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Top 10 Iconic Movie Guns

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Cocked, locked, and ready to rock. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the top 10 iconic guns in movies. Check us out at http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo, http://instagram.com/watchmojo and http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo Thanks to our users Jamie Forsythe, Jeff Sine, Tristan Brown, Drew Pennington, Shawn Frary, MaxLett, Watchmojyguy, Shahmir Abbas, McDonald64 and dannydude21 for submitting the idea through our Suggest Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/Suggest Check out the voting page here, http://watchmojo.com/suggest/Top%20Ten%20Movie%20Guns If you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :) We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out http://www.WatchMojo.com/store for more info.
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Text Comments (7934)
kevin glenn (7 hours ago)
Peace maker Dreed
Steven Myers (1 day ago)
Phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range?
Hak Walenkamp (2 days ago)
“Painless” from Predator???
Xenomorph Drone (2 days ago)
Xenomorph killer rifle is the best.
GreeL8 (3 days ago)
No. MINIGUN is the 1.
Sukurio Plays (5 days ago)
Noisy cricket. Men In Black
TALIONUNNAMED 4050 (7 days ago)
Wheres Rick Deckards blaster from Blade Runner?
Ian Olsen (7 days ago)
Boi the future military in Aliens were marines not army
elkensteyin (8 days ago)
Even though the Walther was on there, isn't the Golden Gun from James Bond even more iconic?
Billy Joseph (9 days ago)
Everyone forgot about the law giver from judge dread😎
Oby Moby (10 days ago)
Got to laugh. The rail gun (Eraser) shoots aluminum rounds apparently at 'near light speed'.... LOL Assuming 'nearly' means maybe 99% light speed -or somewhere close - and also assuming roughly similar mass to conventional size bullet, the relativistic kinetic energy at such a speed released on firing would be equivalent to a high power nuclear weapon ....taking out a substantially large city when fired. Now that's some iconic 'gun'
yuva RUDRA (11 days ago)
Mr Freeze ? 🤔
Pentagon Entertainment (11 days ago)
You guys always mess up information you cunt sponges
Tyler Keller (11 days ago)
What about my cock in your moms ass?
Tyler Keller (11 days ago)
How about watching the entire video and paying attention, dumbshit's. The mini-gun from T2 & the Golden Gun are BOTH in the honorable mention section.
Patricio Araneda (11 days ago)
The phaser of Star Trek?
Andrew Newman (11 days ago)
The BFG from doom?
Darren Spohn (11 days ago)
The m41a pulse rifle would never work in real life. It would be too heavy. If you watch the trend, guns needed to be made smaller and lighter as the infantry got more delicate. The m1 was replaced by the m14, but since their was no real weight savings, it needed to be replaced by the m16. And even though the m16 set standards which are still used today, it was still too heavy for "modern" infantry. So they needed to make the m4. If the m41 was to be made, it would need be at least no heavier than the m4. So unless they discover new materials in the future, it is unlikely it would be made.
Jp (12 days ago)
Did we all forget that Dredd was a thing..?
T R (12 days ago)
Dude WTF you people have the E-11 mixed up with the DL-44. Do you people ever do your actual research or are you employed by those f u c k tards at Disney!
ZombieSeb7 Captain (12 days ago)
Hey... Where is the E-33 blaster riffle of boba fett?
Trevor McCormick (13 days ago)
Omg I have never seen Taxi Driver but that gun looks dope.
Joseph Tanner (14 days ago)
What About The Gangster Guns like The Thompson Sub-Machine Guns?
calito1982 (14 days ago)
rambo the explosive arrow hell yeah
0532MOET (14 days ago)
The gun from no country for old men was the best gun ever, it was the only good thing in the movie 😅
Oby Moby (10 days ago)
no - that was movie class all the way through. You just don't appreciate movies
Homerun Hitters Inc. (16 days ago)
where is terminator - .45 longslide with laser sighting
alex pratt (17 days ago)
fifth element is great but i hate made up bullshit guns personally i feel movies and video games shouldn't even make up guns its stupid as shit they aren't real and look like garbage and usually defy the laws of firearms and either have infinite ammo or shoot rainbow lasers made up of bullshit and childs dreams
Scott Covington (17 days ago)
Where the holy hell is the Dredd's Lawgiver???
the bat (18 days ago)
I prefer the M60 from first blood than the one from the second
nirahirs (18 days ago)
No Men in Black?
Occams Razor (19 days ago)
3:06 You never know; Longer the barrel, the greater the muzzle velocity (to a point).
Max Workss (19 days ago)
where are the glock's
mariuss72 (19 days ago)
BFG from Doom 2005
Stuart Postma (20 days ago)
hmmmm the main infantry weapon from starship troopers
GhostRebel gaming (20 days ago)
desert eagle from Last Action Hero
Luca Grossi (20 days ago)
No Heath Ledger’s Joker’s modified Glock 17?
Jerome Cordeau (20 days ago)
Always made me laugh in movies like Rambo when he shoots he goes left right , right left ahaha not really a good way to use a gun .
Simon Thomas (20 days ago)
What about ALL the guns from Men In Black?!!
FreedomBliss 2012 (21 days ago)
Blade runner
John Freedman (21 days ago)
WTF they have Rambo's much ignored basic M-60, but not Robocop's gigantic hand cannon. Psh garbage list as usual.
ryan greeley (21 days ago)
no cricket from mib? wtf?
Numinous123 (21 days ago)
Where the hell is the gun from Blade Runner? Seriously. What the hell?
ravi mukerji (21 days ago)
the gun from men in black
Arnold Olivarez (21 days ago)
How bout the M16 with the M203 grenade launcher that Arnie used in Predator !
Kostadin Dimitrov (21 days ago)
Doom BFG
planetkori (21 days ago)
I'm sure I'm not the first one to mention this but... um... Deckard's blaster from BLADE RUNNER anyone????   HELLOOOOOO!!  Not even an honorable mention.  EPIC FAIL on this one.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Ainsley Clarke (21 days ago)
What about the gun called the Equalizer in the movie (Equalizer 2000)
Bastard onBass (21 days ago)
If you're gonna pick one from Aliens, you gotta go with the M56 Smart Gun hangin' off the hips of Drake and Ramirez.
Jason Meehan (21 days ago)
Shit list, who came up with this. Number 2 wasn't to bad.
The Sparkle Zone (22 days ago)
8:00: They're not US soldiers, they just lose like them.
em1o smurf (22 days ago)
.357 magnum with BigBore loads, guaranteed full penetration of an adult male kodiak bear. my carry weapon. good for cops or crooks. nothing left but meat.
Jack Fortuna (22 days ago)
I wouldn't hurt to put the E-11 on the list
Jack Fortuna (22 days ago)
Or The Noisy Cricket
Max Power (22 days ago)
What about Chewbacca's Bowcaster?
Gary Bloom (22 days ago)
what?..............no bladerunner blaster?
Toretto’s Rem 870
J W Morse (23 days ago)
gun from Bladerunner duh.
PointyTailofSatan (23 days ago)
No Holy Shotgun from Constantine? Plus a Dragon's Breath flamethrower!
Ravyn (23 days ago)
Winchester 1887, M56 Smartgun, 50 Caliber Buffalo Gun from Armed and Dangerous
Taj smelly (23 days ago)
You're showing Han Solo using 2 completely different guns! Lol!
Chloekona (23 days ago)
Reverberating carbonizer with mutate capacity
awesomefanger (23 days ago)
They show Han using the Blastech E-11 stormtrooper carbine.
Chris Murray (23 days ago)
M134 MINIGUN fron Predator and Terminator 2 should be #1.
Michael Starnes (23 days ago)
Mark II phaser pistal
Alejandro Marinetti (23 days ago)
Railgun from the eraser
Tedd Bear (23 days ago)
Where is the ak47 in any movie with terrorists
Den Afric (23 days ago)
The Gun From Witch Hunters!!!!!!!!!!!?????🤔
phätsam (23 days ago)
um something if y'all put Adh in there becuz of the iconic movie series...? cuz uhm, no. that shotgun ain't shit. Rambo's .50 cal when he mows down like 5 million people on Rambo. you should google this: What WatchMojo think are the most iconic guns in movies.
Ramen Raccoon (23 days ago)
Um...Chirping Cricket MIB?
Aj Barnad (23 days ago)
What about the pistol of the judge from the judge dred move or the shoulder plasma canon from predator
Thomas. parnell (23 days ago)
I'd add star treks phaser rifle as well ability to vaporising holes in walls must count
David Mace (24 days ago)
Rick Deckard cop gun in Blade Runner.
Cruz Morris (24 days ago)
What about scarface's big gun "say hello to my little little" doesn't DAT ring a bell.
youyou (24 days ago)
Elfie (24 days ago)
How about the gun used in “Dune”?
Raul Olivas (24 days ago)
Robocop’s sidearm was my fav when I was a kid in the 80’s
James Wheeler (24 days ago)
What about the LawGiver from Dredd
Mahbüüb E. Nipps (24 days ago)
Resident Evil franchise's boomstick¿
Agent_Ash (24 days ago)
Chester Cobblepot (24 days ago)
Toon Gun Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Dee Day (24 days ago)
Lol i forgot about the rail gun, i loved that movie!!
Damn Mixes (24 days ago)
this is a very boring list with half of these being handguns, what about iconic weapons like tommy gun from old gangster movies? M16 that's been used in so many movies, like scarface, predator, or bunch of vietnam war movies? Heck, even mp5 from the the best action movie series die hard (now I have a machine gun ho-ho-ho)
2112Nightshift (24 days ago)
The M41A Pulse Rifle was carried by space marines, not army.
Vinzent Goldberg (24 days ago)
Desert Eagle 50 AE is Stronger than 44 Magnum
TheLiquidKnight (24 days ago)
Judge Dredd Lawgiver?
Rocky Beats (25 days ago)
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Your time for revenge is at hand. Voila, the ZF-1. It's light; handle's adjustable for easy carrying; good for righties and lefties; breaks down into four parts; undetectable by X-ray; ideal for quick discreet interventions. A word on firepower. Titanium recharger; 3000-round clip with bursts of 3 to 300. With the replay button, another Zorg invention, it's even easier. One shot... [shoots mannequin]...and replay send every following shot to the same location [shoots at Mangalores but all the bullets go to the mannequin]. And to finish the job, all the Zorg oldies but goldies. Rocket launcher... arrow launcher with exploding or poisonous gas heads, very practical... our famous net launcher... the always-efficient flamethrower, my favorite... [winks to the Mangalores] and for the grand finale, the all-new 'Ice-cube System'. [fires a cloud of liquid nitrogen which freezes the remains of the mannequin]
HD1483 Thor (25 days ago)
I expect the model 1887 shotgun,desert eagle, or barret 50cal to at least be on the honor mention
Eric Sanchez (25 days ago)
How about the Lawgiver! Judge Dredd
undertaker666dead (25 days ago)
GE M134 Minigun from Terminator2 is the best in my book
James Potter (25 days ago)
Winchester 1887 from terminator 2
lllwarchildlll (25 days ago)
That Batman movie fucking sucked THEN and SUCKS now.
Garażowe Hobby (25 days ago)
Winchester in Terminator 2 !!!!
Captain Misan (26 days ago)
Ak-47? Isnt that a iconic movie gun!
Damn Mixes (24 days ago)
this is watchmojo, they dont give a shit about relevancy of their lists, they mentioned smith and wesson guns like 3 times in this list, boooring
Zach Alger (26 days ago)
What about Chigur’s silenced shotgun from No Country for Old Men?
Tyler Keller (11 days ago)
Not bad.... Not bad
Michael V (26 days ago)
The Lawgiver MK II from Judge Dredd
ikaruichijoe (26 days ago)
while the ppk is a horrible gun it is highly ICONIC, though the boomstick should have rated higher if nothing more than its prevalence in pop culture as the boom stick and not just a sawed off. Oh and it is a crime that the ZF-1 did not even make honorable mention.
Luthfie nursantoso w (26 days ago)
from the good the bad and the ugly.quiet legendary.good old coboy that won the west.or Colt SAA use by Justice in anime afro samurai.Baretta pistol ... McClane use it.that yippie kay yee ...
peccatumDei (26 days ago)
A bit of trivia here: The M41A Pulse Rifle, (The hero prop anyway) was a Thompson sub machine gun, with non functional bits added on to make it look high tech.
Duncan Brown (26 days ago)
Heh! This is going to be contentious which ever way it goes! No Deep Sleep from Logan's Run, no mention of Decard's pistol...No Smart Gun from Aliens...No Lawgiver...Top 20 might have had 'em all :)
Luke Johnson (26 days ago)
The DL-44 is not a favorite among outlaws.
Dale Flannery (26 days ago)
What about the MP5 from Die Hard 1 and 2

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