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Inception - Ariadne Learns How To Build Dreams

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Great scene! Enjoy!
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murat karakuş (1 month ago)
I am realizing stuff that I didnt realize like 5 years ago. Damn I changed...
Tess Crelli (1 month ago)
F. Angus (1 month ago)
Looks like a very pretentious movie.
nr 9 (1 month ago)
She's annoying.
Vladimir Chertok (2 months ago)
seen this in the theater it was like 20 minutes too long but was worth the ticket at least.
MyComputerSucks2 (2 months ago)
one detail nolan got wrong: mirrors don't work right in dreams
WYJAFAK2 (2 months ago)
I found Ariadne annoying in the movie. She’s basically hired and working for Cobb who she doesn’t even listen to and then ends up being stabbed and wakes up and scolds him. Then she comes back and goes into a dream with Cobb to rummage through his subconscious. I seriously would’ve slapped her or something.
Dmitri (2 months ago)
Technical aspect. It seems that the cinematographer used a Telephoto lens for this dream sequence. The long focal length makes things look very far away. Maybe that's why the dream looks so warped when you look into the distance.
Lok 739 (3 months ago)
Wow lucid dream
Etuate Lafferte (3 months ago)
Jonathan Andersen (4 months ago)
She deserves to get smacked a little up the head at 4:00. She's waaaaay too cocky for her own good. She pissed me off in this scene.
Mia Baker (3 months ago)
Jonathan Andersen That's what happens if you choose Jodie to be an architect
Miguel Santos (4 months ago)
That's how they make a flat earth map looking like a globe. 🌍It's a lie. Search NASA fails on Youtube
iichingg (4 months ago)
must wach this a dozen times to understand it 5/24/18
iichingg (4 months ago)
see dark world
Imjaaff (5 months ago)
Why would they be so scared at last lol, it's just a dream.
Moses Lupai (5 months ago)
Dawg everything about this movie was genius. I had to watch it again and really pay attention to understand the concept.
昱晖吴 (6 months ago)
the girl, let me just say, is a total dick.
法海. (7 months ago)
that why women are useless, like ruined everything then be like screaming “wake me up”
Robert Vandenberg (10 months ago)
Why didn't the mirrors reflect the camera? How did they do that?
Mia Baker (3 months ago)
Robert Vandenberg Think it was CGI or they must have angled the cameras a little, so they're out of the way. I'll look that up :)
Yoadel (10 months ago)
She's an annoying smug wee boot in this. Does your nut in
Eda Nur (11 months ago)
They should have picked a prettier girl for this role Dafuq is this innocent looking little baby doing in it?
Enso ,LLC (11 months ago)
I used to lucid dream alot, but then i started to smoke weed now i barely dream.
Squirrelcake (11 months ago)
I still have never understood why she pulls the mirrors together, makes no sense.
Brilliant movie
ninuxy (1 year ago)
I laughed so hard at the end of this scene, hahaha.
John Aldag (1 year ago)
This is the kind of shit I look for.
Gawaihyrin (1 year ago)
Wait.... if he knows he's dreaming, why doesn't the dream collapse?
Joseph Franc (1 year ago)
Great movie tho I always thought the girl was nosey and annoying.
Richard Perez (1 year ago)
I want have all the movies of Leonardo Dicaprio : well respected actor leonardo :I also like the movies Noah and 300 rise of the emipre : I think fell in love with actor since romeo and juliet
Fantomas (1 year ago)
Who's the little boy?
jameshisself (1 year ago)
I dreamed your dream for you, and now your dream is real. So how can you look at me as if I was just another one of your deals?
tony macintosh (1 year ago)
for fucks sake !! wake her up!
Wojciech niemy (1 year ago)
No one dreams which some one offer to me is works. Every thing is mess. Past is just trash. Future is people choice.
Elif Çakın (1 year ago)
bu filmin adı ney?
Gamer02 (1 year ago)
FUCK did she die? WHAT AN ENDING
Evil Stewie (1 year ago)
He ends it there because she gets stabbed, dies, and the movie ends
Matt Stiles (1 year ago)
She is his wife and they are both transformed ascended masters within a fractional shadow paradise! And he cannot recognize her already-known-soul consciously
Mick G. (1 year ago)
They're too structured. My dreams are mental.
Mia Baker (3 months ago)
Mick G. They're lucid dreaming, that's why. Because they are controlling their dreams. Some people have the ability to lucid dream. We can't usually control dreams and that's why we dream of some crazy stuff :)
frootygroovin (1 year ago)
Ariadne: "WAKE ME UP!" Me: *wake me up inside*
The Engineer (1 year ago)
What would Princess Luna do if she was there?
ibraheem (1 year ago)
i had a dream where i told myself that i was lucid without being lucid, i did the hand reality checks and everything, they all suggested that i was lucid.. but i am 100% sure i wasn't.
Harshith a.n (1 year ago)
wake me up when September ends
xyoopridex (1 year ago)
she's kept on acting like a little brat when told not to recreate something from memory ew.
Jay Edwards (1 year ago)
No she was listening to her instincts. Dont be scared.
ThruThe9 (1 year ago)
I never remember what people say in my dreams, is there a way I can fix that?
Dark Grand Priest (1 month ago)
You don’t want to. You’re scared. Why? Only you can answer that. And you should eventually(at least enough).
Robin (1 year ago)
If you wake up in the middle of the night; drink a few sips of apple juice and go back to sleep. It'll help you getting the weirdest lucid dreams.
Thomas Levy (1 year ago)
+ThruThe9 Ok so I don't know about that.
OrganicChemistry2 (1 year ago)
Dormomu, I've come to bargain
Gloson Teh (1 year ago)
Doctor Strange took this to a whole new level...
defiance81 (2 years ago)
there is a lot of real information in this movie regarding lucid dreams. there are of course parts that are wrong. entering someone else's dream is possible but the so called projections will usually not attack you unless your mind mind somehow manages to trigger it. It's hard to explain.and multiple people in the same dream is very rare in real life. dreams in general aren't this easy to control either. lucid dreaming is real and anyone can learn it but it is not as easy as the movie makes it look. it can take up to several months of regular practice to even control a dream for more than 30 minutes. the fact that time moves faster in a dream is real. I have had lucid dreams which lasted up to an hour and only about 10 minutes had passed in real life. a dream within a dream is very common. many people have them , they just don't realise it. have you ever woke up in the middle of the night , had a quick look around and then go back to sleep again? odds are , you never woke up. another thing about the movie you may or may not find surprising is than the dream world is nothing like what you see in inception. In reality it is far more surreal and bizzare than anything you can imagine because even if you are consiously dreaming aka lucid dreaming , the subconsious mind will still create most of what you are seeing and I don't have to tell anyone how weird dreams can get , so I think the movie could have been a little more extravagent in terms of visual effects but it might have taken away from the story. all in all a very good movie.
Peachbomb (3 months ago)
movie so good everyone thought its true xD
TheRobloxGet (4 months ago)
caezar I’m just tryna have what whoever is sharing dreams is having
TheRobloxGet (4 months ago)
caezar How exactly is that possible?
caezar (4 months ago)
You can enter someone else's dream, but it's not as easy as in the movie. And you can't extract information like that. What goes on in dreams is your consciousness' interpretation of your subconscious, your subconsciousness produces a lot of "noise" all day long but I imagine the consciousness just learns to filter it, as it does not make any sense o it. I imagine this filter is dropped when you sleep and your consciousness (what's left of it) tries to make sense of what it's getting.
TheRobloxGet (5 months ago)
defiance81 I wish you could enter someone’s dream
GrayNeko (2 years ago)
Okay, if anyone is really doing The Far Arena as a film? Leo DiCaprio as Eugeni! It's a no-brainer! And Ellen Page as Olava!
skisbit (2 years ago)
Anne Xiety (6 months ago)
skisbit, fuck I was gonna comment that, guess I'm a year late
Salman Memehood (9 months ago)
Ariadne: Is that what happened to you? Cobb: Listen, this has nothing to do with me. Ariadne: Is that why you need me to build your dream? Cobb: godammnn you are one dead bitch, Do her Mal
TrendNation (1 year ago)
actually bill gates CAN'T WAKE UP
Anthony Divas (1 year ago)
save me!
JIGgameoverSAW (2 years ago)
0:58 if that happened irl.. man i would freak tf out!!!
Robert Huang (2 years ago)
2:46 if that was real mirror how did they remove camera from it?
The Watcher5292 (2 years ago)
Robert Huang cgi
Jacke28 (2 years ago)
I walk Across this bridge to get to school everyday, you can see my place at 3:26 on the right of Leo's head
bob polo (2 years ago)
see you soon (evil laugh)
Lonewolf312 (2 years ago)
DOES ANYONE ELSE FEEL SHE WAS KINDA BEING A SMARTASS AT THE END? i felt like that stab she had it coming rip
StudioOAC (2 years ago)
Anyone else here that can lucid dream?
cortedel c (1 month ago)
I have and learnt a little trick with some research. Try this. Set up a alarm in the middle or 75% of sleep cycle. Say 3-4 AM. Difficult to wake up. But try..wait for couple mins awake. then go to sleep with some thing specific you want to dream..like driving a F1 car. Guarantee you will have a lucid dream and you can just live in the dream and will remember that dream in the morning. Takes practice.
Morph Verse (1 month ago)
FullemonX (2 months ago)
There is one thing.. If it goes wrong, U will enter to sleep paralyzis, aaanddd thaat's fuckes up moment, never had happenes to me, that sleep paralyzis or lucid dreaming, so yeah.. I tried once to lucid dream, but didn't work and that sleep paralyzis keep in mind, I can live without it..
Nathan Kelly (2 months ago)
Hankaa, that is the entire point of Inception. Also the Matrix runs along the same lines.
Hankaa Ineffvble (3 months ago)
yo i know this topic is really old but i always wonder, how do you know you're dreaming? what if i convince myself that im in a dream but actually i'm not yet dreaming and i jumped out of window? lmao if that makes sense. i mean dont you think its so risky?
GOD (2 years ago)
So in ones dreams who are those ppl
hey0 swaggins (2 years ago)
400,000th view, fuck withme
Carl Sagan (2 years ago)
I can flip a whole city block with my mind but I need to move two little mirrors with my hands. And we can share dreams without any physical connection between our minds.
FutureTrunkss (2 years ago)
I love Ellen Page's badass walk!!!
Ibrar Hussain (2 years ago)
stupid crazy
This seemserrily like the Mandela effect
Steve Rogers (2 years ago)
Doctor Strange :D
carla x (11 months ago)
roloug95 it was too reliant on the effects :((( it was very disappointing
roloug95 (1 year ago)
Except in Dr Strange it makes zero sense and serves absolutely no purpose other than to look cool.
Manuel Lardizabal (1 year ago)
It has a similarity; but I guess Doctor Strange has more of a kaleidoscopic feel.
ZemplinTemplar (2 years ago)
Mmm, bit of a similarity there... ;-)
Ed Sed (2 years ago)
Zimmer's soundtrack takes this to another level
Deguu68 (17 days ago)
+Manuel Lardizabal Thank you very much
Manuel Lardizabal (1 year ago)
This track in particular is called "Physics & Subconscious" or "Radical Notion"
Cober (2 years ago)
time, by hans zimmer
Hannes ferruccio (2 years ago)
Do you know the name by any chance
Chip chocolate (2 years ago)
Oh my god you stopped the video at the WORSTE moment! I was so into it!!!! I never saw this movie but I really want to
Forgotten Potato (1 year ago)
Chip chocolate Watch the movie!
ThruThe9 (1 year ago)
She wakes up and finds herself in her meeting with Cobb
Yondu (2 years ago)
So have you watched the movie? :)
+Chip chocolate ikr!!!
Edmund Au (2 years ago)
when u dont listen to leo;)
dfgfdgdgfdfgdfgfdg (2 years ago)
You gonna get shanked by a dead person
Christopher Kendall (2 years ago)
Nice Paprika reference
Mia Baker (3 months ago)
Paprika is such a good movie.
Stacie Green (2 years ago)
+Marq Vince Dream Warriors... ( The third one)...
Arnold Rivas (2 years ago)
It was a 2006 film by Satoshi Kon. The book though came out in 1993 though.
Marquo Reign (2 years ago)
+Esteban Fitz The idea of dream machine dates back to the 1980s Nightmare on Elm Street movies.
Moonlight Fitz (2 years ago)
+Marq Vince Paprika was made in 1993
Son Goku (2 years ago)
The part where he talks about never constructing a dream from your memories is actually so accurate cuz every time I have a dream of being in high school or my neighborhood, etc, it always feel like the dream is so real that I lose my perception of reality until I actually wake up, really well thought up when Christopher Nolan was writing this
Enterthemind1 (4 months ago)
I've got caught in dreams many times, sometimes double dreams. It's kind of freaky when it happens.
Ryan Ragsdale (5 months ago)
I sometimes have dreams where I'll be exactly where I am in the real world (sleeping in bed, on the couch) and everything will be exactly how it is in the real world. I'll start seeing mice or something small in the dream and I'd wake up immediately start looking for it, even turning on the light to do so. Takes me a moment to realize I didn't actually see it. It really fucks with my head when those dreams happen because I'm not sure if it was real or not.
Primary (1 year ago)
I've had dreams where I thought what happened (if it was a generic situation you could run into on a normal seeming day) where I thought that it was what I had done that day up until some point during the afternoon/evening when I think about it logically that 'no, I didn't do that. It was a dream. Heh.' It's an odd and eerie sensation when you think of how easy you can trick yourself.
Wonders (1 year ago)
there is such a thing as lucid dreaming though where you are aware its a dream
Mateo Querol (1 year ago)
you're lucky you can even have lucid dreams boil
Some person (2 years ago)
333,900th view :)
Free your Imagination
dasadist22 (2 years ago)
Think of the people who were publicly executed : they were always trying to change the status Que : Lincoln, Robespierre, Luther king, JFK, RFK, Malcolm, Gandhi,Rabin, Lennon. etc.
Aamir Ali (2 years ago)
It's the slow knife that cuts the deepest
Aaron Abrams (5 months ago)
I got that reference! ... now see if you got mine ;)
VARIETT1 (2 years ago)
i still dont get how there could be sunlight shining after the world got folded in half... wouldnt it block out the sun completely..?
John Ross (2 years ago)
If it gets blocked like that then anything is possible you just completely contradicted that question
random drunk (2 years ago)
+feioxx lol it called dreams for reason..well if you really want explanation. the sunlight is already there. its just an illusion of the city to be folded even tho it dont really fold.
RealHipHopUnleashed (2 years ago)
yes it is realistic, dreams are not bound by logic
VARIETT1 (2 years ago)
+RealHipHopUnleashed yeah I know, I just thought they would keep some aspects in it realistic
RealHipHopUnleashed (2 years ago)
+feioxx because its a dream XD
Ramya mel (2 years ago)
how did Ariadne become such a professional dreamer overnight?
greyztone (1 year ago)
By being a plot device instead of a realistic character. Nolan said he needed someone new to the world so everything could be explained to her, and the audience. That's basically the only reason Cobb doesn't employ a seasoned expert, which would be much more believable. But hey, it's all Cobb's dream right? So anything can make sense, including rubbish characters :P
Jiro Weiler (1 year ago)
+James Wilson There are a ton of videos on youtube and information on the web, but in the whats going to give you results is practice and perseverance over time (wich may vary depending on the person)
Jiro Weiler (1 year ago)
+James Wilson So just for curiosity, asume il tell you that you can learn to enter a "alternative universe" to call it like that, one in wich you are "all mighty" (though i shouldnt be calling it like that for religion) would you expect it to be easy?
Jiro Weiler (1 year ago)
+James Wilson .... the more you know...
Jiro Weiler (1 year ago)
+James Wilson Yes i started to research into lucid dreaming and how to perform it, manged to pull it off once and the exciment of being in a dream made me woke up..... lycan wot m8?
California Dude (3 years ago)
Can somebody please tell me the name of the soundtrack song that is starting at 3:25 ?
zahid zahidov (2 years ago)
i want it too
alo2acs (3 years ago)
How does she make this stuff?
Sylvanas Windrunner (2 years ago)
+alotan2acs Lucid dreaming.
Dr. Sharon Kainth (3 years ago)
The wife is so beautiful
Michael Quinn (3 years ago)
Even in our dreams we get honked at...
sj11791 (3 years ago)
A scene with such realistic CGI effects.
Notmatt (1 year ago)
Except for that part where they walk onto a wall that is a street. Looks terribly funny.
ct (2 years ago)
I think that when the city is completely upside down, at that point its a composite shot of an upside down camera.
Film Buff (2 years ago)
+Pablo Faja XD!
Pablo Faja (2 years ago)
+Oli Harrison-Wydra Or was it done in a dream?
Tuatha Dé Gaia (3 years ago)
The end of Infinity 3:20
devils1trusaxon (3 years ago)
How about torturing someone?  surely thats a far easier way to get information, than having to do all this big kufferel with dreams and shit......lol
Christopher Kendall (2 years ago)
Torturing rarely works. Massively ineffective.
Thomas Barnhart (1 year ago)
Danish Grey (3 years ago)
Oh shit cliffhanger i wanted to see dat -_-
E Corp (2 years ago)
+Danish Grey She gets shanked m8, and dies. Then its the end of the film.
Daniel Cannata (3 years ago)
Then watch the movie.
Sharukkin (3 years ago)
Why do they make such a scene out of it, if they know it's just a dream?
I Feel Like This Was Real
Daniel Cannata (3 years ago)
Even in spite of that knowledge, it feels totally real. Dream or not, you are going to flip shit when someone comes at you with a gun or knife or something else.
Josh Hummel (3 years ago)
wow asshat thanks for ending the vid on a cliffhanger
HeihachiChaolan (3 months ago)
Ariadne dies and meets Darth Yoda in heaven where she races Lightning McQueen for the WWE Championship
John Smith (4 months ago)
your subconscious ended it on a cliffhanger, you're still dreaming, asshat😎
Thin Lam (4 months ago)
lol asshat
Daktur Pepper (11 months ago)
Ben noneofyourbeeswax That actually happened to me. I was in a dream of some sort, just hanging with a bunch of dudes idk and suddenly we jumped off a building and then I woke up. I thought everything was 100% real until my mind slowly pushes further to convince me that it wasnt real and then my mind is now half awake and experiencing sleep paralysis. Its trippy shit
Richard Roberson (1 year ago)
Ben noneofyourbeeswax that happened to me
Keary jon Botley (3 years ago)
I believe this is the key to the whole movie, particularly the bit with the mirrors. Notice Cobb's reaction to her facing the mirrors towards each other and notice the details in the mirrors.
Ranger5898 (3 years ago)
as ad (3 years ago)
matrix effects> inception
whats the music in the background
gilki[] (3 years ago)
why isn't ellen page one of Nolan's reoccuring actors?
Crowbar (3 months ago)
because he doesnt cast actors simply because he knows them, only if they fit.
Mia Baker (4 months ago)
gilki[] Tbh I also think DiCaprio should be another one of his reoccurring actors. Boy, Inception was such a good movie
Sean Wilson (5 months ago)
gilki[] YouTube? 😕 you mean... she's HERE?! WHAT'S HER CHANNEL NAME?! 🤤❤
ZeDominion (1 year ago)
Depends which game he means. She was in Beyond: Two Souls
Karan Sharma (1 year ago)
That's not Ellen in the game lol
The law84 (3 years ago)
love this movie
TheJester (4 years ago)
I never feel bad for them when they don't listen. You know it all until you're about to get stabbed in the gut.
Dimisz Starboy (4 years ago)
When the city starts to bend I always get chills :D it is so epic!! I guess I'll try lucid dreaming.
Christian H (1 year ago)
Thomas Barnhart Not fully controllable, I'll agree with that. I had a dream recently where I became lucid and had full control over where I went, what I did, etc. I started asking random strangers in the dream if they knew they weren't real and were just part of a dream, and eventually one of them suddenly attacked me. She had the most horrifying look on her face and I instantly woke up. It was very unnerving.
Thomas Barnhart (1 year ago)
The thing about lucid dreaming is that it is actually not controllable. Your mind makes you think you have control
Ferdy Hoshigaki Tube (2 years ago)
+Handistnice den you know usually our subconscious really able to tell whats real and not. but when we started to lose grasp of whats real and dream, our subconscious leave little bit pieces in our dream telling us thats this is just a Dream. SO. WAKE UP.
Marius Ihlar (3 years ago)
+Itachi Uchiha Me too. But nothing compared to the feeling when making it asleep.. I like to fly in my lucid
Jl (3 years ago)
yeah definitely do that in your first luicid dream you definitely get chills to i just had one a few months ago and now i started again yesterday i already was in there for like 1 second and directly get kicked out but it was my second try so im looking forward too better it out and things like that in real life you always schould watch your fingers and clocks because all that things go crazy did you already started whith luicid dreaming now?
Glitcher2000 (4 years ago)
TBH, I'd rather be in Arthur's position right now. Just watching Ariadne sleep...... ^_~
mshara1 (4 years ago)
Ellen Page is hotter than Leo's dead wife.
OBARI FAN (1 month ago)
I bet you've never seen Cotillard in Taxi. She was 23 in 1998, exactly the same age while Page filming inception, and you will find out there is no contest...
Mia Baker (4 months ago)
I think Ariadne is cute and Mal is beautiful.
Fella Einstein (5 months ago)
No way, you're probably a pedophile or like ugly chicks
Salman Memehood (9 months ago)
she gives you cringe if you listen to her talk
Park Nicholas (11 months ago)
Leo's dead wife is way hotter than Ellen Page... She looks like a mere child
mshara1 (4 years ago)
Sim City with Oculus Rift.
pvtnum11 (1 month ago)
I'd totally play that.
Kareem Harper (4 years ago)
A boy can dream.
Sasanka U (4 years ago)
sound track at 3:26 woah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Lone Wanderer. (4 years ago)
She's gay :/
scottt 626 (2 years ago)
She's even more awesome as a lesbian.
mshara1 (4 years ago)
More bi than lesbian.  You still got a chance..
Mongolian Bro (4 years ago)
Dante Aligieri (4 years ago)
this is the psycho scene hehehe very good film 
Kacie Martin (4 years ago)
:O WHAT HAPPENED!? :O AGHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHhhhh!!
Specialist01 (4 years ago)
You haven't watched this movie yet? 0____0 please watch it soon it's soo good!
Xur Agent of the Nine (4 years ago)
landon they don't show the top continuing r falling Jolene did this so people can speculate you can't speculate off the top cause we don't know what happens to it the screen blacks out before anything could happen
LukeLuffyEX (4 years ago)
damn where's joel ?
Izzy Santiago (4 years ago)
Ellen Page does not play Ellie in The Last of Us. Ashley Johnson does.

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