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Backyard Tunnel Construction

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Checkout this crazy backyard DIY project! It’s a tunnel but could also double as a backyard bunker in times of crisis! More videos including a tour of the backyard tunnel/bunker and building time lapses to come so be sure to subscribe! Be sure to check out our Patreon page, and please consider becoming a Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/squirreltown Be sure to check out the tour of the tunnel/bunker! Tunnel/Bunker tour: https://youtu.be/WzJB88YL-T4: Copyright: "Crossing the Chasm" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (560)
Susan Jones (6 days ago)
u should have put GRAVEL behind those walls. dig a trench behind the walls and fill it with gravel. then NO WATER PROBLEMS.
Squirrel Town (3 days ago)
It already caved it. We rebuilt it
William Burdon (1 month ago)
Reminds me of my childhood, I was always digging an underground fort or making a tree house. Lots of fun
Vojtěch Boroš (2 months ago)
A co ty zářezy na stromě pánové?To máte 👎
Jr Costilla (2 months ago)
Awesome guys I do hope you don't get a mold problem with the wood getting wet
PoopCoin Patrick (2 months ago)
How were you so lucky that you only had to dig sand? No clay or rocks. Lucky! Do you live on a golf course?
Squirrel Town (2 months ago)
An old river bed!
Kevin & Jennifer Sweeney (2 months ago)
I can appreciate the effort and kids creativeness, however what they are doing is extremely dangerous. Their lack of trench design and understanding of soil composition and safety procedure is a recipe for disaster.
Courtney Davies (2 months ago)
Good job guys I licking it very much
GS Auto (3 months ago)
Ww1 style trenches
Shalong Gagenspofz (3 months ago)
Lucky these kids dont live in California and parents are some trans, snowflake SJW's. These kids would be facing serious charges after their parents sue the other parents and inform the Authorities including the local council about OH and S/environmental damage of the termites?. Yes your really lucky for that. Its a roll of the dice we are not born into families like those. Awesome work lads!!!!! Great life skill/build skills your learning and a great place to invite the girls. This is extreme but maybe the only way to protect your women from the other races desperately trying to enhance their offspring. These are very dark times we are living through. Like no other. Literally hell on this earth. Everything and everyone is upside down in their nature and practices all by design to confuse and divide the peoples. This is how you play to win. Regards
Galaxy Fox (3 months ago)
*One century later* *Feburary 2nd 2119* *YouTube:* New video! Underground Tunnel found in this man's Backyard!
Nameless Cynic (3 months ago)
Come the first rain you will be swimming in it.
Squirrel Town (3 months ago)
Its been 2 years and it’s perfect!
Miguel Castaneda (3 months ago)
serial killers delight
andreas s (3 months ago)
Good job kids...keep it up....a good job in construction or engineering pays well. True skills you can use in real life right here. Kids like yall are America's hope and future!
RJ Fox (3 months ago)
I need to lend you guys my mini excavator
Squirrel Town (3 months ago)
That would have been a God send
John Kershner (3 months ago)
That's a ditch with a lid, not a tunnel. Nice work, however!
Link Knight (1 month ago)
It's similar to the cubby houses we made as a kid in the outer areas before you hit the outback. But ours involved earthmoving equipment (everyone's parents had some) and bare walls and old corrugated iron roofing covered in sand.
Cormac MacArtney (3 months ago)
I'm a 57 year old man, worked in the trades for almost 3 decades, and I've gotta say, I am totally jealous of what these kids have here. They got THE coolest playground ever. I wish I had a playground like that. Man, I'd spend the rest of my life building all sorts of crazy things. That's just awesome!
Franklin 7 (3 months ago)
Props to the young gentlemen in the grey shirt wearing the crocs.
Squirrel Town (3 months ago)
Haha yeah, he did nothing!
Butterman sos #2 (3 months ago)
0:14 trump sitting next to his box
Squirrel Town (3 months ago)
Build the wall!
Stephen G (4 months ago)
that's cool. gonna come in handy within few years hiding from girlz fathers and bitchass cops comin to bust u for somethin
Bochereauauger Ghislain (4 months ago)
des bosseurs
Ezekiel is a Pig (4 months ago)
Good jorb
ian lloyd (4 months ago)
good to see kids being kids again
ez lol (4 months ago)
They should.. have use some plastick to cover the outside off the wall's
wuntoo1687 (1 month ago)
I was thinking the same. Or at least made a clay/sand mix to reinforce the sidewalls with. I'm thinking they were using recycled materials
javier torres (5 months ago)
I need you guys...
silverGabeNeyes (5 months ago)
ww2 trench building 1943 colorized
Lone Wolf (5 months ago)
Minecraft/7DaysToDie in real life
Angel Eyes (5 months ago)
If yr make a bunker just drill 20ft deep and make a nice man cave down there put an Xbox and power with a mini fridge you have a torrando you won't even flinch when it's happening.
Seablian (6 months ago)
German troops construct fortifications after a stalemate forms on the frontline in Belgium (1914, colorized)
Kiley H (6 months ago)
Jerry Moody (6 months ago)
That was easy digging. I just dug through awful thick clay to replace a sewer line....it was horrid.
CossackTV (7 months ago)
с ведрами было бы быстреее и легче а еще кушать тачки на одном колесе везут немало и просто на руки.
Hoodiefoodie (7 months ago)
0:50 - 1:00 the blonde dude. Lazy cunt looks like he’s just pretending to help
Aztec Warrior (7 months ago)
Squirrel Town  don't let cost stop you. Go around to job sites in your area. Ask them for any excess materials they they are just gonna throw away. Show them your videos. They May even setting stuff aside for you. Take your parents but you do all the talking. Ask for the superintendent. Don't just walk on the sight. Have your parents make initial contact. Since children are not allowed on job sites. Many times it actually helps them out by not having to haul off excess materials. Be nice but confident. Don't start pushing or begging. If you get a good reputation and relationship with them, they might even call you when they get other job sites. Hell in time they might even hire you to do it for them. Or even give you a job. You could even ask for scrap metals and get money from recycling. Keep up the good work.
J Stuart Esty (7 months ago)
love this. you might have done some pre-project research by watching "The Great Escape" a couple of times for hints on proper tunnel construction tips.
Hudson O-11 (7 months ago)
entente forces entrenching in the beginning days of the spring offensives (circa 1918)
thanhrangi renthlei (7 months ago)
is that airsoft field???
เปา PSTCH (9 months ago)
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Jacob Komnath (9 months ago)
if only i had a camera as a kid. me and my friends made some amazing stuff
Jean 3xyz (10 months ago)
You will be crushed like rats!!!
McCoy Murphy (10 months ago)
Now that's a real life size, muscle building, sand box right there. Great job guys. Keep those creative juices flowing.
Brian L (10 months ago)
Why doesn't every millennial build this in their parents' backyards?
Retro Dude (10 months ago)
A bit of rebarb and quick mix and you will have a solid tunnel but very cool
Tom Foolery (10 months ago)
that's pretty kickass, reminds me of the days of building forts and towers in trees. Never let the kid inside you go, always have fun and be creative. makes me want to build something now that I have a bobcat and other machines to do it.
William Blvck (10 months ago)
Local missing girl found locked in underground tunnel cave
Brent & Connie (10 months ago)
Well done men
erick aversa (10 months ago)
these kids are cool
Lynx Dominance (10 months ago)
Looks like garbage...
Squirrel Town (10 months ago)
Thank you!
Yebo Screbo (11 months ago)
That woods gonna rot pretty quickly
Squirrel Town (10 months ago)
maha Lakshmi (11 months ago)
RedDogge (11 months ago)
Preparing for battle by digging trenches
E Lo (11 months ago)
just the music gets me fired up!!!!!!! we must band together and not go quietly in the night.
glidercoach (11 months ago)
Agreed, and I like the music too... but why did they make it out of WOOD? It will rot in a few years. All that work.
homes24 (11 months ago)
NOW THIS, is what kids should fuckin be doing now adays not sitting around on their cellphones and playing CSGO all day. BRAVO
Jimmy Dillard (11 months ago)
Sometimes I forget there are places in the world that don't have red clay. FUCK Georgia man, I'm so done with this place.
Anthony G (11 months ago)
First thing I thought of was bo2 origins
Jarrett Williams (11 months ago)
you gotta put plastic over the dirt-facing side of the wood if you want it to last any time
qazi danish (11 months ago)
a war place to hide
qazi danish (11 months ago)
I think they have playing call of duty 2 it look like world war 2 secret hide out
N Albertsson (11 months ago)
In purely construction terms... This is not a tunnel. It's known as a "cut and shut" excavation.
dean X (11 months ago)
raining ?
dean X (11 months ago)
guys i love it but its sand ?
varalakshmi kondeti (11 months ago)
jfdjv hvhdj (11 months ago)
jfdjv hvhdj (11 months ago)
Martin Frieling (11 months ago)
wer räumt den ganzen Prüddel nachher wieder auf ?
Blues Station (11 months ago)
Milletin çocukları neler yapıyorlar, bizimkilerde birbirlerini siksinler..
Aven Hurwich (1 year ago)
Young German soliders digging world war 1 trenches (1915 colorized)
Sara Vana (1 year ago)
under place have air
Vishal Gupta (1 year ago)
What if they found out they were digging their own graves at the end AWKWARD
noob gamer (1 year ago)
Respect for not using a excavator and digging it all with only shovels.
Backroad Joe (1 year ago)
The trenches 😂
J Kappler (1 year ago)
It's dope to think these guys are outside doing something awesome instead of sitting in their room all the time
Jonny T (1 year ago)
Lord of the flies may now commence...
Thorikkhoirul Anaas (1 year ago)
Protective HT (1 year ago)
Finally! Boys being boys. Looks like fun.
Tyler Wells (1 year ago)
Only problem is if those walls decide to cave in one day they ain’t gonna hold back jack shit
HawkStrike theCat (1 year ago)
you know people need to find you guys out because what you do is amazing and hard i may have just found you out yesterday but wow just wow
HawkStrike theCat (1 year ago)
wut the wut THAT IS SO COOL
ROB H (1 year ago)
All good fun until it collapses and you're pinned down by the wood with 10 tons of sand pushing down on you.
DAJORIVISION (1 year ago)
Research #flatearth
Sea Sea (1 year ago)
time for heist
Hans CakeStealer (1 year ago)
Damn kids these days, when I was growing up we got high and tried to get laid
Champ (1 year ago)
kids are playing minecraft for real now eh
Simon Delaney (1 year ago)
I’m thinking call of duty on ps1
Hester Magician (1 year ago)
I would love to do this I just don't have the space
troo 458 (1 year ago)
whoa!....the only dangerous thing happening here is when that 3/4" plywood roof rots out in a year or two and somebody falls through....and there seemed to be an adult supervising, too.....even a single sheet of 30 lb. tar paper would have been a good thing to add....
Squirrel Town (1 year ago)
No no adult supervision. Just us kids out digging and building.
David Gillett UK (1 year ago)
Ummmm, wood rots....
Panic Farm (1 year ago)
Chris Edwards (1 year ago)
It's like WW1 all over again
Spellit (1 year ago)
Я и то реще лопатой махаю
Hayden Carrigg (1 year ago)
It’s a bolt hole I guess.... kind off
Big thumbs up for what you guys have accomplished so far. I would suggest you guys divert to gardening or something for a while. You could sell your produce to level up your builds & tools. Try to find someone in your area who is a successful gardener or farmer.
I don't know if you all are in the prepper movement but a few tweaks & you guys could build a viable SHTF off-grid bug-out shelter. Try learning how to make bullet proof walls though. Cheapest idea I got is sand bags walls filled with 1/2 inch size gravel stones. Another is baked clay bricks if you have a viable source for clay. Much more labor intensive though.
Dr Curmudgeon (1 year ago)
not one tunnel rat in the whole back yard. You all need some VC to do it right.
Dougal Whi (1 year ago)
Forget the military engineering core, send this lot in!! Brilliant.
Squirrel Town (1 year ago)
Thanks! Hope you check out our new bunker video as well!
Another idea would be to use the same water soluble all surface sealer mixed with 50% water or less on the sides & bottom of the tunnel before wood supports & walls are put in. They will water proof the sides & bottom of your tunnels for a few years. You could also soak the wood for a few minutes in that & dry them so they won't rot so easily & last longer.
Good effort. For cheap waterproofing, assuming dirt covers the top, you can invest in water soluble all surface sealer, the kind you can use on brick, wood & porous stuff. Buy a few gallons. Mix in 50% water. Spray on top of the dirt including a few feet from the sides. When it dries the dirt will harden and be water resistant for a few years. Your big problem though will be seepage in the tunnels.
Squirrel Town (1 year ago)
Yea we’ve had a lot of seepage. We kind of been just hoping it isn’t flooded when we go out there. But yeah we should invest in something like that
David Lemaire (1 year ago)
Cool idea! Should build a bigger underground man cave...when you guys get older
Was pressure treated wood used? This was very cool I build one similar and dig mine at least 7 feet deep and turn it to a rootcellar/tornado/nuke shelter
Max Holmes (1 year ago)
Footage of American soldiers digging trenches :1917 colourised
Nitwex (1 year ago)
XBox is better I don’t understand what you said
Max Holmes (1 year ago)
LegoAnimations 147 wat
Nitwex (1 year ago)
XBox is better ?
Max Holmes (1 year ago)
LegoAnimations 147 it dont say that
Nitwex (1 year ago)
XBox is better There weren't American soldiers in 1916

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