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Remove Anything with Inspect Element Custom CSS

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Learn how to quickly remove any part of your WordPress website using inspect element and writing some custom css and the display none property. Remove elements, images, text, widgets, footer, header, sidebar and more.
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shaista jabeen (22 days ago)
genius man you have shown the real solution I was working on this from 1 week and you just showed the solution in minutes
Greg Narayan (18 days ago)
That’s what I do! Good job getting it to work Punit!
Emőke Labancz (2 months ago)
newstrails (2 months ago)
Thank you very much. I am a novice and learnt how to remove a div from the backend. You have come to my rescue earlier too.
Greg Narayan (2 months ago)
Wahoooo! Great feeling right. There's so much to learn. I'm so happy to be your teacher!
SpecialBeam Charlie (3 months ago)
Thanks this worked wonderfully
Fred Melchiorre (3 months ago)
Hello. Do you have your videos on CSS subject matter in one place? Can you send me a link? Sometimes I don't get youtube. I subscribed and I figured it would bring up more videos like this one. Thank you.
N. S (5 months ago)
Hi Greg, Do you maybe also now how to hide a LI class instead of a Div class?
N. S (5 months ago)
I did it with input#vfb-7 { display: none!important; } and it worked
Greg Narayan (5 months ago)
Yes which LI? Anything with a class assigned can be hidden with display: none;
N. S (5 months ago)
I just want to delete one element from the div class
Moe Ahmad (5 months ago)
Hey, I’m having trouble with custom CSS.. I have an alert box for Streamlabs. When someone donates, I want the name of the donator in a certain area and their message also in a certain area. I cannot find any help on this. Please, anything you can do to help me with that?!
Moe Ahmad (5 months ago)
Hey, I got it fixed! Thank you for reaching out!
Greg Narayan (5 months ago)
Can you send a screenshot of the alert box and how you’d like it to [email protected]? I can forward to our custom designer who can likely help.
BLAZMOD (5 months ago)
knifelz (6 months ago)
How can i remove only the wrapper without removing the content? I want to make my background black but it shows a white frame around my posts/buttons etc....
Jama'at Gillingham (6 months ago)
Excellent. Saved a lot of hassle. Well explained.
Marto Fever (7 months ago)
you're genius, after 3hs struggling, you showed me the real solution. thanks and I become a suscriber!
Greg Narayan (7 months ago)
Haha we always try to keep it real! Any time Marto. Btw new video just posted on Elementor, super easy to remove things there.
Eco-Locals (8 months ago)
Ah this doesn't quite work for me trying to only remove the "search by keyword" (i.e. nth-child(1)) from the below: <div id="tab-details" class=panel entry content"> <span class = "item label"> Search by keyword</span> - <br> <span class = "item label"> Search by address</span> - <br> i tried the below but it didn't work... item_label:nth-child(1) { display:none; } any solution? thank you!!!
Number 5 (8 months ago)
Hi, which theme is this? It looks awesome!
James Duffy (10 months ago)
Wow mate this was incredibly helpful. You explained it so easily which lead to my problem being resolved in a matter of minutes. Thats coming from someone with ZERO coding experience. Thank you :D
sathish h (10 months ago)
10 mins too long next time make it short
Fredrikos (11 months ago)
thx you helped me alot
Knight Rider (1 year ago)
Not only this fixed my problem, I actually learnt something new. Could not have explained it any better, thank you for the video tutorial
John Smith (1 year ago)
+Greg Narayan Can you check out the thread I created on reddit? Thread at: https://www.reddit.com/r/web_design/comments/7sapuc/deleting_elements_on_website_with_css/
Jack Erol (1 year ago)
Brilliant stuff! Fixed my problem! Thank you!
Axl Paul (1 year ago)
okay then......please can u tell me another question that i have.....which is.....how to unlock locked images, locked videos etc....thanks in advance
Greg Narayan (1 year ago)
what do you mean locked I've never seen that?
Axl Paul (1 year ago)
i need to ask u something
Greg Narayan (1 year ago)
Best way to ask wordpress questions is just post a comment on my newest video! Can't do the personally talk at the moment :( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yD3mCjYRoqc
Axl Paul (1 year ago)
how can i talk to you personally.....like email or fb
Ben Winwood (1 year ago)
Thanks! This is really helpful and appreciated!
Buen Provecho TV (1 year ago)
I spent hours trying to figure this out and watched numerous videos but they all left holes in the information and I was hesitant to take action. Your video finally got me out of the weeds; what a relief. Thank you for the input and help!
XldavlordlX (1 year ago)
thanks!!!! now you have a new sub great job.
Alexander (1 year ago)
great video!
Valli Blondal (1 year ago)
Really helped me to solve a problem. Great support video.
SocialConditioningZone (2 years ago)
This Video Is Amazing. You saved me so much time removing all the random bs from my website.
vincentvangro (2 years ago)
when you started you said you had already written some code in the css editor.when I open the editor its blank and when I copy/paste the code I want to modify it is on line 1 because nothing else it there.I watched the vid 3 times and couldn't find a starting point for the code to insert like you did.how can you modify the code to none?Do I need to copy the left box of code first into the editor first?
FranksInsaneVideos (2 years ago)
GREAT VIDEO! How would I remove just the padding? When I select the div it selects everything including the padding around the image.
Badware broom (2 years ago)
Thank you ! This was very helpful!
Jordan Todorov (2 years ago)
Thank you very much. That help me very much. Kind Regards

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