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ESO Primal Motif - Armor & Weapons - Elder Scrolls Online

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OmneVitae (2 years ago)
muito bom, parabéns!
Player Guides (2 years ago)
I take it that you liked the video. :)
sam mog (2 years ago)
yo man great job but why are u posting this stuff like armor etc u dont have to waste ur time on these stuff like u can show us 1vx montages etc . I LOVE UR VIDEOS BY THE WAY !!
Player Guides (2 years ago)
+sam mog Thank you, I will! :)
sam mog (2 years ago)
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Thank you! :) 1vX is on the way, it just comes a time when you feel like you want to do something different, a lot different actually. Tomorrow I plan to post some imperial city action clips. :)
andrew mcdonald (2 years ago)
Saw that Reddit post...its fucked up that he made that shit up
Player Guides (2 years ago)
+Øystein Olsborg Thank you, I will! :) Yeah, they both got banned, hyssia apologized but I'm pretty sure he knew what was going all along, just looking for an easy way out now that the whole thing blew off. If that's not true and he got played for real, I accept his apology as a reasonable adult. :) Also, this stuff is just 10% of all the shit they've been doing to me in the last year or so, there's so much more that nobody except the trolls doesn't know, but my decision is final, no more feeding the trolls and giving them attention/fame they so much crave. They can eat themselves up for all I care. :)
Seppo Seppola (2 years ago)
Did he come clean about it and apologize? btw did dusk also get banned for it? Its pretty f up that they go to such lengths on account of a game. You should make some more 1vX vids, its always fun to watch while im at work:)
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Yeah man, that was totally over the top, I'm glad the guy apologized. Don't believe any negative stuff you read about me, or any screenshots for that matter, I don't bother none of these kids in the game, I don't even play that often the last couple of months.
radlpatschn5 (2 years ago)
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Thank you!
Synndrel (2 years ago)
Dat Cheerful Personality xD
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Cool huh? :) <3
Inflictables (2 years ago)
Player Guides (2 years ago)

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