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Tenacious D: Master Exploder

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A scene from the movie by Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny
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Jonny 616-999-6669 (9 hours ago)
GodLike (11 hours ago)
This uhh..next band asked me not to read this but..god damn it. I'm going to read it anyway..because I wrote it, and it's the truth: I FUCKING LOVE THIS BAND. THEY ARE THE BEST BAND EVER, PERIOD.
Jordan Duvall (22 hours ago)
1:32 Amy Fucking Adams 😍
Dylon Strange (1 day ago)
My ass prolapsed the on the second scream
Mary Melton (1 day ago)
Two of the most talented musicians to live on the planet.
Matthias Moser (1 day ago)
My Penis exploded while watching this.
Emiliano Hermosilla (1 day ago)
Dude I've re-played this fucking song 13 times ¡¡¡it's to epic!!!!
Mega Gnome (2 days ago)
In 3:00 his voice was so shiny!
Great Grey (2 days ago)
Ohhhhh Que Hermoso!!!!!
Riko dat bot (2 days ago)
I really want to know the tabs to play that on my guitar
If a guy said “this is the greatest band.. PERIOD.” And two dudes come out with acoustic guitars.. I might laugh. Lol
FictitiousName (3 days ago)
And to my surprise. NO ONE COMMENTED THE LYRICS?!
Alex G (4 days ago)
TheJokerscene (4 days ago)
Well that was fucking metal.
Carlos Borge (4 days ago)
It's just awesome shit!
Alfio Rodriguez (4 days ago)
1:32 amy adams?
rockin roy (5 days ago)
Alpine 619 (6 days ago)
Lmao “they are the best band ever, PERIOD.”
rod davison (6 days ago)
This just proves that you should follow your dreams.
Oliver Wylie (6 days ago)
I just love how they look progressively more glam throughout the song
Caitlins the best (6 days ago)
0:24 same here
Benjamin Trif (6 days ago)
Fat short ugly fags
Mathieu Lafreniere (7 days ago)
Amy Adams>>?
The Uzumakikay (7 days ago)
So there’s no other female who’s gonna mention how hot jack black looks at 1:50
michael calvert (7 days ago)
Every time I hear this song I think Jack should make a new Captain Caveman movie.
steve henrichs (7 days ago)
0:59 he's literally smoking on that guitar
sultan alsnan (7 days ago)
He did not mean to blow your mind.
Em- Em (8 days ago)
Why this movie so underrated
Red October (8 days ago)
Im surprised the Cevil only was able to recruit 4.3 people to downvote this
bird life (8 days ago)
K.g OP like always
angel serna (8 days ago)
You guys are fuckin lame, come on cage youre coming with me , taste my lighting fuckaaaa
Brain rich (9 days ago)
Chuck Norris approved!
One True Vikingbard (10 days ago)
1:31 didn’t know Lois Lane likes “the D”
Rafael Almeida (10 days ago)
Rock in Rio 2019 🤘🤘
memorless (10 days ago)
1:30 proof that Amy Adams loves Tenacious D
John Pickering (11 days ago)
Tenacious d care not for the laws of reality.
warlock (11 days ago)
I have seen the movie a 100 times and I am going to see it a 100 more hey Canada
Serpa1 (11 days ago)
SR.PECAS (11 days ago)
Jajajajajajaja canta perfecto
criscarvalhoss1 (12 days ago)
This is first time that I noticed.. JB looks a lot like Jack Nicholson
The Punisher (12 days ago)
Me teléfono exploto ante una canción tan genial y sublime
Riko dat bot (15 days ago)
What the tabs
Ultra Jerry (15 days ago)
tenacious d ahould do a op for Jojo's bizarre adventure
Noah Body (15 days ago)
I just clicked on this for the first time .. this is nuts ... where do I sign up ?
Pluck Horris (15 days ago)
His voice is impossible to imitate what the flying fuck
PÓBRE LOKO (15 days ago)
Kkkkkkkk Loko esse filme
Patrick Schiffner (17 days ago)
It's the power of the pick
Jerinho (17 days ago)
1:47 orgasm 2:52 more orgasm 3:07 satisfaction
Robert Swinda (19 days ago)
Way underrated
FeckinEejit89 (19 days ago)
I’d love to be inside their minds, they have always come out with awesome and outrageous videos “f**k her gently” is the best
zhyacoub (19 days ago)
Tasty af!
jose rodrigues (19 days ago)
D1m3bagd (19 days ago)
why does the GUITAR pick make his voice powerful and how does KG play so well if JB has the pick around his neck. totally lost track of how it works lol
Aidan Morley (19 days ago)
He's too powerful.
kev kev (20 days ago)
Not Important (20 days ago)
so just clicked on a clip, i remember this song, pretty sweet display of vocal prowess.... BOOOM!!!... comment i didn't know i made with 1.4k upvotes wtf?
Mikey G (20 days ago)
2:38 guy's face has me dying every time
BloodBound 696 (20 days ago)
1:17-1:19 where did his shirt go wtf and when did the bald guy get that on his head..?
Stanley Joseph (21 days ago)
this is still the coolest shit i have ever seen
on a mission (21 days ago)
Tenacious d! !!
on a mission (21 days ago)
And I'm going to read it cuz I wrote it . this had me cracking up this guy's a good actor I love how he says it with a passion gives it the period!!
Wolfgang cutthroat (21 days ago)
Why the fuck doesnt ye like really sing and shit....like seriously. Hes got that late 70s early 80's voice and I'm all about it.
aethertech (21 days ago)
I think Kyle might have sold his soul for a few extra arms...
spilleren (21 days ago)
That singer looks unnervingly like Jablinksy.
In Niggarache We Trust (21 days ago)
Still their best song. Without a doubt.
Fridolf måne (22 days ago)
IC Weiner (22 days ago)
is it just me or is the guitar work in this song utterly awesome?
Parker Townsend (22 days ago)
4.2K people don't know what good music is... This blew your mind and you know it...
gatewayj TV (22 days ago)
Some say after Kurt had used it and a few bands in the 90’s that no one has seen the pick of destiny since the late 90’s.
Antonio Chianese (22 days ago)
Respect for the rock and for this fucking song !!!!!! Omg Jack is a devil ahahahahaha
Mike Dutill (22 days ago)
Great eye mak- up
Andrew Gerety (22 days ago)
Sascha Langebner (22 days ago)
3 Woche Ohrwurm.......hilfe
Andrew Gerety (22 days ago)
There’s better songs
knightofnyiuh (23 days ago)
Best bass guitars ever
Angus Wakefield (23 days ago)
Whats that guitar at 0:52?
chantel Anderson (23 days ago)
Showing friends motionless in white like 0:19-0:26
JDAR (24 days ago)
Gaming video next week
Dylan Morrison (25 days ago)
Jack black is an amazing singer
Smeegle Milk (25 days ago)
1:32 Amy Adams. 😂
Julio Campos (25 days ago)
TheExploitedHead (25 days ago)
2019 👌🔥😈
MICHAELinJUSTICE (26 days ago)
Who would've thought that Jack black, during a comedy movie, would create a classic rock song
BuBus (26 days ago)
Aquaman is that you?
William Dixon (26 days ago)
don't lie, you've all imagined something like this before
Dodecore (26 days ago)
1:19 super sayan 1:41 super sayan 2 2:20 evil is possessing JB 2:30 super demon sayan divine mod
Gregory Farias (27 days ago)
1:32 is that Amy Adams?
elodin the madao (1 month ago)
jack black severim sevmeyene koyarım
Travis Bougie (1 month ago)
The only person in the world that could make that high pitch sound with their voice and make it sound good
Steven Ceulemans (1 month ago)
First :D
bn ezabela (1 month ago)
I hope he didn't have onion before singing master exploder
Js23187 (1 month ago)
Im crying these were the freaking good old times
The Dude (1 month ago)
Fuckin too funny
Tyler B (1 month ago)
Lmao 2:38 Lee's face.
oomf oof (1 month ago)
I like how on occasion one or both of them would stop playing their instruments but the song is still playing.
al katraz (1 month ago)
1:31 that's Amy Fucking Adams!!!
Daniel Cleveland-Perez (1 month ago)
Fucking classic
SpoonerBoy (1 month ago)
2:30 that solo reminded me of a The Mars Volta solo and idk why
RÅᎥƵEL RÅᎥƵEL (1 month ago)
😂I do not need a microphone my voice is fucking powerful. Me: OH he's just like my teacher in class!

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