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freeCodeCamp Basic CSS, Change Element Colors,Class Selector, Font Degradation 3

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This is the first part of freeCodeCamps Basic CSS course. We go through changing the color of text. We learn that we can apply a color style within individual elements by using the style attribute. We then learn that we can create a style tag and closing tag and place our styles within the opening and closing style tag. We also learn about classes and using them to select certain elements and apply a style to any element with that class. We learn about font-family and how odegradation works. This means that we can specify multiple font families so if one isnt available, another one can be used. In the next videos we will see how to add an external stylesheet so we can keep our HTML and CSS seperate.
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Saleem Hassan (2 months ago)
Do you have solutions or help materials for the challenges and questions of the JavaScript section
We Will Code (2 months ago)
Hey, I am in the process of remaking the Javascript course but here is a link to my old playlist with all the courses, some may be missing since they updated the site... https://wewillcode.com/courses/BasicJavascriptonfreeCodeCamp

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