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War Machine | Netflix | Combat Scene

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Tayte Roketenetz (4 hours ago)
Any one see the curser?
Tayte Roketenetz (4 hours ago)
Chris Moody (4 hours ago)
Movie is so bad. Just watched it this is literally the only fighting scene, the rest is just a dumb ass general. Boring movie.
سمو الجبوري (14 hours ago)
اخوتنا العراقين ابطال وسباع
Quang Tran (17 hours ago)
What is movie name ?
Egor Play (22 hours ago)
El Burrito (2 days ago)
Jesus the way the guy fires the grenade launcher, no wonder he missed so many times, he wasn't using the sights and he was moving it all over the place even as he fired.
ياسين بوني (2 days ago)
Wonderful, you occupy a country and Ttlao citizens and then claim that you are protected by Haha
Sonix o (3 days ago)
Кто из России
Rain Avellano (3 days ago)
He has commited war crime
lee brame (4 days ago)
Just go home yank .
Matt Palermo (4 days ago)
What a horrible show. Lol individuals as marines? No grunt would just wonder alone in combat and no nco would just let him lol
Sakib Tresnjic (5 days ago)
Amerikanische Dreck seid ihr!!
orange guava (5 days ago)
Dream Fath (6 days ago)
this miramar maps.. with m4 scope x4..wkwk
steppeterwolf (6 days ago)
That curser
AMCENTZ GAMING (6 days ago)
Lol judgemental idiots be thankful these men served to protect
Yerkin Ibrayev (6 days ago)
That is true warface/
Caner Turan (6 days ago)
And the mouse is broken.
Dogsidog007 (7 days ago)
1:49 When your teammate starts to roam as Doc
Charlie Harper (7 days ago)
what american soldiers do to other countries, american cops do to americans
Anthony Visalli (8 days ago)
2:04 he has a m4 with a fore grip attachment and a flash light, then he gets a m203 grenade launcher in the very next clip 2:05. lol
Resort (10 days ago)
Damn he could really use dead silence
Hellenic army (10 days ago)
The saw sounds like mg3
Thomas Chdr (11 days ago)
I am pretty sure "fuck" is said nearly 74514 times in this scene
이선우 (12 days ago)
천정으로 날아온 포탄 ㅡㅡ;;
Doggerino Kripperino (12 days ago)
Damn. I would not be letting my guard down in the home of a man whos child I just shot. Nor would I be as chill as the dude with a dead kid at his feet.. Sad shit all around but what can these guys honestly do about it? Getting engaged in a heavily civilian populated area you dont know who the fucks trying to shoot you... Fuck the taliban..
THICC raw sauce (12 days ago)
Rename the video to "Why everyone hates noob tubes"
daker dee (12 days ago)
Yeah...yelling at each other giving away your position will get you sniped. Heads exposed celebrating and hadn't confirmed the kill. These are the most undisciplined soldiers I've ever seen portrayed on film.
DaddyLongLegs44 (12 days ago)
It would help if you aimed Mr. Call-o-Duty
Sayedali javed (12 days ago)
Pless sen the full ling of thes move
Huseyn Quliyev (12 days ago)
Muslim terrorist no. Christian terrorist.
Nick Freeland (13 days ago)
Eye brows always trying to be the tough guy after being caught kissing his sister.
João Victor Clash (13 days ago)
Capa 2 ai tá protegendo mais que o 3 no FF kkk
B T (13 days ago)
This movie was so bad
Sheekha Beerta (13 days ago)
Me i love peace my name is boy peace 😘
Mustafa Khaqan (13 days ago)
Good & brave
Johnny Bodhi (14 days ago)
Lame ass movie
Stoffel (14 days ago)
Fucking bullshit all of this,why scream at them "are you hit?" after they clearly got hit ?!?!?
Psycho Bell (15 days ago)
Лучше Черного Ястреба поглядеть, чем эту хуйню от Нетфликс.
Joel Najar (15 days ago)
1:02 you can clearly see that’s an Airsoft Grenade
Al Dingman (15 days ago)
The only good Muzzie is a dead one.
Eye Third (15 days ago)
Everytime "fuxx"
kiko Aomi (15 days ago)
Movie name
Pramod Pandit (16 days ago)
Fuck u Islamic
Rodolfo DeleonPerez (16 days ago)
He left without his squad
n1ghtfusi0n (16 days ago)
лцу визави прицела? че?
Proccesable (16 days ago)
It makes sense, when the solider went into the house he noticed the hole, which he had just blown up earlier, realising he just killed a innocent child, yes, Netflix has some flaws when it comes to actually good stories but still the music at the end created a really sad tense.
Ali Tariq (22 hours ago)
Proccesable yes I don’t think many people noticed that. Truly horrifying
Moritz Heinrich (16 days ago)
the dualism of war
Arron Holguin (16 days ago)
A lesson in spacing
Али Асимов (16 days ago)
Agafad A.a.a.a (17 days ago)
Qhy the fucking retarded music at the end. Dislike
HL Vlogs (17 days ago)
So everyone stops shooting once he leaves the gate?
Ryan jak (17 days ago)
rubbish us soldiers lost all wars.include afghan
mencari berita 86 (18 days ago)
subahanalloh 😂😂
MrTim938 (18 days ago)
южноамериканские убийцы!
A Bad Player (18 days ago)
The SAW sounds like it’s shooting marshmallows. That thing is beyond loud. Plus how did it not jam at all.
Aesthetic Trump (18 days ago)
Wah wah. Kill em all.
بحر الشوق (18 days ago)
تقتلونا وبعدين تسوون فلم علساس احنا المجرمين
GURJANT SINGH (18 days ago)
Bobby Crispy (18 days ago)
Squad wipe
Barber Cisco 661 (19 days ago)
Dave Chappelle’s cousin is always so fucking serious.
BKN / UFC MHJN (19 days ago)
Ooo 4x scope..😎😎😎😎😀😀😀😀😀
Anthony (19 days ago)
Josh Sundell (19 days ago)
What’s the song?
Trapaholic Dubstepper (19 days ago)
Looks like "L" from Deathnote decided being an Investigator isnt his thing.
Ye (19 days ago)
1:55 when ur whole squad dies and your low on health
GD (19 days ago)
Do not believe American soldier will do such thing.
Buckheimer (19 days ago)
I decided to put my own cursor on the screen to make it seem like im the psychopath that leaves their cursor in view when im watching something
Paddy Mac (19 days ago)
Pretty accurate americans invade peoples land then murderer thier kids
Hartawan Rusli (20 days ago)
u.s.a shemale
Ilia Mirnave (20 days ago)
kaisuke senpai (20 days ago)
Well, thats fucking sad
Jaroslav Záruba (20 days ago)
1:32 a true retard???
judd ramos (20 days ago)
MisS sAnDhU (21 days ago)
and the helpless people have to beat up casualties. those who command, sit safely in 7 stars facilities
MisS sAnDhU (21 days ago)
04:10 those horrified and helpless eyes, staring at the soldier! 04:13 that innocent murder! unforgettable
Alash Praid (21 days ago)
Американцы же бездушные люд им же нравится убивать малышей,для чего этот нигер этак рыдает ?
Пидосы неверю.
Aceplayz YT (21 days ago)
The black one is though to go alone huh? But what if his mum was there and he’s playing smart
Falk Hauser (22 days ago)
2:21 when he sees the marker
johnny renteria (10 days ago)
haha stfu
Michael Wurster (16 days ago)
Wtf is that?! Oh, just the Matrix cursor.
Макс Абдыкеp (22 days ago)
What the film?
Toan Lucvantoan (22 days ago)
Tại sao chúng ta phải chiến tranh?
Kapil Chhabria (22 days ago)
FYI, if that man shielding his surviving son after the terrorists killed his other son before him, applied for asylum because the terrorists threatened to kill his second son, he would be denied. A bit of a non sequitor but it’s about time we stopped thinking of the Afghanistan/Iraq war in just its toll on our soldiers but also on its toll on the local population.
Bruce H (22 days ago)
Cole: Fuck this my K/D needs to get better
Teodor Roscan (23 days ago)
What is that minecraft music?
Vidal J (23 days ago)
I'll never understand why the U.S likes to glorify the killing of so many people in stupid movies. Some of the people that are killed are inocent caught in cross fire between a country with a huuuuuge ego and a small group or groups of rebels.
Matt_ 1095 (23 days ago)
why was e=he crying at the end? was it cuz he shot a civilian? or tears of joy...
Fatal Midnight (21 days ago)
War is traumatic and he starts to cry out of anger and frustration aswell as regret, he killed the child with the grenade, thats the hole in the roof
Ricardo Conde (23 days ago)
Fun fact: This scene is inaccurate, he would have gone in with his firing squadron! Second fun fact: I have a massive rod shoved up my ass, and I can't appreciate the emotionality of cinema!
هههههههه صايرين ابطال خوات الكحبه من نزلتوا الفلم لازم نسيتوا الفلوجه والصدر والرمادي والنجف الخير مابيكم صار ارنب مسويلي رواحكم ابطال اجبن خلق الله الامريكان بس ع المدنيين تكدرون صياحكم يصير مثل النسوان /اخر شئ كمتوا تستخدمون الفسفور والنابال الاسلحه المحرمه حتئ اسيطرون ع قريه /قبل لاتنزلون اي فلم اذكروا العراق ونزلوا
Diego Yobe (23 days ago)
He just moves like an angry chimp.
Skateskateskate (24 days ago)
Anyone know any more of these good movies?
SamuriaRider Doshi (24 days ago)
Brave hero
eLeF prime (24 days ago)
this was so fucking stupid its not even funny
Gaming With JC (24 days ago)
All the complaining about inaccuracies in this scene is just pointless. Most movies don't try that hard to make everything as accurate as possible. I don't see people complaining about how Star Wars is inaccurate. It's not a documentary, nor a book, but just an action movie made to please the eyes of the average civilian. To those here who are veterans, thank you for your service very much, I just believe that this movie in no way intended for the scene to be accurate to what it would've been. I've never been in the military, and even I can understand that a soldier would never be allowed to leave the whole squad or platoon and go on his own path without being stopped. But again, it's​ not about that.
Louis Schadt (24 days ago)
When he would come back he would go in prison
عليكم اللعنه يا كفار
Astronomiste Sebalade (25 days ago)
The mouse on the left pleeaassse

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