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Massive Network of European Underground Tunnels - ROBERT SEPEHR

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A massive network of 12,000 year old underground tunnels discovered that stretch from Scotland to Turkey. Robert Sepehr is an author, producer and anthropologist specializing in linguistics, archeology, and paleobiology (archeogenetics). http://amazon.com/Robert-Sepehr/e/B00XTAB1YC/ Gods with Amnesia: Subterranean Worlds of Inner Earth https://www.createspace.com/6159364
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Sheep Dog (11 days ago)
Thankyou for your labors in bringing people your genuine understanding of the truth. I greatly appreciate it.
Nancy Mortensen (12 days ago)
Everyone one was mining. Its big industry!
Steven Godlewski (14 days ago)
looking foreward
Johnny Cruise (20 days ago)
12,000 years ago is when a lot of animals went extinct, and that crater on Greenland from a meteor strike that sent us into an ice age. I would want to be underground.
Rexx Roberts (1 month ago)
reptilians used the tunnels to grab children,for food.as they still do
spemtube (1 month ago)
Good job ...look in Sardegna...the n Nuraghi civilization..
Caroline Hegarty (1 month ago)
Loved your video i found it very interesting and informative it. Was a. Real eye opener
Ed Felty (1 month ago)
And yet another hint of a cataclysm that struck the Earth appropriately 10,000-12,000 years ago. First it was the Younger Dryas event about 11,000 years ago, ancient buried cities and sunken cities from the same era, and now 12,000 year old tunnels stretching from Spain to Turkey. Have you seen the new scientific research on Solar Micro-Nova's? Evidence is showing that our Sun is blowing off its outer layer of heavy metals on a periodic basis, but what's really interesting is that they say the last such event happened around 12,000 years ago! This is becoming more than theory every day, especially with all this corroborating evidence. Suspicious Observers has been covering the story.
Bernd P. (1 month ago)
Kusch is Austrian
Triggerhappy Ranch (1 month ago)
Did you mean meters or kilometers?
German Berg (1 month ago)
Wonderful dcumentary with great musik underlining all infos perfectly ! Thank You !
mike cucciardi (2 months ago)
I do like the shorter videos. They keep my interest... I don't take one to two hrs very often. Thank you! This is great! Let's find the answers.
stuart bailey (2 months ago)
Esteban Torres (2 months ago)
Were these tunnels how people too shelter from the fallout from asteroid impacts 12,000 to 14,000 years ago? We've been on earth for 200,000 years but have only 5000 years of history. So much mystery.
Carmine F. Petrungaro (3 months ago)
Excellent storytelling and theory, congratulations. Take a look at this link: The present film does not pretend to be a study, but an educational tool and a contribution to complete the enhancement of our territory, which must be preserved from the passage of time. One of the characteristic signs of the territory of Campana, in the province of Cosenza (Italy) consists of rocks, canyons and places with a many of caves. These are inhabited areas in ancient and even recent times, and therefore very important testimony of our past. After that of the Caves of Guardia, we will go with this video, to the discovery of another complex of rural places and caves called "Grotte di Inceneria", once again in the territory of Campana, in the Sila Greca. For the second time, uncle Gabriele Rossano accompanied me on this excursion. It is August, the sky is clear and so we go on the provincial 255. At the junction for Bocchigliero we deviate in direction of the village of Caloveto. On the Provincial 251 we approach in a big bend to elbow. We continue on a path that slowly gets thinner, until it disappears completely between brushwood, brambles and oak woods. Uncle Gabriele indicates the route to be made, proceeding to accept the shrubs, then stops suddenly, pointing to the cave dwellings with his finger. Before us stands the rocky ridge of the so-called "Incineria Caves", a complex of cave dwellings carved into the sandstone. I try to focus on what I see and I remain speechless. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD_OgFWvYpM
mayagayam (3 months ago)
I’ve always wondered, if they lived underground, what would they do for food? Where would they put bio waste?
CharlesCarabott (3 months ago)
What about the giants? Is there any real evidence about them or is it just legend?
Baskerville22 (3 months ago)
Wriggleways ?
Eric Outram (3 months ago)
Vietnam war had tunnel the length of the country
Eric Outram (3 months ago)
Ya opening up Caves can of worm💕🎥💕🎥
P. Scott Hamilton (3 months ago)
In this video, the narrator refers to some distances undergrounnd being "meters" - and it seems more likely he should have said "kilometers."
1folho (3 months ago)
He does say 'metres' on at least two occasions.
John Lansing (3 months ago)
All done by people who had no written language.... used only animal bones for digging......used no metals and had absolutely no education? Notice that because of the size each tunnel system is easily defended
james dickson (3 months ago)
Who or what was living on earth 12000 years ago , I don’t believe humans were alone on the planet then
Lena Martinez (3 months ago)
Stunning video.
Patrick Mullaly (4 months ago)
Survival shelters from the great catastrophe. I bet this is where hollow earth legends come from.
Bret Coleman (4 months ago)
As for the churches at the entrance well maybe be they just believed in GOD, and with giants around back then it sure makes a lot of sense to live under ground. They wouldn't of went to all that work for nothing!
Barbara Evans (4 months ago)
Maybe we once learnt from our respected friend 'THE RABBIT'.Tiny as they are ,with out any known tools,
Pagan (4 months ago)
I heard a theory that these could have been dug/built during the last iceage and directly saved humaity from extinction in Europe. If somebody would confirm the actual age of tunels, I think i must agree on that one.
james lynch (4 months ago)
Inthe Garbage (4 months ago)
Arent those for the most part just caves?
Broc Hanteur (4 months ago)
Beau travail,je vous remercie de partager avec nous .
Chris Cain (4 months ago)
Dr Heinrich looks like Beethoven!
Ossa Ghalyoun (4 months ago)
I addition to what I described below I recall, that when I was in junior high and outside the remnant of the ancient city wall to the east, a mosque was being built around a tomb of an Umayyad Khalif, I went there, and the ground is basically semi desert, with yellow gravel and dry, as the bulldozers cleared the earth in preparations for laying a concrete base, and I can clearly see the ancient remnant of a wall foundation and a round rampart connected to it, I inspected that keenly, but the workers did not see it, and if they did it did not mean much, it was covered after that and the mosque was finished a year later, I have found no historical record of such edifice. The levant is very ancient indeed.
Richard Stanley (4 months ago)
not 1000's ;;;100,000's
Troy Brown (4 months ago)
Our species suffer from amnesia and self destruction. If we only knew the truth of our past. So very interesting
Tommy McCabe (4 months ago)
Wow! That is some fascinating information👋✌
Rob Lenape (4 months ago)
Thank you Rob..
This is interesting... a hobbit-like human ancestor found in Asia. https://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2004/10/human-ancestor-skeletons-indonesia/ I wasn't aware that there was evidence of small people like this. (we're sort of like giants compared to them).
rikk sashquat (4 months ago)
what did they use for light
Bret Coleman (4 months ago)
We really don't know but I would venture to say they used some kind of illuminated energy that they pulled energy from the atmosphere. They where obviously of a much higher technically advanced people..
Robert Sepehr (4 months ago)
billy the dead (4 months ago)
Hiding from solar radation
Bret Coleman (4 months ago)
There Is A Secret Sound (4 months ago)
You are the only person I’ve seen who takes this subject seriously and puts proper thought into it. Its good to see because it’s something I’ve personally thought about a lot. 👍
TINA, K 1965 (4 months ago)
Alot are most likely from hiding PERSECUTED Christians that travel through these so they are not seen... Israelites maybe.. my thought
Claiton Tesch (5 months ago)
Very interesting...
Petr K (5 months ago)
Thank you Robert, fascinating as usual!
William Maurice (5 months ago)
These tunnels were just so they could avoid creepers and zombies at night. How did i get here?
Kivalt (5 months ago)
These were probably made during the ice age, when the surface was too harsh to live in. Maybe even in the period when the climate suddenly changed and the humans then probably thought it was never going to get better.
hellavadeal (5 months ago)
Low narrow tunnels were the work of the ancient dwarfs of legend.
We know that races of small people did infact exist at one point. Sort of like hobbits from Lord of the Rings. https://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2004/10/human-ancestor-skeletons-indonesia/
MonkeyBoyDrinksVat69 (5 months ago)
Looks like someone new the Younger Dryas comet was coming
Thanasis Thanos (5 months ago)
Great Heinrich kush, great work
Rose White (5 months ago)
1:02 'Late Plastocine' is the whole time from Creation to today!
Thomas Myers (5 months ago)
there are two thing one the world goes through cycles I believe, that was why the Mayan Calendar for 2012 stopped it was said we started a dark age where spirits could be resurrected into willing or unacceptable people, people with no religion or faith and unbelieving of such things. next there is said to be a period where the sun is closer to the earth creating extreme temperatures that can melt stone. However I believe this to be man made also, we live an illusion and we are controlled if that is not enough to ponder than jump from the box, seek knoledge and create your own hypothesis. Or possibility.
jhaduvala (5 months ago)
Ice Age
Tica Mcgarity (5 months ago)
Traveling underground would have been better than traveling through ice age cold conditions.
digging into the ground is waaay easy compared to carving perfect stone blocks from a quarry and moving them.
Mr T (30 days ago)
Define ground? Earth? Soil? Id love to see you tunnel through granite or quartz diorite or even slate... Bare in mind huge quantities of stone wouldve hadto havebeen brought from underground.. Equal or greater to the size of monolithic stones used globally in construction.
Dr. Ramon de Torres (5 months ago)
If these tunnels are so long how did they navigate them in the pitch black underground? If they used fire to light the way were there soot marks on the ceilings of the tunnels? If they used flame how long can one person keep a flame alight to traverse such long distances?
Bret Coleman (4 months ago)
Not much evidence of flame, but there is many air vents all over in the tunnels. They probable used some kind of energy from the atmosphere, they where way more technically advanced in many things than we are today! Thats probable what the pyramids where for, big power plants so to speak.
reginol invincent (5 months ago)
thank you for the information,and the time you put in thought provoking.
DANTHETUBEMAN (5 months ago)
is that a roman arch i see?
Thunder Nugget (5 months ago)
More, and more information is coming out every day concerning ancient technology, and civilizations. keep up the good work, without people like you, we may never know the hidden truths.
lobo 19 (5 months ago)
There is some very old rock carvings
Tim Cantrell (5 months ago)
Totally right on
Derick Rice (5 months ago)
Black people are not the same as white face it!
Bret Coleman (4 months ago)
Fair Winds (5 months ago)
Viva la difference!
shirley hewitt cooper (7 months ago)
My first time , I had no clue ! Why army any homeless allowed limited access in. Disasters , I know they can't take over but In war , this would be invaluable protection btw , I'm American, no place like this for us to hide !
Jessye Heilman (7 months ago)
Has anyone found tunnels under the Mediterranean Sea?
ANTIQUEFOTOS (8 months ago)
I wonder if the Ark of the Covenant could be hidden in one of these passages!
CAROLINA PATRIOT (4 months ago)
It's said to be underground in an Ethiopian church. Access is not permitted to anyone except the church elders.
Michael Gmirkin (5 months ago)
Maybe they'll find some unicorns, and leprechauns, too... Bigfoot, perhaps... :P
Scottie Stell (6 months ago)
ANTIQUEFOTOS It was hidden in Jethro's grotto outside the ancient wall of Jeruselem. Ron Wyatt was the one who discovered it a few years back and placed it under the care of the few remaining Levies in the holy city.
Suzanne Michelle (7 months ago)
ANTIQUEFOTOS that’s in you
chris60810 (10 months ago)
we found a tunnel in simcoe ontario,it went about a 100 m,tunnel ends,cuz of a collapse,it goes quite aways,
Ragnarok (10 months ago)
Very good work. You know it is real what ur looking for right?? The entrances can be described in and interview taken in sweden of a reptilian woman called Lacerta. The entrances she describes. And you can walk passed one and dont know. Look up for glassy tunnels. Always feel the walls.
Ossa Ghalyoun (10 months ago)
When I was young in the city of Homs Syria an excavator in a construction site next to my house accidentally dug up an ancient chamber and we kids went into it and checked things out, it had connecting tunnels which passed under the ancient wall of the city which no longer existed, but we know it was there since there were remnants of it and a large moat on its edge, we learned from the older people that they were escape routes that lead outside of the city in case of an invasion, some speculated the ancient underground tunnels were Romans, but not at all, they are much older than that, later I had heard from a man that a city carved from stone was discovered under the old city center, and he walked through it.
James Underwood (3 months ago)
That’s a great experience for you to have!!! Thank you for sharing .🙏
Ossa Ghalyoun (4 months ago)
Jessye Heilman  There is no name for it that we know.
Earthsgard81 (4 months ago)
That's a story and a half ... would love to go there ....
There Is A Secret Sound (4 months ago)
That’s amazing. A kids dream to find that.
Conn Yankee (5 months ago)
Ossa Ghalyoun y
Susan Chappell (1 year ago)
Mr. Robert you are also an eye opener. Thank you
Thomas F. (1 year ago)
David Robertson (1 year ago)
Excellent video,these videos should have huge amounts of views,not the piles of GARBAGE on YouTube just now!..
HelCam London (1 year ago)
Theses tunnels are reported to connect from Scotland to turkey. What makes you think humans dug theses out and if they did what was they hiding from. There's one guy credo mutwa talks about beings living under ground
paddy brady (1 year ago)
the americans brought a old gold mine here a few years back there is no gold but they did find tunnel,s closed to public now...fact.
niunia 98 (3 months ago)
paddy brady This is a true. Looks like a Book Of Enoch 😎 and Bible King James Version (KJV 1611), and pagans of Indians history/"legend" of giants. The Vatican and all governments, and all aristocrats, and Hollywood/world celebrities it's a occult inquisition jesuits actors agenda... This is a true satanism... True 100% it's a Holy Bible. God and Yeshu Son of God never laying/liars ! Wake up good people! Wake up! Please. Sorry, but my english is not very good. God bless You ☺
Andrew Towell (5 months ago)
Tell us more please
t (1 year ago)
It is with my greatest desire that I may be granted the opportunity to learn from benevolent beings residing within the Earth. I would like to offer my service, if any benevolent beings may hear my call! For the betterment of our Cosmic reality Bhavatu se ve mengele Metta Bhavana Namaste
stipsa (1 year ago)
Very good work! Thank you.
Hyliea (1 year ago)
REDES GYMA (2 years ago)
Ravyn Skye (2 years ago)
I'm not sure why this is surprising... Or why all of the 'underground' things found are so 'surprising'. The earth shifts and changes, so they were all probably just above ground at some point. Europe really did have underground tunnels, but it was for military purposes.
Canuckster1169 (2 years ago)
subscribed, great channel.
Jerry Macmillan Jr (2 years ago)
Cavemen made arches. and Vaults stacked stoned in jarring one pattern ...We better change idea of Cavemen then ...
ijk240695 (1 year ago)
Cavemen by necessity after a cataclysmic event. Maybe one of our own creation, plenty of proof in Pakistan of an ancient atomic event. I think we are just re-remembering our distant past and interpreting ruins as best we can with the limits placed on us by science. Many past cultures and their passed on stories talk of advanced cultures all lost to a prehistoric cataclysm.
Committee MeMeD (2 years ago)
818encino Hello i found your video intreaguing. As I know of one of these tunnels, in Derbyshire England. I took a video of the entrance but couldnt squeeze through because of soil. It needs digging out a little. So it is yet to be explored. I know another place actually that resembles a place in Hebron. Almost exactly the same point for point. A place with an alter fit for an oroc bull to burn upon. There is a recently dried up well on a Minoan mound of menhir there. This in turn upon a Mastaaba near an elongated pyramid wih two towers & saw edged ridge. The drout has caused a carved opening to appear as the birch trees have withered once growing there. Its a place called Robin Hodes stride, or Mock Beggars Hall. Google that spot please, as i have not filmed the spot yet. I intend to dig out the entrance to the dome, now that the spring's dried up. On the video of the Druid cave subteranian entrance that i took recently; we see debris orbs coming out on the draft that comes out of the turn in the tunnel. Which prooves that it has airflow. It is a tunnel in a pyramid of several tier. A ritual womb and so on is built into it. I feel that there is much more to discover. It is a British pyramid called locally as the Druids cave. There is an iconoclasic zeal against the site from authorities. Vandalised in 1850 by he church boys club. Thankfully there exists a lithograph plate of the place from the 1700's, when it was a popular visiting spot for Buxton Spa town tourists. Pivoted stones were placed. One called owd hobbs stone was pivoted above hewn chambers. The tourists would make them boom. The locals did not like this fopar. Peruvian trapeze doorways and obolisk fine masonry with so called inca syle niches in the walls. Remember this is in England! It resembles Bulgarian and Azure structures to an extenct, with lots of late stoneage to early copper/bronze age motifs carved into it. Bu mostly is like a Che, Chepoye funerary site. Also great gantry walkways were built there, the foundaions remain. Dolmen tombs on the lower terrace and cup and ring marks too. I found a fine polished hand axe with bone fragmens there in one of the dry tombs i'd squeezed into, reed woven fabrics in the soil with the bone. Back in the furthest corner on a shelf. Locals have been phobic over the spot since recorded history at least. I still have he hand axe. Stonehenge and Salisbury are garden ornaments. In comparrison with North East Derbyshires sacred landscape. Temple sites, mounds, tunnels. Un marked or paved over and even chizzeled out. By Peak Park authorities. They plantation over anything that anyone might mention. I have found many sites otally unknown here. Not even sheep tracks leading to them. The authorities, actively engage in the destruction of all that is pre roman. Unless the sie depicts savagery. State Crimes against our heritage which ammount to crimes against the people. Were not to see beyond the Roman occupation since 1850. When our Welsh, Scot's, Irish Histories were banned & penaly enforced too. In the name of National cirriculum standardisations. Seeing is believing. I intend to investigate the channel leading up to the ancient quary site where the huge menhirs were taken from. I implore You to check i out. Your cup o tea.
White Eagle (5 months ago)
I would like to know more about the Dannon ...they were forced to go underground ;when they were cheated out of their land by invaders, correct?   Did they go anywhere afterwards?  Perhaps even to the Americas, or just extinct?    Any DNA tracking?
Amy Scott (2 years ago)
hello Denis fuentes from Peru...Hey...is anyone familiar with Icelandic stories of boulders...and Boulder fields...and their "inhabitants "? I listened to David Paulides speak of them and their correlation with missing persons in our National Parks and forests and I'm not having any luck finding information or even stories on the matter.
Joanne Moonflower (2 years ago)
I just went to Shasta Caverns in Northern California.... they were amazing we had 700 steps to climb up and down.
C Sput (2 years ago)
kids another reason to lose your fat ass...cant get thru crawl space that was there before you were born😫
Steph Newman (2 years ago)
Now we know why we get sink holes! Did we once live underground? Amazing :)
shaneinaz00 (2 years ago)
Hi, have you done any research on the giant tree theories, just curious? Thank you for what you do and GB us all.
Michael Gmirkin (5 months ago)
If you're talking about columnar basalt (Giants' Causeway, Devil's Tower, etc.)... The "giant tree" theories are complete bullshit. ;) Columnar basalt with columnar jointing & fracture happens under specific cooling / drying conditions in various materials: mud, lava, wet cornstarch, etc. It's been studied pretty well, and they seem to have a pretty good grasp on how it forms. http://www.lgoehring.com/Research.html http://www.lgoehring.com/Columnar_joints.html We have layers of columnar basalt in the mountains throughout the Columbia River Gorge. None of it was from "giant trees." That's just nonsensical talk from people who have no damned clue what they're talking about and a bizarre anti-science / conspiracy theory agenda to push. Good question tho'... :)
fran sandling (2 years ago)
These ancient tunnels may just save many lifes in the near future.
Tom Seadon (1 month ago)
They might save lives initially, but surviving afterwards depending on the surface conditions, might be a problem! Unless it’s stocked & organized! Even then, how long!
Chris Parlow (5 months ago)
fran sandling agreed it's the frist thing l thought if .
1spacemannsam (5 months ago)
Maybe a few hundred
Probably did 10,000's years ago
Millyjack kahn (2 years ago)
Exactly what the occult leaders what you to think and not what they were used for in past !
Darren Weight (2 years ago)
Great videos Robert thank you. Have you investigated Jim Chesnar and The Bock Saga? Lots of similarities to explore. I've ordered Gods With Amnesia - can't wait to read it!
Amy Scott (2 years ago)
oh robert...as always...wonderful..........Amazing...beautiful information that is so eloquently told. What I would give to join you on these educational quests!!! I know I've commented several times to say THANK YOU...honestly though...I feel that I cannot thank you enough. So...again...Thank you. ☺ "curiouser and curiouser. .." 😉
1banana2kiwis (1 year ago)
My goodness. Settle down lol.
denis fuentes (2 years ago)
hi amy, greetings from peru
victor bruun (2 years ago)
considering the locations and time. their task would be to protect from the most terrifying predator known to man. The neanderthal. A enormously strong (beats lions to death with fists, humans with spears arent much of a challenge.. but human built walls..!) upright walking ape that hunted and ate humans.
barbara shaw (5 months ago)
Agree... ice-age Human, huge and cannibal but lingers in our DNA .. except KoiSan.. see yeti, sasquatch etc. Couldn't get thro narrow tunnels.
oglaisson (5 months ago)
Laurens Van de Post study of The Bush Men of the Kalahari..the last artists..he not only stated 2generations before it was confirmed that the African Bushman Was the original man..but also said much of the cave art analysis in Europe has failed to identify that the "people" depicted have two distinctly bushmen anatomical anomalies..the semi erect penis on makes and the venus flap on women..his theory was that The bushmen were the original colonisers of Europe and the bushmen artists of his youth..now wiped out...were the artists...Van de Post lost his reputation and was ridiculed for his proposal that the SAAN bushman was the original ancestor of all mankind...so your idea fits his theories..small and slight of stature..faced with the much larger predatory Neanderthal..they may have gone underground..for tens of thousands of years..
weisthor0815 (10 months ago)
the neaderthal was no ape, it was a human, at least as intelligent as we are with an even bigger brain. we mixed with them. all white and asian people carry neanderthal dna.
The Antibody (2 years ago)
victor bruun Interesting thought. Very interesting.
Diego Patrick (2 years ago)
Going down the rabbit hole....
Van TheGr88 (2 years ago)
Shared! Stay classy, loving your work
Millyjack kahn (2 years ago)
+V C. this guys videos are really good, its a shame mainstream media has people fooled into this Christianity v Islam lies while the Zionists are sitting back watching chaos
Van TheGr88 (2 years ago)
+Millyjack kahn <3
Millyjack kahn (2 years ago)
V C. It's fine 🙌🏽
Van TheGr88 (2 years ago)
+Millyjack kahn It's ok! Thought you were being sassy ;) 🌸 I'm sorry for being rude darling.
Millyjack kahn (2 years ago)
+V C. ermm nothing.. i like these videos 2. sorry i dont come on comments section often

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