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Is The Government Building SECRET Tunnels Under America To Prepare For WW3?

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Mysterious booms and strange lights have been reported all over the country and have recently sparked fears that the United States government is building tunnels underground in preparation for a potential nuclear third world war. Residents are convinced that they are hearing sounds and seeing the odd lights, and they are not isolated events. **Learn More** Mysterious Booms, House Rattling Sounds In Pennsylvania Under Investigation By FBI: https://youtu.be/EBj6lW37bmM **Follow US** Nwo Report: http://www.nworeport.me Twitter: https://twitter.com/NwoReport Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nwo-Report-1505570316361450/ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "China says it has developed The ZKZM 500 laser assault rifle' that can hit targets from half a mile " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqOBpuAA00E -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Marco Dunn (11 months ago)
Deep Underground Military Bases have been a thing since the 50s. Even most above ground bases have a vast underground series of bunkers and tunnels. Just don't look for any welcome signs if a nuclear war starts, it'll be strictly by invitation only.
Theninety (1 month ago)
And its strickly let everyone die and suffer as certain people survive only.
Richard Brown (23 days ago)
Lady wake-up there's underground tunnels across the United States of America and have been there since the 1940s. The new ones that they are putting in now are so much bigger and superior that it would blow your mind away. And they are not for us there're for the elites and all the secret societies/Freemasons people that worship the devil.
Theninety (1 month ago)
I heard that noise at my college when i walkted out of the dorm it felt like the air was vibrating and it was hard to breath for a bit. I felt like there was a plane stuck in idle feet away from me i looked for it but couldn5 figure out where it was or what it was. After that it happened again but seemed to be originating from the military base point mague.
David Tluscik (1 month ago)
I dated a girl years back, like 40 years back, that residedResided Above an Underground Storage Facility, That Every Night, We Could Hear The Train Cars, Clanking Together, and, that was roughly approximately a mile deep so, if they're Coring/Drilling Out Massive Cores, Under Them, Aroung Or, Even Nearby And Yes, Across The Bay, They're Going To Be Able To Hear This And, It'll Sometimes Sound Just Lime An Earthquake, Seismic Anomalies, Bombs Going Off, Because Their Hitting Massive Rocks And That's Causing The Property Damages But, Good Luck Proving It But, Working Construction All My Life, I've ABSOLUTELY, ZERO DOUBT ABOUT MY CALL ON THIS MY FRIENDS, Without Question or HESITATION!
Alondra Muro (1 month ago)
I got five on it...
Mando (1 month ago)
Who’s here after watching “Us” ?
Tiffany Slade (1 month ago)
Mando yes
Sheila Garrett (1 month ago)
perry dot (1 month ago)
I am
Dennis Love (5 months ago)
They all lie deep State tunnels
1735mike (7 months ago)
Been hearing them in Detroit for years. Crazy. No one seems to care.
? (8 months ago)
Walt Williams (10 months ago)
I often hear muffled explosions and the ground vibrating here in SW Utah.
Taylor stryker (11 months ago)
i live here in bucks and i agree its 100% tunnels
Tivresh Pandey (11 months ago)
Go usa go , fcuk China
cndns2 (11 months ago)
Most likely these underground bunkers are being destroyed, blown up to smithereens. The forces working for the Light are putting the elite (dark) on the run.
Bryan Gilbert (11 months ago)
Nope. They’re preparing for the Yellowstone Volcano to blow.
mark barrows (11 months ago)
Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a drilling process that injects millions of gallons of water, sand and undisclosed chemicals at high pressure into horizontal wells to crack open shale rock and release natural gas. Largely unregulated, the fast-spreading gas-extraction method is enjoying an unprecedented boom, but it could also be contaminating underground water supplies.
Brent Cairns (11 months ago)
Tunnel boring machines. TBMs have been used since the 19th Century
Helm Breaker (11 months ago)
These tunnels are old news lol years old
Frankenstein Monster (5 months ago)
Go back to sleep.
Viral Daily (11 months ago)
Same in Cape Town, South Africa. Heard tonnes back in 2013/2014
NARKOHAMPON TV (11 months ago)
This OLD NEWS qrono
Mr Internet Guy (11 months ago)
Penn State University has a seismology station at Brandywine.... they would be able to corroborate these reports
football#mom #2 (11 months ago)
It could be the ancient Ramapo Fault System waking up.
DV Phil (11 months ago)
Just drop a nuke right on my house
Kathleen Bemis (11 months ago)
It's very possible that our government is involved with shady operations. After all they want to do depopulization procedures against the American civilians. It's written on the Georgia Guidestones....their plans.
OneMadLink (11 months ago)
Vault 101
Sean Connors (11 months ago)
Nope. Just sprucing up the tunnel systems built over the last 50 years. I wonder how things are going under Denver International.
Mae Kelley (11 months ago)
Good vid. I think that the Elite are preparing underground bunkers, and imo it's to try to hide from incoming debre from a planetary system coming in. Check out nasty beavers last vid.
Eric J Bailey (11 months ago)
The machine or HUGE drill bit polverizes the rock, therefore you'll have little to no debris to clean out
Jace Ventura (11 months ago)
Just the North American Plate buckling, that's all. Nothing to see here;) Soon that'll be too true.:/
Daedalx Al Maurikanos (11 months ago)
Daedalx Al Maurikanos (11 months ago)
Don't be silly.. those tunnels were completed decades ago. They are just taping in to the oil pipelines they recent built above them.
Pure Huwhite Man (11 months ago)
Yup dumbs
michael lennon (11 months ago)
So what . They are tunnels
Frankenstein Monster (5 months ago)
They are planning on killing you, dipshit.
AR-15 (11 months ago)
You have your head deep in your ass if you don’t know there are tunnels running all over in America FACT
Brian Bates (11 months ago)
Old news
jhiggs 420 (11 months ago)
They are not for World War 3 pay attention to space and the Sun that's where your answers are
Sheila Garrett (1 month ago)
I always felt the answer to all of life questions are in space.
FlamQ Dbltap (11 months ago)
The heierarchy in the government, and very wealthy may survive even a Yellowstone disaster.
Randa Jaza (11 months ago)
There will not be a nuclear war, but Yellowstone and (or) the lack of ozone layer may make the surface of Earth uninhabitable.
Soldier 4 Christ (11 months ago)
Brain Tangler July 3 2018? LOL I'll mark this comment and your channel, see you on July 4th 2018
Randa Jaza (11 months ago)
Brain Tangler You moron BOT. Nice try sounding human, but you are nothing but a digital wannabe.
lmendozahydes (11 months ago)
"JESUS IS COMING" The 'BOOMS' are His Trumpets before His arrival so get your souls right with Him now, "PLEASE" only if you wish to be saved.
New Style (11 months ago)
lmendozahydes Islam is the true religion We believe in Jesus but he is not son of god
Paula B. (11 months ago)
Building?Yes, tunnels are already in operation, and wreaking havoc on the underground environment. Follow the underground bases, Walmart's etc.! Not to mention harmful fracking practices as well.. Your shadow government deep state using your tax payer dollars to transport, hide and live one day under our feet 😉 Time to wake up. No one escapes tribulation!
t. l. duncan (11 months ago)
Those explosions are being heard all over the planet. Probably methane displacement from the plates shifting and increased earthquakes.
Hardkrome (11 months ago)
Yep. The axial pole wobble is altering the equatorial bulge of the planet, causing earth cracks,sink holes and explosions. Note that methane gas was coming out of the ground on the volcano in Hawaii. This will continue to get worse.
Mitchell Golston (11 months ago)
Dumbs the elite are building these because they know something huge is coming or their planning something big and are going to escape the tradgey .
shad0wburn3d (11 months ago)
They have been doing this for a real long time. Plenty of evidence everywhere. cheers.
Theninety (1 month ago)
+waterside also you can find the vid on youtube and other websites.
Theninety (1 month ago)
+waterside not just sounds they have an underground transit rout for truck drivers and bunkers there is even an entrence that somone walked up to with blast doors and it had hundreds of trucks going in and out of thease tunnels. Truck drivers will confirm it and its the trucks you would never expect. They are sams club trucks with the label called night transit. Or transport. Thease are all used for the diliverys.
waterside (1 month ago)
Evidence like what? Sounds only... lol
Karen Ashley (11 months ago)
And don't they promise special forces killers a one bedroom apartment down there if they don't talk about the coming ice age? Wars also cover up approaching ice ages. Check out Grand solar minimum.
TeddyBear 007 (11 months ago)
were have u been,they have been doing that for very long time!!!!!!!!!!!!! since the 70's anyways !!!!!!!!!!!! on guys says , they have over 140 or so around the world!!!!!!!! with many of them right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are just working harder now cause they no it's game time now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just say'en!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dooglitas (11 months ago)
It is illogical to connect these loud booms and the idea of underground tunnel construction. These booms produce atmospheric shock waves. Any underground explosions would not produce atmospheric shock waves. The sound of an explosion deep underground would be seriously muffled by the surrounding earth. There could be ground vibration but not atmospheric shock waves. Also, an explosion deep underground would not produce bright flashes of light.
jesus is my saviour (11 months ago)
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jesus is my saviour (11 months ago)
Praise God Jesus Christ the way truth life Jesus die for are sins rose on third day his power over death Jesus our salvation savior king 👑 of king Lord of Lord🙏
New Style (11 months ago)
jesus is my saviour Islam is the true Religion!
Patti Pilcher (11 months ago)
You'd have to have tier one all over the country.

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