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War Machine | Netflix | Combat Scene

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Qiang Zhao (19 hours ago)
Tem br ?
Andrew Ellis (2 days ago)
Why would you take the M203 away from the guy who is rated on that weapon and has practiced with it the most?
Harrison Burgess (2 days ago)
A saw or an m240 could never shoot that fast
reward mrema (2 days ago)
thumbs up..
Salt Shaker (2 days ago)
the end of the clip somehow brought shivers down my fucking spine holy shit
Sauce Smell (3 days ago)
This movie is very underrated and deserves more love. I can say firsthand that it’s a realistic portrayal of the military and I recommend it when I can.
Lazar A. (3 days ago)
Дешевый кинофильм 👎
kevin Sorto (4 days ago)
Jaja solo en pelicula se mira eso que un maldito negro tenga ese valor para salir a pelear solo son la desgraciada raza mas cobarde del universo los asquerosos negros solo piensan en ellos y les vale madre la demas gente porque los conosco y en EE.UU son mas cobardes todavía ya me han pelado la banana uno que otro negro cobarde nomas la ven venir y salen corriendo aveses andan hasta 7 o 8 pero igual puro culerito rajon que me pelen la verga todos los malnacidos negros .
MR BaBu (4 days ago)
What's the movie name
ian-duncangaming (22 hours ago)
war machine
ian-duncangaming (22 hours ago)
war machine
jip28 (5 days ago)
This digusts me. It began when I started looking for where the sub machinegun fire was coming from, facepalmed, and said "yep totally hit the nail on the head with what a M249 sounds like." Fuckin sike. Then wondered why a rifle squad of Marines in MARPAT were shooting M4A1's, then to take the cake for being the worst piece of shit ive seen since YouTube started removing actual combat videos was seeing a Marine squad leader firing a goddamn 203 off the bottom of a M4A1 did the prop store run out of fuckin M16A3 Clones that week??? Worse fucking trash depiction ive seen yet of a tv drama set at any period of OIF.
HapticPlayz (5 days ago)
the fact that this guy looks like hes 110 lbs and hes in the army makes me want to think that im fit when im 912822929 kbs
rushil Sharma (5 days ago)
00:45 Woww This guy got a promotion from Detroit police to directly the army.
C-OPS NTV (5 days ago)
คนไทยอาจจะงง. เด้กที่ตายนั้นคือฝีมือพระเอกคับ ที่ยิง มินิบอมใส่สไน 2ลุกเเรกไม่โดน เเต่โดนคนในระเเวกนั้นเเทน
Ken Kaneki (5 days ago)
That M249’s rate of fire is a bit unrealistic, because the real thing shoots a lot slower than that, and the recoil is super unrealistic, to the point that it doesn’t exist
Acrostreet JA (6 days ago)
The acting is trash. It has plot holes like when the black guy went haywire where did all the shooting go while he was walking? Did they just decide to have a truce? Also the black guy hung awol is nonsensical. Also why is it so convenient that both soldiers got helmet hits. Also why was the firefight so quiet and mediocre?
Az Az (6 days ago)
Just Me (6 days ago)
Just like PUBG... 1 guy need to go solo...
Julio Pedraza (7 days ago)
That's what I do in PUBG when we are been sinperd in squad
Swurvin Creations (8 days ago)
What the hell is the sound of that M240, that's not right at all lmao.
Moez Antir (8 days ago)
Stop the wear you killing innocent kids ans people why for évolution ????
larry L (8 days ago)
use your eyepro ;-)
triggerrick (9 days ago)
Fucken Hollywood has yet to get shit straight in a gunfight
Panda DesIIgner (9 days ago)
All the internet soldiers giving their oufe experience and how this is bs. Like.. it's a movie, if i wanted to see some realistic shit I'd look up the Nigerian slaughter of US marines, or something, idk.
Alexandru Dascălu (9 days ago)
this scene is an example of why the criteria for entry into the army must be more drastic. All of what they did is not efectiv or well though.
Mister Popo* (9 days ago)
Fucking fuck Fuck fucking Fuck you fucking Fuck Yeah
Ringo Vaughan-Hughes (9 days ago)
Captain America was shot
mitchell newman (10 days ago)
Cool Rambo scene and all BUT, not realistic if he was a real combat trained marine or soldier he would of never left that building with out a fire team. At least 4 people, plus when they were shooting from rooftop they all would shoot and leave there heads up looking, once again not real, when being ahot at by a sniper you shoot and cover and move position. I almost turned it off when I saw them shooting and just leaving their head up like that. Movies like this shouldn't be made. If you want a realist military movie to watch to see how it really is watch lone survivor, Black hawk down, tears of the sun. Black hawk down is probley the realist military movie out. American sniper was also very good., o yea hurt locker is way up there too.
Jaron Pryor (10 days ago)
No sapi's in that PC lol
Ozan Yigit (10 days ago)
US Army vs Some airsoft players
Casarek Boikovskiy (11 days ago)
what a trash movie
Chandan Mohapatra (11 days ago)
War is unpredictable. No expert can say what's going to happen. It's always that way.
Blaezer Piedad (12 days ago)
this movie is a joke
Niderfyn (12 days ago)
So the eyebrows kid escaped the Maze, survived WICKED and became a Marine... I'm proud of him :D
sai swaroop (13 days ago)
Real life pubg
Kanishk Dhanker (13 days ago)
Don,t Scroll down you,ll will find tons of 9 year old Military experts.
Süleyman Davud SARGON (13 days ago)
04:09 OMG. Americans are very compassionate at films. They have killed 4 million children in the last 20 years.
Bailey Moody (13 days ago)
music by c418!!!
빨러꽌러 (14 days ago)
Sniper was that dead boy...
Nekkar (14 days ago)
Is this a minigun m134 ?
Tango the Hutt (14 days ago)
The only thing more intense than the firefight is the curser in the bottom left corner
What day of Wright American film lose the Americans Why tell me Are you creatures of the fourth Are you angels Are you demons Are you crazy Say what you are losing in the field and say that I won and appear in films other than this Why we say
Game Modder (14 days ago)
I will dub this to pubg😂🔫🔫🔫
Paul Valliere (15 days ago)
Nobody went with him, wtf?
It has something to do with that crescent moon and star.
Abdo.gemer (15 days ago)
So sad 4:12
That’s a court martial’n
jig ga (16 days ago)
damn he should've never went there. the terror that shit must be on your mind...fuck me
Bekim Nuha (16 days ago)
Ists a fake look this mouse
nairxzrs_ (16 days ago)
Fhad Alhyasat (16 days ago)
This is less what happens when you tamper with another country
Blessingsization (17 days ago)
When he goes solo, his rifle butt is always off his shoulder blade....
Neptune's Student (17 days ago)
War makes men mad.
Wanderingwalker 1990 (17 days ago)
The end pretty much explains why we have suicidal and somewhat fearless “terrorists” if you came to my home and slaughtered my family, burned my home.. can guarantee I’d strap a bomb plus nails an ball bearings to myself and send as many of ya’ll to hades as poss 👍🏻
garrison barolet (18 days ago)
Didnt know the M249 had a cyclic rate of 1,000,000 rounds per minute
mathiaslyn 03 (18 days ago)
Loved his role in "get out"
AF Ghosting (18 days ago)
A symbolic dream showing the loss of sanity and humanity when confronted with losses in the face of a phantom enemy.
denkez thug! (18 days ago)
What is a film? Name say please
Joshua Christian (18 days ago)
Hello there cursor! How's life?
Owen Murphy (19 days ago)
If movie was correct, these poor troops were sent into a mission badly researched, This mission failed miserably,senseless deaths, who ever was Sam Sheperd in real life should be court marshalled. All these people sent to their death with no plan. If I was a family member of the dead soldiers I would be pissed and would sue their asses.This mission would of needed double the amount of troops and fire power at the very least
HappyBuggy (19 days ago)
So the guy from get out went to the war?
Jason, Yao (19 days ago)
what is the name
jc 96 (19 days ago)
It’s just entertainment it’s not meant to be 100% accurate
임석근 (19 days ago)
얼른 나와 Quickly   come out 그리고 울어 And cry ..
Dennis Rodriguez (19 days ago)
This is black shit man, no one pussy white could have done this shit! :v
Hasan Hügül (19 days ago)
鄭宇呈 (20 days ago)
What is the movie name?
DUMB ASS (20 days ago)
Is this movie about war crime?
fAizULLAH yousAfzAi (20 days ago)
اس میں معصوم بچوں کو کیوں قتل کیا گیا
SUNIL TOMAR (20 days ago)
This move fantastic
ABBOZZ ZZ (20 days ago)
When u play too much COD
صقر الغرابي (20 days ago)
الجنود الامريكان من اجبن جيوش العالم لو لا وجود التقنيات والاسلحه المتطوره
VirenYoutube (20 days ago)
soilders are very bad attitude ...enemies hitting there head with cocktail guns ..these guyz cant ...very poor direction
Your mouse....
NubsGetSubs Ltd. (21 days ago)
Why does minecraft music start playing da fuq?
Lighto (21 days ago)
The soldier just killed this kid if you dont know
Rahmat Gunawan (21 days ago)
why US army came to there? why?
NKなかむら (22 days ago)
alfarisi asi (22 days ago)
the amirika army in the film is strong in the real world, snatched by the Taliban and vetkong
Andrey V (22 days ago)
Well. This black did job. War is war.
wcresponder (22 days ago)
So where is the stark armour and shoulder mini gun.
Dimosthenis Fakiris (3 days ago)
This is the Mk 13 war machine. It's invisible.
Why would someone kill a poor innocent boy just think about it for a minute
Zamin Khawaja (22 days ago)
What is name of this movie
Evil PeaNot (22 days ago)
did I just heard 'nigga what's goin on up there'? 😂
mannu verma (22 days ago)
No one see that amry soldier launch that granite is miss direction and goes into the innocent Afghan house and kill his one son
MEZCLA (23 days ago)
How many times these guys say "fuck" '?
Teufel Hunden1371 (23 days ago)
What kind of m249 SAW has the cyclic rate of an MG42?
abdulrahman elboushi (23 days ago)
😂😂😂😂⁦🖕🏿⁩⁦🖕🏿⁩⁦🖕🏿⁩⁦🖕🏿⁩⁦🖕🏿⁩in fact you was just a group of gays that Iraq people kill a lot of you and all you kill just was a children's and women's and remember your movie can't change the fact of you when Iraq people make you crying all the 5 years and all the soldiers that you call them a champions they was just a bitchs
Lone Wolf (23 days ago)
@1:46 is that Malaysian army if I right give a a like or not comment me plzz
DMC (23 days ago)
Is that a mouse in the lest corner?
Officer Gregorovich (24 days ago)
Theres nothing really nothing realistic about this scene. From how hes Shooting The GL to His weird Ass building clearence With His gun showing in The Grund while storming The building f triggered me man. Dont Feel triggered by my english btw
WurmenKoppie (24 days ago)
inb4 former marines complaining about this scene.
The fact that i know the brand of their plate carriers makes me a weirdo?
Bad Motherfucker (24 days ago)
3:40 So unfair, guy in blue had absolutely to loot while soldier was equipped with 2nd level helmet/armor + M416 (4x)
Bad Motherfucker (24 days ago)
2:16 First comes the leg, then a gun. Is this how trained soldiers do their job?
kirkdoert44 (25 days ago)
War is very Bad
Ian Cognito (25 days ago)
Hi, my name is Ian and I'm a disabled Army and Navy veteran suffering from PTSD who is having a hard time making ends meet. Watching myself slowly getting closer towards homelessness, I figured out a solution for myself. To take the pressure off me financially (and keep life interesting) I want to find myself a sizable boat to call my home. I would end up paying less than 1/2 of my current set of bills. This would free myself up to go back to college. Please Help? Thank you for reading my story and hope you have a blessed holiday. https://www.gofundme.com/sailboat-to-call-home
Catherine Wainaina (25 days ago)
looks like a game.
Huy Nguyen (26 days ago)
Chúng nó đang ban phát dân chủ 🙂🙂
Trey Nelson (26 days ago)
WHY didn't anyone go with him?!
Trey Nelson (26 days ago)
WHY are they so exposed?

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