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2 GUNS - Official International Trailer

2338 ratings | 1165837 views
In Cinemas Soon
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Text Comments (170)
Nukk Schwer (1 month ago)
Idola aing❤
Andrew Flood (1 month ago)
THE NIGHT RIDER KAL (1 month ago)
Do I need to watch this movie I was gonna watch but decided to watched the trailer and now I feel like I don't have to watch the movie , LOL COMING SOON , me no thanks I'll save my 20 bucks thanks LOL
Mimi Bree (1 month ago)
I can't tell you how good this movie was! Now I gotta watch it over cause it was that amazing. Denzel and Mark had great chemistry!
Mr. Smiley (2 months ago)
*The movie was stupid. You can that Denzels career is going downhill by appearing with this jack off Whalaburg.*
Sarah Herivel (2 months ago)
I watch the trailer cuz I need to know if movie fits my vibe. I just got done watching this and I loved it. Don’t watch trailer just to bit** lol all I’m sayin.
Vishwa Deep (4 months ago)
Hope i couldn't say the name
djef ardeur (5 months ago)
spoil alert
الأسد ألوحيد (6 months ago)
I Love😍😍😍😍😍😘😘
MN-ATOM (7 months ago)
Common Crystal45937 (7 months ago)
0:43 Song from Contraband
ZiGy (7 months ago)
i cummed
ignatia LT1 (10 months ago)
mark mark mark❤❤❤❤❤❤
GoldenPlazma 56 (1 year ago)
The black guy has the same mask as Corey Taylor from Slipknot
ORI KORI (1 year ago)
Oh no
odiamo tutti (1 year ago)
Paula Patton is so fucking hot ♥ ♥
Lone Wolf (1 year ago)
great movie really.... i dont care if whalberg sucks he does that all the time... maybe theyll make like 3 gunz with emily blunt or something :)
Starr Quedent (1 year ago)
and this is why you never watch the trailer.
tushar v (1 year ago)
Freeking spoilers... Wish i wouldnt have watched this traiker at the 1st place
alexsander471 (1 year ago)
RacingJ (1 year ago)
I Thought The Movie Was Rubbish Because The Exploded A Beautiful Chevrolet Impala
Mimo (1 year ago)
MrGilRoland (1 year ago)
Why go to a movie theater and waste money and time when you can just watch a trailer?
Asmaa (3 months ago)
Drouxuza Cuprahz (11 months ago)
MrGilRoland 🤣😂
MMaya (2 years ago)
what version of "All along the watch tower" is playing in the trailer? who plays that?
Miroslav Stojković (2 years ago)
Nnč... :)
MMaya (2 years ago)
+Miroslav Stojković hvala Miro :))
Miroslav Stojković (2 years ago)
Devlin ft Ed Sheeran
CHRIST19 Gaming (2 years ago)
Conner Broeker (2 years ago)
So this where Joker got his guns
John McClane (2 years ago)
fucking spoiled the entire film
watched the movie, then this trailer and they gave away the plot in the first minute lol
Hollywood Photos (2 years ago)
Great photos of 2 Guns https://www.facebook.com/HollywoodPhot0s/photos/a.1158036930876233.1073741845.1131351853544741/1185966281416631/?type=3
Coldplayer (2 years ago)
Netflix Thanks....
Nawaf Alahmed (3 years ago)
Name of the song
TheT34Tank (2 years ago)
+TheT34Tank The intro song, I mean.
TheT34Tank (2 years ago)
Slave (Instrumental) by Zack Hemsey
Marko Djuricic (3 years ago)
+Nawaf Alahmed Jimi Hendrix - All along the watchtower but this is some different version by someone else. It's as much as I can help, at least you know the name of the song.
Rogerio Barbosa (3 years ago)
Cool masks...
Rogerio Barbosa (3 years ago)
Paula Patton and Denzel Washington again ?
Tom Z (3 years ago)
Wouldn't need it if shit ads weren't posted
Gary H (3 years ago)
Lesson from this movie: Don't fuck with the CIA
Shanton Henfield (3 years ago)
Nazri Buang (3 years ago)
I heard that Mark Wahlberg claimed that Denzel Washington's black cock was S.T.A which stands for Super Triple Awesome.
N4PSTER (3 years ago)
Awesome movie!
Rocco Siffredi (3 years ago)
One of best movies ever :) denzel and mark is awesome :)
The King Of Norway (3 years ago)
instead of watching 2 girls 1 cup, why not search this instead?
OblivionMike (3 years ago)
More like Official International Spoiler...god damn it! Don't watch this!
kiouiosa kiokiii (3 years ago)
+oblivionzzzmike to fucking late fuck this shit i was about to watch the fucking movie god damn it
scoobeedu (3 years ago)
music is "all along the watch tower "Jimmy Hendrix "
Sporedi (3 years ago)
+scoobeedu Nope, this is a cover of Jimmy Hendrix' "all along the watchtower" which is a cover of Bob Dylan's "all along the watchtower"
rolf778 (3 years ago)
The trailer is also spoiler. damn  Guys who wanna watch this movie, dont watch this trailer. this is an enjoyable movie.
Marco P. (2 years ago)
A trailer is always a spoiler...
Rapunzel Fitzherbert (3 years ago)
Eli + Swagger = The Two Guns 🔫 What a perfect pairing! 👏
Dana Whitestein (4 years ago)
This movie couldn't be more close to the truth. This is america. Corrupt government and law inforcement. CIA is fucking you over.
nafism6969 (4 years ago)
crappy-ish movie.
TraustiGeir (3 years ago)
+nafism6969 Meaning it's good.
blackwariors 02251980 (4 years ago)
I like this movie
blackwariors 02251980 (4 years ago)
Yung maitim ang crush ko hindi si mark
blackwariors 02251980 (4 years ago)
Yan ang crush ko ang bida na yan
ImGammaa (4 years ago)
I have already watched the film but this trailer felt like it had a lot of spoilers
Enraged Owl (4 years ago)
Nice helicopter
Loki (4 years ago)
Gonna watch this movie, anyone know any other good movies, preferably awesome action, with a tad of comedy
Dank Doggo (3 months ago)
the hitman's bodyguard
Zorroborro (3 years ago)
Fast and furious 4-5-6-7 are all uniqe and awesome and non-stop and bad boys all of them :)
Diana (3 years ago)
+Loki shooter. the best movie ever
laid back attitude (3 years ago)
+Jai Kainth cop out
AirUpThere14 (3 years ago)
+Sara Avdija MBGY pain and gain was with rock and mark w and that other guy that plays papa doc ? (pointless question considering i am about to google it)
musa dukureh (4 years ago)
good movie for sure 
eddie may (4 years ago)
Just watched it. Awesome!
Ali Adel (4 years ago)
What's the name of the song in the trailer?
Kim Markström (4 years ago)
All along the watchtower - Devlin, Ed Sheeran
Luciano Durão (4 years ago)
Oh yeah...thank you trailer for spoiling what could have been a cool discovery through out the freaking movie. I just love when trailers do that. You know...take out all of the fun from a movie and just chew it out for you?
laid back attitude (1 year ago)
luciano ... i know what you mean it's my first time watching this trailer but i have watched this film sooo many times and glad i din't watch the trailer before hand.. used to be my hang over cure routine.." just dont get those pissy hands on me"... "it smells like warm corona".... "have you ever heard of that saying that you've got a face only a mother can love? well that doesnt aply to you, because you are uglier than the devil's asshole itself"... i love this film and i think it's underated.
Luciano Durão (1 year ago)
Just go watch the movie. It will be better without knowing beforehand what will happen! Have fun.
YoDa BaKi (1 year ago)
Luciano Durão don't watch trailers just look at posters it makes movies far more enjoyable
Luciano Durão (3 years ago)
+Shazad Hussain Just watch it, have fun, and come back later haha
Shazad Hussain (3 years ago)
+Methodical T lol lucky i paused the trailer too now i can watch the movie
Pablo Disconnect (4 years ago)
maybe some similarities with breaking bad, not the story of course
theastrostarkid14 (4 years ago)
My kind of movie. Action, Comedy and a teaspoon of romance and two badass actors. THUMPS UP
X5 (4 years ago)
When Bobby blew the damn car full of money my jaw fell lol
baprejmer (4 years ago)
fun movie to watch. puts you in a great mood
Richard Campbell (4 years ago)
2_ guns rule
Fozia Lafemme (4 years ago)
Why would this get few viewers? This supposed to have an award. :D Mark is so hilarious. 
Martina Delikados (5 years ago)
I read movie article at rottentomatoes.us
Leah Salonsi (5 years ago)
watch this great film at iwantmovies.info
Leo Račić (5 years ago)
All would be great in this video, if there is just orginal song and not this bad cover*
AlGoodUserNameRTaken (5 years ago)
did i just hear a butchered version of all along the watchtower because thats what i think i heard.
alexanderkenniethbam (5 years ago)
ed sheeran
Commander_Swift (5 years ago)
Oh you don't say???
Ichini Shichi (5 years ago)
i saw the closed screening the other day and what i can tell you the movie was the opposite of what you see here in the trailer.
bectom1 (5 years ago)
Awesome Gameing (5 years ago)
theslowmoguys sent me here :D
Sven (5 years ago)
what's the version of all along the watchtower called?
TheVIRUS612 (5 years ago)
first time a trailer spoiled the end of a movie. btw first scene of the trailer, terrible cgi.
MClilypad (5 years ago)
Where is da donut scene ?
Nevermore (5 years ago)
Mhm, I'm POSITIVE there are more than 2 guns involved.
Little Scrub (5 years ago)
qxANGELxp (5 years ago)
Not tru. 2:06 they didn't show enough.
link boy (5 years ago)
matthew spaeth (5 years ago)
wow they are using CFX masks in this movie? awesome
GarretTheShadow (5 years ago)
stalhein61 (5 years ago)
Only here because of Gavvy Wavvy.
PrevalentGamer (5 years ago)
Slowmo guys :)
BlackVectom (5 years ago)
Slowmoguys sent me here!
UberCuba (5 years ago)
I'm glad roosterteeth sent me here, this looks like an amazing move! Can't wait to watch it
AllAbout EngineETC (5 years ago)
Great action movie. Watch at iwantmovies.info
Moose (5 years ago)
that was a sick rendition of All Along The Watchtower!
lakei Takuvaka (5 years ago)
Yea I seem the movie already they show most of the movie on here
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knockdoun (5 years ago)
dude WTF I was about to go see this movie but uhhhh spoiler alert much?! kinda destroys the fun of seeing it
StefanosDIT (5 years ago)
great, I've already seen the movie from this trailer, thanks.
John May (5 years ago)
I do not care how much of the movie they showed here, I was sold before they busted out Edward James Olmos and All Along the Watchtower. So Say We All
Bryan Hauser (5 years ago)
The Dead Weather enhances every movie trailer.
waqar Ahmad (5 years ago)
Now no need to watch the movie the trailer have all the stuff
wrcrally12 (5 years ago)
iwant see this
Whit Ellingwood (5 years ago)
i was literally listening to all along the watch tower two mintues ago. except it was the original hendrix version. way better
Eatoutloud_ (5 years ago)
too much in the trailer
Alexander Stephan (5 years ago)
You showed us the movie already!!
RJ Starr (5 years ago)
It's been going on for years now.
SamJay505 (5 years ago)
seriously they should just drop the term 'trailer' and replace it with 'summary' cause that's what this is, a summary of the whole god damn movie....Rename it '2 GUNS - Official International Summary'
Robert Logic (5 years ago)
Devlin - All Along The Watchtower ft. Ed Sheeran
andrea brown (5 years ago)
devlin ft ed sheerin watchtower
NdCRants (5 years ago)
what song?

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