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Top 10 Female Guitarists of All Time

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Talented, innovative or just plain entertaining, these six-stringers of the female variety know how to get the party rolling. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the top 10 female guitarists of all time. Check us out at http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo, http://instagram.com/watchmojo and http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo. Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :) Special thanks to our users Adriana Cardona, HollyElysse, Alex Trujillo and Gabrielle Dickinson for submitting the idea on our Suggest Page at WatchMojo.com/suggest Check out the voting page here, http://watchmojo.com/suggest/Top%20Ten%20Female%20Guitarist%20of%20all%20Time If you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :) We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out http://www.WatchMojo.com/store for more info. WatchMojo is a leading producer of reference online video content, covering the People, Places and Trends you care about. We update DAILY with 2-3 Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Versus clips on movies, video games, music, pop culture and more!
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Text Comments (9153)
Tom Costello (7 hours ago)
Mary Ford should have been "much" more than an honorable mention!
Amy Harding (8 hours ago)
This list is crap. Jennifer Batten only gets an 'honorable mention'? She is amazing. And the best female guitarist of all time is Ana Popovic. Google her.
Dan Prusak (13 hours ago)
God the people who make these lists are idiots.
Katses Fotis (14 hours ago)
All wrong, top to bottom.
John Bettano (14 hours ago)
Ford hands down
Dbusdriver71 (19 hours ago)
I can't look at a Princess of Rock and Roll the same that would get on any stage with miley cyrus the same as I did before. I don't want to mention her name because She is still at the top to me and it hurts to say it. Her (not miley) work is timeless and will outlast her.
Aloha From HH (1 day ago)
Allison Robertson
Frank Joseph (1 day ago)
Do you have an air guitarist list ?
Gordon Wagner (1 day ago)
CLEM CREEVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gordon Wagner (1 day ago)
Wow. 3.7K downvotes?!?!
Joseph Elledge (1 day ago)
Orianthi is my favorite
Jonathan Oliver (1 day ago)
Mary Ford should be
crabflab69 (1 day ago)
What about Pat Benatar??
Ross Donald (1 day ago)
Batten, Stern, Remler......... the list is endless. All great at what they do. But for pure emotion, Bonnie Raitt is v special.
FutuRetro (1 day ago)
Where the fuck is P.J.Harvey on this list???
Jfergs. (1 day ago)
yeah, i'm with Mr Wizzard, Orianthi deserved the #1 spot.  that said, at #2 i'd have had Wendy Melvoin,  and not even a mention, outrageous.
David Wishengrad (1 day ago)
I'd put PJ Harvey in there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvMMEX_7Dlw
Luís Zavan (1 day ago)
Magnus Likes Tanks (2 days ago)
1:49 I'm sorry but this is fuckin garbage lol
Deborah Carroll (2 days ago)
another honorable mention is Sara K she only uses four strings on her guitar she is more famous in Europe i love her album Gasoline Alley
GreenSchwinnOfficial (2 days ago)
Why do women need their own specific list? Just have a general top ten and if women make it on the list it will have been through their own merit....I wouldn't care so much but I know if there was a male specific list people would have a meltdown
Mr. Wizard (2 days ago)
I only agree with one of your selections. Orianthi should be number 1
William Mitchell (2 days ago)
Number 1 has to be Sister Rosetta Tharpe. She invented Rock 'N Roll. Watch a video of her and then your favorite rocker, female or male.  You will see she has been copied in playing style and stage presence even by people that never knew she existed. Everybody strums the guitar and makes a circle.  The first rocker ever was doing it for Jesus!.
Drew Fierros (2 days ago)
Lita Ford?...Seriously?
TaggedRed2 (2 days ago)
To me Samantha Fish is the best...she can play anything and any kind of a guitar even a fuel can and a cigar box. She kicks butt.
Davidy J (2 days ago)
So many agreed with Nancy Wilson as #1 I stopped agreeing with them all just so I could say myself that Nancy was the best!
peter waweru (3 days ago)
racicts as usual, theres no black gal who plays guitar in the whole world????no wonder the late rosetta tharpe came into white minds after exploiting her rock and roll
vealcutlet (3 days ago)
Did someone post a list of the best male guitarists?
GreenSchwinnOfficial (2 days ago)
Yeah...whenever its gender specific its always for women...they should hold msn and women to the same standard
Imran Khan (3 days ago)
Love Bonnie Rait
Rogelio Hernández (3 days ago)
Lita Ford really? Nancy Wilson it's still the number 1
Davidy J (2 days ago)
JoJo 70 (3 days ago)
Come ON! Yes lita is talented but she is NO Nancy Wilson!
Davidy J (2 days ago)
becqwort becqwort (3 days ago)
PJ Harvey
neighbors3279 (3 days ago)
Well !!!! You Guys should watch Audrey Shida ! 12 yr old crazy great Guitar player! Check out on YouTube and her sister who only 10 is not far behind!
Dan Bunch (4 days ago)
Bonnie Raitt for me at #2
Dick Nasty (4 days ago)
Drain STH ?
ForOdinAndAsgard (4 days ago)
No Janis Ian (Janis Eddy Fink)? Remarkable seen what she has done for the music industry and her mastery of the guitar. Yeah it is slow but it is in every way perfect in timing for the incredible songs she made. Very difficult to do.
David Hartz (4 days ago)
Did I miss something or is this list LACKING Elizabeth Cotten? That omission invalidates the rankings from the get-go.
Stephen Jones (5 days ago)
Nice, eclectic mix of talent.
Walter Egersheim (5 days ago)
Where is LITA FORD!!!!!!
Sprezzatura (5 days ago)
Gretchen Menn?
marian lee (5 days ago)
What?!? Lita Ford is soooo not punk. She was part of the 80's metal era. Who did the research that they don't know this? I prefer Joan Jett and Nancy Wilson over Lita Ford. They had better songs. What happened to society where they don't show strong women like this anymore? These women kicked ass.
Dayna Abel (5 days ago)
I'd have bumped Bonnie Raitt to #2, honestly.
MyZazabelle (6 days ago)
Lita ❤️
Jason Rodriguez (6 days ago)
Literally couldn’t have asked for a better top 3. I love Nancy, Joan and Lita.
Who the fuck is Lita Ford. I guess it's her agent paying for this bullshit?
Chris Collingwood (6 days ago)
Ok....yes, Nancy Wilson is a hell of a player...and so is Lita Ford, Joan Jett, and Orianthi for that matter.....but how can you have a list on this topic and NOT HAVE NITA STRAUSS??????
Chris Collingwood Yes the best Four.
Kimberly W (3 days ago)
Totally agree 💯🙌
Robert Hoffman (4 days ago)
Stephen Paxman (7 days ago)
nancy is shit bad get her off the list
Stephen Paxman (7 days ago)
Stephen Paxman (7 days ago)
acrovader (7 days ago)
Pretty slim pickins when people are claiming Nancy Wilson should be #1. Sheesh.
acrovader (7 days ago)
Talk about grasping at straws. Pretty paltry assortment. And most of Joan Jett's hits are cover songs and/or written by someone else, or at least- co-written with someone else.
David Hartz (4 days ago)
But this list is about guitarists, not songwriters.
Ricky Tenderkiss (7 days ago)
Oh, c’mon. Annie Clark belongs near, possibly at, the top!!
Happy to know there are great women guitarists as this topic is hardly talked about
Philip Davenport (7 days ago)
Where's Poison Ivy?
Matt Calder (8 days ago)
What about Rory Block? Not a shredder but she kills it on the music of Robert Johnson and Son House.
fakshen1973 (8 days ago)
So basically if a woman plays the guitar and is popular/beautiful she gets on the list of top female guitarists? There are some very talented and brilliant guitarists on this list that have earned a place... definitely. But you've also added a lot of filler for all the wrong reasons.
THE WRAITH (8 days ago)
Jim Steele (9 days ago)
Nancy Wilson should been Number One not Lita Ford sorry Nancy is My Number One pick
KW Music (9 days ago)
June Millington from Fanny should be #1 on this list. Watch the Fanny Beat Club video and see for yourself.
Timothy Wilson (9 days ago)
Would have liked to see Joan Armatrading on there.
psychotic isolation (10 days ago)
Wow! Thanks all! So many Ms. Guitar players Ive never heard of...so little time, so many youtube visits! I got blisters on my fingersssssssssss
Wayne Baker (10 days ago)
Wendy Melvoin  should have been mentioned
psychotic isolation (10 days ago)
Good list-Never heard of Kaki king but Im loving her playing-sounds like Michael Hedges.I understand #1 but the most virtuoso,or best player is in HM's Jennifer Batten-M.Jackson kicked her out for a less talented but younger Orianthi then he died.Jennifer now has solo albums with instrumentals....I have a couple. Peace!
Zach Brown (10 days ago)
How mary ford got left out will always piss me off.
Darin Porter (10 days ago)
This video is an obvious joke.
Thom Osburn (11 days ago)
No mention of early seventies, all female hard rock act Fanny and June Millington? At least 7/10 of your list came after her and owe her for the influence.
Mary Valletta (11 days ago)
I've often asked myself why there are no female guitarists on the level of Hendrix, Page, SRV, Prince, Beck, Knopfler, Clapton, etc. These women are good, but can't hold a candle to the guys.
Sheryl Sens (11 days ago)
Nancy Wilson hands down #1!!!
dai (12 days ago)
they left the queen of guitar out,JENNIFER BATTEN.
ron k (9 days ago)
she was honorable mentioned at the end.
Danny Taylor (13 days ago)
Why no mention of Ana Popovic on the list? |https://youtu.be/p-1_Ev5J79U
pretzelcow pugh (13 days ago)
Wow,Lita was number 1? wrong,it should have been Nancy Wilson
Anastasia Cooper (13 days ago)
It's a shame Jennifer Batten only made it to the honorable mentions. She's THE female guitarist - in my opinion. Has anybody listened to her version of "flight of the bumblebees"? This woman is crazy.
fred flinstone (13 days ago)
April Lawton renders this entire list absolutely moot.
Roby Nauta (13 days ago)
La piu' brava è Sophie Lloyd
Andrew Deck (14 days ago)
Funny the only artist I did not know was your top pick. Probably heart should have taken #1 because from what I have seen a lot more people know about her and she totally shreds.
Neil Ashton (14 days ago)
Really? How can Van Halen not beat out Ozzy? And gotta have Sex Pistols God Save the Queen......
Just_Peachy (14 days ago)
Can't choose just one..all of these ladies are badass !!
Victor Sierra (14 days ago)
WTF. What happened to the “PRETENDERS”.
Alberts _____ (15 days ago)
Good to remember Annie Clark... But I would mention PJ Harvey too...
jim kapus (15 days ago)
Lita Ford over Nancy Wilson? WTF is that?
Terry Wrann (15 days ago)
Chrissie Hynde....Not a solo player but she gets some great sounds (mostly from a Telecaster), and writes fantastic songs.
Geoff Smith (16 days ago)
No mention of Ana Popovich,Rory Block or Carolyn Wonderland. Also Chrissy Hinde over Joan Jett any day.
Silver Linings Vlog (16 days ago)
nice video.. thanks for sharing keep in touch coz i wanna see your new videos
Wally Hall (16 days ago)
Nancy Wilson
Tommy Bort (17 days ago)
Needs more Juliana Hatfield.
BeMiken Tales (17 days ago)
Lita Ford is great but Nancy should be number 1.
ESTHER Chiriboga (17 days ago)
KT Tunstall should have been mentioned
Lawrence Westby (17 days ago)
This video is over 4 years old but now in 2019 there is a young woman named Molly Tuttle who is two time International Bluegrass Music Association guitarist of the year. Acoustic only but her flat picking, cross picking, and clawhammer playing is incredible.
Kris Beavers (17 days ago)
Awesome but where is dimbag Darrell
Bob Scott (18 days ago)
I'd give another shout out for honorable mention to Betty Cisneros of Go Betty Go.
James Tarr (18 days ago)
Nancy Wilson should have been hands down number one. Lita is good, but she isn't THAT good.
Norman McLellan (18 days ago)
Nancy Wilson for sure!!!
Jack Cuffari (18 days ago)
No April Lawton? Jive list. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcOBprg9Evg&list=PLfovKES4UCDW787HlJEoTnMMYHsaWw0rB&index=5
bargainbassist (18 days ago)
Wh'appen?? I don't see Ritzy Bryan on this list.
stude1953 (18 days ago)
What about Liz Phair and her white DuoSonic!!!! And the Incrediable Samantha Fish!!! And Leftie Malina Moye!!!
Ricardo Cespedes (19 days ago)
que buenas guitarristas de todos los tiempos, grandes y fuertes en sus notas dios les de mas poder
Tommy Emmanuel (20 days ago)
I would of put Orianthi at #1
Deb Oblak (21 days ago)
Nancy Wilson number 1 all the way everyday 🎸💋
Ellie DePrima (21 days ago)
Lita Ford is simply amazing, but my #1 goes to Nancy Wilson - no way Lita is number one over Nancy. Just my opinion.
Stone pony (21 days ago)
Black Americans women's Gutair players were long long B4 these copy cat came ! The Black Juck joints were filled with lady Gutair players will blow your mind and black Church's were it all began 🇺🇸🍀

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