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Cheeky Girls - Cheeky Song (Subtitles)

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Subtitles: English
Category: Музыка
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Text Comments (736)
Alastair Lesiuk (1 month ago)
Watching and listening in 2019
David Medford (6 months ago)
Those girls are apparently cheeky.
hüseyin özaltun (9 months ago)
Adams Family Prixxie (1 year ago)
Shit Lom
Nyal Burns (1 year ago)
This is so SHITT
555Magic555 (1 year ago)
Шо це такое?
dae dae (2 years ago)
'touch my bum' tf Hana haha haha
Moba LOVER (2 years ago)
Aste is penale😂😂😂...Nu au voce nici talent dar macar sunt urate!
I wonder what happaned in the early to mid 2000s in europe with all these weird songs, las ketchup,tarzan,the three romanians singing on the airplane droganitistae or something xd, schnappie the crocodile lol so weird.
Oh its dragostea way easier than i remembered it as a kid. Secretly thats still a amazing song though lol
Kpop is Hart Hart (2 years ago)
omg i was only 4 when i first heard this song. lmao
whetphish (2 years ago)
We are the piți girls You are cocalari boys
Moba LOVER (2 years ago)
whetphish 😂😂😂😂
sofi bernasconi (2 years ago)
Noémi Kertész (2 years ago)
these are the kind of people that bring shame to their own country. congrats
Maria Vasiliu (2 years ago)
unu doy trei si :)))))))
nobody. (1 year ago)
Maria Vasiliu asta am vrut sa scriuu😂😂😂😂
Mihai Toma (2 years ago)
cheeki breeki i v damke xdd
+MrNiconekogatoloco you should get gopnik award my comrade xd
MJR MJR (2 years ago)
acum că ştiu engleza la perfecție îmi pare rău că am ascultat melodia asta :))) mai ales partea aia cu touch my bum this is life :)))
Eh oui, hein voilà (2 years ago)
Dislike + report
me like
Irish Andrea Pomeda (2 years ago)
wtf I was singing this all the time when I was 9. 😱😱
N. T. (2 years ago)
i was singing this when I was like 5 hahahaha
Sianco2903 (2 years ago)
I used to fall asleep to this when i was like 4!
miruna ianos (2 years ago)
doamne.... astea ne fac de ras.... mă simt prost😨😨
paynehunter (2 years ago)
Hai k e misto.
Diana (2 years ago)
miruna's vlog, eu mor de ras 😂😂😂😂😂 aerrrrr 😂😂😂😂😂
sasha munteanu (2 years ago)
Simo Tanase (2 years ago)
+Miruna Ioana Ianos Mie mi se par chiar dragute si te prinde melodia.
andrea Doczi (2 years ago)
i like the part when I cum and smile !
Jamie J (2 years ago)
Is it wrong I want to sniff those silver hot pants
Corley Whamster (2 years ago)
"Come and smile".....poetry right there.
MissBlossom (2 years ago)
cum and smile
Gamper '. (2 years ago)
instrumentalul suna a melodie de gradinita :o
Chris Van Neste (3 years ago)
Duuude best song, who listens in 2K16?
Deadlex (3 years ago)
Nu pot să cred că mie chiar îmi plăcea asta... :V
KoekieeMonster (3 years ago)
dit liedje geeft mijn leuke herinerringen aan vroeger
Gary turner (3 years ago)
Did you really need subtitles for this?
Alessia Roman (3 years ago)
Diana Savuca (3 years ago)
Diana Ackerman (2 years ago)
+Diana Savuca they are?
Gary turner (3 years ago)
Never mind.
Diana Savuca (3 years ago)
Jenna Conway (3 years ago)
Is anyone watching this in 2016 😂
AndreiZet97 (3 years ago)
+Jenna Conway Yeah bro
Esmee Pam (3 years ago)
oh my god
Mughead himself (3 years ago)
atia fairuz (3 years ago)
they're haaawwtt!!
X3MCTZN (3 years ago)
OMG I REMEMBER this l...aaaaaaaaaahh so kinky n cheeky :D ...... it kinda reminds me while I was playing CHIKI-CHIKI BOYS ( SEGA MEGA DRIVE)... 20 years ago !!!
Tiger boxx (3 years ago)
omfg and to think when I was like 9 I loved this song. wtf was wrong with me?
Antonica Ajoc (2 years ago)
+Lia Risbridger same here hahahaha I was 7 at that time
Liasabau26 Lia (3 years ago)
go to hell you have the same name like me 😂 #Romania
Hobbit Hair Howell (3 years ago)
Larwood (3 years ago)
You were 9.
Asia Franklin (3 years ago)
They have a reputation for horrible jagged up teeth. Gosh.
Andrei Buzgar (3 years ago)
Romanian Goverment voted a law which says that every person's ears suffered from this song can ask for ears and brain damage some ammount of money.
Buss Laden (3 years ago)
bes t hiphop track evr
Critique Musique (3 years ago)
So... they are prostitutes ?
Andrei Buzgar (3 years ago)
+Kincaid Antik What do you think?!:)))
Andrei Buzgar (3 years ago)
+Kincaid Antik What do you think?!:)))
Buss Laden (3 years ago)
+Kincaid Antik dont tlk about my mothers like that u peice of shit ill fuckin fuck u the fuck up!
Hannah (3 years ago)
great song
mad cincai (3 years ago)
90's kids will remember!!...
Jenn Monroy (3 years ago)
this song makes me remind my boyfriend, i LOVE IT jajaja
Nika Obolashvili (3 years ago)
What genre is this?
Hao Asakura (2 years ago)
death hardcore black pirate heavy metal.
Nika Obolashvili (3 years ago)
"God have mercy". New genre i guess :D
Andrei Buzgar (3 years ago)
+Nika Obolashvili The genre is ''God have mercy''. Romania apologises for not restricting these 2 girls from not leaving their brothels where they worked before 2000:))))
Maria Andronoiu (3 years ago)
This song is solo funny
Mirela Brendan (3 years ago)
delete this please
Alex Golea (3 years ago)
Mie mi se pare ok
Ioana-Lucia Atanasiu (3 years ago)
"Everything from start to finish is stupid and just plain cheeky. It starts with ‘ooh boys cheeky girls, ohh girls cheeky boys’ and says it like a hundred times. throughout the song. Everything is repeated and makes no sense at all. After hearing the song, it’s safe to assume that our IQ has been reduced by 10 points." :))) - what can I say..nice review from http://www.lolwot.com/20-of-the-dumbest-song-lyrics-of-all-time/2/
Ioana-Lucia Atanasiu (3 years ago)
N-ai inteles nimic  Am dat intr-adevar copy paste al unui review de pe un site cu cele mai imbecile si cretinoide melodii ever. Am pus ghilimelele de rigoare si de unde am preluat textul...pt ca este intr-adevar review-ul meritat pt aceasta asa zisa melodie. Daca tie chiar iti place melodia si te simti oarecum jignit de comentariul meu ...este strict problema ta.Si eu urasc non-valorile si prostia!! 
Moshu (3 years ago)
cred ca are mai bine ce 15 ani piesa si a fost inspirata de cacatul ala de muzica inspirat de la americani cu ritm bunicel si versuri de cacat .. asa ca nu fi ipocrita si recunoaste ca ti-a placut, daca nu *********... Ganea Ioana ... ai copiat link-ul de pe al video postat aici si ala se lauda ca se mastruba vizionand clipul acesta pe vremea aia !! urasc astia care se baga in seama copy/paste
Ayumi (3 years ago)
+Ganea-Atanasiu Ioana-Lucia Says the one who dislikes it yet watched it to the end, and takes the time to type more words than this message. also don't blame others if your IQ falls at everything you watch.
Letícia Lany Cabral (3 years ago)
mad cincai (3 years ago)
Fuck me Right.... lolololololol
Daniela Valente (3 years ago)
love this xD
DouglaStormRAGE (3 years ago)
Kappa OpieOP admiralGAME
Chloe Silverlake (3 years ago)
What did I just click on...
Ioana Mincu (3 years ago)
Doi no doy
vasile-andrei bercea (3 years ago)
Si copilului meu de trei luni i se pare stupid. I-am pus piesa asta si a început sa planga. Groaznic "talent"!
Voinea Andrei (3 years ago)
+vasile-andrei bercea baiat sau fata?
momochan (3 years ago)
"Touch my bum" very inspiring
Marcel Marcel (3 years ago)
Gary turner (3 years ago)
That's feminism for you.
Jenn Monroy (3 years ago)
Émilie ESC (3 years ago)
Dures dures les années 2000...
K0ragg (4 years ago)
Good thing I can delete this from my video history.
S. Scarpino (3 years ago)
+K0ragg he's just a cheecky boy
K0ragg (3 years ago)
+Moshu So if I don't like the song I am an asshole and I offend you? Ever heard of personal taste? If you like it, more power to you.
Ted Crilly (4 years ago)
take that Beethoven. sucker.
Pornpisith Dokpromla (4 years ago)
ป๊าด เพลงสมัย ม.ปลาย 555
RezzaNL (4 years ago)
Omg fckin horrid.
David McMullan (4 years ago)
Absolute genius, a masterpiece of its genre.
Smokeos (4 years ago)
Cheeky Cheeky!
SarahCookeVlogs (4 years ago)
I can't believe that they used to play this in discos for kids all the time! Why?!?!
Buss Laden (3 years ago)
+SarahCookeFilms he means he goes around touching kids asses
DarrenBonJovi (3 years ago)
Ha! Just a joke. It truly is a dreadful song.
SarahCookeVlogs (3 years ago)
Wow, I'd completely forgotten about this comment. Hi :) (also sorry but I have no idea what your last comment means??) 
DarrenBonJovi (3 years ago)
+SarahCookeFilms Yes, because when I used to go to kids discos, …… oh. No. Ignore that.
kevmacd12 (4 years ago)
Whenever I see the "Cheeky Boys" start dancing I can't help but laugh...
lefkowitz hunter (4 years ago)
my childhood
jdawn1982 (4 years ago)
They CAN'T be serious...
Banan2288 (4 years ago)
Still better than Justin Bieber
blazneg2007 (4 years ago)
This was famous somewhere at sometime?  Where and when?
Nyal Burns (1 year ago)
blazneg2007 and how
Bogdan Capanu (1 year ago)
blazneg2007 Romanian Girls...
Özge Yalçınkaya (3 years ago)
You're asking wrong questions my friend. You should ask 'why???'
VR Irina (4 years ago)
I think this song is a genre on its own, I wouldn't really say it belongs to europop or any other genre. For me, the right example of europop would be Alcazar, now even though their music is not some kind of masterpiece, it is tacky, but it's totally fine, unlike this piece of crap.
MarkVL (4 years ago)
+blazneg2007 Ehrm...no it's not.
OoJxShadow (4 years ago)
Bai, deci, nu ascult manele in general, dar as fi mai mandru daca ar canta Salam manele strainilor decat sa cante proastele astea melodia asta de cacat.
Sabrina Grace Poncho (4 years ago)
Gamer123Ro (4 years ago)
alexf02071999 (4 years ago)
Oh god, I remember hearing this as a kid when it first came out. I didn't realise just how awful it was until now.
ROOKTABULA (4 years ago)
I found this on an NME list of the 20 Worst Pop Acts Ever.
Kiestyle Productions (4 years ago)
I think I caught aids from this video.
poshislove (4 years ago)
"Touch my bum, this is life" How is touching your bum make up your life? Ugh.
Ketum Kedi (4 years ago)
Aaaahh good old memories.. I used to jerk of to this after i back from the school.
Ron Friederich (3 years ago)
+TheLastSkYHawK THAT seriously made me laugh out loud, thanks !
Vadegu (4 years ago)
No pussycat dolls or Rihanna ;o? 
poshislove (4 years ago)
Seriously tho?
Ionut Modoranu (4 years ago)
This is why Romania doesn't go forward...
Vlad Caiuteanu (1 year ago)
cheeky cheeky boys!
Hubert Scrumpleskin (4 years ago)
+Mircea Trifan Could be the fact that they're Romanian? 
Mircea Trifan (4 years ago)
Since they live in England I don't understand what they have to do with Romania.
vmd-stefan adrian (4 years ago)
Am cosmaruri [fonice si vizuale] :))
Alastair Lesiuk (4 years ago)
Very cheeky song by the Cheeky Girls still listening in 2014
Stijn Kraft (4 years ago)
My god, not even autotune can help these two.
Aliën head (4 years ago)
het is who are the cheeky boys en niet you are.....
Aliën head (4 years ago)
Kiestyle Productions (4 years ago)
Het is wel you, ze wijzen zelfs naar de camera.
AriaNycyus (4 years ago)
I first understood this, never never ram etc.. XD And what the hell does cheeky mean in this song? LOL
riddarhyttan (5 years ago)
Wiki's List of Music Considered the Worst brought me here.
LikerOfThings (4 years ago)
This is a classic song though, I love how they say "ask" with a d sound.
Jogailė Plepytė (5 years ago)
My flavour. Cheeky song for cheeky people. (dance)
AlwaysKneph (5 years ago)
Those    teeth    ....
Jon Degruyter (5 years ago)
#GooglePlusPlaatVanDeDag  Asjeblieft, dames en heren 
Starcom777 (5 years ago)
pretty, nice and easy, that's the way i like it!
Ohboy (5 years ago)
Are they GAY O.O
Aliën head (4 years ago)
yes they are
Ohboy (5 years ago)
+FireBloxrz oh ok
maoristereo (5 years ago)
This video gave me cancer
Alecs Sim (5 years ago)
bune de pula atat !
Yolo229988 (5 years ago)
jeleuri (5 years ago)
Well, at least they are pretty. I know this for a fact, I fucking live in Romania and Romanian girls are gorgeous, best in the world!
Alastair Lesiuk (5 years ago)
I like the Cheeky Girls they are funny and cheeky tinkerbells
TheKat027 (5 years ago)
Well atleast this is better than Miley Cyrus and her twerking...
Andrei Niculaita (5 years ago)
yes!! but they are girls... and justin bieber is a guy(gay)!!
Salma Begum (5 years ago)
Songs hideous but go to admit these girls have killer physiques

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