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ROAD TRIP WITH MY BOYFRIEND! | Thrifting, Good Food, We Broke A Boat?!

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Hey guys! I hope you liked this little road trip / long weekend vacation with my boyfriend! 🚘🚤 We did do some thrifting but didn’t end up getting anything! It was something a different from what I normally post but I’ll be back with another clothing related video next time! ☼Social Media: Instagram: @frankii.s Depop: @frankiishirey Snapchat: @frankii_shirey ☼Music: * https://soundcloud.com/user-940032868/lofi * https://youtu.be/vtHGESuQ22s
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Text Comments (7)
Mary Jane (3 months ago)
I thought he was cute until 3:49 lmaoooo I’m jk nice !!! This is so aesthetic tbh
Erika Joi (9 months ago)
Love your content! Keep it up girl💞 I would love to see lookbooks!
Suyeb Shaikh (10 months ago)
Beautiful places and very nice vlog, keep it out 😇👌🤘
Suyeb Shaikh (9 months ago)
Your Welcome Ma'am 😇
Francesca Grace (9 months ago)
Suyeb Shaikh thank you so much 😊 I will!!!
a&e (10 months ago)
I think you’ve found your channel mascot!
Francesca Grace (9 months ago)
alex & emily haha I love it so much 😭💗

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