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11 types of drummers playing classic songs

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A high five to whoever can name all the songs. Purchase my music here: iTunes: https://itun.es/us/mCbd5 Google Play: http://bit.ly/2syCMqq Amazon Mp3: http://amzn.to/2syNygn Follow me on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2rZOFqt Watch more on my second channel here: http://bit.ly/2jgXg3m Pick up some Jared Dines Merch: http://bit.ly/2z1MyBu FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/jared.dines INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/j4r3dd1n3s TWITTER: https://twitter.com/JaredDines SNAPCHAT: http://bit.ly/SnapJared
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Text Comments (4797)
Silas Millar (12 hours ago)
1:38 it’s INdecisive not UNdecisive!!!
Aleksandr Griadovoi (1 day ago)
Why have I thought that Jared Dines and Rob Scallion is the same person?
JacobHQ (3 days ago)
it took me a year to realize that u were playing an incest song
Baz animal (4 days ago)
Sleeper: Smoke on the water
Whoamiagain (4 days ago)
Song at 1:25?
Logan’s World (5 days ago)
0:52 did anyone notice that a piece of the cymbal fell off?
Kace Johnson (6 days ago)
I am like all of these in one song!😂
t4nd3m YT (6 days ago)
I definitely am the "where am I" dude but I only look to the drums or the ceiling
Steinar Flaten (6 days ago)
Where am i guy was also the organ player of uriah heep on the easy livin music video
Mohamed Moustaghfir (7 days ago)
Sam Dogg (7 days ago)
No more anticipation guy for me...that was horrifying.
teku 2 tokyo drift (7 days ago)
1:05 please stop triggering the drummers of the world
Ayush Aripirala (8 days ago)
The cymbal destroyer was better because of the china
I’m a shaker braker
MAMMOTH SQUAD (9 days ago)
I loved not enough hi hat
Chris (9 days ago)
I'm sure someone already said this but what about the "drummer at wrong gig" that guy deserves his own genre.
Geoffrey Glenn (10 days ago)
I'm a mix of The Cool Cat, Just Let Me Groove, and Not Enough Hi-Hat.
Chauncey (11 days ago)
There is never enough hi hats!!!
Capn' Pants (13 days ago)
Has no one noticed that he messes up on the Crazy Train riff at 1:25? Come on Jared, we know you are better than that.
michael bailey (14 days ago)
0:56 is that enter sandman by Metallica
Pk Uptaunt (19 days ago)
How bout the guy who makes every note that has a long interval be a blast beat
Any Say me who is the songs
Yoshikid Gaming (20 days ago)
Guts (21 days ago)
Rip cymbals😂😂😂
Silvano Schröter (21 days ago)
Song name 1:40?
Craig James Myran (22 days ago)
2:08 Uh, the shrooms just kicked in and where the hell am I?
Benjamin Adams (22 days ago)
2:03 rip snare
ado fonconi (22 days ago)
1:38 Man name of the song...I really can't recall it...please help! LOL
ado fonconi (22 days ago)
- Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love - Van Halen! - Wow, thanks man! - You're welcome, boi! - What do ya mean "boi"? - Well, justI dunno I was just.... - I don't think I'm still interested in talking with you anymore - Goodbye, then
Riyan Lukas (22 days ago)
so funny your face lol..
Gabriel Castro (23 days ago)
Wut is the blast away song
Bohemian Drums (23 days ago)
You Amazed Me Man!
Will Alexander (24 days ago)
no disrespect, but this video was so easy to make
Kyrian (22 days ago)
And, according to your mind, is that a problem? Just a question, no offense ^^
_ HackX _ (24 days ago)
Sweet Home Alabama, Oh, Pretty Woman, Rock You Like A Hurricane, Gimme Three Steps, Enter Sandman, You Shook Me, Crazy Train, Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love, Smoke On The Water, Sunshine Of Your Love.
Dominik Gołemberski (24 days ago)
2:08 it's me on rehearsal 🤣🤣
Esotereccentric (27 days ago)
1:19...that hi-hat almost turned into butter!
Zach C (28 days ago)
Im a hardcore buildup...
Andrew Evangelista (28 days ago)
The sleeper is getting copyrighted
goric (28 days ago)
Years later.. still thinkk this video is totally relevant.
Nolan Abell (29 days ago)
You didn’t have to call me out with the anticipation one
carlos henrique (1 month ago)
Very funny guy 😂😂😂
shaolin 23 (1 month ago)
Im a that last 😂
Normunds Sperlins (1 month ago)
more tom toms and snare and cymbls
Raphael Pedrozo (1 month ago)
You're so cool SareDines.....Opps my bad..Jared Dines..
Psgetti Gaming (1 month ago)
Last one was sunshine of love by cream
Kysorsene (1 month ago)
Is 2:13 funkytown?
cwardo 98 (1 month ago)
What happen to the front of your symbol.?!?🤯🤯
JAY C (1 month ago)
I'm defenetly the cool cat😂😎
themackman (1 month ago)
0:33 me af
Brockdrummer 97 (1 month ago)
Broken crash cymbal
Lewis Dabbs (1 month ago)
what is the song at 1:38?
Mairéad Brady (1 month ago)
Lewis Dabbs ain’t talkin bout love van Halen
Not Enough Hi Hat: Duran Duran
romina culto (1 month ago)
Im:The cool cat,Just let me groove,The master of anticipation and Every hardcore buildup
Victor Silva (1 month ago)
1:10 me
Every Hardcore Buildup is Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne
Master of Anticipation is Enter Sandman by Metallica (I think)
ASGDrummer (1 month ago)
0:09 am i the only one who does this and replays this?
Dave moskot (1 month ago)
Nice ride cymbal. See u took some lessons from lord Lars. Jared can even make broken cymbals sound good.
evanimations (1 month ago)
I was only able to name Enter Sandman, You shook me all night long and seven nation army :(
Devyn Lampley (1 month ago)
I’m all of these😂
LEOISCOOL900 (1 month ago)
Whats the name of the music on the beggining
Mairéad Brady (1 month ago)
Leoiscool900 YT sweet home Alabama
Blinded Toaster (1 month ago)
How is monotized
Stephan Gruhne (1 month ago)
I think he's eating his Cymbal. From Video to Video the Bite expands.
Why am I even here? Im a bass player
THE LAUGHING ELMO (1 month ago)
Just let me groove, I love that one with the Scorpions Rock you like a hurricane😁😁😁😁😁😁
Famisa Yusuf (1 month ago)
Hey Jared, try The Tielman Brothers drummer style, man. I think it would be cool
Tonio Plamio (1 month ago)
His China crash and the other crash is a bit broken hahaha
He was a fast machine....
Wesley Madsen (1 month ago)
andrew what are you doin man?
Robert Veerman (1 month ago)
John Hedegaard (1 month ago)
1:07 lol just heard that song😂😂😂
Kernel Kraken (1 month ago)
There can never be enough hi hat.
lousydonut 3 (1 month ago)
i like the were am i one
Matt Cavazos (1 month ago)
Why you got that saint anger snare
Ken Pearl (1 month ago)
1:29 OH YeAh
Jonzu ツ (1 month ago)
0:09 metal in a nutshell
Alle Sevetse (2 months ago)
Please help,whats the name of the song at the last part.
Agent Red (1 month ago)
Alle Sevetse Cream - Sunshine of your Love
Båby Shårk (2 months ago)
I'm the trumpet :)
Marcus Broadbent (2 months ago)
SanguchitoArgento (2 months ago)
1:38 song name?
Agent Red (1 month ago)
SanguchitoArgento https://youtu.be/Y-IUB62zDlA
Mr Metal (2 months ago)
Awesome video
partalios games (2 months ago)
0:56 lars ulrich
Jaxson Brower (2 months ago)
52 he breaks his drum stick
Cyka Blyat (2 months ago)
0:57 Watch as a wild Jared dines stalks his prey.
Cyka Blyat (2 months ago)
Nico Weich I got u fam
Nico Weich (2 months ago)
Angelo x Nara couldn‘t get it out of my head Trank you man
Cyka Blyat (2 months ago)
Nico Weich enter sandman why u asking
Nico Weich (2 months ago)
Angelo x Nara what Song is it?
BroBro Games (2 months ago)
I’m a guitarist watching this at midnight being fully amused
Ngan Nguyen (2 months ago)
Was that... Undead by Hollywood Undead?
RED (2 months ago)
not enough hi hat is me
VOX official (2 months ago)
1:50 you should add a turbo to your snare because you are a "Sleeper" drummer
Dark_Dirt Tv (2 months ago)
The Master of Anticipation 😂😂was that a direct dig at Lars?
Darth Pikachu (2 months ago)
The everything has to be like the original guy (MEEE)
TheDarkOne Gaming (2 months ago)
1:09 goddamnit, this is really unsatisfying
Underrated Song Covers (2 months ago)
Crabb Mann (2 months ago)
Lots of lynyrd skynynerd. Good band
Emmzzy Kirants (3 months ago)
Master Blaster25 (3 months ago)
I’m mostly all of these lol
Master Blaster25 (3 months ago)
Is it bad I’m the cymbal destroyer? 😂
Pé de Cabra (3 months ago)
1:38 name of the song ?
Pé de Cabra (1 month ago)
+Mairéad Brady Thx bro, this is now one of my favorite songs
Mairéad Brady (1 month ago)
Pé de Cabra ain’t talking bout love van Halen
María Díez (3 months ago)
0:09 Tré Cool
Sid Wangkhem (3 months ago)
The cymbal destroyer reminds me of Danny Carey. I mean man he literally hits the cymbal wayyyyyyyyyy more harder than what Jared is showing here.
Genius 😂😂😂😂🥁🥁🥁

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