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Are You Unwittingly Buying Whitening Products?

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BuzzFeed News takes a look at how skin care companies' marketing strategies differ overseas
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Jeromy Wong (1 day ago)
I came here just to put a dislike on this video
Tate Klem (4 days ago)
I recently tried this skin whitening guide “fetching kinkin site” (Google it) half-hoping that it would work since I needed to see my family for the holidays and I wanted to look much better. The outcomes were impressive. In just two days, my skin appeared more youthful than it did for the past 10 years..
hugh mungus (10 days ago)
So when white guys go to a tanning salon, are they trying to promote "black supremacy"??
Clarence Hill (12 days ago)
So are we just going to forget what the Asian lady about why skin whitening is popular in Asia?
At Aa (14 days ago)
y'all are weird. Go watch @Sherilza Moé's video on colorist because y'all seem to be big dumb.
IAmJustJack (17 days ago)
What we finna do: Encourage people to do whatever the fuck they want (just wear spf everyday pls). Tan, whiten, lighten, whatever, as long as you're happy with your skin. And not let BuzzFeeed shove SJW bullshit up our throats and telling us using whitening products are wrong. What we not finna do: eat up their bullshit and boycott companies that make whitening/lightening products. ALSO do boycott companies that market whiteness/fairness as less of a preference thing and more like something that dictates your course of life (getting a job, finding a partner, being loved,...)
IAmJustJack (17 days ago)
I think white skin looks good on me. It's a preference thing. Let us live?
Giftee Princess (18 days ago)
I'm 100% Filipino and I can attest we like pale skin because it is beautiful and it's not about being racist. Also for me subjectively I have used them in the past because it is sunny there and the more your exposed face is exposed to the sun you get sun spots therefore I would want to even my skin ever since!!! Please don't bring other people's culture to correct BUZZFEED, just STOP. There's a reason why the world is big and every culture is unique so please BuzzFeed don't even start caring about other cultures and make it all about racism.
Brian C (23 days ago)
Ive lived all over Asia for the past 6 years and have asked many Asian friends at first. It is a cultural thing, poor people are in the sun more and rich people arent. Buzzfeed SUCKS, try do a little research a little bit. You bring the left down all the time
Yorgo Fernandez (1 month ago)
This is literally the hugest pile of horsecrap I've seen in a decade.
Cesar Bravo (1 month ago)
What these comments miss is that intermalized colorism is indeed a reason (among many) for skin whitening. I know it is on my case at least. Asians from non colonized countries have their own, different reasons, but I and many other people have ours too, however racist or stupid they ultimately are.
Omm Nomm (1 month ago)
So when white people want to be darker/tanned it is not racist, but if others want to have lighter skin it is? What else can we turn into a race issue?
Samuel Arana Tessari (2 months ago)
That multicultural bimbo wants to be white so bad.. LMAO
Allan Taylor (2 months ago)
Ignorant, racist and patronising! As a Caucasian resident of an Asian country, I am deeply embarrassed about this vulgar, poorly researched piece. I’m beginning to agree with your president about fake news - I think that’s what shocks me the most...
James Annett (3 months ago)
Subzone (3 months ago)
that girl looks like an autistic knock off version of mia khalifa fuck off bitch . buzzfeed is racist against the white people disgusting if they support this type of shit
NAGGER wassup (3 months ago)
Calcium is racist The sun is racist Salt is racist the white in your eye is racist blah blah blah fook you buzzfeed swallow my white seamen
Black Specture (3 months ago)
Stop making everything about race This is cultural You SJW are complaining about nothing
mosfet51 (3 months ago)
What's wrong sweetheart can't take a little criticism on your twitter page. Go to your cry closet and eat. Pig
mosfet51 (3 months ago)
Please kill yourself. Fucktards like you are what's wrong in the world.
Leon Ridao (4 months ago)
Okay how did I miss this whorebag's video? Clearly she does not understand Asian culture and this issue goes way back and has socio-economic issue NOT RACE!!!! Huh, doesn't that mean she is racist and ignorant? Oughta slap that head right and get the facts straight for all the good it'll help her(which is none)....
Mathew Blyth (4 months ago)
We need more white people. White people are the minority in the world. 750 million compared to 1.3 billion africans ect ect. White people built the best places in the world fact
Parineeti D (2 months ago)
What are you talking about? Racist pig.
Ryan Parks (4 months ago)
I have never believed that my skin can still become lighter. After trying out this skin whitening guidebook “fetching kinkin site” (Google it), the melasma on my forehead disappeared! This guidebook flawlessly offered a mixture of ideas that helped enhance my dark skin tone. It helped my skin to see a whole new light!.
L.A. Chacin (4 months ago)
You can tell the host uses skin bleaching and lightning products
playasurf1000 (4 months ago)
this counts as intellectual discourse? academia has gone full retard and so has buzzfeed. brilliant rebuttal below, even though i dont agree with all he says https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trIyY7sS3ik
Rio Aiello (4 months ago)
Fuck by your guises logic straight people who come the hair are being gay and gay people who workout at the gym are trying to be straight. You’re fucking logic go watch a palled Joseph Watson.
Rio Aiello (4 months ago)
So if I take a suntan to dark in my skin what does say ?In Asia they did that because culturally farmers stayed out in the sun while businessman stayed inside. They never seen white or black people or most of them any ways. Are you skin Breitner to fix up my complexion .
Crowquills Crowquillz (4 months ago)
Islamic Brotherhood propaganda subverting the masses.
Snuggles McSquishbottom (4 months ago)
They might all have different skin colors yet they also all sound like Kardashians. Real diversity is that of personality and mind.
Trinity Bond (4 months ago)
My neck and underarms were always darker than the rest of my body. I thought that this was normal. However, my skin tone is slowly developing, my neck and underarms are whiter everyday since I utilized skin whitening guidebook “fetching kinkin site” (Google it).
MtbMickey408 (4 months ago)
Scaachi Koul is a racist bitch
Djentle Djent (5 months ago)
Polar Bear (5 months ago)
How about you let their culture alone and focus on your own. Oh, wait, Americans don't have one
Jesus Schizus (5 months ago)
Do you, stupid bitch in red glasses even listened this girl at the end what was she saying to you??? Everything is racist to you, fucked up buzzfeed people and everywhere are hiding white supremacists! FUCK YOU BUZZFEED! FEED WITH SHIT!
Jim Psemmas (5 months ago)
What you said made doubt about you iq. I think it's less than average
John - (5 months ago)
Does this woman realize how crazy she sounds. She claims that companies are using 'coded language' to reinforce racial bias in skin tone. Does she think that there is a secret racist code we teach to all racists across the world? Or that makeup companies have discovered magic words to make women hate their skin and want to look European? Someone get this bitch a tin foil hat. She either believes in magic or a world wide racist cult that talks in secret code.
tomi aksila (6 months ago)
You Are the most stupid lady I every seen. Even the quest explain to you Why They use whitening products. Still you talk stupid about Its part of something whitesupremacy rasist goof.
Jason Fick (6 months ago)
My computer screen has a white background, is that racist?
Jason Fick (6 months ago)
Home Depot sells a lot of white paint. Most offices have white walls. When you buy a new house, the inside is painted white. Is that racist too?
Jason Fick (6 months ago)
Do you whiten your teeth? If you do that's racist.
Jason Fick (6 months ago)
Toasters might be racist. When you toast a slice of "white" bread it becomes darker. Does that mean that my sliced bread is black face?
Jason Fick (6 months ago)
Did you get your journalism degree from a box of cereal? This is without a doubt on of the worst pieces of journalism in the history of the human race. You didn't just scrape the bottom of the barrel, you punched a whole through it.
Arsinal Arsin (6 months ago)
After watching this i see how this is bull https://youtu.be/trIyY7sS3ik He had alot of points here
anastasia (6 months ago)
Buzzfeed at it again with distorting facts to throw out the word "racism" again. If they wanted to have a serious discussion about people being mistreated for having darker skin in other countries they could have. But they completely missed the point again.
Lurchipoo (6 months ago)
That chick with the red glasses has an extremely punchable face.
Mi-Mi Canterbury (6 months ago)
Buzzfeed really people want what they want PERIOD. White people tan is that racist 😂😂you ALL are RACIST idiots 😡
MyRandomCommentsXD (6 months ago)
Her skin is quite pale for an Indian person. Maybe she used these products too?
sh9683 (6 months ago)
RaiseUrFistDerp (6 months ago)
fuck you soyboy faggots
sebastian popek (6 months ago)
Please die
theflyingdutchboi (6 months ago)
lol an Asian woman can't just put skin whitening on her face and become caucasian fucking retard. race is much more than melanin ffs
C. (7 months ago)
More enlightenment for us Neanderthals from the neuroscientists at Buzzfeed.
Hennrikson (7 months ago)
Fuck this stupid shit.
Ana Maria Hernandez (7 months ago)
Daniel Fellows (7 months ago)
stfu there is a lot more black on white racism then there is white on black racism
Daniel Fellows (7 months ago)
I bet she had a skin whitening product on
Wolf aiz (7 months ago)
no matter how much you cry like a little bitch we Asians always like white skin and we use skin products that show black skin become white on its cover.
Henry Black (7 months ago)
Anybody ever seen an attractive lady on Youtube? Yeah, pretty sure you have. But you're not going to find one on BuzzFeed.
Daniel Fellows (7 months ago)
Lye Zaard (7 months ago)
This is one of the dumbest videos i have ever seen. This woman is saying whitening makeup is racist while at the same time saying being white... Is racist. Guess its ok to be prejudice to white ppl, but nobody else. Getting real fucking tired of this shit.
Matilda Xo (8 months ago)
It’s a personal choice. You could say that it’s “black supremacy” if you want to use a tanning lotion. Also stop blaming white people for this. It’s not our fault. They chose to make their skin lighter because they want to. Having paler skin in Asia has always been desirable because it was part of a class system. Just like how in the USA and UK like to be more tan so they can look more summery and exotic or for whatever reason they want darker skin. Like I said earlier it’s a personal choice.
Tina t (8 months ago)
Look how this trash got more dislikes than likes
Lucia Ferrer (8 months ago)
As a fair skin Mexican I have to say that you are throwing shade at light skinned people like there is no tomorrow. White people are people to. White is a race like Black is a race. I know that you are just trying to encourage dark skinned people to stop using whiting products, but that message at the end was hella messed up.
John Howard (8 months ago)
I think all women like this "presenter???" should be made to have their skin sprayed black that way she can identify with her "sisters"
Captain Smartass (8 months ago)
really BuzzFeed really how stupid are you ? you're just going to ignore the fact that in many Asian countries lighter/pale skin has been desirable for centuries?
Martina Balić (8 months ago)
Trevor Philips (8 months ago)
Stop saying that skincare is a symbol of white supramacy, libtard. Most celebrities in the Philippines are light. This is culture, not race.
Luke Jones (9 months ago)
Shashank Susngi (9 months ago)
Scaachi Koul is it ...nah its Kaul...a Punjabi name, perhaps if you removed all that shit make up from your fat face...and went back to your roots, you'd be the pretty chubby Sikh girl that every boy in the village would want to marry...but now it seems as though American decadence has got the best of you , and i pity the ape that will end up marrying your lard ass....Chak de Putthe!
dVINE (9 months ago)
Oh gosh this is stupid...
XxToptankxX (9 months ago)
Oh no, Whitening Toothpaste is gonna be racist.....
crab fuck Fag (9 months ago)
Tell me what else is racist? The air conditioning, maybe global climate?
Jamie W (9 months ago)
I love how theres whitning skin care products just below the video its so perfect
High Calibur X (9 months ago)
Are you guys just looking for anything to get offended by? To try and push your "white supremacy" agenda? Which by the way, DOESN'T FUCKING EXIST!
Howard the Alien (10 months ago)
Liberal Crybaby Gets Offended By Whitening Cream, Poor Girl! Now we must remove every product from stores with whitening on it, even oral care because it might "Offend"
Mr.Cows (10 months ago)
How stupid are you?
kiss meinass (10 months ago)
Yea boi because in a place like Philippines which is more or less like my own country Indonesia, we get bombared by the tropical sun a lot almost every single day, and our face darken and our hand darken and even our feet darken. So thanks God for nivea!
unsweetened cheerios (10 months ago)
Its not about white vs. everyone else jfc.
Tony The Person (10 months ago)
What about tanning and also my mom is filipino born there and in Asia they date back to 800 Bc
Patrick Star (11 months ago)
This isn’t white supremacy...
eRazor (11 months ago)
That might be the dumbest, most misleading, idiotic and generally fucked up video on youtube atm.. But yet agin its buzzfeed so i am not that surprised that its existing.
olgakasciara (11 months ago)
SO THE FACT THAT IN EUROPE WE WANT TO GET TANNED, DOES IT MEAN THAT THIS IS BLACK SUPREMACY? OF COURSE NOT! SO GO BACK TO YOUR HOLE, YOU FEMALE BEAR. best wishes, another female among the many, that is fed up with your bullshit and your tendency to present feminism as misandry and hatred
TheLionheart021 (11 months ago)
Screw your bull shet. Whiter skin is culturally seen as beautiful where I'm from. Stick your leftist, PC agenda up your American arse. Asians don't need to hear this crap from your kind.
Ayush Agarwal (11 months ago)
Bitch stfu
slanis (11 months ago)
I feel disgusted after watching this video. It showed how little research you guys did, how you paid 0 attention to what your guests were saying (ESPECIALLY the Asian one), how you decided to put the 'racist label' on something you know nothing about (p.s. Bronzer should be considered racist as well then, wouldn't you agree) and how you ignore the facts that don't fit to your false narrative. DISGUSTING! At the end of the day, BuzzFeed, you are the racist one - and no "white supremacy" bullshit can justify you poisoning the mind of the watchers.
Supercaffeineaddict (11 months ago)
Get your head out of your ass and into the real world! SJW BS!!!
mecha duck (11 months ago)
We (asian, especially south east) use brightening/whitening product because the sun damaged our skin, so it isnt because we want to be white ppl -_- ! Because we want to cure the damage of the sun from our skin
Joshua Mcnellis (11 months ago)
HOLY SHIT, LMAO!! This is definitely one of the stupidest, but funniest videos on Youtube. Buzzfeed never fails to surprise with their pathetic nonsense but, this ones great, blahaha.
Jack McComb (1 year ago)
Paul joseph watson destroyed this video and this woman
Randy Stalcup (1 year ago)
This is why Buzzfeed is the least trusted name in news.
Mike Hunt (1 year ago)
Girl, DIE
Mike Hunt (1 year ago)
This girl is an idiot. Whitening and brightening are two different things. Requirments to work at buzzfeed: did you graduate kindergarten? You're hired!
Isabelle Ragan (1 year ago)
I think it's funny that she completely disregarded the valid, cultural and historical reasons why people might use skin whitening products as "racist" even though it has absolutely nothing to do with white people.
Brownish (1 year ago)
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유창완 (1 year ago)
Do you guys know a thing called "sunblock"? You know, that things whites use to stop them from being dark? THAT IS SO RACIST ACCORDING TO YOU
Curtis Parsons (1 year ago)
They do realize that in America a lot of white women go to tanning salons or just lay outside to get their skin darker which to most people would be appealing and would be given special privileges, so in the end it is all socioeconomic not some white supremacy ideals of beauty. Sorry just thought I should throw that out there.
Daddy (1 year ago)
😩😩 I lost some brain cells
andreea valdrost (1 year ago)
White consumers get triggered because is not that they're being the object of racism, but they're afraid to be called racist. Because yes, sadly still on 2018, if your skin is fair your chances to do better in life are bigger in a lot of countries. Like within my country (Mexico) there is a lot or racism and we are all brown mixed race, brown people is racist with native indigenous people and looove foreigners. Is really sad. The more caucasian you look, the better. It fuckin sucks.
iliterati (1 year ago)
Another steaming pile of crap from Buzzfeed.
JanuaryCrimson (1 year ago)
I'm light skin and I use whitening products to treat my blemishes.
battlefxst gms (1 year ago)
Get a grip plz

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