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FAR CRY PRIMAL (How To Craft A Bow) Beginners Guide To Crafting HD

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*PS4 Tutorial*After recovering from Dalso's Death, My Tumble and the Loss of our Mammoth I need to find a weapon. I begin scavenging for items to make a Bow and Arrow. I need to find 5 Alder Wood, 2 Reeds and 2 Pieces of Slate. I use my Hunters Vision (R3) to track down the necessary materials. I gather the Materials (Hold Square To Take) and once the quotas are met I then press the Touch Pad to open the Menu. If the CRAFTING tab is not already open by default use the L1 and R1 Shoulder Buttons to highlight the selection. Once on the crafting menu, Highlight the Bow in the top left corner and Press the X button. This will complete the crafting process and equip the Bow and a limited supply of Arrows. Hold down L2 to Aim and Hold down R2 to ready the Arrow, release R2 to Shoot. If an Arrow is ready and you wish to Cancel the Shot, hold down the Square Button. -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/deputypatfilipe
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Kakgamer (1 year ago)
PC gamers please help
Kakgamer (1 year ago)
i have a problem when i gather all the requirements for bow it says press 1 to craft bow but when i press 1 nothing happens

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