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TVD - Good Girls Go Bad

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It's been a long time... I have been making this video about Elena, Rebekah, Katherine and Caroline a lot of time! Enjoy and comment please! ;D Song: Cobra Starship - Good Girls Go Bad
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Text Comments (102)
Tiffany Adams (19 days ago)
I love this video so much of Katherine and Elena and Caroline and Rebecca
Khushboo Pidiyar (2 months ago)
It's time the definition of good got reinvented.
IIEcho CryptII (3 months ago)
It’s been years since I been here. I miss the good old golden days 😭😊
Sue Tadem (6 months ago)
Katherine is the real bad vampire
Sue Tadem (6 months ago)
Wonder if Damon got STD if his a real human lol
Sue Tadem (6 months ago)
Katherine is hot
Silvia RV (7 months ago)
Y quien no es chica mala
Silvia RV (8 months ago)
Rakshita Sanan (1 year ago)
Love how Caroline knocks matt out 😂😂😂😂
Rakshita Sanan (1 year ago)
Katherine and Elena are my favorite
Niecey Smith (1 year ago)
Alona_ 2005 (1 year ago)
1:33 SHY?!
:*DeeBee MspGacha*: (1 year ago)
Alona_ 2005 (1 year ago)
Katherine Grimes (1 year ago)
How many shirts do you think Damon has gone through?! Everyone else just pulls their short off but Katherine Elena and Rebekah always rip his off. And he goes ripping their clothes off them. Granted I'd be down for that. Rip away Damon
Ailie Snow (1 year ago)
Ailie Snow (1 year ago)
Badass Caroline!!
Zara Shazad (1 year ago)
Katherine and Damon
Elizabeth Mehaffy (1 year ago)
Caroline is not a bad girl
Bethany Snyder (2 years ago)
has anyone else noticed that Damon's shirt s keep getting ripped
Sue Tadem (6 months ago)
Poor damon but he got a highest numbers of woman
Lea-Marie E. (11 months ago)
Bethany Snyder 😂😂😂
Emily Dupuis (1 year ago)
Bethany Snyder Lol 😂😂😂 True poor Damon 😂😂😂
Whitney Stephens (2 years ago)
why did like all of the girls rip damons shirt off the same lol
AllenJO Abinanti (1 year ago)
It is not lack of choice but It is lack of options why they do that!LOL
AllenJO Abinanti (1 year ago)
For all those people who are single!
Summer Is kinda cool (2 years ago)
I bet if someone ever watched this or any thing with more than one Petrova doppelganger in it would be SO confused!! XD
Amanda Nightstar (1 year ago)
both Kathrine and Elena is there though
Katerina V (2 years ago)
Who wrote this song w such a big ego?
joanna rueda (9 months ago)
Chuck Bass
Janneke Verheij (2 years ago)
Good question😂
Holly Doisey (2 years ago)
I love movie name vampire diaries
Amanda Nightstar (1 year ago)
Holly Doisey it's a serie
Holly Doisey (2 years ago)
I love you u dig fan
Izzy The weirdo (2 years ago)
good videp
Emma Kahookele (2 years ago)
Elena is better then Katherine
Sri Ramya (1 year ago)
Katherine IS BETTER
Romii Godoy (1 year ago)
Emma Kahookele NO.
Denisa Oltean (2 years ago)
Katherine is the best ❤❤
What episode 2:21 please tell me if u know
M F (2 years ago)
Takiya Holmes is awesome 2x7
Shy Wolf 1864 (2 years ago)
i really want to know which episodes 3:28 and 3:40 are, if anyone knows just please tell me!!!!!
zoe tsilo (2 years ago)
02×15 and 02×16.
P K (2 years ago)
2x16 -- 3:28 4x01 -- 3:37
PinkPigCutie (2 years ago)
I love it
Pamela Duarte (2 years ago)
Cassie Sopra (2 years ago)
Caroline my number one forever ❤️
Niecey Smith (1 year ago)
Cassandre Sopra Your opinion good, but I never could stand her.
Shy Wolf 1864 (2 years ago)
What episode is 0:01
PinkPigCutie (2 years ago)
+zoe tsilo haven't got that far still on 3 season 3
zoe tsilo (2 years ago)
It's 04×16 (season 4 episode 16)
P K (2 years ago)
4x16 :)
PinkPigCutie (2 years ago)
If elena is a vampire in the one your looking for it will be on season like 3 or 4 i think 4 i think elena goes bad their not sure sorry
Shy Wolf 1864 (2 years ago)
what episodes are 3:28 and 3:40 please???
what season is 2:18 at
Takiya Holmes (2 years ago)
Takiya Holmes is awesome thanks
zoe tsilo (2 years ago)
It's season 2.
Zara (3 years ago)
Damon's soundtrack lmao
Meah Wallace (3 years ago)
the reason that Bonnie is not in this video is that in order to be considered a bad girl you had to have slept with Damon which everyone except Bonnie did
Ocean Star (1 month ago)
Real Cosmic Builds (1 year ago)
yet bamon & monnie were canon in the books except we got beremy & bonenzo. bonnie was just friends w/d&m
Kailey Besson (1 year ago)
Meah Wallace 😂😂😂
Janneke Verheij (2 years ago)
Never really thought about that hahah
Sara Bussolati (2 years ago)
Bonnie's not in this video because she's not a bad girl like the other girls are
Allie Allan Poet (3 years ago)
sucks that Bonnie wasn't in the video at all
Cassie Tumblr (3 years ago)
Raul Gamboa (3 years ago)
Love the video But omg it gots me in the feels I miss the old Vampire Dairies 😭
An Hòa Bùi Thị (3 years ago)
1.57 which season is that?
Alexandra Dorsett (3 years ago)
+An Hòa Bùi Thị season two
Rafael Marques (3 years ago)
nossa mano e ssa musica e muito doida
Edward The Demonslayer (3 years ago)
Just 1night(to get drunk😎)
Makaela Acker (3 years ago)
how do you get the scenes from the episodes
Moonlight_ Bae (3 years ago)
Awesome vid!!♥
Libby Portman (3 years ago)
In love 😍
Damon 😃😃😃😍😃😃😃
Ca Rina (3 years ago)
0:08 Which Season is that?
luca2000570 (3 years ago)
Ca Rina (3 years ago)
+luca2000570 Oh thanks:)
luca2000570 (3 years ago)
+Ca Rina Season 2
13456789101 (4 years ago)
y 8 dislikes!?
İlayda (4 years ago)
Rabekah ♥☺
Leti (4 years ago)
thats so cool TVD is the best .. Without TVD is my life not my life ;))
Dymond Graham (4 years ago)
+Leti true true
Laura Willems (4 years ago)
Damon is a bich too Caroline, Rebecca, Kathrin, tayler, Klaus are Not really better they all have Sex with more persons als elena
Vianey Beas (1 year ago)
and *
Vianey Beas (1 year ago)
um i know i’m hella late but elena only had sex with stefan a don damon and caroline only 3 people and who’s tayler? you mean tyler? well i mean oh well
Dymond Graham (4 years ago)
+Laura Willems the hell Damon is hot he has revenge sex Damon's the best thing for u or worst but despite all the horrible things he's done him and Klaus are amazing the fauk u mean
Katherine Pierce (5 years ago)
love them, great video
ZeppelinLover549 (5 years ago)
Gotta love'em ;)
Lakatos Dóra (5 years ago)
I love TVD very much ,but the TVD Girls are all bitces
Jessica Dik (1 year ago)
Sara Ribeiro caroline is the biggest bitch on tvd she slept with almost everyone on the show
Sara Ribeiro (5 years ago)
+DIANA LEE To me, Elena is the only bitch. 
Sara Ribeiro (5 years ago)
Elena is a bitch, and only she.
lilian van rij (5 years ago)
well i don't really mind ;p
Iva Timova (5 years ago)
Wooow Katherine,Elena and Rebekah all tear Damon's shirt <3
Katherine Pierce (6 years ago)
i love it
Ilse Mimi (6 years ago)
Damon siempre se queda sin camisa :P
Karla Noriega (6 years ago)
WiLD! i LIKE IT! :)
TheNowemy (6 years ago)
que bueno el dia!!esta genial :)

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