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Guns in Movies - Myths, Mishandling, and Oops: GunVenture|S2 E4 P2

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Field Host Chris Cerino demonstrates movie gun "oops", including the one-hand hold, the self-racking gun, no round in the chamber, and ever-lasting ammo. From GunVenture Season 2: Watch GunVenture episodes right now on Gun Talk Media's YouTube, Facebook, Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV channels, and at www.guntalk.com. From the desert sand to snowy mountain tops, from coast to coast: Follow the GunVenture crew as they explore the world of shooting – training, hunting, personal defense, and everything in-between. The crew manages to fit in a few side trips, too. It might be a brewery trip, zip-lining through the trees, riding in a tank, or even fishing for sharks. Whatever it is, you know it’ll be fun! © 2017 Freefire Media, LLC. All rights reserved.
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Ren Baker (4 months ago)
Ummm.. if your reload has been waited until you're completely dry, then you're also wasting precious time & far behind the power curve. IMHO - any firearm that you are carrying to apply lethal force also demands that you first train, train, train. And then go back and train some more. Train until you don't even notice that you are counting rounds fired, either up or down, and just 'know' how many remain in your mag - reload when you're in cover and have sufficient time to replace the dry mag with a fresh one, with a round still in the pipe, and within the limits of your weapon system (some may not allow this). Realistically, we are talking about a reload that's just one round sooner, but that last round makes all the difference between intention and accidental. And this is a great litmus test for whether or not you have done enough stress training with the weapon - ask yourself "do I know myself and my weapon well enough to reload with my last round in the chamber, rather than leaving all to fate and chance?" In any high-stress situation such as a gunfight, we can only rise to the level of our training, and there is no possible way for anyone to train too much. Although, the opposite is quite true.
ObsessionPC (11 months ago)
4:01 but at least "Hot Shots" REALLY put emphasis on the hilarious movie cliche of unlimited ammo.
MrRdvs87 (1 year ago)
You see some of that garage in real life. I want to catholic nun those darn thumb crossers.
Vodka Toxin (1 year ago)
There are also misconceptions with swords. Pulling a sword out of the sheath making a shing sound when there isn’t brass on the tip of the scabbard. Picking up a knife of a desk in Spider-Man doesn’t make a shing sound. And the fact that most medieval swords are blunt , which all swords ready are sharp (like really unsharpened swords in a fight is like a unloaded gun in a fight, makes you look stupid and makes your job a lot harder)
Vodka Toxin (1 year ago)
well with candles, they are made of wax so it depends on the type of candle, if it is already soft from melting and the sword used. Rapiers are not to thick and are still cut and thrust swords, with skinny lit candle I wouldn't deny it. but a really thick one and a sword like a colichemarde (no edge specialized in the thrust with a triangle cross-section) I would think that would be retarded.
Gunslinger454 (1 year ago)
And don't forget swords that can cut right through steel chains, hardwood staffs & table legs like they're not even there! There are even swords that can cut through beer bottles & candles (a rapier no less) without knocking the tops off, and Katanas can even cut right through the blades of other swords!
Alexandru PRICOP (1 year ago)
Sir, you missed the hammer cock sound effect on striker fired pistols :)))))))))

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