving the dogs.
Shirley Bignell (11 days ago)
Beautiful story and wonderful husband and wife to give so much to this rescue! Bless them.

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