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Motif 46 - Stalhrim Frostcaster - ESO Weapon & Armor Style

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Welcome back Ladies and Gentleman! In this video I showcase the Stalhrim Frostcaster Weapon & Armor Style in the Elder Scrolls Online. It is Motif 46. Which can only be purchased from the Crown Store during this Christmas period, whether nor not it will return in later years is unknown! 00:30 - Light Armor Robes 01:06 - Light Armor Tunic 01:38 - Medium Armor 02:14 - Heavy Armor 02:45 - One-Handed Axes 03:28 - One-Handed Swords 04:02 - One-Handed Maces 04:51 - Two-Handed Axes 05:37 - Two Handed Swords 05:37 - Two-Handed Maces 07:16 - Daggers 08:08 - Bows 09:28 - Staves 10:23 - Shields 11:22 - Final Thoughts Other Weapon and Armor Styles: 01. Altmer - http://goo.gl/yPuqh9 02. Bosmer - http://goo.gl/x5mBQ6 03. Dunmer - http://goo.gl/y5thCP 04. Nord - http://goo.gl/8gwBqY 05. Breton - http://goo.gl/iuzzfu 06. Redguard - http://goo.gl/1bLWGu 07. Khajiit - http://goo.gl/I933lv 08. Orcs - http://goo.gl/i7TjXX 09. Argonian - http://goo.gl/9XZXd4 10. Imperial - http://goo.gl/F9zzUn 11. Ancient Elves - http://goo.gl/vhX7jj 12. Barbaric - http://goo.gl/iA7at6 13. Primal - http://goo.gl/OBTQYY 14. Daedric - http://goo.gl/cdP0nP 15. Dwemer - https://goo.gl/43hbRE 16. Glass - https://goo.gl/5dhMmC 46. Stalhrim Frostcaster - https://goo.gl/ZUbGSl Like - Comment - Share - Subscribe! TWITTER - https://twitter.com/Camelworks PATREON - https://www.patreon.com/Camelworks?ty=h SUBSCRIBE - http://goo.gl/a7GZdP DONATIONS - https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr...
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Text Comments (115)
Sylvan Strength (4 months ago)
Water Tribe!
Rye Bread (10 months ago)
Can u still buy this?
A quick glance at the shield really reminds me of Markarths crest in Skyrim
Isaac Moore (1 year ago)
hey Camel, love the vid. Is there anyway of getting this style any other way than the crown store, I personally think it is amazing and would love to get my hands on it! Thanks!
Utsukushii Korosu (1 year ago)
How do you find the style materials for these crown bought motifs?
Vastad (1 year ago)
Find Guild Traders and filter for crafting materials. You should check and compare between a few Guild Traders to find a reasonable price.
King Maui (1 year ago)
Does anyone know what Dye they use to make it look so blue in the Picture preview?
Tman001100 (1 year ago)
Great video, Camelworks! Sadly this was before I started playing so I was wondering if anyone has the frostcaster motif and is willing to sell it or if they can craft a CP 160 Stalhrim greatsword for me on NA server please? I'm only interested in the Stalhrim greatsword right now for my Dragonknight Nord warrior lol. I'm willing to pay, of course. Anyways, my name is T-man0030 on there.
Angus McLean (1 year ago)
Awesome videos, I love your analysis of these motifs, I think it would be amazing if you managed to do every motif
SkitZ GaminG (1 year ago)
I feel like sorcs have the worst sets out of all lol
Miraak Thuri (1 year ago)
do you will show the dlc motifs ? like trinimac, malacath ...
Jacob Zinn-Dorf (1 year ago)
Has anyone ever noticed that the stalhrim armor from skyrim look like the ice armor from morrowind, not here but in skyrim
Christopher Peña (2 years ago)
Anyone know when I'll be able to get my hands on this?
Cody Hurley (2 years ago)
Do you know of anyone selling this motif or anyone who has extra stalhrim weapons/armor they are willing to sell for?
Throbbin Hood (2 years ago)
Jesus your high elf has quite the chest
Camelworks (2 years ago)
She used all of her magic to grow them, and is now cursed with back problems
aysseralwan (2 years ago)
I really do not like the armor but the weapons are all amazing.
Alexanders VeryOwn (2 years ago)
Can someone build me this? I would appreciate it. I'm on ps4 and my GT is Dead_Ripper_329
marian mccrorie (2 years ago)
I saw an arachnid shape in the staff and shield - matter of fact I apparently didn't look closely enough until this video because I just thought that was what it was. As a guild crafter, I have to have all motifs as quickly as I can, or I certainly would have skipped quite a few styles. This, however, is not one of those styles. 😁
Monk LoHan (2 years ago)
The booty shorts on the female heavy armor almost makes the $2k cost to craft this worth it.
Kydami Sinclair (2 years ago)
Sensei Beez 2000 Crowns you mean?
PhoenixGodGaming (2 years ago)
I like the Sthalrim armor in skyrim a lot more than the one in elder scrolls online I especially like the light Sthalrim armor in skyrim and if you want to get really specific I love the death-brand armor, those spikes though ew... >_<
Ethan Anderson (2 years ago)
How do you get the material to make it
Kydami Sinclair (2 years ago)
Ethan Anderson Can't. Mimic Stones in the Crown Store exist for that mate.
Ash (2 years ago)
If only the set actually looked like what's shown on the two characters in the promo image for the set, which looks a lot lighter in colour, and frosted over. What a pity, was looking forward to this motif.
JinZuS (2 years ago)
2k crowns to look like an eskimo ... think i'll pass, thanks for the video
Elon Musk (2 years ago)
So if I buy this do I have to find the materials to make this or can I just make it
nis guttermand (2 years ago)
yo, why is your face so shiny?
Ty cobb (2 years ago)
Eugenia Cooney haha
Tim Irwin (2 years ago)
Really love the ESO Content mate, keep it up :)
StarkeRealm (2 years ago)
The color of the quiver changes based on how much you've upgraded the bow. At legendary (gold), the quiver is a bone white.
Grim Reaper2181 (2 years ago)
just got this game from a buddies for Christmas this armor looks very cool
Grim Reaper2181 (2 years ago)
just got this game from a buddies for Christmas this armor looks very cool
FootSoldier51 (2 years ago)
Damn, these look real cool.
Jonatan Pro Flores (2 years ago)
Please do more of this
DJSHADY 256 (2 years ago)
Sir Camel Humps-a-lot is the greatest thing ive seen this week
Ian (2 years ago)
If you buy this on one character will it be unlocked for all of your characters
StarkeRealm (2 years ago)
+Ian Stowman Yeah. Honestly, with the way MMOs are designed, you probably don't want to delete your characters that often anyway. They're persistent in a way that single player characters rarely are. In ESO a high end crafter represents a considerable time investment, on research alone to access the 6, 7, 8, and especially 9 trait sets. Once you've gone through that, though, you have a very useful resource to use for your other characters.
Ian (2 years ago)
StarkeRealm so I have to save this character forever
StarkeRealm (2 years ago)
No. Just the character that consumes the book. But any character can equip the gear once crafted.
Jacob Brundl (2 years ago)
Are the motifs you buy off the crown store account based or character based?
Jacob Brundl (2 years ago)
+StarkeRealm Ah, ok, thanks
StarkeRealm (2 years ago)
The books themselves are character based. So you're giving one character the ability to craft that style. It's one more reason you probably want Woodworking, Clothier, and Smithing on a single character, instead of split up. The stuff you craft can be passed around between characters, or to other players. But... the Stalhrim shards do not drop in game anywhere. So you'll need to use mimic stones. So, this is some very expensive armor to craft.
Fallout Night (2 years ago)
Any plans on doing more? Or even possibly going back and re-doing your older Motif's? Love the series, keep up the great work!
PhoenixGodGaming (2 years ago)
I like the Sthalrim armor in skyrim a lot more but the robes are fine just those spikes...
superchief86 (2 years ago)
What a coincidence. Just last night I finally crafted myself a set of stalhrim gear in Skyrim. And now this!
WinterFreSh00 (2 years ago)
a crown store-exclusive motif is not something i'm a fan of, though the set looks cool (heh), i hope zos won't keep introducing paid-only motifs
Matthew Harding (9 months ago)
They make you pay for the motif, and you can only pay for it while a once a year event is taking place. Really blows.
Kydami Sinclair (2 years ago)
WinterFreSh00 They only do that with a Crown Store Motif on Holiday Events (Which was only twice) and then an In game set you can learn and collect during the event
SirPolak0 (2 years ago)
Hey, one thing. What is the difference bettwen the the elder scroll online: gold edition and the unlimited tamriel?
SirPolak0 (2 years ago)
Okey, thank you man i appreciate a lot your help. It was a real pleasure.
StarkeRealm (2 years ago)
+Piotr Górski If you've already got the gold edition, there's no reason to buy another copy for the same platform. It includes the base game, and the first four DLC. The main reason to grab a copy of Unlimited would be because it's cheaper than Gold Edition.
SirPolak0 (2 years ago)
Wow that masiive text XD. Thank you a lot man i appreciate this help from you. But i think i will first play the game and try it before subscribing and one more thing. Soooo its would be worthy if i also buy the unlimited as i am a starter in the game, or is beter i just play the editions i have?
StarkeRealm (2 years ago)
+Piotr Górski Honestly, the basic Unlimited one, is a pretty solid starter. Most of the things Gold Edition adds were aimed at endgame players. You can run them at any time, but some of it's going to be pretty challenging for new players who are still learning the mechanics. I mean, one of the things with ESO is, there is a lot of content. The base game shipped with 16 main zones (and five mini-zones) with roughly 50 quests in 15 of them. On top of that, each zone has 6 delves (mini-dungeons) you can play alone or with friends (or random people), a public dungeon (that's balanced for a group, but open to anyone who wants to come in), and at least one zone. You get an additional zone that was aimed at group content and was part of the first or second update. It's got its own stuff, and is still more difficult. Finally, you've got the massive PvP zone, which has a bunch of PvE content exclusive to it. The Gold Edition adds a smaller PvPvE zone (the Imperial City and its sewers, so if you're an Oblivion fan this is going to be more interesting.) Two additional mini-zones (with two delves, and about 20 quests each), and one full size zone, (with six delves, two public dungeons, and about 50 quests.) It also adds the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. (If you only have unlimited, you'll be restricted to the Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, and the Undaunted (a group of amateur dungeon delvers, though they're presented as a full on guild, like the traditional ones.)) Gold is probably worth whatever the extra you're getting charged for it. There is more stuff there. The content is supposed to be consumed post-game, but you can run it at anytime. There is plenty of game there in the non-gold release, but if you enjoy the game, then you'll get your money's worth out of gold. One major caveat. All of the DLC is free to subscribers. So, if you choose to pay $15 a month, you do get access to all of that. It also comes with 1500 crowns each month (which works out to roughly $15 worth of cash shop currency), and there are some other perks. So subscribing, if you're spending money in the cash shop, is a pretty decent deal. If you're intending to subscribe, you can safely pass on the Gold edition, because you'll get everything it offers with your subscription.
SirPolak0 (2 years ago)
StarkeRealm So for the moment gold edition is mostly enough for a starter like me, yes?
Inigo (2 years ago)
why the damn spikes? I just want to take a sword and slice those things off..
Dat Thane (2 years ago)
Looks like weather report from jojo
moooshroomdragon king (2 years ago)
Wil thoes only be sold on Christmas
Shaun Mitchell (2 years ago)
moooshroomdragon king ye
Doctor Alcatraz (2 years ago)
I appreciate these videos as I play a lot of ESO from time to time, nice to see the different armors displayed. Keep it up Camel!
Cash Walrus (2 years ago)
The way you say stahlrim makes me want to kill myself
Cash Walrus (2 years ago)
Liliana Johnson Do it.
+sonicj Polygon sta-el-rim? It's not, as you can see in Skyrim
sonicj Polygon (2 years ago)
ReAPeR [NGSBR] no its sta l rim
Cash Walrus (2 years ago)
Charlie Raven I don't know. But the way he says it annoys me
Daniel Keegan (2 years ago)
Love how every once and a while you throw an eso video in the mix..
Xilliam900 (2 years ago)
hello may i ask a question whats the best must have mods that wont destroy my system graphics card im currently running a nvidia 700s series im a massive fan of skyrim and all the people who make content of it keep dooing what you are dooing and good luck for the future. ps this took me like 20 minutes to make lol.
RushXAnthem TCG (2 years ago)
Xilliam900 go to the nexus. Get the skyrim script extender (skse) then get the skyxp mod, it lets you gain xp from questing like a regular rpg which makes the game a lot more fun, and then get all the immersion mods you want.
Beyond W01F (2 years ago)
Just Blox (1 year ago)
Beyond W01F seriously?
Beyond W01F (2 years ago)
Camelworks oh. you did? i heard staffs... sorry about that.
Camelworks (2 years ago)
Yes, that's what I said.
Dannydlm (2 years ago)
I love these videos, Keep'em coming Dude
SwordBreaker925 (2 years ago)
I just wish the armor used more stalhrim. Its too minimal. Its just used for decoration rather than protection
Dog Spooked By The Air (2 years ago)
Sucks that this is exclusive, I wonder if eso adds free content?
moooshroomdragon king (2 years ago)
Videos Of Life they are adding free player housing
Aaron Jones (2 years ago)
Hey camel! Just wanna say you doing great so keep up the good work
Sir Funk Owl (2 years ago)
I'm hoping for a warrior like version of this and an assassin like one
Swed neck (2 years ago)
The handles in this game are definitely at least twice as long as they should be, they're also way too thick and ROUND.
Rhyx36 (2 years ago)
Hey camel, do you have the haliquen/the Halloween crown store motif? If not I can send the pieces required. Insert joke about armoured booty shorts here
dangaming great (2 years ago)
Camelworks if only sharlime robes were in skyrim
Camelworks (2 years ago)
Hey mate, thanks for the offer but i've got them both already :)
LubieżnyPurcel (2 years ago)
*Is ESO worth playing?*
StarkeRealm (2 years ago)
Yeah. It's not Skyrim. I mean, there are similarities, and it is the same setting (just 1k years earlier). But it is a really solid game in its own right. If you're expecting more of the same, you'll probably be disappointed. If you're wanting something a little different, it's certainly worth taking a look at.
Sal Monaco (2 years ago)
LubieżnyPurcel just note that eso takes place before skyrim in case you didn't know.
LubieżnyPurcel (2 years ago)
K, thx, im finishing 100% of Skyrim SE achis and ill try ESO
Elias Jokela (2 years ago)
LubieżnyPurcel *Yes*
Tadija Jovanovic (2 years ago)
today I brought ESO,is this coincidence???
marcus queen (2 years ago)
saddely de servers are down today
Camelworks (2 years ago)
Hey you! be sure to let me know which is your fav armor set and also which is your fav weapon and why! :)
Ruben Ajanel (2 years ago)
Camelworks how come you don't make as many ESO vids anymore. I like your vids I really liked the ESO vids and that's what made me sub. just wanted to know..keep up with the awesome vids
Salvator VAMPIRE (2 years ago)
my fav if you collab with fugdemupet and ESO - fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides, and what your fav channel do you collab and why you not collab with ESO?
StarkeRealm (2 years ago)
I'm really digging the frostcaster right now. One really neat thing about it is in ESO, Stalhrim glows faintly. You can't see it in the video, the daylight drowns it out, but if you haul that stuff out at night, it's really striking.
TheZIGaBITE (2 years ago)
Camelworks what ever happened to your curating curious curiosity of Solstheim? I have looked everywhere for it and sadly could not find it at all. With Morrowind being one of the first elder scrolls I ever played as soon as I seen that on your list of curating curious curiosities I wanted to look forward to watching it but at a sad moment of my joy I could not find it please could you make this happen? I also like to point out that you make great videos! I really appreciated that sires alot and it would be a great deal if you curiously look into that. sincerely a random fan.
Doctor Alcatraz (2 years ago)
I'm digging the Outlaw armor set, but I don't know what every piece looks like. Fancy checking them out, Camel?
xFade26 (2 years ago)
lmao its 2 am worth it
Kydami Sinclair (2 years ago)
marian mccrorie The mats cant be obtained. You have to use Crown Mimic Stone.
marian mccrorie (2 years ago)
The Last GruntStomper are you on PC or console? I can craft you a set at least, if you're Xbox NA server :) message @crayolamanic on Live. All I ask is mats and a donation of your choosing. It supports my guild, Benevolence of Mara.
Kydami Sinclair (2 years ago)
sonicj Polygon Impossible. And its gone now. Shit.
xFade26 (2 years ago)
sonicj Polygon idk
sonicj Polygon (2 years ago)
xFade26 how can i get it without using crowns i rlly want it
Mike Wazowski (2 years ago)
Dayum i wants this now.....
milan (2 years ago)
Mike Wazowski yeah
marcus queen (2 years ago)

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