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Melting Magnets is Weird

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Today we're seeing what happens to the magnetic properties of steal and actual magnets when you heat them up and melt them down! Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: https://goo.gl/618xWm Get TKOR Merch: https://goo.gl/i5ehRg See What Else I’m Up To: Instagram: https://goo.gl/C0Q1YU Facebook: https://goo.gl/EWo7S7 Pinterest: https://goo.gl/Gbffq4 Business Inquiries: For sponsorship requests or business opportunities please contact me directly: https://goo.gl/Z2L6yM Music by: Victor Olsson - "Blue Texas Trucker 2", "Beer Beards And Barbecue 3" and "Vintage Rock Groove 3" Royalty Free Music from Epidemic Sound: https://goo.gl/jlJWJO WARNING: This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. ✌️👑 RANDOM NATION: TRANSLATE this video and you'll GET CREDIT! Click Here: https://goo.gl/q8wGao Want credit TRANSLATING other videos? Click Here to see where else you can contribute: https://goo.gl/Dmpwbq THANK YOU!! ✌️👑
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Text Comments (6002)
Andrew H (9 months ago)
Is it just me or are magnets really attractive
Christopher Domingo (1 month ago)
No pun intended?
Fuck Rowley (2 months ago)
+Dapperbot right
Dapperbot (2 months ago)
Fuck Rowley (3 months ago)
*Rim* *shot*
slurp deedeedee (3 months ago)
Robert Culp (7 days ago)
You mentioned letting the metal cool in the presence of a strong electromagnet. What if you wrapped a solenoid coil around a plaster or ceramic cylinder with the hot/molten metal inside. Or something else to protect the sheath on the wire from the heat. It would be interesting to see if the speed of cooling has any effect, eg. slow cool vs. quenching in water or even liquid nitrogen ;)
Jason Middleton (9 days ago)
Hi there, repeat the same experiment but in a vacuum, the magnets should keep most if not all of there magnetism, depending on the seal, and let the magnets cool down in the vacuum,
Zombi Wurm (11 days ago)
Try these same experiments while freezing the magnets.
Keith Widdison (12 days ago)
Properties discovered by Madame Curie, now called the Curie Effect
Kitarya Kysubae (14 days ago)
Magnetizing metal. This isn't how you do it
Scott Jackwitz (14 days ago)
ceramic magnets would need to be heated by the furnace before being exposed to the extreme heat, it would handle the heat better then but would still not melt.
Jessie James (15 days ago)
- ha ha .
Xeno Bardock (15 days ago)
This magnet experiment completely destroys the inner and outer core hypothesis accidentally. Molten hot iron core = No magnetic field.
Xeno Bardock (11 days ago)
Gravity reverses at some point inside the earth. How do you think we get zero gravity at the center of earth? That's how. Reverse gravity will offset all that pressure making center of earth low pressure instead of assumed high pressure. Pressure has nothing to do with magnetic field anyway, it is the intense heat in solid earth hypothesis that destroys the inner and outer core hypothesis. Also you can't have planets in constant pressure like conditions, that like asking planets to randomly explode. Just continue heating the pressure cooker without letting the gas/liquids out increasing its internal temperature and see it eventually explode.
nitza Gomej (11 days ago)
lol. you spoke like a lumberjack tryin to understand fashion! nice thinking. but what if there is more , like a lot more thing to consider.presure of the core,constant movement. and like 100 thinkgs more i dont even know. lets go ask a real scientinst
paigie.so.crazy 13 (19 days ago)
Could you magnetize a sword/knife or make a magnet into a sword/knife
Michael Reynolds (19 days ago)
Try the same experiment 10 times in a row and expect different results lol. HEAT RUINS MAGNETS
blueboy Art (21 days ago)
Next time try monster magnet
Andi r (22 days ago)
So, it turned into a magnot?
Jake Turner (26 days ago)
5:30 is it possible the magnets may have oxidized?
Samuel Falk (1 month ago)
have molten metal in your crucible than pour in some water plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Brandon Clements (1 month ago)
You keep saying that the one bar is steel, but if I am thinking correctly, aren't magnets attracted to iron, not steel? There has to be iron in the steel if that is so, so why not just melt pure iron to begin with?
nugg you (1 month ago)
Magnet-attracts metals Steel-metal(iron + some carbon+other things to make it tough) Therefore- MAGNET ATTRACTS STEEL.
J Dominguez (1 month ago)
I didnt notice anything weird...
Void. _Potato (1 month ago)
6.5k people here are magnets
Timmy L (1 month ago)
What happens if you do the opposite, cooling down one magnet. Does it become stronger??
Hiriga Saito (1 month ago)
Timmy L yes basically it becomes super magnet
DragonFarts (1 month ago)
Didn't actually melt the magnet until around 9 minutes. Trash video.
Nightfury Matthew (1 month ago)
Your test was biased, thus unfair. When you clipped to your square magnets, the scene shows that the non-heated square magnet was still attatched to the heated square magnet which would still cause the heated square magnet to be magnatised.
Christopher Domingo (1 month ago)
this video tells me that you're not attractive anymore when you get hot. I AIN'T GONNA GO TO THE GYM ANYMORE
NeutronX101 (1 month ago)
Get a job.
trez christy (1 month ago)
Thanks for this video....I'm saving it to my data for educational purpose
Ed Chia-Croft (1 month ago)
Why on earth would you wear plastic gloves that could melt to your skin ?
Houston Astros #1 (1 month ago)
You should use this opening more often
Gordon Promish (1 month ago)
would it have killed you to say "decalescence point" and "recalescence point" and "phase change" ?
20 gamer (2 months ago)
So I haven't watched the video yet but I think the heat melted the magnet palse so there not attracted
88Shredder88 (2 months ago)
I thought you would have provided some insight into why that happens and how metals' grain and atom structure changes with heat...
Montana Cyborg (2 months ago)
What about putting the magnets in liquid nitrogen or dry ice
Crystal Doge (2 months ago)
Montana Cyborg I think that actually makes them stronger
Robin Heistand (2 months ago)
I love these videos ❤❤❤ i love these him too 😂😂
Quotable Gaming (2 months ago)
8:20 It's a XBOX 360 RUMBLER *rumbles really hard*
Pluto Moon (2 months ago)
How are magnets made if heat depletes its properties?
DemonRitos OFFICIAL (2 months ago)
Smoke a bowl every time he says 'Magnet'
brutally_honest (2 months ago)
I would also like to see a model pyramid created. Using same specs with materials. Curious to see it's potential as an energy source
brutally_honest (2 months ago)
Yup that's what heat does.
Rick Anthony (2 months ago)
Interesting, allegedly the core of the earth is all molten yet we get strong magnetic poles.
Josue Ernesto (2 months ago)
Isn’t molten magnetic and neodymium for keep metal steel not working pull on magnetic field and particles atomic molten metals no longer heat higher metals. About this’s magnetic molten been exploded this faster molten atomic energy failure working heat
Silva (2 months ago)
Are you okay?
Youssef Breen (2 months ago)
Put dry ice in the vacuum chamber
hsmittico (2 months ago)
Iron not steel omg!
bit mammoth (2 months ago)
try putting the magnet in some acid to remove the oxidization layer
Marwaty (2 months ago)
Connorbaby69 (2 months ago)
You guys should try freezing magnets and steel with liquid nitrogen and do similar tests.
Ecstasy Panda (2 months ago)
The ceramic magnet shattered because of thermal shock, not because of any magnetic property it holds. Ceramics will shatter when the temperature of the ceramic is unevenly heated. I would say try slowly heating it, but heating a magnet is a known way of destroying a magnet, so it wouldn't be very interesting.
Tikko (2 months ago)
i swear all of this channel's videos have the same quality as some of the SyFy shows
Vithya Kanishka (2 months ago)
What will happen if you put molten lava on a different types of magnets
Maćko z Bogdańca (2 months ago)
marian (2 months ago)
Jase The Ace (2 months ago)
Curie and Neel temps.
GEARSHOCKED (2 months ago)
0:52 who else heard "maggots"
what if you can put lava on a veryyyyy strong magnet
Kenneth Cunningham (3 months ago)
Magnets, Iron,steel and alchemy.. the force is strong with this one.
Can you try making glas
Jas Gla (3 months ago)
If I'm not mistaken, you can restore the magnetic field of the neodymium magnets after they cool down by rubbing them on another high power magnet.
Tablet Two (3 months ago)
Don't you know that heat reduces magnetic fields.
Emily Gunn (3 months ago)
Did anyone else notice he had like a cotton ball on his microphone on his shirt??
liam freedom (3 months ago)
0:09 seconds When you complete assassins creed 😂
Jason. Madara (3 months ago)
So heat them the lose magnetic power and freeze then and they levitate hmmmm
# Incognito (3 months ago)
I just heard magnet magnets magnet magnet magnet magnet magnet magnets magnet magnet magnet magnet magnet magnets magnet magnet magnet magnet magnet magnets magnet magnet magnet magnet
Manisha Lingayat (3 months ago)
Plz put dry ice in your foundry
Christian Acaylar (3 months ago)
Colinfurze viewers watch this
Andrew Lorente (3 months ago)
What if you mix copper aluminum steel metal and magnets together
Josue Ernesto (2 months ago)
Andrew Lorente dangerously molten are particles atomics exploded all tables of elements chemicals metals
Elleh _ (3 months ago)
So... if your crush isn't attracted to you does that mean you're too hot??
Aves (3 months ago)
What if we put 'em in liquid nitrogen?
Aves (1 month ago)
+Houston Astros #1 what did they reply?
Hardip Kumar (1 month ago)
magnets work by the arrangement of the atoms if you heat the object up the atoms spread around quickly, if you cool them down they move more slowly keeping their magnetic powers so we can manipulate it.
Houston Astros #1 (1 month ago)
I already asked that!
Open Epic Gaming (3 months ago)
can you cast a magnet sword?
Nigga Tensai (3 months ago)
Trivia: He pronounced the word magnet for over 60 times in the whole video
Dashaun Harris (3 months ago)
Everytime I Watch Videos Like This It Always Makes Me Think Of Mother 🌎 And All Its Glory.
Josiah Venable (3 months ago)
These guys are guna blow themselves up one day.....or better, all of us.
Karl Fulton (3 months ago)
How can you not understand the molecular structure of magnetic matals and how heat reconfigures those structures to the detriment of magnetism.. you've realigned the crystaline structure of the metals.
Albireo ConorMurray (3 months ago)
Can you melt aluminium foil
Hans Castillo41 (3 months ago)
What youtube recommend is like reading my mind...
Yodats (3 months ago)
you should try too melt steel and magnet together
Eiwaldo Didi Prakosa (3 months ago)
The point is don't be hot and you will be attractive
TicTok Isfunny (3 months ago)
Molten mirror
Raymart Mercado (3 months ago)
Try super magnet
DjJtown (3 months ago)
...all these questions, and more, will be answered in next weeks episode.
Derek Black (3 months ago)
0:53.... the maggots?? Or am I just not hearing the n?
JESUS JOSEPHSON (3 months ago)
Heat destroys magnets. Though I have read if you have a steel bar and heat it and suspend it then strike it with a blunt object so that the vibration flows through the bar north south you will create a permeate magnet. I think it’s does something to the electrons and then I think you quench it so that they stay like that. Bam a magnet. Your should do that buddy’s cause I wanna know if it works and the last time I tried it the bar burned thru the string and burned a hole in my garage carpet..lol heat a steel bar and then try a tuning fork and different frequency vibrations. Maybe the music playing in the background would make the steel bar grow long hair and put on tight ripped jeans and blue eyeliner?
Varun RajeVerma (3 months ago)
i love this guys videos
donaastor (3 months ago)
And where is the weird part?
Matt Kent (3 months ago)
That was really slow, totally predictable and not "weird" at all.
『 』 (3 months ago)
4:36 to 4:49 magnet magnet magnet. Magnet magnet magnet? Magnet.
Roúnak Jain (3 months ago)
This is so random
Joseph Morrell (3 months ago)
Set up + and a red hot + magnet on top of the other and see if and when they repel
GTA. Ridwan (3 months ago)
Can u cast wit it
Matthew Seder (3 months ago)
This man decided to make radiation, of all three types. Please don't melt magnets.
Daveed Fermin (3 months ago)
This video prooves to me there is no "BALL" of molten "Magnetic" Iron spinning below the earths crust...(face-palm)+(smh) Im way off topic.
Xeno Bardock (3 months ago)
+Daveed Fermin Simpler search? Youtube search "Jan Lamprecht, NEXUS conference 2003." then.
Daveed Fermin (3 months ago)
+Xeno Bardock.  Hey i need to enter a simpler search than "hollow planet sesmiology vs solid earth semiology"
Daveed Fermin (3 months ago)
+Xeno Bardock Thank You!... I'll look at that now...
Xeno Bardock (3 months ago)
Search "Hollow Planet Seismology Vs Solid Earth Seismology" and you will know why.
vivek waghmare (3 months ago)
So Cooling magnet makes it Levitate ?...I Need M.Bisons Sneakers ...
Amn Reborn (3 months ago)
Magnets lose their magnetic properties when extreme heat is applied
Xeno Bardock (3 months ago)
So will the iron core.
Daniel Michaud (3 months ago)
I try that 2 year ago with Neodi... and they lose their magnetic property.
SwanCrunch (3 months ago)
is it that hard to get your magnets floating on water? ya know, to show how it is attracted? like, is it weaker, or it is almost nothing? also, did you reealy had to say it twice at the beginning?
nomad79 (4 months ago)
Dude.. you're awesome. Thank you!
DasGamming (4 months ago)
What if you freeze the magnets?? Would they get stronger
Wayne Miller (4 months ago)
I think impact will also cause a magnet to lose it strength as well.
atrumluminarium (4 months ago)
Ruining magnets like this makes me cry almost :(
Cashuma (4 months ago)
*. . . you also could simply read a 4th grader book and would be as wise as you are now !*
tedats (4 months ago)
Im gonna search after but now thinking, what happens with frozen magnets.
david unmint (4 months ago)
heat degausses magnets.
csmall1221 (4 months ago)
Fast forward to 7:55
verittt2006 (4 months ago)
if he is proving that magnetic metals lose thier magnatism when hot, how does the earths magnetic fields work if the nickle core if molten? or does nickle keep its magnatism when hot? or is the eaths magnetic fields generated by the iron in the crust & spining nickle molten core?
verittt2006 (3 months ago)
+Jack Otheshadows I'm still having trouble understanding (how) earth has a magnetic field. I'm only as smart as the school system of 70's to 90's made me unfortunately :( they told us about earth having a magnetic field, but never (how) or (why) it does, only what it was.
Xeno Bardock (3 months ago)
+Jack Otheshadows Sure with lightning bolts you can explain earths magnetic field but you don't need iron core for that. One can easily easily say that the 3000 km thick hollow shell generates earths magnetic field this way.
Xeno Bardock (4 months ago)
+Jack Otheshadows Scientists have found vast oceans of water in earths lower mantle almost 3000 km below the surface which further confirms Jan Lamprecht.
Xeno Bardock (4 months ago)
+Jack Otheshadows Search "Hollow Planet Seismology Vs Solid Earth Seismology".
Xeno Bardock (4 months ago)
+Jack Otheshadows Inner and outer cores do not exist. Earths magnetic field is generated by the 3000 km thick and colder shell like a hollow sphere magnet.

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