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GTA 5: SECRET HIDDEN TUNNEL FOUND!? - Secret Tunnel System Under Mt. Chiliad!? (GTA 5 Mystery)

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Reddit Page - https://www.reddit.com/r/chiliadmystery/comments/4dhiz6/chiliad_secret_hidden_cave/ The Truth About The Mystery And Cults In GTA 5! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kL151MQKWEQ ● Subscribe to keep updated! - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkyXqBtBZbLQ4IIFqvNxn4Q?sub_confirmation=1 ►My Instagram: https://instagram.com/s.vossener ►My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhizLOfficial ►My Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhizLOfficial Please leave a like on the video, it's just 2 seconds of your life and you help me getting closer to my dream! Also feel free to Subscribe to my channel for Amazing, Daily Quality Content! -WhizL ►►►Get Partnered Today!◄◄◄ -Requirements to get partnered today is only 33 daily video views or 1k views per month so almost anyone can easily get partnered with this Amazing Network! So much benefits! More info here!: http://www.freedom.tm/via/ImTheWhizL
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Text Comments (410)
Anpu (1 year ago)
I dont have see a tunnel xDDDD Boring, Clickbaitasshole!
Memmo Beats (2 years ago)
maybe when another DLC come to gtav we can open it like other things.interesting video you got my like
the robot demon bear (2 years ago)
im starting to think the mural is not talking about chiliad you all assume d that just because the mural is on chiliad mabye check the other mountains
Agathor m (2 years ago)
you should of used the rail gun
theamezinflash (2 years ago)
this was so stupid
TazaA080 Gaming (2 years ago)
Hey man read this you may find it interesting gamer tag TazaA080 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O-dgPkQz_DEbnU2_ptU01yZYig_etxRGnBUfLn9Oz8g/mobilebasic
King (2 years ago)
hey Guys! My Name Is YouTubeG4M3R And I am Trying To Find The Mount Chiliade Easter egg Like You Guys! I Have Some Interesting Photos To Show That Might Reveal The Easter Egg! Contact Me On Instagram @xxcheatermakerxx I Need More Informasion To Unlock the easter egg. If You Guys Know Anything, again contact me on instagram
no theres no fucking tunnel just saved 10min of your life
Marcel Burkhardt (2 years ago)
HE POST ONLY FAKES. He only want make money and used fake pictures. BLOCK him!!!
Paulius Ragauskas (2 years ago)
Just use no clip. Its simple as that
Paulius Ragauskas (2 years ago)
if there is anything behind that thing its already there, so just use noclip thats is.
Jesse Lavine (2 years ago)
Clearly you don't understand how the game engine works dumb ass
Daniel Martin (2 years ago)
I just think rockstar got lazy there xD
Cheetumen52 (2 years ago)
Try chrome (mirror) paint on van and look at that "glitch"
Gametrixxs (2 years ago)
Whats with the EMP DROP Number on this location?
Ross Rankin (2 years ago)
did you try noclipping
Mike Melder (2 years ago)
ezio godes (2 years ago)
I found it get the alien car and then go to the mountain and then digg the rocks
Austin Lokey (2 years ago)
Dude stop naming videos that aren't true
Kat Carr (2 years ago)
I think, and I'm not trying to be mean, that it's just a screwup humans ain't perfect we know that much
abraham shehmus (2 years ago)
wait that different texture looks like gta sa
Bisayang Dako (2 years ago)
I turned on CC at the start and it wrote Ay guys whibdlse here XDDDDD WTF ?!
Michael Stickle (2 years ago)
have u tryed the secret phone numbers
koolca 01 (2 years ago)
Whizl... if your going to make video's, at least give your viewer's proof of your theories rather than ranting on and on about nothing. Quit trolling for views. The ENTIRE GTAV Community knows that there are NO HIDDEN TUNNELS under CHILIAD!
Casimir Junnila (2 years ago)
Fucking shit video
arno bok (2 years ago)
Nice tunnel
Christian Agunda (2 years ago)
easter egg from mt.chiliad
Anton Laoag (2 years ago)
I've been break the rock ten times but I died always
noah clark (2 years ago)
I know several places like that with the texture
Chase Powers (2 years ago)
a add is the a clue a add called sun to water
Thomas Cramer (2 years ago)
Like it
DVD ZNOW (2 years ago)
Try to shoot at it with the rail gun
Joshua Filimon (2 years ago)
Alot of hole on the left of the mountain at 2:00
Xistians (2 years ago)
Jozy What
ArcticBlitz (2 years ago)
try the rail gun there is so much contributed with the rail gun
Access Denied (2 years ago)
Fuckin clickbait asswipe!
BîO (2 years ago)
That's a rock, people need to stop falling for clickbait..
Germanicwarrior1 (2 years ago)
Do not believe what he says, that's just shit. There is no tunnel!
Axel Jimenez (2 years ago)
the jetpack is behind there is a line from the jetpack to the outside maybe they cover it so no one could get it
Jannes Van Den Berg (2 years ago)
volgens mij ben je gwn een doorgesnoven pep gerbuiker die denkt dat alles een samen zweering is
Pandu Allen (2 years ago)
there are 5 lines in the drawing,same number as the secret tunnel in mount cilliad
King Mccloud (2 years ago)
I got a question has anybody and I mean anybody solve the Mt chiliad mystery
BLACK GAMEPLAYS (2 years ago)
sam gabriel (2 years ago)
fuck sakee even you have to admit this is farfetched
AmbrizFer (2 years ago)
when im in sandy shores i get random subtitles on the bottom of my screen and when it happens there a dog or cat around
Pizzaly (2 years ago)
WhizL I finally figured out whats there... I have jailbreaked ps3 and i used mods for gta I was enabled to fly through the rock,weird texture? and there was a dark red tunnel there was torches and but finnaly there was only dead end.
kanseli79 (2 years ago)
i got inside the tunnel by using a nuke with mods
Chi Cha (2 years ago)
It is a cave that rockstar was making but he didn't finish it I my dad works with rockstar
Steven Pitkivitch (2 years ago)
try it at 100%
GAMING NETWORK (2 years ago)
+Nobby76 I agree I've found lots of these saying mystery solved and it's just some dumbass giving his or her hypothesis (or opinion).
MeabyDriver (2 years ago)
Maybe there is even more of these "entrances" in bf4, to activate the megalodon, you had to have people standing at exact locations. So this could be something like it? I guess it could, these points on the Chiliad Murral could be spots for people to stand by to access the mountain... Just a thought...
Paul Hatherall (2 years ago)
at the hippy camp there was a picture of the moon so try it at night
Mad Bastard (2 years ago)
if you look at the thumbnail, it looks like a crashed ufo. Just pointing that out. ( ^ω^)
ET03 Itoepia (2 years ago)
Shoot it with the railgun
SoFianeX (2 years ago)
Ki est la grace a chaouki??
Stevatron Rock (2 years ago)
it not a tunnel, Someone nocliped in there, there was nothing.
Jesse Lavine (2 years ago)
No clip wont show interiors
Bully (2 years ago)
Why does this exist
Richard Bosnak (2 years ago)
If there is an entrance. we would have been find it.
robotoys (2 years ago)
you could use the NO CLIP mod to pass the wall
MANZA 1 (2 years ago)
I meant two hoot falls
MANZA 1 (2 years ago)
Two hoody falls can be part of the mural because there is different symbols find the symbols in the squares you get the Easter egg
tropix (2 years ago)
Well, i gotta get my Jailbroken PS3 On, and teleport to there Il Comment if its a tunnel.
RADDLE (2 years ago)
i need help in gta 5 online i sold one of my cars for $130,000 and then left the game and then got back into gta5 online and founf my money i had gotten was gone and the car i sold isn't there help
Arek Pelc (2 years ago)
Another stupid ass video
Finn (2 years ago)
Gggggezz it just gets dumber
Finn (2 years ago)
Can't you accept that rockstar don't get everything exsactly correct
Frinz Khiane (2 years ago)
go in the tunnel
Joseph Smith (2 years ago)
+Whizl you mentioned a nuke in a vid I watched if you could find that and detonate it on location it might just budge open but it might need to happen at certain time
PUBG_ Maximum0192 (2 years ago)
Tis is bushit
TheGuyWhoIsEverywhere (2 years ago)
I have a theory it COULD BE A CAVE but something is blocking it and that is a boulder,that's why the mountain doesn't have the same colour as what I call boulder
Hamzeh Bakhiet (2 years ago)
Can't anyone use a no-clip mod to try and go through?
Gang Gang (2 years ago)
maybe you can explode the it the explode of the secret black cellphone number !
Sibin Ristic (2 years ago)
Its just a texture glitch
SlavGangBanger 1 (2 years ago)
There is 2 tunnels in Gta sa
antonio velazquez (2 years ago)
on each side of mount shasta!
Real gangsta Holding (2 years ago)
u could try and no clip into it
Nike Tovar (2 years ago)
you very try with a buzzard
M Hardersoundz (2 years ago)
youtuber are Attentionsluts.... this make no sense
L.Tjuston Senack (2 years ago)
u r a fing moron there is no mt. chilled mystery u guys al think the some things oh look its a flipping tunllel it must have something too do with the  mt. chilled mystery oh look there's a chicken siting on a egg in ptdo bay in easten blane county u believe this even though its not a egg but actlly a bell u think the year on the bell oh no wat im sorry I forgot its egg not a bell the year is 1917 u think that it  is even referring too the mystery but its just a year written on a bell which just so happens to be in the eastern corner of the map u guys also think 88 mph is the time needed to go back in time accreting too back to the fuhtre u think every single bloody Easter egg is referring to the mt. chilled mystery im telling rockstar r poisoning yr little minds how could u be soo flipping dumb im not being small minded I just trying to look at realty
Alfahound66 (2 years ago)
I am not being small minded , but I have no idea what the hell you wrote , so why bother to type? or at least use auto correct if you cannot spell . peace .....
H.O. U (2 years ago)
Oh... my... god... I HAVE A THEORY!! So this guy NoughtPointFour had a video where he lined the mural and the GTA V map up and went to the places... so what if there IS an entrance somewhere and the mural is the map and it leads to everything?! This is so much more then getting a jetpack...
zombie plays (2 years ago)
I tryed it did not work lol so I deleted mod cos I was bored of unlim money and ammo
arczibeatbox (2 years ago)
Try use a HVY CUTTER to drill a hole
Duckey Quack (2 years ago)
wow your shit at gta and youtube, seen a couple of your vids, there all shit geese, give up on your day job kid
Opla123 (3 years ago)
code cracked during thunder storm go to mt.chiliad 1 out of three ways in will be open eye represents ufo.under the eye two dishes down to the left 1 more do this in order it will open and the egg is there
Marc VdS (3 years ago)
nothng but guesswork, and nothing to show for it neither saying that GTA7 (not 6) will be in the make, holds more truth then a any single word put into this vid. -1
pro crafter (3 years ago)
I hate you because you make videos for nothing
xtom (3 years ago)
try go there at 3am on a rainiy day after u complete game 100% when the ufo is seen on top of mount chilliad. rumors say its hidden inside mountain and maybe this is where it comes from and only open at 3am on rainy day 100% game complete . pls try
zombie plays (2 years ago)
lo lol
zombie plays (2 years ago)
lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol ☺😈😴😊😉😮😀😯😣😁😐😤😂😑😥😃😕😦😄😠😧😅😬😨😆😡😩😇😢😰🔰👔👜💄👕💼👞👖🎒👟👗👝👑👘👛👒👙💰🎩👠💳🎓👡💲👓👢💵⌚👚💴
zombie plays (2 years ago)
its true
XTheLostChampionX (3 years ago)
Or it could be where there was a rock slide. Is there a part in gta where it goes b4 gta online? The part with north yankton. What if u can mod ur self while in north yankton to mount chilliad, or a camera their or something. That could do something maybe. Im just brainstorming
Isaih Vasquez (3 years ago)
hay whizl it is not a entrance I bet it's a texture glitch not every game is perfect
oh yeah yeah (3 years ago)
Use the noclip mod if u have pc
Sparkx Fleetwoof (3 years ago)
Teleport into it with Menyoo mods menu!
Mauricio Medal (3 years ago)
Maybe when its raining and the space ship is above mountchilleat
Jose Ruiz (3 years ago)
i will like to find a new animal and kill it with fire
Brenton Mathews (3 years ago)
whould hate for you to play skyrim every wall looks like that :,)
Whiteberg Slim (3 years ago)
this is so gay and so is Jordan Brown
InfinityRhino 29 (3 years ago)
Have you tried the railing on it?
InfinityRhino 29 (3 years ago)
Railgun not railing
jhon lee (3 years ago)
i check with free cam and nothing ^^
joyann roman (3 years ago)
Uits not fucking easter egg.i see a dildo sow its easter egg
NZXEagle (3 years ago)
try the rail gun to blow it up
ivan islas (3 years ago)
try using a tank to break trew
Brandon Shafer (3 years ago)
world of ours (3 years ago)
why is it so clear?
nic lewis (3 years ago)
just noclip in it

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