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Tenacious D: Master Exploder

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A scene from the movie by Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny
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TVD- The Remedy (1 day ago)
Hahaha, this whole video is great, but both 2:13 and 2:53 always crack me up lol. And when all of the instruments (drums, percussion) come in on this song, it goes so hard. The way it ends— like the last 10-15 seconds or so, after the vocals are done and he’s just holding that scream, up to the end of the song— sounds awesome. I like how heavy it sounds.
Joseph Zigmand (1 day ago)
Im glad I gave this a chance way back. Almost didn't. Really great fun.
GuitarGodSam 69 (1 day ago)
KG’s voice at 2:07 makes me nut and I’m not gay
Young cee031 (1 day ago)
Lady and GentleMen Tenacious “DEEEEEEEEEEEE”
enigma mist (1 day ago)
Good Lord, it has been 12 years...
T- Master (1 day ago)
gaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
T- Master (1 day ago)
Gary Williams (1 day ago)
“..Sorry “
Steven Summer (1 day ago)
Better than any gaypop bullshit.
alluminati 06 (2 days ago)
Gage's guitar chanced a lot
Phancy Elefant (2 days ago)
Tenacious d will always hold a place in peoples hearts even the late thousands kids
Anthony Fordham (2 days ago)
I assume almost everyone in the audience the camera focuses on is somebody in the metal/rock scene. Also Amy Adams. Can anyone name everyone? Who are the two guys rocking out at the table at 3:04? Video is too blurry for me to ID but they've got to be musicians right?
Bartman954 (2 days ago)
I want that JB horned acoustic guitar
Mike Dervos (3 days ago)
what a masterpiece!!!!
Shiny TV (3 days ago)
I just jizzed my pants
fango2006 (3 days ago)
Pretty sure the movies director played the solo on this one. And probably the best acoustic riff ever 🤘🏻🤘🏻
MickHornbak (4 days ago)
These two are fucking legends.
shyann dearman (4 days ago)
His voice is fucking powerful though😂
Terry Rycroft (4 days ago)
Great movie... BUT Black is a COCK
Open Eye (4 days ago)
Would of been hilarious if all the women stood up and they looked down at there stomachs like WTF? And they where all 8 months pregnant LMFAO!!!! 😂😂😂 I did not mean. He did mean. To get you all pregnant. Your all pregnant. But that shit happens. That shit happens. When my voice fills you up insiiiiiiideeeee.
Khyro Sound (5 days ago)
If they pre wrote the song in 5 mins then blowing that guys minds was was technically on purpose 🤣🤣
Janoy Crevsa (5 days ago)
That Kalamazoo shirt
DezMadres (5 days ago)
Blew my mind👍
THIRD EYE ON THE SKY (5 days ago)
Whoa so Kyle Gas’s instrument, would you call that an electric clit-ar?
AdamDDJ (5 days ago)
Crazy this film is 11 years old
frostkon (5 days ago)
Now i know how i wanna die, death by Master Exploder
Mike Sawchyn (5 days ago)
K1LLERBOY 18 (5 days ago)
Brutal Legend?
jesus Sandoval (5 days ago)
Fucking powerful !
Willy Lo (5 days ago)
msscudderd (6 days ago)
they are the best band ever. period.
22megaton (6 days ago)
2:19, the most jack black of jack black expressions
DaddyPims (6 days ago)
11 fucking years ago. We're getting old.
Rachel Haze (7 days ago)
Raimundo Oliveira (7 days ago)
edwin garcia (7 days ago)
blue druid (7 days ago)
como la flshean jajajaaj <3 i love tenacious D
Alejandra Canales C. (7 days ago)
yo quiero la uñeta del destino!!!!
Sleeping childhood (8 days ago)
Love this fucking movie xD
Kevin Serpas (8 days ago)
But they’ve never actually played this song live which is lame -___-
Jose Lopez (9 days ago)
If only they performed it live without the playback
felaniz (9 days ago)
I showed this song to my grass I have weed now
Derwin Jeanlouis (10 days ago)
If he has the pick he has a devils rock
Zakk Black (10 days ago)
RICARDO R.SOUZA (10 days ago)
inital D
ThE JoKeR (10 days ago)
Only..if..i could play..a guitar...
Rafe446 (10 days ago)
These guys are awesome, Jack black is hilarious!
Velsyum (10 days ago)
Why can't I stop watching this?
Rachel Haze (7 days ago)
Elizen Ziado (10 days ago)
Algún comentario en español ? Me encanta esta película jajaja
randy johnson (11 days ago)
I dig this song on some level..yes it is goofy but rocks!!
Myles Hamann (11 days ago)
1:10 lol Kage just stops playing...
M1k3 (12 days ago)
The guitar on this is sick
Espen Muller (12 days ago)
i love jcako blacko
John Aldo Moruno Teran (12 days ago)
a long time, 2018??🎸🎸🎤🔥🤘
Benjamin Saavedra :D (12 days ago)
The greatest song in the world, oh boy
creator studies (12 days ago)
alguien sabe cual es el nombre de la música
_Itsme Haru (13 days ago)
I want that guitar pick so bad xD
Black Guitarist (13 days ago)
Yo check my cover for this song, i want to get famous
SlowBrony (14 days ago)
It was said that Jesus himself gave Jack the Sax-A-Boom and the world was his to play it on.
Lady J Boo (14 days ago)
You can tell iron maiden is his inspiration 👍
Cristina Rolis (14 days ago)
GhostOfRhurValley (15 days ago)
That scream in the beginning tho.
The.Hippy (15 days ago)
Who's the guitarist in this in real life that mini soso in the beginning is kick ass!
RpgPlay21 (15 days ago)
Alif Syahputra (15 days ago)
Big Chesse (17 days ago)
Wide range of low and high notes jack can sing
LoydMongo (17 days ago)
master of exploding my pants
Brock McEwen (17 days ago)
itsmejohny (18 days ago)
Steam sound at 2:26 ruins a couldve been proper song
John Bernstein (18 days ago)
I did not mean.... to bbbblooooowww your mind! too funny.
Kirk Thompson (19 days ago)
Absolutely love the whole film. But shit this song cracked me up. Absolute dogs boloocks.
HereticVII (19 days ago)
All the songs in this movie were good.
Checho Fabricio (19 days ago)
Conocen el actor de 02:53 ? Me suena haberlo visto en otras pelis de comedia puede ser?
Tobias Zauzig (19 days ago)
Didn't know cam from modern family is part of tenacious d lol
Alucard Irado (20 days ago)
Esse solinho muito fera
Justin Myers (20 days ago)
Ahhh SalmonSkinRole (20 days ago)
I’m sorry but that lick at 0:51 is unreal
Liam (20 days ago)
If you don't hit that replay something is seriously fucking wrong with you.
Link The Hero Of Time (21 days ago)
i wish i had the pick of destiny so i can use me voice to blow people’s mind
scRAWNy (21 days ago)
Finally, a live version!
Shaun Weston (23 days ago)
When the mic exploded doe
PrinceOfM4rs20 __ (23 days ago)
Man i havent watched this movie since i was a going into high school lol i need to watch it again!
James Burridge (23 days ago)
Nathaniel (23 days ago)
Who the fuck needs a microphone
Adrian Cavalera (24 days ago)
Seele (24 days ago)
This song is pretty progressive.
Rescar Companys (24 days ago)
I like the way he makes his face expressions when he’s playing the guitar 🎸.
TurahkFive (24 days ago)
So this is what the Dovakin singing would be like 0_0
Don B (25 days ago)
dude imagine shredding so hard that smoke starts emitting from your tar. that would be super rad
Quiarah Flowers (25 days ago)
2:15 2:49
Chuck Norris (25 days ago)
Tell me what you see... I see the dick of destiny.
Tyrants X (26 days ago)
1 thing, this was a great motherfucking movie!
Revy (26 days ago)
Was that Pink? beside the man that blown his brain off? lol
nahuelmetalero34 (25 days ago)
Revy no
HowTRIK (26 days ago)
This is the best scene of any movie.
Anrol L (26 days ago)
Shadow N (27 days ago)
Bad a** scene of is in a way a reference to Ozzie.Osbourne (at least Jack Black clothes), the lyrics where really cool and funny as well.
MIGHTparanormal (27 days ago)
Ive heard every song from this movie i dont know how many times...never seen the movie once. My life is currently incomplete.
donpdonp (27 days ago)
its so good how their makeup and clothes get more intense each time the camera cuts back to them.
D Harlo (28 days ago)
Yah I made my gf make that same face this morning! *Borat voice 'HIGH A FIVE A"
Jessica Leila (29 days ago)
3.9k people are non-rockers
Omck Death User (29 days ago)
I fucking love the vocal segment at 2:13

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