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GREEK ZBZ Girls 'Good Girl Go Bad' from Cobra Starship

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This clip is from ABC Family's show GREEK. The ZBZ sorority girls are performing 'Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship' for a songfest competition between sororities
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Text Comments (32)
Julie Ramos (6 years ago)
i love this showww CAPPIE..i want him
Ashley Thompson (6 years ago)
I wish they would come out with a new session because I looked foreword to that show every Tuesday :(
Satsuki Lullaby (7 years ago)
I miss greek so muuuch, love you guys
elena biasi (7 years ago)
Debra Anne Brenner (7 years ago)
@ringpopsucker i was in one. in some ways, yes, although alot of the zbz stuff is exaggerated for tv.
Debra Anne Brenner (7 years ago)
this episode brings back so many memories from college from skit round of rush!!!!! i used to love our songs and dances!!! (even though they were never nearly this cool!)
Paul Kiza (7 years ago)
the white singer is in high school musical (the piano girl) that was the best dance ever. zbz girls go baaaaaaaaad...
Nadja S (8 years ago)
I cried wen i came to d last episode !!! LOVE GREEK FOREVER
uchihaitachi72 (8 years ago)
i still think they couuld have kept the show going i was sad to see it end
A.K (8 years ago)
@fnsfj11 I cried at the last episode LOVE GREEK
Faith Soto (8 years ago)
i think ima cry when this show ends :(
Witt (8 years ago)
I'm in love with the girl with red jeans who stands on the table at 1:44
Lockon Stratos (3 months ago)
augusthoney10 whoa it is, look around 1:50
augusthoney10 (2 years ago)
fun fact that's Caity Lotz who stars in Legends of Tomorrow as Sara Lance. I just found this out as I rewatched the series.
katherine broome (8 years ago)
@vPrincessAh "Friend or Foe?" Season 3 ep. 10
Re Bree (8 years ago)
@DanceProjectJunior they are coming back 2011 i think January sometime.
Lockon Stratos (3 months ago)
Re Bree where
DanceWithMe (8 years ago)
@theheirofhufflepuff noooo only four seasons? :O
Lockon Stratos (3 months ago)
DanceWithMe 5 actually
vPrincessAh (8 years ago)
What episode is this? :D:D
pugvideogirl47 (8 years ago)
theheirofhufflepuff (8 years ago)
@sweetthang442 Season 4, the last season, is starting in January 2011.
Alice Beyegue (8 years ago)
LOVE IT. Perfect dance and tv show !
Mitch Malady (8 years ago)
@BremaCoffey i don't think it's supposed to be casey, she is still dancing beside the table while the girl is on the table.
aasann711 (8 years ago)
I love this show. When I saw this dance, I thought it was amazing. Still do. I love how they made the song their own
Piotr Zapora (8 years ago)
zajebiste show! awesome!
bmlka (9 years ago)
what's the name of the song ?
ayeletkessel (9 years ago)
ZBZ Girls Go BAAAD!! this show is amazing and this dance actually gave me the chills! wait to go :)
Karlijn Verhagen (9 years ago)
Omg awesome! I just love greek :-)
chikinitus (9 years ago)
this was AWESOME. greek is AWESOME!
Gorast Muratovski (9 years ago)
PLS tell me where to download this song the greek version not the original !
Grace Makowski (9 years ago)

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