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Secret Tunnels, Neutrino Underground Labs, and Ancient Connections

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Are tunnels just re-purposed ancient subterranean canals? Latium https://archive.org/details/ned-kbn-all-00001286-001/page/n8 Mundus subterraneus https://archive.org/details/athanasiikircher00kirc_4/page/n5 Channels that cover this topic: Martin Liedtke https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3VzutetC2ZpMU5AyakTb6Q Barnabas Nagy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8TRZRK1sJfxKJ0tXMmGTow JonLevi https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5vXBfxN7rxKeJHJxS8dNDw Anguish by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1400047 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Tim Zambra (19 days ago)
We wont turn it around. There's a reason the old world was destroyed and no one has hit it yet. But I suspect the same corruption that rules today is what ended it. That culture grew from different relationships between us and no doubt had a long time to develop, but even that culture can not have made us happy. The same disconnection from the earth we suffer from today can be seen in the old world however better than today it appears. I think the myths of gold, silver and bronze ages are reflected in the colour of the stone, with red brick being our bronze age, limestone and granite our silver age and before that I would suggest there were far, far less of us. The irony of the golden age is that gold was not even part of life at all, perhaps. You can dream about recouping what was lost, but I don't think most of us will be around to see what's coming next. There are too many corrupt spirits on the earth and the number of available wombs to be able to reincarnate I feel will be considerably lessened to avoid the sheer amount of sociopathic narcissists running rampant today. The architecture we see stopped being valid at the last catastrophe and it is only through sheer greed that breeding programmes have been forced into being so that the previous corruption can attempt to bring the previous empire back. This has come at a cost that has doomed this endeavour, ultimately, as incomplete males and females have been forced onto the earth. The scale of the transgender phenomena will reveal this in the end, I feel. 'Satan' had to breed the empire he stole back into existence but the joke is on him as he cannot breed anything like the quality of human being that brought what we see in the past architecture into being. And thank God for that.
Troy Lee (21 days ago)
The beginning is what I'm saying. Let's lay out an almanac of all the building that took place in this country in the mid 1800s. Included should be a timeline of buildings nationwide, total square footage, the per square foot price of each building, the per capita per square foot of all buildings at the local and state level and their original intent. Also nice to see would be records for all the financial appropriations for all this building at every level of government. Finally I would expect the almanac to include all the amazing material and logistical feats of immense proportion in every town and in every state as unthinkable tons of earth, stone, steel and men made their way hither and yon. Such a book would quickly reveal the absurdity of their lies hidden now only by geographical and temporal diffusion of their purported facts and stories.
Curious Life (21 days ago)
Now that would be a good investigation...but would never happen. Cheers ~
Real InReality (26 days ago)
Great nod to Avatar the last air bender awesome show
Curious Life (25 days ago)
Many, many truths disclosed in that show
John Doe (1 month ago)
Goes to show how lazy we have become.
Men had harder minds and stronger bodies before fluoride.
Lyndall Riedel (2 months ago)
They took down the Boulder County Courthouse 'cause there was a little fire. I think they warehouse those buildings for use at another time.
Lyndall Riedel (2 months ago)
Craig Audio (2 months ago)
Jtube unsubbed me from your channel.
Tyler Adolphe (2 months ago)
YES! Thank you for reactivating them! I'm downloading them all now. Will mirror as well if I can make time. Did you have more videos before? When I was searching with the waybackmachine it listed you having over 1000 videos. I'm also very curious why they were deactivated. You don't have to tell me, just want to know.
Tartarians built it just before last reset. They had free electricity. Also giants were involved. You couldn't make this shit up lol.
jane doe (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/u0JAzgzKVZA I hear so many channels talking about how beautiful Tartary was... The only thing it does for me is reminds me of the DICtatorship that took control of Mother Earth's resources.. making me sick to my stomach The powers that shouldn't be.. Have committed genocide over and over again... Just as a farmer rotates his crops so do they... Once they have destroyed an area and depleted all the resources they move to another land mass... Kill off the population and steal the children... Orphan train's happened all over the world..Thus creating a generation of wounded adults to continue the cycle.. All the abuse the children suffer eventually comes back to create a lifetime of depression or self hate unforgivingness... Because they were never taught how to love when they become parents this cycle of abuse is continued for generations to come The controllers know this whole mind game... They know us better than we know ourselves... When Trump took office they only had 40 miles left to complete the Dakota access pipeline.This pipeline started during the Bush administration .. They are getting ready to leave a hole in the Earth in Oak flat, Az big enough to fit 3 Eiffel tower in just for a little bit of copper... The areas that are being hit with fire,floods, tornado in the US are all areas that have resources they need or in the way of a pipeline or rail system.. We are witnessing genocide and a mudflood all over the world..
Arnt U Nate (2 months ago)
This is all fantastic stuff. 66 down. How is that even possible?!
hiwayhippy GPEJolicoeur (2 months ago)
This was a very well put together video. Informative and un-opinionated by the producer. The ending was fantastic in your statement, The world is going backwards comparatively to our ancestors way of life, so much so in fact, that it is hard to believe a word out of a great majority of our politicians and elected officials mouths, let alone our media outlets that are obviously dictated by our so called leaders. I would like to thank you for your production and consider myself subscribed. Peace!!!!
R. Erik Weigand (2 months ago)
Use Creative visualization and pure good intent, To nudge Reality in the direction in which we would like it to go. Drop off talking about the negative things that have happened and focus attention to now end the reign of the parasites, which is currently underway. When the Mandella effect destroyed the timeline that we all recognized as our prime, I Recognize the multidimensional parallel reality perspective, and view it as similar to pages in a book, the "main" reality is the middle page, the page to the right is just like ours but has slightly magical properties, much like harry potter or Lord of the rings and as you go from universe to universe in that direction they become more magical and less like the technical oil ravaged realm that we were in. In the same respect the pages to the other side are a bit more like Steam-Punk style design and the same goes where as you get farther away things become more divergent. Now take into the effect the other multiverse theory in which the universes are like a grouping of soap bubbles, with kind of a similar fanning out in diversity from the Now center-point bubble of consciousness. When the event happened, "Reality Bubble Prime", POPPED, When this happened there may have been several bubbles of reality with a variety of different/divergent reality aspects that are now filling that void and untill this film of soap bubbles settles into place in the next many months, there is a period of "Flux" where-in we as Creator Beings will have the opportunity to willfully direct (to a degree) what aspects take hold and become permanent. So lets all have happy thoughts and interesting nature based building projects like the ones pictures here. There will also be more alien presence, I can envision a possibility of up to 8 realities coming from the octahedron pattern. Thanks for the Great videos, Keep em coming.
Curious Life (2 months ago)
Thank you Erik!
gii SB (2 months ago)
👏👏👏👏👏thank you
peregrinegrace (2 months ago)
I know right ! .. It's so hard for a lazy, stupid generation who constantly bask in vanity and pride To believe that the people of yesterday, who didn't waste their lives watching videos Were good at making stuff And were hard working to the point of greatness Achieving astonishing things in architecture and engineering. But it can't be true right ? Because our electricity makes us superior.. Its not true damn it ! ! ! ..
jane doe (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/FGa-EO6tcyE In this video we see more evidence of repurposing buildings and what looks like staged actors.. evidence of fracking and mudflood.. FREE Masonry... Freemasons after every reset they rewrite his-tory... The same bloodlines who enslaved humanity They've always had the advantage over humanity with the fake history and religion because they've been doing all the writing and paintings... Keeping humanity in continual Bondage.. Most returning to be with the one Divine Spirit meant for each one of us.. For most of us we are going to be born with a broken heart... deliberately kept apart or in a constant karmic battle with each other... They have reset history six times and the Earth has been cleansed six times Just as Martin said they are Terraforming the Earth as I am writing this.. just as they have done over and over again They used natural gas in the ornnamental fireplaces Gas lamppost.. Each time they've depleted resources in the Earth and created a toxic dump they reset always maintaining power.. once the cities are dug out they kill off the adults and put the children in reeducation camp's erasing any memories of how they started..thus able to create a war that will burn for generations..
Cameleonfleuri (2 months ago)
Excellent summary! Thank you!
Soren Johannesen (2 months ago)
Soren Johannesen (1 month ago)
John Doe (1 month ago)
volcanic lakes
Kathleen Robbins (2 months ago)
Everything is cement, rarely natural stone. Why because USA is interested in making money, so all is expendable. And we continue to pollute our oceans with plastic. We will end up killing ourselves to extinction.
Simon Evans (2 months ago)
Let’s face it we make money. The way to make money these days is different from those of the mid nineteenth century. We could afford to lose the working class in their hundreds of thousands to construct these marvels. At very little cost monetarily. Now adays we can make more money by making IPhones and selling coffee. And it’s still the working class that are building today’s future.
Curious Life (2 months ago)
You are looking at the issue through the narrow window of our current construct and economic models.
jane doe (2 months ago)
Mushroom mines of Pennsylvania and Kentucky https://youtu.be/IV_gTbs75Zk
Curious Life (2 months ago)
Wow, nice work Jane Doe, these are amazing! Obviously lava tubes or subterranean water ways. Our world is soooo amazing!!!!!!
BlAk`CAtt ` (2 months ago)
wē do nott learn History wē are Endoctrinated by it History is all a [Dēceptive\lIE] [Formulated\scripted] to Fit the [NeFarious\Narrative]
BlAk`CAtt ` (2 months ago)
SeekTruthNow (2 months ago)
Secret tunnel through the mountain!!!! I love Avatar the last air bender...you got a fan forever now!!.....hey i just remembered the rest of the song...and die!!!!!!!
Curious Life (2 months ago)
So many truths in that show!
ff nly (2 months ago)
hey what happened to your channel ? it was empty these 2 last days, I thought you were hacked
ff nly (2 months ago)
+Curious Life ok, take care friend
Curious Life (2 months ago)
no, it was just me, precautionary
Mik C (2 months ago)
A cool ensemble of antiquity which rivals time surreptitiously.
Curious Life (2 months ago)
ftrb (2 months ago)
your channel keeps disappearing
ftrb (2 months ago)
+Curious Life though I can't speak for anyone else, a vanishing channel that only appears when the time is right---is pretty cool
Curious Life (2 months ago)
It's on my end...a little crazy here, I'll try to stay online
ThisAintKyle (2 months ago)
You gotta check out Roger Scruton - Why Beauty Matters. You can find it here on YT - if you love this old architecture, and hate the old stuff... well you will understand, it's a change in Philosophy that has done the damage (Post-Modern Philosophy, which is evil).
Jed Sparks (2 months ago)
Ghost stories come from all the peasants that died making these fantastic structures for the elite who are addicted to wretched excess.
I'm convinced, humanity is in steep decline. It has got to be contrived. Where dd the energy, and man power, and investment to build all that magnificent stuff in the old way come from? I think they're all dead. The secret religion won. All that's left is skeletons and a big pile of gold somewhere.
Curious Life (2 months ago)
never lose hope though :)
Albert Piky (2 months ago)
Interessting Points.....
Monstruo Bohemio (2 months ago)
So, what u think about the flat Earth? :)
Curious Life (2 months ago)
seemingly flat. I don't believe in magic space land, but the exact shape and extent of earth is unknown. Tests and logic show flat
Raschel Santis (2 months ago)
Dark matter gravity and atom bombs are all fake. If an atom bomb explodes stand behind a camera. Everything disintegrates except camera and film
Raschel Santis (2 months ago)
If anyone cared to read plato he talked about all this. Henry agrippa in 1520s wrote huge books about ALL of this.
fezprezly (2 months ago)
Amazing ...in a few short moments the best reason for a planet killing comet that I have ever seen. I hope it hits my house first. Go spend time with your kids...They might need you.
Raschel Santis (2 months ago)
Stop calling freemasonry Satan and actually study its history. Once you do everything makes sense.
Raschel Santis (2 months ago)
Technology is meant to help the handicapped. If you don't need help technology makes you handicapped
Raschel Santis (2 months ago)
Advancement in materialism kills spirituality. To advance spiritually one must kill materialism
Curious Life (2 months ago)
Ron Haller (2 months ago)
It's also sad to see, how our past achievements disappear one by one here in Switzerland. Beautiful old buildings and mansions you could never build today get torn down, to be replaced with boring concrete appartment blocks whick look all the same to accomodate the never ending stream of migrants. No artistry, nothing built to last for century - just a waste of resources, no beauty just a lot of "high-tech" for the lazy, which ensures a never ending stream of updates, replacement of parts and cost. Our nice traditional villages, towns and cities turn to wastelands of concrete and glass. If they put that crap on empty lots, I wouldn't mind much, as they are not going to last long anyway. But destroying beautifull century-old architectural beauty with modern trash, really hurts!
Curious Life (2 months ago)
even in Switzerland??? That's terrible. Be well ~
Evil Anonymous Org (2 months ago)
New Subscriber! Simply awesome and well done, THANK YOU!
frederick winn (2 months ago)
Interesting article. As a historical preservation specialist (buildings built between 1730 - 1930 A.D.) in the United States, i have struggled to find people who wanted to find, and restore historical buildings. This puzzles me for a few reasons, but i also find that people who own historical houses / buildings, know almost nothing about them. The Engineers that trained me used railroad, and heavy hydraulic systems, and equipment. We moved, and restored historical buildings. I have been involved professionally in Historical Preservation for 49 years. Modern technology is now revealing (with ground penetrating radar, ultrasound, and other new imaging techniques) considerable ancient underground areas, that will be restricted to exploration. The Industrialists of the 1800's built most of the tunnels that were shown. The Railroads were the primary form of transportation. The Automobile, and the Airplane could not use the tunnels. The U.S. was destroyed, in the 60's, and 70's, when the "leaders" of our country decided to remove our manufacturing, and not compete with foreign made goods, and technologies. The destruction of the U.S. started long before, in the early 1900's with the Industrialists deciding to build the war machine, and pursue Nuclear Fission. The Ancient History of our Planet is not known (commonly), but is now being seriously investigated.
MzNaeture MzNaeBae (2 months ago)
Curious Life (2 months ago)
sounds crazy, i know :)
Dennis Godaire (2 months ago)
Thank you.
Nicholas Tolson (2 months ago)
Never trust "old"books or "old" maps, they are all fakes. The only evidence you can trust at all is the evidence on the ground. What you should be considering is that there was no former culture. There was no former history. Those buildings you see were not created by human hands. You can tell when they are our buildings - they get taken down almost as soon as they are erected. Mudflood buildings have lasted for over 200 years - no problem. They were created before the human race got here. And the mudflood was already sewn into it. The human race is only 200 years old on this realm. And this answers all the questions you can ask about the mudflood itself.
rin-tacoma plasma hunter (2 months ago)
good message
Ingolf Stern (2 months ago)
see: Leon Bakst - Ancient Horror. It happened twice: once by nature, once by man. Excellent video.
Fig Tree Informer (2 months ago)
can you look into Gowanus cannel??? the polluted water WE drink here and smell day in day out downtown Brooklyn NY courtesy Jared Kushner
Curious Life (2 months ago)
nodgelyobo1 (2 months ago)
Great Fire of London 1666....Go figure
nodgelyobo1 (2 months ago)
When you ask an American or Brit why they joined the army, their first answer is usually 'To fight for my countrys freedom'.....the correct answer should be 'To rob other countries of theirs'..
Furlock Furli (2 months ago)
Hi, nice to meet you. Look up Dunbar - 250 limit. The mud channels seem to be known to you, I guess by listening to your way of looking at official histeria, sorry history. There is much, so much more but I know that following the trail of Dunbar you will open huge gates by yourself, which is always the most fascinating experience. Have fun, all of you. We may be few now, but we do not want to be a mass never again. Kindest regards, and the very best for you and your beloved, M.
Jos Fielden (2 months ago)
Aryan society thrives when left to itself. The influx of other races particularly the Jew has a deleterious effect. The Jew first, then other races follow We have a blue print for conducting our lives as laid down by Christ. Matthew 15.23, "I come only for the lost sheep of the House of Israel". Research proves in multiple ways that Israel's 12 Tribes are not the ancestors of Jews. They are the ancestors of the White European Peoples. History has been twisted by the parasitics. christogenea.org
Jason Thomas (2 months ago)
Congratulations on an amazing video.
BeeZus On Da Beats (2 months ago)
Have you heard of Tartaria?
Nick Rudd (2 months ago)
Back then, things were built to last, Now, stuffs built to throw away.
Nick Rudd (2 months ago)
Greed has taken away anything being built like this. Government greed, Fleasing us daily so we have nothing to spare, No passion No nice things.
Greg Wayne (2 months ago)
Love the opening Song. Brilliant! Really excellent job on this IMHO. I like that you try to add just a bit of thought about the History of what has been happening through the years. The peak of this came together under a unique moment in time when the influence of Christianity combined with the hardness and barbarity escaped from in the British and other countries that a group of learned men Whom also for perhaps one of the few times in history gathered together and decided to hammer out a policy a plan a contract that would with Help from Out Savior Christ Jesus make a Nation where men (Human kind) could actually live as he wished and yet not impose tyranny upon another. They knew it had to be written to standards much higher that the tyranny of Bureaucrats and greedy humans which without Christ we all are. So in those incredible days of fighting politically and hammering out what this would all look like and could it really stop mankind from destroying itself and it would be a fight to contain it. But The Preamble , the the declaration of independence followed by the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES was born. Now those that want to usurp it have come not only to your door but from our children and Teachers Media Etc. The evil ones have been hammering at this for years and the people have been spoiled so badly they now think they are something. IN their fear and Satanic Luciferian nightmarish mindset they think they should get all the trophies and all the moneys and all the good thing that humans have toiled hard to create and make a better world. EVIL IS BACK! TIME TO GET A GRIP!
Roxy Rain (2 months ago)
most of that was not built, but is remains of what is left from what I think a re giant horses. check out some of my videos I have a lot of horse stuff in rocks and just everyday life. steam engines I think came from giant horses guttural pouches. Im crazy, ya gotta be..
THAT's a mighty awesome song you have there at the end. WHO IS THAT?
WarmwaterSloth (2 months ago)
This is why they want everyone focused on "space" a place we have never nor will ever go to. Another new STAR WARS /SUPERBOWL combo for another 1000 years geeesh
...What a Remarkable Presentation Sir!!! ...Thank You So Much For Sharing Such Amazing Thoughts and Words... I Hope Life Will Forever Help and Protect You, Your Family and Loved Ones... Suerte y Luz...
allen schmitz (2 months ago)
When you brought up that these projects were a giant waste of tax payers money/CERN/NASA/ETC. ETC...you have no idea how close you are to the truth of hiding things in plain site by the numbers..your the first one not to git sucked in the masonic rabbit hole every one else falls down..the birds eye view of cincinnatti from 1899/1900 is a prime example of what was and is not today...it would boggle your mind at what was under ground and all made in just 100 years/*wink* yep that town had magic horses and magic shovels that did the job of 10,000 modern bull dozers and magic drunk irish people that dug a canal all the way up to lake erie by 1820 and ohio was not even a state till 1805 and it all ready had star forts littering its landscape..lol'.
Fractal pie (2 months ago)
Ahh the good old day's! Thank you!! You should research the gibbet of Mont Faucon!! They turned it into a park for lovers to stroll! That was so cool!! I've subscribed!!
Dream Girls Daily (2 months ago)
Seriously though, when _hasn't_ the U.S. been at war killing innocent people?
Joe Blow (2 months ago)
You answered many of your own questions in this one, but you never touch on the herd of elephants in the tiny room. Race and Race mixing. Why don't you start talking about the absence of the wheel or mathematics in certain cultures.
claudio saldivia (2 months ago)
A really good video but I always wondering how we can unite for the better of our children cuz they are the future..how we can really change ..I'm from Sweden And right now it's almost impossible to pay with cash just numbers in a credit card...far beyond everything it's a hard control here in this country.... I listening..to max Igan that said get rid of TV smart phone but in the end of his videos it's always a donation using Bitcoin..(you need a phone for that) Jordan Maxwell... Madame Bavlasky.. Liebniz.. William Blake Francis Bacon...Athanasius Kirchner.. Michael Tsarion Michael Cremo ...Mainly Palmer Hall and many other people that stant out for the way of thinking... .I communicating each other it's a really powerful tool... that we can use for what it was since the beginning communicate...I'm a parent.. trying to guide my children ... I'm self-employed working with what I love to do and I feel blessed for that... thanks for to make this videos with a valued information..my sincere respect...
Jeremy Calnan (2 months ago)
Car radio
David Blackson (2 months ago)
Right on point. . Good job.
pittsburghwill (2 months ago)
technological advances seem to be product of war thru history
Edward Wolski (2 months ago)
I love old tunnels. We have at least hundred,old German build tunnels in Lower Silesia.
Virginia Shaubel (2 months ago)
Thank you. We Are Divine Beings
Brian Phoffz (2 months ago)
brilliant... bravO! something t'aint right and these are big clues. Thank you for the mind to give a spotlight into this shadowy part of what this means for a cancer in plain view. Of something that has been so painful(as you say) that I personally hadn't much looked at what tunnels and railroads imply, you know... the further back! you go! Ah-ha, ...
Francisco Araneta (2 months ago)
1640-1840 the planet of the apes revolution, we are the apes, we took the world from red headed giants that liked to eat little children, they were a society of andronegous drones (they infiltrated our royal courts posing as eunuchs) they reproduced through a queen (represented now as mother earth, the virgin mary or female saints); this would explain all the "hotels, "hospitals" and "prisons" we inherited, any "beehive" family household could include hundreds of drones. with all their magic and antiquitech, they were no match to our reproduction methods. they hide in the north pole, not the south as is believed, to the south is the rest of the extended flat world. they are in control of the masons and the churches, all aerospace institutions and the deep states. There is no incompetence, the world is what it is by design; "our world" is a farm, they farm our children, they farm our souls, we are the cows, we are the farmer. I also suspect that we exist both here (a "dreamlike" physical reality where nothing seems to make sense) and in a parallel aetherial existence that we can't grasp, where everything makes perfect sense.
Francisco Araneta (2 months ago)
+Cult of Tranquility i dunno
Cult of Tranquility (2 months ago)
And what information do you base these beliefs on?
mark demell (2 months ago)
Good vid,,.I am not a hu-man I am a being ,living being ! Hu-man is just a bullshit word! I am not a Hue-Man .Do more research!
mark demell (2 months ago)
+Curious Life OK cool.Words are important but political correctness is just crap to me,,understand this and please don,t forget it! So be it!
Curious Life (2 months ago)
+mark demell I meant no disrespect, I just like to inform people that Adam means BLOOD and that's very important. As for the 'legal' system, yes, it is quite a swamp of chaos (22+ years experience as a support service in this field my friend). Cheers ~
mark demell (2 months ago)
+Curious Life I am not one of those politically correct types ok pal! Don,t presuppose! We are not Hue-mans just like we are not apes! Thats an important thing especially in court where words are very important ! I am trying to help here smartypants.Look up maritime law and you,ll understand the importance of words!Politically correct type I am not!
Curious Life (2 months ago)
as for the hue-man videos I've seen, they seem to be fueled by a desire to be politically correct. The word A'dam actually means BLOOD, not red, it has nothing to do with skin color. The over-parsing of words for use as battering rams against others isn't my cup of tea (20+ years linguist). I like word origins if the use is helpful. Cheers ~
hank fontaine (2 months ago)
Quite the empire all kinds of boxes & balls foxes & malls fiction predictions witches wizards no secrets in Sheol soon to be busted
boboala1 (2 months ago)
Thought provoking. Especially the great city fires...wiping out records/architecture/culture. System reset. Another 'negative' you didn't touch on, was in the section of the video about the constant state of wars the US was in during the 19th century, I'd say 70% were wars against the Native Americans. This in itself would make a significant subject as I don't think the people of the world really know the extent & skullduggery of these wars, except the story of the Trail of Tears & Gen. Custer.
Dennis Vestby (2 months ago)
Thank You adds weigh to my theory.
Fig Tree Informer (2 months ago)
Super Truth .. All the Glory to Our Father for He is showing us all things.. Jn 16:13, Jn 14:26 Amen
Marco Goncalves (2 months ago)
Like Your work
Emerald Eyes Esoterica (2 months ago)
Some excellent points. A great introduction for a whole series about how we were better and more advanced in the past. Loved the ending song btw. This one goes in my "Important Truth Videos" playlist for only the best. EDIT: And then I found out your peddling the flat earth psyop. Playlist, Like, and Subscribtion revoked!
Danny von Canstein (2 months ago)
+Curious Life Poor Ball-tard thinks we spin at 1,000 mph @ equatorial line, whilst simultaneously travelling @ 65,000 mph around a 93 million mile away gas ball, despite complete lack of curvature detection & ALL other evidence DIRECTLY to the contrary, so unsubbed and revoked! LMAO OMG.....smh....Well, Man you may have lost one today but you picked up another. Nice job. Big thumbs up.
Danny von Canstein (2 months ago)
+Curious Life What's sad are the poor bastards trying to make a "Ministry" of "Esotericism". Psy-op indeed lol Psy-ops within Psy-ops? These photos and book illustrations from the past are not photoshopped and they are solid proof of our devolution. Thanks for the informative info, particularly the whirlpools and Subterranean world. Absolutely fascinating
Curious Life (2 months ago)
take care, either way we are all in this together and trying our best to see through the deceptions, and double deceptions
Chris Turnblom (2 months ago)
I didn't know that Bowie did a Nirvana cover! :P
Curious Life (2 months ago)
nice one :)
Timothy Maher-Smith (2 months ago)
This is only relevant to quality and technology of buildings. I think we've made incredibly beautiful structures and buildings in the modern day that are wonders of their own. Pretty stone buildings and holes in the ground aren't that impressive when you consider massive labor groups where needed and how abused builders where most of the time. You're fantasizing bro but yes that shit is awesome though.
Bruce Dressel (2 months ago)
This wasn't done in the 1800's ...
Romin van der Meiden (2 months ago)
The golden age, the age of the industrial revolution. I was not born for this era, i supose to be an early explorer. :))
braylan77 (2 months ago)
Great video; the more I explore the federal & state wilderness areas and hike to places most or many people have never seen; I find strange anomalies frequently. In a tiny little area of the Apps I found several tunnels and caves that have been mysteriously closed off by boulders and mounds of dirt and trees. Waterfalls that fall into sink holes only to disappear under ground immediately and does not resurface until about 1 mile and 200’ drop in elevation! Ancient geological papers site locations of many tunnels and caves when the state was first settled by America Gov. in 1815 only to have never been heard of or mapped in our current mapping systems. Erased from history???? Seems so!
braylan77 (2 months ago)
So in 1865 while the whole country is at war over slavery... engineers thought an expensive tunnel was more important to build and hence major infrastructure was their main priority!!??!! At the same time in history that Honest Abe borrowed millions from Europe to fund the North for war against the southern people who would not jump on the corporate train... Wow, simply WOW! Side note: I love my brothers and sisters of all ethnicities.. history and mistreatment of people was wrong regardless of skin tone; after all we ALL are created and ALL are of the human RACE!
They had trains in the 1800's but it's crazy to think about how they accomplished all these great feats without cranes & big heavy machinery.
Michael Q Lynn (2 months ago)
Well... Pat yourself on the back that was fantastic!! Thank you
scottbaylo (2 months ago)
Prefabricated world is the only thing that makes sense outside of simulation, but I say simulation.
James Vincent (2 months ago)
15:00 Someone I know said they call them neutrino detectors, but there just a away to get rid of or transport heavy water and put it deep underground, if they told people they wanted to store it there, there would be backlash, plus nightmare transportation and other studies that would have to be done. I thought it was an interesting comment.
Vance Mac donald (2 months ago)
Our own goverments sold us out, we are modern day slaves make no mistake
Q_QuestionsStuff (2 months ago)
This is an excellent vid :) I actually learned something Thx CL
Gerry Mcs (2 months ago)
Hum yes in Québec whe don all of it soo !! And whe have the picher of the construction !!
lil llilill (2 months ago)
Steel yo! Steel!
Heidi Heidi (2 months ago)
Loved this video
J.R. DePew (2 months ago)
Beautiful Video by the way!
J.R. DePew (2 months ago)
An extremely strong presence of information is flooding Youtube in regards to this subject. Scientists look for patterns within conspiracies as when something repeats, it is a way of determining if there is truth to be researched or not. The repeating pattern, in this case, is the fact that whatever happened definitely went down in the 1800s and was then covered up from there. All conspiracy theories aside, the fact remains that something is extremely off here! What is off exactly is hidden within the Tartarian/Gothic/Catholic/Freemasonry itself, as only the ruling bloodlines of the world know exactly what the F is going on here. To crack this code will take a team of dedicated scientists not funded by any kind of government entity to carbon date the actual ancient looking structures and the wood therein to reveal beyond a reasonable doubt that these buildings did indeed exist long before said settlements were established here in America.
Michael Smith (2 months ago)
Those tunnels in the US were built by black slaves in the 1800 thanks to Jim Crow
James Jenkins (2 months ago)
Amazing things were built but there was a high price paid in human lives. Also shit burnt- before electricity all of our city lights were basically controlled small fires. I do hear where you're coming from. We have lost our way but I really don't think the answer is regression. We can build(and do build)feats of architectural prowess. Modern doesn't have to mean disposable. There were people in the 1800s and in all ages who complained in their times about how morally corrupt the " modern" age was and how much better it was in the past(In a time they never lived in). Do you really think drugs and violence are a new invention?
Curious Life (2 months ago)
society is out of balance
lewrick L (2 months ago)
listening to you spend the majority of the video extrapolating social/societal commentary from this was so fucking obnoxious and pretentious. I get it and Im sure anyone watching something like this gets it already, so cut the "insightful" diatribes and focus on the actual content.
Curious Life (2 months ago)
it is what it is
Lawiz (2 months ago)
Very interesting and well presented.

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