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Elie Saab | Spring Summer 2019 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Elie Saab | Spring Summer 2019 by Elie Saab | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - PFW/Paris Fashion Week)
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Frederik van Holland (1 month ago)
1:15 Romee Strijd (Dutch). She also ends the show!
lu boo (15 days ago)
I also caught that too had to do a double take 😅😌
nad kts (1 month ago)
0:55 nice legs😂😂😂😂😂
Noirel-Goldberg Théo (1 month ago)
Ermenegildo Zegna , Élie Saab, the kind of elegance I love. Gucci = Goût d'chiotte !!!!!!
Lorenzo Salazar (1 month ago)
iPhone video is the new applause
徐雲亮 (2 months ago)
Nina Lukan (2 months ago)
Wow the dark skinned model from 2.24 to 2.34 is just stunning... Got my attention in a second.
Effie Liu (2 months ago)
These models, what is.wrong with them?why are they all walking like non-professionals? Very odd walk
janis blanco (2 months ago)
janis blanco (2 months ago)
FtMilena Freitas (2 months ago)
The shoes , 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Jesusistheonlysavior (3 months ago)
He is the only couturier that his designs are feminine, classy wearable, stylish and sophisticated. He is the King of the Red Carpet.
Olga Krunic (3 months ago)
Roberval Anselmo (3 months ago)
Nota mil .pra Elie saab.esa bota sapado com flor as. ta um espetáculo os decotes uau! Tudo .sem falar nas estampas de onças com listras coloridas as pernas a mostras, o Branco amei os👍 paetês com listras. O preto. Com decodes.pura sexualidade.voce é um espetáculo de bom gosto parabéns elie saab 👏👏👏👏👏🌟❤🙇👢👗🎽👓👛👚😘
Gold flowers man Flowers (4 months ago)
Amazing show
Hielda Magalhaes (4 months ago)
Show woman
Ali Olibert (4 months ago)
Sorry 3 from 5 !
Wooowww! Glorious!! <3 <3
lisa koola (4 months ago)
am i the only one notice the models has a problem walking ?
Inna Bradford (5 months ago)
Love the dresses but the shoes 👎or the runway 👎
JinJie L. (5 months ago)
the shoes are dangerous
Asmae Rahouti (5 months ago)
All the models are having hard time to walk in those shoes . Painfull to watch
Lili Bailey (5 months ago)
this looks like a winter collection not a spring summer .gives a little disapointment not so breathcatching as always but good work.
Terry Chiu (5 months ago)
Yessss.... Ondria! Ondria! Ondria Hardin!
Edna De Jesus Lopes (5 months ago)
thank you very beautiful
mimicyin (5 months ago)
OMG the dress makes me feel so romantic... love it 😊
kalli971 (5 months ago)
more than beautiful
zzyzxy1 (5 months ago)
schrap72 (5 months ago)
Some of the floral pieces, striped pieces and florals mixed with stripes just weren't working for me. But I liked most of the outfits.
me encanto
Ciclalli Silva (5 months ago)
What's wrong with that model she can't even walk?🤔
Beverley O,sullivan (5 months ago)
Absolutley love elle saab last yr collection was awsome the winter one but this is eqally as good while i can only dream of owning such a garment i will keep dreaming as im not rich and a fuller figured lady. The clothes are excisitely cut that accentuates the form of a woman well done
Espe diaz (5 months ago)
Beatiful collection
Mona Hh (5 months ago)
المصمم عالمي إلي صعب دائما مبدع 😍😍😍
ceciLOVEtaco (5 months ago)
Models CAN NOT WALK AT ALL ! These heels are only 4 inches high , some even lower , please la ! Watching fashion shows nowadays is a torture.
M S.P (5 months ago)
Blanca Padilla as spectacular as always, min 3:46.
BrooklyntoBrixton (5 months ago)
Best show of PFW for me so far. Floral done right. Looks for Galas, dinners, dancing and sitting on a yacht.
India Dentlinger (5 months ago)
I screamed when I saw Romee❣️
عهود سرور (5 months ago)
Oumaima Louizi (5 months ago)
Bravo Elie saab Amazing collections ❤❤❤❤❤🖒👗
Ali Ahmed (5 months ago)
كثير حلو مبدع
difau14 (5 months ago)
Didn't you guys see the model who almost falls over Anna Wintour and reaction? She just immediately talked to Virginia Smith and started typing something about the shoes... Shoe collection 🚫
Wayne David (5 months ago)
Love This Collection.. and the Models are Good
Eduardo Garcia Fuentes (5 months ago)
Ondria Hardin (OPENED) 💜🙌
Ella Larkin (5 months ago)
Disappointing collection.
Kafkian Genius (5 months ago)
Same thing over and over again. Flowers and Crystals all over. Boring 👎👎. Shoe problem also.
Amanda Bonfante (5 months ago)
The models that picked up their feet and really exaggerated the movement didn’t seem to have trouble walking. It’s about balance and fluidity. I mean, I could never walk in those shoes gracefully, but I think it shows level of experience
offset byte (5 months ago)
she just kills it.
alya meisa (5 months ago)
is that romee
Cécilia (5 months ago)
They can't walk with those shoes ...
David Chan (5 months ago)
Those poor models look like they are being hypnotized especially the minute they make that corner turn. Nevertheless, the chiffony collection was fabulous.
Beatrice M (5 months ago)
Amo Elie Saab un vero e raro artista 😍
jtolify (5 months ago)
Romee Strijd ugh! 😍
taehyung's bitch (5 months ago)
8:13 😮
Lele Grace (5 months ago)
They can't walk properly with these shoes
Mrinal Sawarkar (5 months ago)
There was a very refreshing change in this collection. I could clearly make out that this collection was targeted towards a younger audience. I was glad not to see the typical princessy heavy shimmery gowns. The presence of flowers was heavily evident in this collection. Overall the very fresh collection I like it
pope 1960 (5 months ago)
from beauty pagent to club and party , I applause this change 👏 black flower print and gray-sh organdy appeal Paris flavor too
CALIDEE HOLMES (5 months ago)
love the opening with the whites followed by the intensity of the florals... absolutely couture...the models are absolutely Spot On!... Great Flow... love this designer's eye for art and elegance... these designs are timeless
all the love (5 months ago)
Gossip girl theme song?
all the love (5 months ago)
Roupas entediantes,não entendi o conceito.
Meekey Kamira (5 months ago)
Their legs are CRAP.. all bent inwards..no walks normal
kimjoan212 (5 months ago)
Either it’s the shoes 👠 or the walk that’s disastrous........
Cinta Indonesia (5 months ago)
Josephine always looks so classy in every runaway show 😘
Nedo Taslak (5 months ago)
Pretty cool show !! :D
why not (5 months ago)
@5:50 when you hold a fart in public
Jaimee Naval (5 months ago)
mercia brasil (5 months ago)
What is happening that all the videos are not coming out with the original parade audios ???
dvdgalutube (5 months ago)
I was too distracted by the models’ robotic walk... it’s hard to tell if I like the collection. Fabric is nice 👍🏻
Madina Vadache (5 months ago)
However it’s all good but why produce the same staff in different colors if you don’t have any new ideas ? I am sure his wear house is full of dresses nobody buys.
taehyung's bitch (5 months ago)
1:12 - 9:58 romee strijd 😍😍
Beautiful and elegant. I like this show.
Уважаю ваш труд, однако это скучновато и несуразно
Emo Mado (5 months ago)
Amazing collection as usual of Elie saab..i love specially the laast dress .. all are really fantastic..Love u from Egypt❤
joussefysf (5 months ago)
Elie is always feminine & cute but i wish he could push for something more creative cause its getting dull & reductive
Jesusistheonlysavior (5 months ago)
joussefysf and what more do need for a ready to wear collection????? He has his own Lebanese touch and its creative, feminine stylish far away from being boring. I watched channel and other famous designers and they didn’t offer anything new. Elle still the king.
Leila Cardoso (5 months ago)
Queria tanto entender esses comentários kkkkk cadê o povo do Brasil aqui???
Mila VB (5 months ago)
I just watched a lingerie-yacht inspired catwalk.
Cecilia Rivera (5 months ago)
this is boring and excessive
Maca Meineri (5 months ago)
Sinceramente no entendi el concepto, había demasiadas prendas distintas, las estampas no me convencieron, el peinado era raro, la paleta de colores creo que menos es mas en este caso. Ah y los zapatos un desastre
Leila Cardoso (5 months ago)
Queria tanto entender seu comentário kkkk
Brent Yalowica (5 months ago)
too much black , the clothes can be different colours for background, blue , green, silver, gold, etc, nice patterns but do not like the black repeated over and over and over...
khadija mor (5 months ago)
Top ....chapeau Elie...franchement waw...bon continuation 😍😍😍😍
Amy Jane (5 months ago)
At the beginning, It annoys me that everyone is on the phone while not seeing a beautiful designed piece. Btw and this is not only in this Fashion show.
Connor Ainley (5 months ago)
They're photographing it. Just like in the 80s and 90s when their we're a million press photographers flooding the sidelines of the catwalks. Rolling my damn eyes
Carolina anastasia (5 months ago)
Siempre el mejor
Mariyeen Acheege (5 months ago)
Absolutely brilliant! What an outstanding, gorgeous set of designs! This is fashion as it was meant to be.
Drouin Johnny (5 months ago)
Never deceive with that brand....beautiful, sophisticated..wearable..love💗
Fernando Landa (5 months ago)
Ondria Hardín
Katerina Patiniotis (5 months ago)
The models can't walk properly with those shoes. The floorboards must be very slippery.
Maris MM (5 months ago)
the heels looks very thin too
juanma mori (5 months ago)
With some models I was expecting a Carrie Bradshaw's runway fall lol I think the problem with the shoes is that they are too high!!. They look gorgeous on paper (stylist very well )but not functional in the reality. By the way is a beautiful collection as always . Bravo !!!
juanma mori (5 months ago)
+Rishon Hislop even if this is a readytowear . He thinks is like "haute couture" and he arrives to look like that which is amazing , probably many of these pieces will made by orden or something like that
Rishon Hislop (5 months ago)
Most of the pieces shown here are prototypes, so I'm sure that they will be perfected for shops.
Adda Espinoza (5 months ago)
Amazing, Love it
craig harrison (5 months ago)
Bored distracted audience....never a good sign!
Mariyeen Acheege (5 months ago)
This show was magnificent. If you are going to decide how good it was based on the blogger audience, you’re not an artist.
Katerina Patiniotis (5 months ago)
craig harrison All these snob, so-called "fashion bloggers" and rich mummies..
Shriti sharma (5 months ago)
Best fashion show of 2018
the red-handed savage (5 months ago)
Ondria Hardin is back!
Eduardo Garcia Fuentes (5 months ago)
Shriti sharma (5 months ago)
Raf. J (5 months ago)
beautiful elegant wearable
Noirel-Goldberg Théo (1 month ago)
Exactly... Classic is Modern in fashion and a piece of clothe should always be wearable. It is not destined to be in a fucking museum!!!!!!!
Ismail Meziani (5 months ago)
I am a man and I can walk much better than some of the models. Unless, there was something wrong with the boots.
Annabella Winsteald (5 months ago)
Well, it's always easier to walk for a man in flat shoes than for a woman in high heels :-)
Sonja Rieß (5 months ago)
I love it a phantastic show, amazing dresses and wonderful fabrics, beautiful models, a good mix of elegance, feminine, fresh, cool and a touch of sexapeal bravo bravo
Shriti sharma (5 months ago)
U described it best
Laura Tárkányi (5 months ago)
Amazing! Elie Saab is such a talent His collections are a celebration of the many facets of elegance and femininity
Rebbih Zineb (5 months ago)
That model almost fell bcz of the shoes
Rishon Hislop (5 months ago)
The long dress didn't help either.
Rebbih Zineb (5 months ago)
I think there was a problem with the shoes , the models were weird when they were about to turn
F Lady (4 months ago)
Maybe models need to walk on heels, even when are not on work.
Annabella Winsteald (5 months ago)
Well, these shoes are clearly not "too high" compared to the towering shoes which were featured during the fashion shows from 2008-2010 of various brands. So these ones are probably badly conceived/made...
tonyxio (5 months ago)
Its the floor dumbsies
sarah alamri (5 months ago)
The floor could get a little slippery honey
Maca Meineri (5 months ago)
Agree except the best models the others walk weird and slow
Erald Berat (5 months ago)
Balmain Versace
minnie saab (5 months ago)
Amy Booktube (5 months ago)
Nour Al Karout (5 months ago)
But this is not the original song of the show
chaii (5 months ago)
Nour Al Karout copyright

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