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BON JOVI Livin' on a prayer (lead guitar backing track)

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Emilio Castelazo (1 day ago)
2:58 Guitar solo
Bob S. Stevenson (3 months ago)
sounds like starship in the chorus without the guitar haha
Thorin Ward (6 months ago)
Hi, could you do the track with no vocals and no guitar?
Aztecelotl (1 year ago)
So those wows weren’t created by the guitar?
Muerte (8 days ago)
+MrHITCHER65 guitar through a talkbox
MrHITCHER65 (1 year ago)
no, he uses a "talkbox"!!
Lars Janse (1 year ago)
Do you have version without talkbox?
yea No!!
MrHITCHER65 (1 year ago)
No !!
pls download link??
MrHITCHER65 (2 years ago)
Livin' on a prayer (lead guitar track)on my channel, in my playlists !!

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