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Secret Underground Tunnels Of Amarillo

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Text Comments (612)
Travis Richard (21 hours ago)
There are underground tunnels all around believe it or not.
firewoodtime2 (1 day ago)
They have them in Portland ME too.
Cali4 Nia (5 days ago)
I would get anxiety down there imagine you have to take a shit or have a stroke heart attack
Steven Martinez (6 days ago)
Anerillo Texas??
Purple Gang ENT. (6 days ago)
Come explore abandoned places with us 😈 https://youtu.be/cn6m0OtRvcI
I bet they ride bikes through this. Lol!!!
live oak (12 days ago)
Wish we had some in Pampa. Just in case we ever needed to get in them.
Coughing Sounds (23 days ago)
Here in armirillo
Valerie Salas (1 month ago)
I’m still not sure where he is
starscream XD (1 month ago)
...when I saw the title I was like....well... hopefully there's no ghosts or anything creepy... because I live here ;-;
Fargo The Elite (1 month ago)
Amarillo Texas? Because I live in waco and I have been there before
Emmett Dixson (1 month ago)
HVAC access 🙄
Q 400 (3 months ago)
Not really a secret now.
lcafilms (3 months ago)
Downtown Missoula Montana the old Downtown has an old underground building that the City has cornered off and its illegal to under there they say for our Safety but makes me wonder what's really down there. and makes me wonder how many Cities across america has these hidden underground Tunnels or pathways etc.
jon beams (3 months ago)
Looks like a fallout shelter area.
Revolution Underground (3 months ago)
2:52 Boii, you can't be under "some kind of street" in downtown of any city
Revolution Underground (3 months ago)
I'm 1:59 into this... Not sure I can finish.
Precious Otabor (3 months ago)
like really..... you put fake films on YouTube for nothing..... loser...hahaha smelly nappy....ha
Smug Smugly (3 months ago)
The Sioux were on Crow land and the Crows sided with Custer
Tim Schutte (3 months ago)
, perfect place for the Jackass boys to have an electric motorcycle race. lol
Jim Cameron (3 months ago)
Jim Cameron (3 months ago)
niunia 98 (3 months ago)
6:47 ...four pentagrams ! 😱😨🙅🙏😷 I hete tunnels and metro. The old/new tunnels and metro is demonic... The tunnels is "house" fallen angels and demons... This is a true. Looks like a Book Of Enoch (internet pdf), and Bible King James Version (KJV 1611). Sorry, but my english is not very good. God bless true biblical black Israelites. God bless true biblical Christians. God bless good people all the world. God bless You Author of film ☺
Revolution Underground (3 months ago)
niunia 98 quit being a racist
Edward Schmitt (3 months ago)
These tunnels are actually above ground, and are in Naranja Texas. They are really short and don't end. Behind the doors he came to is a secret lab run by mutant vagina headed beings from another world. Those round lights are actually square lights with rounded corners. Those mirrors actually reflect your own image back to you! The actual purpose of the tunnels was to provide a walkway from one location to another!
Matthew Mckinney (3 months ago)
Then how are you allowed then
Viking Power (3 months ago)
If you say "Secret Underground Tunnl in Amarillo" again I will be forced to shove my leg thru this screen and kick someones astrix.
Andy Adams (3 months ago)
What is he again, underground tunnel of Amarillo where was he???
Kay Huddleston (3 months ago)
Laugh all you want Zombies are here!
Kay Huddleston (3 months ago)
Dallas has that under Downtown.
Walt Williams (4 months ago)
And it's lit full time?? Who is paying the electric bill?
william dolezal (4 months ago)
Please stop making videos
william dolezal (4 months ago)
Where is it. An underground tunnel? So your in an underground tunnel. Oh I get it it's an underground tunnel. I just want to stress that we're in an underground tunnel. I have never heard of this underground tunnel on private property. That's underground. In a tunnel that's private. And underground
Aztec Warrior (4 months ago)
You moron. A dead end has no other way to go besides back the way you came. That "dead end" otherwise know as an intersection had two ways to go. Fucking moron. Since when is round an odd shape for light fixtures? SMFH. It's private property well no shit you haven't heard of them. It's not like it's a city park and it's a well kept to secret. You idiot. Oh another fork in the tunnel. Don't you mean dead end...... LOL
Ely Powell (5 months ago)
Some bastard keeps the bulbs fresh.
Ely Powell (5 months ago)
Dont get no big ideas about tunneling to mexico brah!
Lil Dill Jones and Me! (5 months ago)
Mystery dude behind locked door: " Um, Were you trying to do something specific"? I don't know why that unsettled me!
Donna Cochran (5 months ago)
Well it is not secret or hidden as you took elevator and followed & it is open to nyou .
molly maul (5 months ago)
That's a lot of electricity just left going.
Corban Thenoob (5 months ago)
I’ve been to the tunnels like 20 times
Quinton Lich (5 months ago)
Two lovers, forbidden from one another, the war divides their people, and the mountain divides them apart, build a path so they can be together *Yeah, I forgot the next couple lines, then it goes,* SECRET TUNNEL, SECRET TUNNEL, THROUGH THE MOUNTAIN, SECRET SECRET SECRET SECRET TUNNEL!
DoorKicker (5 months ago)
Doe's anyone know where these secret underground tunnels are located? I was hoping that little homeless looking fucker with the douche bag neck tattoo would slip up and reveal exactly where these secret underground tunnels are located.
Nova Prospekt (5 months ago)
I was born and raised in Amarillo... Those are mot the secret tunnels of Amarillo. He has no idea. We have a very large system of underground tunnels throughout amarillo that are not "private property" there are tunnels under downtown big enough for trucks to go through. Hes an idiot and has no clue where to even look
squirrelgirl1954 (6 months ago)
That's not tunnels! Professional offices and such. You got to be kidding.! Tunnels. Ha ha ha
Snidely Whiplash (6 months ago)
I'd make sure who ever I went down into those tunnels with me was fat and slow.
Aman Uknow (6 months ago)
Where were these tunnels again? I missed that?
patrickthefox (6 months ago)
I’ve been in those tunnels
unicornqueen_1806 ._. (6 months ago)
Hey I live in Amarillo
Revolution Underground (3 months ago)
Ava Mireles no way!
Melissa RMT (7 months ago)
Next time, open google maps and walk this route and see where you really are. A note about these tunnels. Texas is all granite and you have to blast just to put in septic or a well. These tunnels were unbelievably expensive to create and it seems they are maintained too. Security cameras, two way mirrors and I'm betting a secret door or two, this is definitely weird.
Joseph Butler (7 months ago)
Are there secret underground tunnels in Amarillo on private property? I have heard this somewhere. Oh yeah, 500 times in this video!
Ian Stradian (7 months ago)
A Dead End by definition is an end, it doesn’t give you the choice of going anywhere else. So it would be called an intersection...
Peter Archbold (7 months ago)
Where are those tunnels again?
Danny Jackson (7 months ago)
If they wer underground tunnels did the elevators take down even lower...perhaps hell even....lol
Del Allegood (7 months ago)
Tunnels and fallout shelters were built all over the USA in most cities since the Russians got the bomb.
Tjay WASHINGTON (7 months ago)
129 deep underground military bunkers at a cost of 3 billion each, this one only about one billions.
SpaceFlye (8 months ago)
Honestly kinda makes sense there's a small network of tunnels under downtown. Pantex looming nearby and all.
SpaceFlye (8 months ago)
He didn't mention it, but where he ended at was in the Happy State Bank building. I've actually had a small tour of their underground offices there.
Daniela Bonilla (8 months ago)
Random blood spattered walls at 3:29
Chief Ryback (8 months ago)
I would like to know what that guy was doing down there behind that door?
creators 101 (8 months ago)
a bicycle would be great
Aracelis Padilla (8 months ago)
Child trafficking tunnels
Jarrett Williams (8 months ago)
This is a dead end you have to go either left or right
N Albertsson (8 months ago)
Was so happy when you pronounced route correctly (root)... Then you canged back to the incorrect but commonly mispronounced "rout" (which, when pronounced that way actually means to conquer and drive out an enemy).
1PatrioticBitch (8 months ago)
On fb check out Buddy Wayne Webb. He has massive info n proof of underground tunnels. Also had an attempt on his life.
marvelous Marvin (9 months ago)
Yeah it's called the sewer my man
David lumpkins (9 months ago)
Is it private property
David lumpkins (9 months ago)
I wonder if this private under ground tunnel is private property
David lumpkins (9 months ago)
U think he can say under ground tunnel again
Isaiah Thomas (9 months ago)
I’ve never heard the words “Underground tunnel” so damn much
Dwayne Terry (9 months ago)
I dont know how these guys got in there or who let them in..!!
Dwayne Terry (9 months ago)
Thats interesting because i work for the company that does Security for a couple of these buildings
Steve Ciarico (10 months ago)
Ever hear the expression, "Loose lips sink ships"?
P4P KING (10 months ago)
the man has a freakish talent for stating the obvious
Gareth ODonoghue (10 months ago)
Those odd looking shape lights are,I believe...circle
NicV916 On Roblox (10 months ago)
They have these in down town Houston
lions master (10 months ago)
Its a hidden tunnel??? But you discoverd it ???and you took a elevator to get there?????
Nemo Niente (10 months ago)
Hidden underground tunnels... with an elevator to get you there.
JoroJugga (10 months ago)
Underground tunnels with mirrors and lighting. One door that is locked. Cool.
Denise Rivas (10 months ago)
Commenting !!!
Robert Olin (10 months ago)
Looks like a fun place to map onto gmod. Where I chase u around with a glowing red dagger while u scramble for the glowing green gun, lool
Panhandle Paranormal (11 months ago)
G - Man. (11 months ago)
No entiendo porque lleva gorra, ni hace sol ni llueve. Ridículo.
DSG X (11 months ago)
unerground tunnel.... Here in amarillo
Miriam Chartier (11 months ago)
History Lover (11 months ago)
NorthWest Texas Hospital has underground tunnels as well.
Ray Her (11 months ago)
stop saying dead end where there is clearly not a dead end
descent815 (11 months ago)
This video is such bullshit!!!
Guitargreat (11 months ago)
The underground tunnel of Amarillo
ralorpa (11 months ago)
Whats a marillo? Is it a russian hotdog? Let me have one without ketchup, please. No, wait - I'll take it without mustard instead.
Guitargreat (11 months ago)
I’ll bet that’s in Amarillo
Rachel Riebschlaeger (11 months ago)
Why would you put this on here if they don't want people knowing? That's real smart.
Coach Brian (11 months ago)
secret my ass
Dirk Diggler (1 year ago)
I call bullshit on only employees can use, I don't see ANY private property no trespassing signs necessary for prosecution, but Texas is notorious for fvcking people in the ass!
tx-sweet-p JG (1 year ago)
Dirk Diggler ,,,,, precisely, in fact it’s the number one place to go in town , if you want to get fucked in the ass 😂
moondog55 (1 year ago)
I was in a place like that once. It was secret too but somebody let the cat outa the bag because everybody in Atlanta knew about it ! I think it was called underground Atlanta .
Markus Wagner (1 year ago)
i go now also to the next malls basement and call that "urbexing"!
Markus Wagner (1 year ago)
why the mirrors?
Markus Wagner (1 year ago)
tx-sweet-p JG maybe for the fx of a bigger room? anti-claustrophobia like?
tx-sweet-p JG (1 year ago)
Markus Wagner ,,,,, LMAO , if you knew, then it wouldn’t be a secret
Capt. Rich (1 year ago)
Ok, ok, y'all calm down... Hey you, in the back; yes you! There is no signal here we're underground; in a tunnel. But seriously, I used to deliver office furniture for a company Elliot Russell (fact checkers check it's a real place) to most of these buildings downtown in the 90's. These tunnels are on/under private property; however, a good bit of them are accessable to the public. They link several of the downtown banks in (where?) Amarillo. Under Amarillo National Bank is/was a restaurant, pretty good food as I recall. Any questions? No there is no signal, we're underground...
Travis Bland (1 year ago)
wow...sombody told me about this
August Last (1 year ago)
wish you would stop talking
Jason Harper (1 year ago)
Bob Warren (1 year ago)
You should go look into the tunnels of Denver...the ones that aren't as well known as the delivery tunnels off 15th Street.
It's the Kennedy sex tunnels.

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