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Crafting - Elder Scrolls VI - Improvements, Spell Making, Racial Styles, Woodworking

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Welcome Ladies and gentlemen to The Elder Scrolls VI discussion series! ESO WEAPON AND ARMOR STYLES: 1. Altmer - https://goo.gl/FblCeE 2. Bosmer - https://goo.gl/NpMKvX 3. Dunmer - https://goo.gl/aVzyOo 4. Nord - https://goo.gl/6q6jzg 5. Breton - https://goo.gl/JXDuhl 6. Redguard - https://goo.gl/zWd8H3 7. Khajiit - https://goo.gl/F1k3Zh 8. Orcs - https://goo.gl/hCLDMI 9. Argonians - https://goo.gl/5xbgX8 10. Imperial - https://goo.gl/H6p8Nh 11. Ancient Elf - https://goo.gl/ouALmQ 12. Barbaric - https://goo.gl/gvMYf4 13. Primal - https://goo.gl/CMqR79 14. Daedric - https://goo.gl/54lD8x 15. Dwemer - https://goo.gl/CcJHTi In this video we discuss - Weapons & Armor - and how much more love and detail needs to be delivered in those areas! I think most of you will agree! Share in the comments of all your wants, needs and reasoning behind them, for The Elder Scrolls VI - Preferably, specifically ideas relative to TES6 WEAPONS & ARMOR :) Your input is vital as this series is to give us (The Elder Scrolls Community) a voice! MORE TES6 Discussion Videos: Adult Themes (18+) - https://goo.gl/KKEVBh Characters - https://goo.gl/6adlxH Crafting - https://goo.gl/ZjkiZN Locations - https://goo.gl/D6yg0l Weapons & Armor - https://goo.gl/r9CoMK PATREON - https://www.patreon.com/Camelworks?ty=h SUBSCRIBE - http://goo.gl/a7GZdP DONATIONS - https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr... TWITTER - https://twitter.com/Camelworks FACEBOOK - http://goo.gl/OTUCJv
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Black Tom Brady (1 day ago)
unique doesnt mean better just different
Nemisis99 God (2 days ago)
I really hope they add light and medium armor variants of heavy armor and heavy and medium of light armors plus bringing back silver and chain mail armor as well some older spells levitate and so on same as some older weapons throwing knives etc and more weapons such as longswords or mauls I feel Skyrim rather laked in weapon variety I kinda wish we had like two-handed maces and other kinda of fantasy weapons and maybe playable instruments for bards
Anthoney Grose (6 days ago)
don't like the cap limit on spells/potions , thats alot of work , and i say good for them if they take the time to do it , maybe a limit on something if it goes online multiplier , your weapon doesn't get online , or its capped automatically. i like the idea of carrying the alchemy station , but i would rather have the ability to constuct an alchemy station , Maybe if you dony own the land it disappears or gets destroyed lol , would be funny to meet people using your station. might be a fun way to start quests or trade for cool stuff , or just rob a guy with cool stuff. and would be nice to see more random travelers to hijack , i mean the games have always talking about bandits , but you could never be one because all the people to steal from are gone pretty quickly. that sucks !
Anthoney Grose (6 days ago)
and a few quick notes , the bards college had decent missions , but would be nice to get s gig at a bar and actually play those instruments , (sing idk) . and all bars need drinks , would be nice to be able to craft mead , brandy , wine , at an alchemy station , and sell it to bars , hotels. Maybe you need to do a contract and provide so many a month. would also be good to make skooma for a bad guy. Maybe you do missions for the thievs guild and can choose to make it or not. (not necessarily the main TG quest line)
Anthoney Grose (6 days ago)
lol i want to play the flute , but it would be fun to be able to craft stuff or melt it down , also would be nice if you could make 5-10 arrows out of a log and 5-10 arrow heads out of ingots. this would give you a good reason to be a logger or work in a mine. chopping down a tree seems like it might be too much lol , but idk. and you talk about crafting skill , Maybe there could be a Craftsmen guild for traders and Craftsmen.
Anthoney Grose (6 days ago)
not with you on the armor , personally i wish steel could be as strong as other armors because i like the style , some characters i think look better with different colors , like why is imperial atmor better than steel , but deadric is only black and way bettet than anything. just would be nice to find a way to protect my good guy build without looking evil. and would be nice if i you could get different styles for ebony, deadric, and steel , the dwarven armor wasn't terrible , but looks like shit so i never wear it , maybe since i am the one making it i can mold it to look like steel or deadric. dude deadric chainmail would be wicked for a thief build , or almost any build deadric chainmail ! DEADRIC CHAINMAIL !!!!!!
Anthoney Grose (6 days ago)
with you on the armor enchanting
Anthoney Grose (6 days ago)
love the bottle idea , and would be nice if you used one you had an empty bottle in inventory. however it goes im behind this 100%
CoffeeTheFreshMaker (7 days ago)
I would like crafting to still be able to craft atleast comparable items to the ancient items. But make it have some sense to it. Allow for a questline when you get high enough in whatever skill you craft with, kinda like the dwemer artifact one from skyrim I guess. Add some really rare and powerful materials you can only work with after you learn it from said questline. That way it's a commitment, one to make your hero a legendary craftman among the best of them, not something you did by spamming vendors with lots of gold...
Ody -Chan (12 days ago)
I've played Oblivion for over 300 hours across 11 years and I had no God damned idea ypu could craft spells or that those alchemical equipment actually did anything!
Serena Chapple (14 days ago)
I get the opinion Camel that you just hate Skyrim
Staffaramus (23 days ago)
Truly agree with your ideas about "working for it". Both with alchemy and smithing. The creativity of what I can do because of what I have done means more than just constructing the same thing time and again. By crafting 100 iron daggers then bam I know how to craft a Nordic Bow? That never made sense
Blake Brown (24 days ago)
I would like to see a rework to the melee system. I find melee (at least in skyrim) to be dull and repetitive with little difference between the majority of melee weapons and their playstyle which is not good for a game where melee is a fundamental part of the combat system.
Queek (26 days ago)
I hope next TES6 has Requiem Overhaul and Dead is Dead built in (atleast optional) no mercy for failure :D and for the last time make Night's Darker/night vision for vampires usefull! and torches usefull! and give vacation to that guy who lights the torches in everyblody dungeon each day! and lower carry weight capacity for Immersive experience! and make the AI Detection range LARGE so you have to stay covered if you are trying to sneak behind them and wear really light equipment. and for armour setup would be nice to see something mix and match system like /pauldrons/Arms/body/legs/head/feet/cape/amulet/ring(s) for example like ESO has done. AND NO PADDLES NO PADDLES NO JUST NO!
Andrew Skipsey (29 days ago)
Rather than making top-tier armors and weapons uncraftable, make them only able to be made say... as the clock strikes midnight, at a special forge, with specific (possibly) enchanted tools.
Jeremiah Steele (1 month ago)
I imagine the best spell making system as something like a scripting code. So G= fire, L=project, Z=radius. L,G,Z = ball of energy that flies out and explodes with fire affecting a fixed radius. G,L,Z = Causes fire to begin at the hands and project outward a certain distance with an increasing radius until it reaches a certain width. G,Z,L = A harmful spell that creates fire in your hands, makes it explode and affect everything in a certain radius and then the game tries to launch a spell that has already been spent. In this way you can construct spells to have a wide range of abilities and affects with their magic cost and power being based on how many symbols you have arranged in a row. Doing it this way would allow nearly limitless creation in an easily balanced way that took very little effort on the developers part to create.
R Wolf (1 month ago)
This ideia of water and bottles is great and this could limit to the loop. To make more powerful potions, you need more water and bigger bottles, at some point, you can't continue the loop because there is no bottle big enough and you need to carry an ocean.
m8dude AoE (1 month ago)
for the alchemy/enchanting glitch, wouldn't it suffice if there were no potions to improve your enchanting? because while you can still improve your potions and armor to a degree, the cycle would be broken, so no overpowered items can be created. i think that'd be the easiest solution.
Dreamer Dawn (1 month ago)
If they make Soul Gems more scarce then they should have soul gems have a charge to them so when you're enchanting you can put up to a maximum amount of charges depending on the size of the gem.
Jason Begg (1 month ago)
I’d actually prefer they canned the crafting system and opted for skill-based combat. The balance of combat is way too shifted towards crafting in elder scrolls games and it mandates becoming the best blacksmith in the land in like 4 days. Not to mention that unless it has in-depth visual customization (it won’t), it IS NOT gameplay. It is just fluff
abb criss (1 month ago)
a better way to fix the enchanting/alchemy exploit is to make it so potions that buff enchanting aren't effected by enchants and visa versa
katisepicXD (1 month ago)
i feel like if the crafting system was like you suggested, the addition of item recycling would just break crafting all over again. If you can just empty an npc's home and be able to smith weapons and armor it wouldnt be much different from skyrim where you can just smith and smith till you get the really strong armor pieces
Jeremy Harvey (1 month ago)
here's the thing I feel like the skyrim smithing system is very fair and balanced as long as you dont cheat but I feel like the unique items needed a serious buff and I would feel like they were more useful if they leveled with your character
Shaundogger 09 (1 month ago)
LukeAsArts (1 month ago)
I'd hate it if you couldn't buff skills with enchants or potions
Fenrirwolflord (1 month ago)
I do not know if i agree with the crafting of spells, i was never a fan of it and was honestly glad they took it out in Skyrim. Not only could it easily be broken but it always felt wonky at best, beyond that i like the idea of having a tradition of spells to learn. That isn't to say the idea of creating your own spell isn't appealing i just haven't seen it done in Elder scrolls and i am iffy on seeing them trying it again. Still i will say this i won't be upset if they bring it back i just want them to come into it slowly and carefully and not use the same system as the old. I agree with Alchemy being fantastic, and i also preferred the Alchemy table. For Enchantments i agree soulgems where a bit to common though i wouldn't want them so rare it is annoying as well, i do think to make it more interest to have some more interesting enchantment effects, though i wouldn't mind more enchantments on items though i think there should be a limited like you said though i am not sure if the way you suggested is best or if some other way should be implemented but over all i have to agree. Smithing i am torn here i agree partly with what you said at least in the fact that legendary items in skyrim where lack luster. However i have plenty of friends who LOVE crafting there own powerful gear and should keep that. So an alternative i would suggest is make those legendary item's the best that tier of item could be crafter say if it is a legendary iron dagger it does the same damage the best iron dagger you can make. What would make said item appealing though? Give them unique property's or enchantments that only those items could have also making them look unique unto them selves would help as well. I agree there should be more types of armor as well as more types of weaponry, i do like the different styles as well. I disagree with the whole idea of being able to turn everything into some kind of materiel for weaponry or ect i think it is just silly, if you want the idea of farming material to be expended fine i can understand that but being able to melt down anything just doesn't make sense and is silly, it also means the developers are likely to reduce the number of items in the world which will also make the world feel more barren. Still a fantastic video though personally the one thing i REALLY want to see is an expended skill tree, one with more skills and more fun/unique ones as well.
william meninno (1 month ago)
bound crafting stations spells
AuGod01 (2 months ago)
Never Nerf, only buff. Don't nerf blacksmithing, make unique things like Daedric items MORE epic.
AuGod01 (2 months ago)
I think a field alchemy set would be excellent, but it should make weaker potions than at a table.
N 177 (2 months ago)
Bethesda please, you must listen to these guys on forums and YouTube.
fu4rk brah (2 months ago)
“Ahhh excellent, a broom! Thats at least 2 arrows!”
-Gemberkoekje- (2 months ago)
I've Basicly done nothing with magic in skyrim or any other elders rolls games
y tho (2 months ago)
please satnd by
NuclearSlimePlays (2 months ago)
YES! YES! YES! All of that would be perfect great job!
drakkman9 (2 months ago)
Maybe you dont need to get rid of the ability to make daedric armor, but maybe you can make the prerequisites for making that armor a skill cap, plus have there be a quest to get a schematic for that armor. And make the quest appropriately difficult for that armor type. That way crafting high level armor seems more earned.
Jedri Koekemoer (2 months ago)
Smiting, enchanting and alchemy should be more like lockpicking... Have a bit of a mini game element to it with consumable hammers.. Sanitizing alchemy equipment and with enchanting have one of those puzzle games that double as the complex real world problems (like foldit solving the protein folding enzyme problem) which if somebody solves Bethesda gets credit for harnessing the power of nerds
Jordan Blenkinsop (2 months ago)
Praying they implement that armour system.
custom armor designs
Ord and Ende (2 months ago)
I know I'm a little late to the party but I can't say how glad I am that I finally saw this video. The craftsmanship portion in particular got me so excited that I'm ready to both go back to play Morrowind again and look for a mod to make the clutter items in Skyrim useful (or make my own if I can't find one). It's been so long that I'd forgotten how huge a part of the game this used to be. I'd love to see this revisited in the next Elder Scrolls game; they found a way to make junk useful in Fallout 4 so I know that it can be done.
Jordan Manuel (2 months ago)
i want gemstone weapons like a diamond sword
psychocuda (3 months ago)
I like your crafting idea, perhaps another item to consider would be kindling/fuel to smelt, so a wicker basket could be good kindling to fire up the smelter, etc. Or, give an item multiple choices on how you use it; like a broom could be used for the wood to make a new item or it could be burned. (FIRE!!)
mckade bush (3 months ago)
What if you could add materials in when crafting items to give them certain effects bulit in to the items the don't count as enhancements I think it could add a cool other layer to crafting a weapon or armour
y tho (3 months ago)
Removing Fortify enchantments is kind of overkill. The skill cap is perfectly fine. I think that 25% is perfect.
kideevee (3 months ago)
What if they make enchantments less effective on stronger armor types, for example 75% effective on Light, 50% on Medium, 25% on Heavy. That way clothing pieces have more value as they don't offer any protection but I can get the maximum effectiveness from enchantments so if I'm an enchanter mage there's a reason for me to enchant myself new robes or clothes as oppose to armor and have me consider the effectiveness of my enchantments vs the protection I get. Otherwise there's no reason not to just max the heavy armor skill till it's weightless and enchant my full set of deadric armor. Plus finding a cool or unique set of clothes becomes more fun as I can wear whatever I want and still get some benefit to it.
nexus1g (3 months ago)
I think adding the ESO system to coloring armor is perfect. It's a reward for achievements in the game. They can still make unique items unique enough.
nexus1g (3 months ago)
What would be great is if in alchemy, they would make the effects random per game -- to make it more interesting in new playthroughs.
Markus Mitchell (3 months ago)
I want a similar start to Oblivion and be able to make my class choice my major and miner skills plus crafting needs to be debufed or a lot harder to make. Your races make a difference in the game bring back the Morrowind plus Oblivion skill trease
FrontierBrainRobby (3 months ago)
Regarding alchemy portability, make it so you cannot craft potions while in combat to make it not op. Enchantments should be limited so that no single item can buff a skill by 25-30%, or more than 50 effect damage. That way, you don't have 170000% improved one-handed
Billy Salter (3 months ago)
Spell custimizaton: just imagine... casting a powerful ice spell that has taking you days to learn (quests, training, etc..) the ice spell then freezes the person solid. Then u use your free hand to cast a powerful blast of (idk sir or energy) and it actually shatters the opponent. Making custom spells and combos that actually affect one another would be amazing. Or for example u have an ice spell that cran freeze a smaller surface area of water so u can walk. Or using a wall of fire to trap a hall way as you mage/their character escapes from the guards. (Semi smart AI might be needed so they dont bumrush into the wall of fire.) I think using tactics or strategy with spells would be crazy cool)
Aidan Conneely (3 months ago)
The different bottle types for potions could affect the amount of times you could use the potion. This could make alchemy more rewarding in the end game.
Wieke Wepepe (3 months ago)
I guess what I really want from bethesda is to take it up a notch with the quest guilds. Skyrim is the first TES game that I play, then I tried Oblivion (dem graphics maaann) honestly their quest are frickin longer and those are interesting, now I understand why some people a bit disappointed with skyrim who played oblivion before. Sure the VA and graphics are suck since it's old game, but I love the quest more in Oblivion so far, not that I say most quest in Skyrim are sucks tho.
Coffee Caesar (3 months ago)
I think they should add a class of weapons and armor that you can only get through crafting, so that crafting focused characters wouldn't be completely worthless.
Cat Man (3 months ago)
Essentially Fallout 4 crafting? DECONSTRUCT EVERYTHING
Enrico Pons (3 months ago)
Tbh I don’t see how the alchemy/enchanting stuff can be considered negative. I mean, it’s a single player game and you don’t have to do it: maybe I want to craft a fork who can one shot a dragon, why not? Everyone can still play as they’re accustomed
Cleetus M’Gitchie (3 months ago)
Perhaps the mobile alchemy equipment could be just the way it was in Oblivion and Morrowind expect that potions made with it would be weaker than an Alchemy table
Misty 27 (3 months ago)
Eso ui is ugly and very confusing
Luke Fowler (3 months ago)
i always felt crafting in Skyrim was shallow. For a bow, wood, leather straps, string, glue just makes it ao much more immersive. i really hope they do this or i will def try to mod it in
Kolgur (3 months ago)
I dont want them to put in limits to how powerfull of an enchantment or potion you can create. its a singleplayer game, so the freedom which TES is renowned for should stay in. if you are able to make something absolutely broken, then do it. remember morrowind? once you had the ability to make really good spells you could reliably cast, you basically where a god
erin gallagher (3 months ago)
Skyrim was my first introduction to the elder scrolls series. I thought that the alchemy part, could be worked on a bit more in the sense that you create one potion, you would unlock a new potion and or be able to create a stronger, more strange characteristics. Overall I thought Skyrim was better than Oblivion. The little I was able to do in Oblivion.
Henry Lancaster (3 months ago)
my fave spell chill ice and c;am spell in1 420 yall
AmericanTimelord (3 months ago)
I have 3 ideas: •Maybe you could give weapons temporary buffs from things in the world. I you put your sword in a fire, it gets hot and does burn damage for a few minutes until it cools down. Or if you put it in an icy river, maybe it will do frost damage. You could do this before entering a dungeon, or attacking a bandit camp. •You should be able to use anything as a weapon. For example, broomstick does like 2 damage. •And finally, the ability to throw weapons would be cool. You could carry 2 one-handed axes to throw, and 2 to use for melee. Or you could throw your sword onto one bandit's face, pull it out of his corpse, and use it to slash another bandit. Maybe if the enemy doesn't die, he'll pull your sword out of himself, open for attacks while doing so, or keep fighting with an axe stocking out of his chest, depending on who you're fighting. This last one might have a bit too much gore in it, though, so I don't know.
roax206 (3 months ago)
alchemy: I would say make it so the effects of field crafted potions are much weaker or they require more ingredients to make. smithing: Make it so the best crafted items have the best straight up stats but have the artifacts have special abilities that rival those stats otherwise you just make smithing useless half way through the game. I would also like it if they made mining a practical way of getting materials.
Yhg Jhyg (3 months ago)
I still want TESVI to be in Elsweyr
Paige Barber (3 months ago)
I LOVED the deconstruction. I hope they do that in ES6
Boris aey (3 months ago)
I dont see why people are mad at the alchemy <--> enchanting glitch thingy we all want to get as powerful as we can however through this process it would take you weeks of just collecting the resources like soul gems(which you have to fast travel to giant camp after giant camp) and silver for rings , buying all the resources for potions which only restock every 2 days then doing this process like 100 times to be op and 1,000 to get the numbers you shown if somebody spend the time and effort to be this absurdly strong i think he deserves it But still i think there should be a hard cap on how strong an enchantment can get.
Roan2106 (3 months ago)
My fav thing of ESO is racial styles for armor because it allowed for A TON of variety even tho the armor is the same so how they did it in ESO would be great where you have YOUR races crafting style for weapons and armor and you could learn other races by perk or looting a schematic of sort that allows you to craft it (maybe quests give you crafting styles?)
Garbanzo (3 months ago)
Instead of making soul gems scarce, I thought it would be cool for a chance for a enchantment to fail when crafting. For the soul gem to explode the higher power of an enchantment
Quaffle (3 months ago)
Add horse breeding
Will Knapp (3 months ago)
I disagree with you on using glass,ebony ect.the base materials are all mined, or are obtained from slaying monsters deadra ECT. I play mages, and what you are suggesting would leave the mage a useless character. We Can't use medium or heavy armor without losing power, and now you are suggesting we shouldn't have the use of the best light armor in the game i.e. glass.
zapfire 2016 (3 months ago)
another idea for the enchanting is to remove the fortify enchanting perk alone
Corto Maltese (3 months ago)
To be frank, it's a single-player game. It doesn't matter if there's a glitch where you can super-buff your shit, people are going to be able to either use console to do it anyways, or they're going to mod it in. Fixing glitches and ensuring things are generally leveled for the character's progress is fine and all, but it doesn't have to be an air-tight system.
The Drangler (3 months ago)
The point of smithing is to have the best gear...
Michael Durham (3 months ago)
Why not have the option of carrying all four. For each piece you carry, you can craft better/more complex potions. For instance, just a mortar and pestle will only create base healing/poison potions. This allows for people to carry as much of the equipment as they want and tailored to their playing style. It would be a four level system for potion making and in order to gain 1, 2, 3, and 4 effects on your potions, you have to have the corresponding equipment. You can’t have a one effect equipment and a three effect equipment and still craft something.
Mitja Kocjancic (3 months ago)
The alchemy/enchanting "glitch" had a cap. Unlike the vampire necro and the resto potion glitches, the use of crafting skills to mutually boost their effects was clearly intended, as they purposefully put fortify alchemy enchantments and fortify enhanting ingredient effects in the game.
cédric vr (3 months ago)
Here right after the es 6 announcement trailer
I L (4 months ago)
Why would you worry about how OP crafting is in a single player game? If you don't like it, don't use it. Why worry about how others play their game?
Austin Gibson (4 months ago)
bradley hall (4 months ago)
What's the difference between spending 10h of leveling a skill vs exploring for 10h and maybe finding a peace given the rng God favor you
bradley hall (4 months ago)
Why do I diss agree with everything you say
bradley hall (4 months ago)
You actually don't find many FILLED soul gems early on in the game if you ever played through without any crafting and no faster exp mods ya'd notice
Max Dunham (4 months ago)
I absolutely loved spellcrafting in Oblivion. I kept coming up with all sorts of ideas of stuff that could help me as I explored Cyrodiil. It may have made my character OP, but I don't care - I like going around in video games feeling like I'm capable of anything and everything. I know there are some people that don't like making OP characters...but nobody is forcing them to. If they want to make someone who's balanced or intentionally weak for the sake of challenge, then they can do that, by all means, even with systems in place with the potential to make characters god-like.
Kaleb Howard (4 months ago)
I liked the alchemy and spell making in oblivion, if they could just add that to skyrim and also fix the glitches then itd be good
Kaleb Howard (4 months ago)
An arena is necessary
Kaleb Howard (4 months ago)
Enchant arrows instead of just buying enchanted arrows
Jeremy Shuler (4 months ago)
Please *SATND* by
Vault boy (4 months ago)
Ah... The glories of making a bow out of musical instruments... Oh and greatswords out of plates... Truly a masterpiece.
Kachimbo (4 months ago)
I think enchantment and alchemy should be limited, but by level, if you are at very high levels you should be able to make broken enchantlents just for fun
Brian Tumlinson (4 months ago)
Oh and please make Elder Scrolls 6 irregularly RPG game no MMO games
Brian Tumlinson (4 months ago)
I think they should do armor classes for races I think that should determine what kind of armor you have or keep in the game
Brian Tumlinson (4 months ago)
They also need to retool there smithing really game in six come on by the time not even going after the first shout in Skyrim I've already turned over at least four or five times freaking crazy man
Brian Tumlinson (4 months ago)
Yeah Bro, I hope thwy fix the potion mixing cap and a cap or restrictions on enchantments make it harder to do enchantment it was so easy to do enchantments in Skyrim is crazy
Michael Hatch (4 months ago)
I really agree with this video on a lot of the points he makes. I would just add a few things if you wanna improve the role playing of the game. I know people will probably not like some of the things i am saying. 1. Forges/Alchemy stands/ Enchanting tables- shouldn't be inherently free- No one would let a complete stranger use their property without knowing them. You should need to do a quest to gain access to the crafting areas. 2. Forges should have to be lit and kept running- Unless every forge was enchanted to never go cold you should have to fuel it. 3. There should be hidden recipes- I agree with Camel when he says you should have to do quests for the different crafting recipes. There should also be hidden/forgotten ones to be found that no one else knows how to make. 4.The different race types for same gear shouldn't have same stats- If you have an argonian and an orc make the same iron armor there would be a big difference in how they make it so why wouldn't the stats. 5. More/ Different enchanting options- besides the loop for over powered gear i like how enchanting is now, but you are severely limited on what enchantments skyrim had. I think since skyrim was not a very magic friendly place they could say it was lore friendly but the next game needs to have other enchants and scale able enchants at that. 6. Hidden effects for potion making- I loved how alchemy was in skyrim but i would like to be able to make potions where ever if i have the equipment. I think that mobile alchemy should be scaled down from a potion stand. Potion stands should also have a 5th hidden effect that only shows up if crafted with a stand. 7. Not much i can say on spell making Camel explained it pretty well. You should only be able to do it at Mage areas like the magic college or other places like that.
Gallitorsgaming (4 months ago)
or instead of nurfing smithing they should buff deadric artifacts because in skyrim i always felt they where not as powerful as the lore said they where but thats just me
Gallitorsgaming (4 months ago)
im kinda hoping they do the crafting styles for elder scrolls 6 like it was in elder scrolls online since it would make more sense lore wise in skyrim i think it was rather poorly done
TJ Sulusulu (4 months ago)
pretty much eso v2
David Robinson (4 months ago)
"Please Satnd By" this got me good
Zoe Moonlight (4 months ago)
If they remove that exploit i'll actually be mad I dont know why you guys act like that was an easy thing to do it was an amazing thing that I fell in love with and was optional if you wanted to do it. It wasn't easy by any means and if you thought this was broken you simply didn't do it or you cheated when you did. now first of all the ingredients for it were super hard and annoying to get and just crafting the potion would require you to know about it in the first place. Not only that but Its effect lasted short amounts of time like if you make one small mistake you ruined it your done. Another thing was just finding out how to get all the things to enchant and if you were bad or new at enchanting you wouldn't know about it. Let alone be able to do it but i'll say it if you dont like it then don't use it. Its like mods if you don't like them dont use them that doesn't mean they should be removed. Because some people who like to use that normally useless int skill like being rewarded for using it for once. Dont act like finding loop holes like this and it working wasn't the coolest and most satisfying thing ever.
phatbassanchor (4 months ago)
One other thing... When leveling skills beyond 100 they should automatically go forward to 101, 199, 876, 1,297 and so on without any resetting required. This would encourage the use of skills in game over spamming Rally for untold in game hours to level Illusion or alternating Equilibrium and Grand Healing spams to level Alteration and Restoration. I know I would be less prone to spell spam if the next level came on it's own in time and didn't require me to give up earned perks. We should get a whole new set of perk selections once skills reach legendary status not rehash the same ones over and over. Even if the new perks are simply stronger versions of the original. I've played a ton of Diablo 2 and 3 and always find it challenging. Those games are always more difficult each time I beat them. I know I'm comparing linear story gaming to open world but still...
phatbassanchor (4 months ago)
I want MORE black smith options that are even more powerful as well as stronger and more varied enchantments. However, the Unique weapons and armor should be greatly improved and should be the best in game. The uniques should also scale with your character based both on your skill with that type weapon AND your skill with the school of magic related to the enchantment rather than frozen at the level of attainment. Uniques should also have enchantments that cannot be obtained by any other means. There were some in Skyrim but they missed the mark by not being powerful enough for mid to late game where most were found. i.e. Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood armor should have both muffle and sneak buffs on the boots, lockpick and pickpocket buffs on gloves, archery and one hand buffs on the hood... etc.
phatbassanchor (4 months ago)
While I'm not opposed to a portable Alchemist's option, I would hate to loose any of my current Alchemy table functions. I gather tons of ingredients while I'm out hunting for skins for leather and meat for food from early in the game. I then stash all of the extras until needed. I would NOT want to have to drag equipment AND ingredients around just on the off side chance I need a potion or poison. I prefer to have the potions and poisons ready for load out time. I keep a barrel full of ingredients immediately beside my main alchemy table and a barrel full of potions and poisons just inside my front door.
JarjarPlay Playgame (4 months ago)
I would love to see more unique enchantments like the one found on mehrunes razor which had a small chance to instantly kill an enemy. what I like about enchantments like this is that I they are constant effects so I don't have to constantly be refilling it with a soul gem in the middle of a battle and would make many weapons feel more unique. And enchantments like that you don't really notice very much and it's kind of like a perk for your weapon. I love the idea of a perk like enchantment and would like to see more of this in elder scrolls 6.
Patrick Vickery (4 months ago)
I love the craftsmanship idea because that would allow them to really flesh out the traditional smithing tree, which I feel is fairly boring especially with light armor
Zennethe (4 months ago)
Idea: Portable mortal and pestle. Would make a base level potion. Alright quality but..... durability. Over-use would break it requiring you to replace ( or maybe repair? ) Alchemy station: Not portable but would give you a bonus to potion strength. ( possibly upgradable to a limit in a player home?) Maybe potions would degrade over time and special bottles would preserve them.
MrBerns42 (4 months ago)
The real winner in this video is breaking items down into usable materials: genius
Coca Loca (4 months ago)
didn't they fix the alchemy enchanting loophole with the USLEEP fixing the fortify restoration glitch ?
Iny bis (4 months ago)
I preferred Soutrap on Target/Fortify on Self than Enchanting Loop. It's a hassle to find 100 grand souls, real problem if you want to be a god to gaze upon the heart!
GreyFensir Wulf (4 months ago)
for racial style motiffs i would say just make a book for each of them, though some or all could be found via quest.

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