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Hidden 1587 Map Shows NO ICE On ANTARCTICA

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Urbano Montey's 1587 Map shows NO ICE on Antarctica and shows its land mass circling us. You will all so see Meri-Men, Squid-Men & DRAGONS!! And so much more! Enjoy! PamJonesForLiberty.com [email protected] All so on... Twitter Facebook
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Pam Jones For Liberty (8 months ago)
Quick note.... IGNORE ALL THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS SO UNPRODUCTIVE! All so I'm learning to make videos SORRY the volume is off! I'll do better! Blessings ~pam jones
puff puff pass (8 days ago)
Good video , im glad i came across you.
wong (1 month ago)
+krish singla They aren't secret or hidden is why.
Sara Slater (3 months ago)
Very interesting video, 👍
Sam Wilson (4 months ago)
Thanks for the video. Interesting. 🤔🤔
TANGO_ DOWN (4 months ago)
Pamela thank you for this, I'm somewhat new to Flat Earth, about a year, but it has led me back to my faith in God. As much as this World confuses me,I believe all roads lead to God. The Bible and Gods creation is where I end my journey for Truth,I was lost, now I am found, Peace
Lizzie Sangi (1 day ago)
Land that was uncharted, unexplored were displayed by dragons on the map. When someone was using a map and he saw a dragon in an area, that told the traveler no-one had been there and no-one knows what's there. Maps from the 1500s, 1600s frequently display dragons. The dragons also authenticate the map and the time period.
moh almisri (3 days ago)
thank you for your Video,nice representation ,if the man who drew this map back then was not able to draw the correct coordinates of actual Antarctica but at least he will be able to draw the animals as they should look like because he actually saw them, which is not here, Ancient Egyptians were able to draw the animals thew saw very neatly that we can determine which animals they are now, those animals looks has not changed from then until now such as cows and lions or alligators, the piri reis map is the one that intrigues me more because as i learned it is drawn with much more precise coordinates. some maps of the past i think were made out of imagination just like many other fictional things from medieval europe and elsewhere.
Hey Ronda (3 days ago)
Just watched this video where the creature they encountered in a deep lake in Antarctica was a type of octopus that was able to change it's form to look like several different things including a human. Could be where the Squid-men idea came from. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgoEsyO6zH4
Debi Yates (7 days ago)
I am David Yates wife. They terminated his account. Please sub me,,,
Doug Billman (12 days ago)
How do we know, if there is even ice, there NOW...we only know, what they show us...could ALL be a lie...more DECEPTION.........
Jeffrey Peacock (12 days ago)
The reason why we are told what we are told in society today is very simple if this map and many other examples in maps that better depict supposably what our Earth actually looks like that will definitively and 100% confirm the existence of the Christian or The abrahamic God. And that is what scares the people in power because if God is real and it can be proven then they lose all credibility in all power in the world and that is precisely the reason why we are told what we are told. But soon enough there will come that time where the world will learn the truth and what happens after is I don't know
U.S. PATRIOT (13 days ago)
Awesome discovery if in fact a real map, but does NOT mean the 🌎 is flat! When I launch a rocket into space, it will not have a fish eye lens.
Yusron Adi Putranto (19 days ago)
I do believe there are more lands beyond Antarctica.
Nathan Dwayne (23 days ago)
It's a deception
Cory Edwards (1 month ago)
Apart from all the wild assertions, this is indeed a fascinating depiction of the world. Older maps may have been used for reference. Some other reference material was certainly used to make this map, since exploration at that time had not revealed that much of the earth yet. What this map gets right is astounding. What it gets wrong is interesting in another way. I would love to know what reference X was for this map. It could be the earth can change more rapidly than we previously thought possible. There is a more ancient source here, for sure. Something was being redrawn but without a way to update the geography of lands that were lost to time.
blondie lynn (1 month ago)
The music in the background is really annoying
Truth Seeker (1 month ago)
You are very boring
Ari Sistance (1 month ago)
Knights Templar crosses on the ship’s flags?
Robert Desrocher (1 month ago)
Nice,,, thanks Pam
Paul B (1 month ago)
I don't see australia here where
Tough titty P Diddy (1 month ago)
1:48 Jack Sparrow
MarCuseusFX (1 month ago)
illiterate moron, go back to school
wong (1 month ago)
The oldest known world map is the Babylonian Map of the World known as the Imago Mundi.The map shows only how Babylonians saw the world around them. The islands surrounding Babylon and the known regions around it don’t exist. http://www.oldest.org/geography/maps/ "Urbano Montey" (sic) Is just the largest early world map, not the first. Older ones do not show the "ice wall" either, because it was "Terra Incognita". http://www.oldest.org/geography/maps/ Monte's map is a planisphere, i.e. a 2D representation of a 3D sphere. The map was never hidden or lost either. " NO ICE On ANTARCTICA" So? At the time no-one had been anywhere close to the Antarctic and there is no evidence that it was seen by humans until the 19th century, What was your point? " IGNORE ALL THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS SO UNPRODUCTIVE!" No, so productive and educational.
Gary Collins (1 month ago)
Here's a thought what if the earth was round, yet bigger than we think an maybe the area we call earth is actually a bunch of islands in a certain area and are controlled by the pope church, and that's why the European flag has all 7 continents on it🤔 And that ring Antarctica is a boarder island And what lies beyond is more islands and continents that are ruled by another Religions empire 🤔 Because our Google Earth doesn't actually have eyes on everything it's map is powered by cell phone towers and tracking, gps isn't SpT therefore there are huge gaps in sight, and gps = cell tower positioning tracking aka so called global but it's not global, True global tracking is SpT, That's why Google has cars taking pictures all over the place to make you believe it's SpT SpT is satellite positioning tracking true eye of the sky I know because I'm a Engineer of SpT and I must say that what we see from the sky doesn't match anything you see from your phone 💯
I work in antarctica but i cant tell you anything because i am forbidden to tell the truth
+Stephen Shelley lol
Stephen Shelley (1 month ago)
LOL Jessica! I love your humor! Thanks
righteousdavis777 (1 month ago)
The Indigenous peoples maps are different as well because America draws borders over there lands so we can't see the true borders. The state's aren't how the APPEAR on the map.Indian territories are being drawn out but some of them cross over several states why do we except it?
righteousdavis777 (1 month ago)
LOOK up Turtle Island Map
Toni Kemppainen (1 month ago)
Red dawn is coming!
Tava Patton (1 month ago)
This is so fantastic! Thank you for posting😍
Pam Jones For Liberty (1 month ago)
Glad you enjoyed it Tava Patton thank you 🙏 for stopping by!
Toni Kemppainen (1 month ago)
Really need to go to there. Really really bad.
Muddy Boots (2 months ago)
Thankyou 🌿 this is so well done.
Pam Jones For Liberty (1 month ago)
Thank You 🙏 Muddy Boots
jarmyvicious (2 months ago)
I will bite, you have a subscriber....
Pam Jones For Liberty (1 month ago)
Thank You 🙏 jarmyvicious makes this old grandma smile 😊
Hunned Proof Productions (2 months ago)
To anybody who says Antarctica was not yet explored at that time is out of their minds!
Suvi Bird (2 months ago)
I love this map, and have been studying it for a while now. When the plasma switched direction, the ice will melt and the golden age will return. See you there <3
righteousdavis777 (2 months ago)
You're exactly correct about the elite or those in power.They have us brainwashed and believing all they lye before us.Its time to explore the ancient world for ourselves. TIRED OF BEING A ROBOT IN THEIR SYSTEM WITH THERE BORDERS TO KEEP US IN OUR PLACES.
righteousdavis777 (1 month ago)
righteousdavis777 (1 month ago)
Think about it,who educates us? Who chooses what should be taught to Americans and what shouldnt?Why do we follow and obey? What is religion then?THEY gave us that too.Rules on marriage and moral values .Why can't we think for ourselves,see for ourselves.they can explore where they want but us the robots are limited by borders, flight restrictions ,trespassing laws They do everything to keep you clueless as possible until the day you die and you realize You lived your entire life bound with in a border a limited space.Also set by them The good Ol U.N., and before that The LEAGUE of Nations.Again Why do we follow and vote for these people are we PROGRAMMED that well? IT'S INSANITY.
Pilosopo H (2 months ago)
Great old map thanks for sharing .. when I looked at Google map or earth Antarctica covers large area and they are only showing the slice part of it.
Christopher Christopher (2 months ago)
Fascinating ✔️
John Greene (2 months ago)
Pam do you have a passport. I do and I have used it. Antarctica is coveted in ice. The sea is not full of dragon's and mermaids. The government is a lying pit of assholes, but they are not telling porkies about hidden land. Go for a walk some time, its amazing what you'll see!!!
Edward Versluys (2 months ago)
Lets assume your assertion of a flat Earth is correct, what then keeps any air vessel from flying out of the air space or any sea voyaging vessel from sailing off the planetary edge?
Ubi Vermis Cerritulus (2 months ago)
People make a map today Flatearther- it's a fake, they are making things up! People made a map hundreds of years ago. Flatearther- it's gotta be real, why would a person make something up.
aquame (2 months ago)
Admiral Richard E. Byrd had something to say bout it,,,
wake up sleep walkers (2 months ago)
i remember when i was blind to this world, i think i woke up at the age of 14, its scary when you know that the person you are arguing with has not awaken yet its like talking to a 4 yr old child their mind is so far gone in this illusion this matrix that if the government says its safe to now drink bleach they'll do it right then. i guess what im trying to say is lets not argue with the ones who are still trapped in the mind im not really a tru tru believer of the bible but if i must admit its on point when it says walk by faith not by sight in this world world we live in up is down and down is up hot is cold and cold is hot truth is a lie and a lie is what they sold us since we were born #THEYLIVE
toit hj (2 months ago)
I'm sorry didn't mean to cuss at you
Pam Jones For Liberty (2 months ago)
THANK YOU toit hj ❤️ thank you thank You thank you THANK YOU!!!!! Blessings ~pam
toit hj (2 months ago)
Why in the hell do you have the music so loud that you can hardly hear you talk
Pam Jones For Liberty (2 months ago)
toit hj why in heaven are you cussing at me? I'm LEARNING!! Go teach yourself its HARD!
H.S. Darke (3 months ago)
Well, admiral Bird already went to the Antarctic, so read what he said. Here's the real kicker, YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED THERE. Of course you can take some stupid guided trip that will take you to the cliche candy-striped poll, but you CANNOT do any independent research there. They want to keep you out. Why? To save the only indigenious 🐧 there? You honestly think that a country like ours which has bombed Syria into the stoneage and sat back to watch ancient sites destroyed CARES about anything more than power?
Shylockza (3 months ago)
the earth is NOT flat ffs. That is an old map where half the earth was unknown..
Michael Garcia (3 months ago)
The Rh-positive bloodline son's of cain.. did discover shit. ApacheHopiTribe Israelites Copper People of Genesis 1 Walking With the Giants is our history
Gul Majeed (3 months ago)
Inchin Tipis from the indus river that was largely from silk Road ( Hindu ) Meaning River Give of Hanna River Hingul female Hangul Alfa May Yah
Gul Majeed (3 months ago)
( Mera Della China ) Meaning Give me my China
tomas bern (3 months ago)
you didnt show the reptilian in antarctica and the red hair cyclope thats near them i think....
jslade60 (3 months ago)
If the Earth is flat what's on the bottom? Oh that's the kicker!
D N (3 months ago)
I think we have more land. Look at flight paths. Why go up above the equator to 're fuel, then down if flying from South America to South Africa. Yet we cover a longer flight in 1 flight to other places. Makes no sense with lots of them. Also watch for some that go off the map?
Sam Wilson (4 months ago)
I definitely think it’s highly possible that they might be more continents than we are told about. Country’s we don’t know exist. Google and nasa photos of the earth change dramatically even in just a small period of time and you can’t trust the media. Who knows. What even is life anyway 😂
epistemology man (4 months ago)
+Pam Jones For Liberty on a positive note, this map is beautiful and relatively accurate despite being 4 centuries old, and any effort to show it is a good thing :) About it showing no ice in antarctica, it's important to notice 2 things 1) that region was not explored yet by the time the map was made, so they could hardly show anything there because _they didn't know_ 2) the map also doesn't show ice on places known to be covered in ice like the arctic or siberia or greenland, so it's safe to conclude that _it's just not colored that way_ It's twice impossible the map would show a level of detail it's not showing for any region, to a region yet unexplored in it's day. Isn't it?
nadarockyraccoon (4 months ago)
Sextants and algebra can easily prove the dimensions of the earth and the distance to the moon and sun. Flat earth was a concept created by religious institutions to control people.
TheShadow941 (4 months ago)
So i guess all you flat earthers have never seen a view of our Earth from space nor have you seen the diagrams of our solar system from a Sumerian map depicting 11 planets and guess what not only do they know something we don't but they are all round and to further insult you we see a gradient in the Ionosphere which can only occur on a rounded surface
Corrine Neal (4 months ago)
New mendela effect google earth has no north pole snow anymore. Artica or whatever we called it in grade school. It's gone.
MrLucky 7 (4 months ago)
I am the greatest artist since Lennon! Wait Ethan!!! Twizted Generation!!!!!! Then Shiny Things On My Rings album!... Only God to thank!!!!. Let me know when u want to hear it raw and well RAW!!!!!!!! hmu FB Mr. Lucky 7z or Ricky Lucky Lucero.. Like Pitts????only billions to come. thanks peace... "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. procrastination is for only those that delayn life!..,.,
Tania (4 months ago)
I saw something recent about places on old maps that are now being discoverd under water! Frisland? Was this myth? I may be getting some detail mixed up.
Bryan Pelfrey (4 months ago)
Take your dragon on a ride and send me a selfie of flat earth
jose garcia (4 months ago)
Patricia Cournoyer (4 months ago)
Can't hear the person talking for the danger xylophone.
De Von (4 months ago)
This is proof that the earth is flat
tracy webb (4 months ago)
The whole world world is alive...
Powder (4 months ago)
The map link. Thank you Pam for sharing the link. I am a deep digger. I want to dig for myself. https://www.maproomblog.com/2018/01/urbano-montes-1587-world-map-digitally-assembled/
BladerNation (4 months ago)
At first it was global cooling(yes, the left actually believed that), then it was global warming, then it was changed to climate change when they didn't have the success they expected, and States like Louisiana which is almost always humid/hot has "global warming" snowfall. I was proudly born and raised in Louisiana's Creole Country so I would know first hand about the snowfall in this humid/hot State that sometimes seems like a blizzard. Now, I do believe we should recycle, try not to liter, hunt but not poach, fish but not poach, logging but replanting the trees, and I do believe that sunscreen has fucked up parts of the Oceans because it obviously has. Sunscreen never made any sense anyways because the water is just going to wash it off like soap anyways. It's just beach paraphernalia anyways because if you're going to use it at the beach then why wouldn't you put sunscreen on everyday before you step outside???
ynot snilloc (4 months ago)
Pam Jones the truth is a sensation to mind blowing for the people to believe we think we know it all when it's a fact that the further back in time we go a find things more advanced than even 50years from now. The moon is hollow fact nasa bombed it. Our earth has inner layers not taught in school. So sad we are fed lies and ignorance.
ynot snilloc (4 months ago)
The world is manipulated, maps no different. They don't want people to see what Admril Bryd wrote, he went on many polar expeditions but was silenced by national security. His son got his diary's published did anyone read them?
lyndonkimthomas (4 months ago)
Thubineo:'(💯🔟🔖:-*B-)O:-)🗞️..*60:-(30/=™¢¶∆π∆ NIMRO intodi inrpf AOMDOSOF(^^)🔟🔖5️⃣
Karen Otte (4 months ago)
I know what the beast in the water hand in the king the ring was that was Solomon's testimony where he's it was taken out of the Bible where he said that the Archangel Michael gave him a ring to inslave the demons and he used them to build the temple but I think the elite doesn't want to believe in God there's got to be a reason it they know something we don't my guess would be did they think Jesus is black because he probably was Sir Richard Burton was genocide and Children and Families of color back in those days when he went to explore for the geographic for society and he might have pushed them off the land and the Persians took it some black people think that as for the dragons I know they had some kind of fighting sea creature because it's in the book of Oh , when the Giants were here when God when God flooded the world the Giants had war with each other right when it in the waters were coming up that's in that book 2 thank you for sharing that awesome map you're awesome thank you
Eva W (4 months ago)
oldest map?and the peri reis map?
Fly Boy (4 months ago)
Only thing is. How would we know if this map is for earth? And not for their 1st/previous planet.
madogmabz (4 months ago)
There was an ice age In ye 0lde the nothern plane or hemisphere.If history says is correct maybe the south had its momlent in the sun..Now its time for the morth pole to hasve its summer.
Eliana Long (4 months ago)
Hi Pam, thanks a lot for your work. I live in Australia.I totally agree with you and people who think that that our Earth is not a globe. In fact, all our world history , geographical positions of the countries, their size and borders were severely manipulated in order to keep human beings like sheep. The Earth as a planet probably exists and has a huge size, much bigger than anyone can imagine. The piece of land where we are residing is a tiny dot on this huge planet. We simply share a part of her surface with other beings. Our land is surrounded by ice but not by Antarctic ice as it stretch much further. All these were already proven by honest scientists, sailors, pilots and using simple logic , Math and physics. The Arctic circle is a chain of lands with no ice and Australia is simply a part of it. What is beyond? See and other lands....and let me notice that there are not many people who are aware of two big continents on the other side of Antarctica.... conspiracy, conspiracy and more conspiracy.....
Tasker Matic (4 months ago)
Europeans didn’t arrive at Antarctica till 1599. Given the fact that this map was drawn by an Italian 12 years before 1599 he might be forgiven for his mistake in not realising that Antarctica was covered in ice!!! Conspiracy over you brainless morons.
Mike Whitaker (4 months ago)
Pam read The Book of Enoch clearly describes Antarctica as ice covered desert
Black Gold (4 months ago)
The earth is as flat as a chapatti, and the moon and sun are naan breads. Flat earth logic.
Black Gold (4 months ago)
If the earth is flat, why is Alaska around the corner from Russia?? Lol I can't believe people still think the earth is flat LOL
Ralph Boyd (4 months ago)
There be dragons! LOL
Ralph Boyd (4 months ago)
There be dragons! LOL
Roger Baker (4 months ago)
((((They)))) lie about *everything* .
Steve Corr (4 months ago)
You believe there are dragons? I suspect you've been chasing them too. 😜
Mohican Star (4 months ago)
Its total bullshit! Antarctic dont exist!
Kris Greene (4 months ago)
I sat at the top of a mountain once and saw beautiful, breathtaking views. I watched the sun set,and as the sky lit up in vibrant colors I looked out at the horizon. It was curved. How someone says the Earth is flat, does confuse what I saw. I'm no teacher not am I a professor,just a simple carpenter.lol. a man. What I see looking out at the gulf while posted 3 stories in the air I see the horizon curved. My question is why would you say the Earth is flat? Just curious
Pam Jones For Liberty (4 months ago)
Kris Greene I have been to the highest mountains in South Africa... I saw NO CURVE. Flying there and back I had the window seat on purpose... no curve. Blessings I appreciate you stopping by ~pam jones
geospectrum (4 months ago)
Absolute proof that flat earthers live in the 16th century.
Jonathan Quigley (4 months ago)
Please turn that music off.
mad ass (4 months ago)
There is no Earth , we are a figure of your imagination.
Louis Shaw (4 months ago)
Thank you PAM, Admiral Byrd did say huge lands beyond. I see Home as an island on a vast plane with other islands, may have each their dome, afraid the creation of the Mastermind CREATOR will always escape our minds. Our poor senses do claim a FLAT surface, so those old pagan greeks must be wrong. So much coverup, just as Sir Francis Drake's circumnavigation of the globe proves that what's now the British Columbia coast was charted between 1577 and 1580, (says geographer and maritime historian Sam Bawlf, who wrote a bestselling book on the subject in 2003.) Nonfiction Book Review: THE SECRET VOYAGE OF SIR FRANCIS DRAKE: 1577–1580 by Samuel Bawlf,... Maritime historian Bawlf skillfully uncovers new information regarding Drake's circumnavigation of the globe, which began, amidst political and religious upheaval in Europe, in 1577. Until now, PUBLISHERSWEEKLY.COM
epistemology man (4 months ago)
+Louis Shaw East Antarctica is comparable in size to North America. Anyway from his point of observation Byrd couldn't know it's size. At any rate Byrd never mentioned an ice wall and let alone a flat planet. And the lands beyond the pole from where he stood were all explored, mapped and settled.
Louis Shaw (4 months ago)
IT was? "as big as north america" the man said, I dont think anyone has that on his map.
epistemology man (4 months ago)
Admiral Byrd reached the south pole via the shortest route and saw "huge" east antarctica beyond it. That land was later explored and mapped.
Pam Jones For Liberty (4 months ago)
Thank You Louis Shaw
allsports100 (4 months ago)
Old maps also show that Israel and Jerusalem is in Africa and that giants were real they are trying to cover up who god and the Jews actually were everything that you were taught was a myth research it’s no coincidence that all ancient civilizations depicted half man half animals and giants giants still exist but the land half man and animals were killed in the flood some are definitely in the sea though it’s no coincidence with that sea looking monster and squid men on that map the elites want to hide this so that people won’t believe that a God could be real when you open your third eye you can see “aliens” and “space” but they are really demons and it’s really the spirit world ancient civilizations knew about the third eye from Africans Europeans Asians Americans Etc wow elites brain wash people to think real things are fairy tales and fables
Scott Duffy (4 months ago)
Seriously you put that fucking music to this video and you turned it up that fucking loud you suck
Stephen Jones (4 months ago)
Why are you people obsessed with money? Do you think there's a finite amount of it? Do you not realise that governments don't need to 'steal' it, it's already in the bank for them to do what they want with? Forget Flat Earth, try studying the Economy.
Randy C (4 months ago)
So if you believe a mapmaker's map drawn in 1587 , ok then you would believe the moon is cheese, and advanced civilizations on Mars, mermen, gorillas don't exist and man will never fly, the earth is only 6500 years old and is flat. You would also believe that North America is India and we haven't learned anything since 1587. So what are elites? People who think rationally and logically and use actual evidence as proof of what they believe? I suppose the photos of the spherical blue ball taken by Apollo astronauts from the moon are fakes too and that GPS navigation systems, which employ math using spherical earth equations don't work either?
Joe Playing Outdoors (4 months ago)
It amazes me that these tin hat people put out such low quality videos, come on, at least 720 HD. Beam me up Scotty, no intelligent life hear worth listening to.
Paul Freeman (4 months ago)
This person is a total nut. People at that time hardly knew the world. The person who drew the map hard probably never seen Antartica as such. Some much is missing and the dimensions are all wrong. I don't see how anyone could place any faith in the map. Also, the fantastical creatures were common for the period. There was so much that they did not understand so they invented thigs to cover the gaps in their knowledge.
Really? Showyourproof (4 months ago)
Who in 1587 had been to Antarctica to map it? Many maps of that era were woefully incorrect. Using that map to try and use in an educational way is a waste of time.
Frank Harriger (4 months ago)
To all people confused about flat Earth ; In Genesis, the 1st book of the Bible, it states how GOD made EARTH. There are over 200 passages in the Bible referencing flat Earth. 0 references to the globe. Up until the 1600's everyone knew it was flat. Copurnicus wrote the Theory of the globe based off of others theories before him. The book wasnt published until After he died out of fear he would be killed for such a theory. The Only proof there is today of a globe is from Nasa, and all photos say COMPOSITE on them. Why no Real pics ??? Cant get to the moon, says nasa. Operation Fishbowl PROVED the firmament exists, through a human point of view. Believers knew it existed. So, if you say flat Earth is fake, you are saying GOD is fake. Water does not curve, centrifugal force PROVES Earth is flat. So, who do you believe ? GOD or nasa ( nazi scientists ) ? Know GOD ~ Know Truth Know GOD ~ No Fear
assault and battery (4 months ago)
The ice sheet covering Antarctica, was gradually laid there by America and England, since WW2, to cover up what they are doing there...
Larry Scott (4 months ago)
A 1587 map of the world had much error and “there be dragons”. What an idiotic vid.
Andrew Poulsom (4 months ago)
A note to all flatearthers. Earth has been observed to be round. If you need proof there is a live feed of earth from an outside perspective on the USA that can be found on YouTube.
Raylee Schubert (4 months ago)
How beautiful. I also truly believe, there is more land. God Bless.
Painless Venom (4 months ago)
Shut your lying cunt mouth. Nowadays the world knows americans can only talk shit.
Bhoy 10 (4 months ago)
Fakery sprinkled with truth
Stephen Jones (4 months ago)
This map is indeed a fabulous artifact, but remember it was drawn in 1587. We have much better and totally accurate maps now. It also shows unicorns in russia, and a huge bird flying off with an elephant in it's claws, so don't take it as fact.
jeff deathrage (4 months ago)
Love how everyone freaks when they hear this- i read about it in the school library in the 70s. People got stupid FAST.... and we haven't learned anything since.

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