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Motif 15 - Dwemer - ESO Weapon & Armor Style

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Welcome back Ladies and Gentleman! In this video I showcase the Dwemer Weapon & Armor Style in the Elder Scrolls Online. It is Motif 15. 00:00 - Light Armor 00:43 - Medium Armor 01:11 - Heavy Armor 01:48 - One-Handed Axes 02:06 - One-Handed Swords 02:23 - One-Handed Maces 02:41 - Two-Handed Axes 03:01 - Two Handed Swords 03:27 - Two-Handed Maces 03:40 - Daggers 04:06 - Bows 04:30 - Staves 04:51 - Shields 05:10 - Final Thoughts Other Weapon and Armor Styles: 01. Altmer - http://goo.gl/yPuqh9 02. Bosmer - http://goo.gl/x5mBQ6 03. Dunmer - http://goo.gl/y5thCP 04. Nord - http://goo.gl/8gwBqY 05. Breton - http://goo.gl/iuzzfu 06. Redguard - http://goo.gl/1bLWGu 07. Khajiit - http://goo.gl/I933lv 08. Orcs - http://goo.gl/i7TjXX 09. Argonian - http://goo.gl/9XZXd4 10. Imperial - http://goo.gl/F9zzUn 11. Ancient Elves - http://goo.gl/vhX7jj 12. Barbaric - http://goo.gl/iA7at6 13. Primal - http://goo.gl/OBTQYY 14. Daedric - http://goo.gl/cdP0nP 15. Dwemer - https://goo.gl/43hbRE 16. Glass - https://goo.gl/5dhMmC Like - Comment - Share - Subscribe! TWITTER - https://twitter.com/Camelworks PATREON - https://www.patreon.com/Camelworks?ty=h SUBSCRIBE - http://goo.gl/a7GZdP DONATIONS - https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr...
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Text Comments (222)
Bulldozer Unit-01 (1 year ago)
What is the paint patern for heavy armor?
Daniel Fox (1 year ago)
elderscrolls has always confused me by making daggers be the size of short swords.
peacefulfeijai (1 year ago)
can you show the male version of the armor too
Bubble Chicken (2 years ago)
omg I can't see the vid it's all black pls help
Oh No My Bones (2 years ago)
Im pretty sure the the black bow might be a reference to the Dwarven Blackbow of fate from dragonborn, although i could just be dillusional
亲Jenky (2 years ago)
Can you do mercenary style??
Wob (2 years ago)
1:50 what is the music? it definitely fits for dwemer
Martin Ivanov (2 years ago)
where is 16...............
Dat Boi (2 years ago)
Why does the dwemer sword have the handle of a skyrim dwemer swords the blade of a skyrim iron sword?
Redstar Rising (2 years ago)
I think the shield is trying to depict their king. The weapons could use some more color.
Ragna Rok (2 years ago)
The dwemer armors are cool, just they suffer from: 1. hip flaps clipping through hands and 1H weapons. 2. Shield cannot be dyed in some cool colour like the armor, in fact all dyes put on this shield looks dull and grey. 3. Shoulder flaps could look more epic on light and medium armors, in fact good idea probably would be to swap them with hip flaps, which would also solve some issues with clipping :).
Nolan N.O. (2 years ago)
I just realized the character you're playing on is called Tities Maximus...
gr be (2 years ago)
don't like the armor I liked how it was kinda bulky cause it looked like you could get in a fight without getting hurt that much
Carson Reed (2 years ago)
did anyone else think about starfox adventures when they saw the shield?
Fjuron Arkanos (2 years ago)
Could you please make a video covering the other or newer styles like Xivkyn or Glasit.? ;)
WhoFuckingCares (2 years ago)
"Tities Maximus"
LandoCommando (2 years ago)
I do miss the golden coloring but it is cool
Keti ko (2 years ago)
oh trueee
Oh No My Bones (2 years ago)
+Ben Carrington he means the weapons, the armour is already gold
Keti ko (2 years ago)
U can change the colour of ur armour
Jamie Gardiner (2 years ago)
The medium armour helmet and shoulders are very weird
the best light armor ever, I can't wait to have this
Hans Byager (2 years ago)
you forgot the male style -.-
James Spreier (2 years ago)
here is a question is there ebony armor and weapons in the game or not because i know there is ebony ingots in the game i am not sure if there is the armor and weapons like in skyrim
James Spreier (2 years ago)
yeah but i have my blacksmithing up at level 20 which is ebony so all i need now is ebony ingots or ebony ore and if someone sends me the ebony ingots i will make them a free set of ebony armor of their choice from the races like dunmer,nord,kahjiit,redgaurd,altmer,bosmer,breton,and orc
Skirmixstudios (2 years ago)
The dunmer heavy armor is the closest to looking like ebony armor from skyrim
Julius Santiago (2 years ago)
You forgot the daggers
Camelworks (2 years ago)
+Julius Santiago 3:40
Kenneth Easterling (2 years ago)
I hate it all
dem0n1k (2 years ago)
I really like the Dwemer heavy armour style. It's just hard to get enough Dwemer frames to make new sets regularly. Cheers for doing these videos! The in-game icons are so crap for actually seeing what the pieces look like.
Ninja7546 (1 year ago)
dem0n1k I just buy it off players off the player market. they're actually pretty cheap now
Parashjin (2 years ago)
hm, would prefer to see male armor, but turns out that 75% off the characters are female... which gives me the question, in alliance war... Do most men send their wifes into war and stay home?
Toxic Ghost615 (1 year ago)
This is funny and agree it would be nice to see male version for us guys who aren't sexually confused
Nicolas Munoz (2 years ago)
Adam Osman (2 years ago)
Have you stopped making these viedoes? :(
Florian Unrath (2 years ago)
Can we expect to see other videos like this?
Zack Stoneburner (2 years ago)
Do these videos with male characters so you can see what real armor looks like
Orange Soda (2 years ago)
Kina reminds me of imperial the heavy armor at least the helmets .
WippsMcGee (2 years ago)
camel do u play in us server or european server
Ixander Gonzalez (2 years ago)
If its possible you should show it on both male and female characters. Looking at the armor on a female character doesn't give me the information I'm looking for. It might look good on the female form but not on mine and vice versa. Please and thank you.
ECUporkchop (2 years ago)
If it's anything like previous TES games, this is a pretty good showcase. In Skyrim, male armor was literally female armor minus breasts. I haven't made male characters or stopped to look at other peoples characters, but I'm certain there won't be any drastic changes. For example, I'm sure the male armors aren't sleeveless, or anything as drastic as that. Just take these armors and imagine them with male proportions. Your comment was posted 29 days ago, so you probably already know the answers to your questions. But if not, I hope this helped.
NeoSoul (2 years ago)
holy shit for like 3 seconds I was like "Wow, Scott sounds really sick"
Patrick Jackson (2 years ago)
are you doing the dlc motifs that have been added?
David Muniz (2 years ago)
prefer to see a male charcter nice try though
Josh Winter (2 years ago)
how much are the deemed motifs worth?
Josh Winter (2 years ago)
dwemer* stupid auto correct
KillerGoat Lord (3 years ago)
Why is the music so creepy
Aceman2929 (3 years ago)
Is ESO worth it? And how different is it from normal Elder Scrolls games like Skyrim?
reklom vera (3 years ago)
+Aceman2929 if you played each of the elder scrolls games, they're pretty different from each other (aside from the first two games) Best thing I can give is if you expect Full-on-Skyrim online, then you might be put off. But it does have the over-all feel of an ES game.
ProPancake (3 years ago)
Hey I need some help I currently have 3 motifs, sword, shield and legs and have level 9+ in woodworking blacksmithing and clothing but I can't seem to use the motif I am level 17 if that means anything.
efcben (3 years ago)
XB1: message Benji l 30 l if you want to sell me deemed pieces of light armour!
leonardo cook (3 years ago)
Does anyone know how to get the yokedan armor ?
leonardo cook (3 years ago)
I found a motif but it says dwemer legs and dwemer pauldron don't know if I need the rest of the armor or am I completely wrong
Eugne Axe (3 years ago)
The reason why the Dwemer weapons lack detail is becuase the Dwemer created weapons and armor on pure functionality, not detail and decoration.  Decoration was only used on object belonging to high ranking persons.
Richard Oneill (3 years ago)
I want all the motifs of Dwemer ! I need Help !!!
M S (3 years ago)
Interested in buying my dwemer motif: shoulders?
xxGOKUxx (3 years ago)
I need 3 more,chest,shoulders,and feet,then I've got the full dwemer set. VR 2 Rearguard Templar female,ebonhart pact.
Tsesarevich (3 years ago)
I obtained the full Dwemer Motif in Avanchenzel. If anyone wants crafted Dwemer armor and has a dwemer frame, i will craft you anything you want for 200g each item, all tiers up to VR1.I am on the NA server for Xbox One. My GT is Tsesarevich II.
M S (3 years ago)
A message to you at xbox or here?  And yeah, I just reached vet 7, so hope you can do a jerkin for that level. Shoulders would be awesome, too.
Tsesarevich (3 years ago)
+Sky Bound send me a message and I'll see what I can do
M S (3 years ago)
You could make my veteran rank 5 mage a dwemer jerkin? Btw, I'm at the EU server, can it be sent in the mail-thingy or something?
Wavy (3 years ago)
Let's be honest the best looking armor set where in Oblivion I mean come on have you seen daedric armor in Oblivion that shield still hunts my dreams
Jonnie Helps (3 years ago)
Anyone know the dyes he used for the light armor?
Cameron Thomson (3 years ago)
No shit it's not bulky it's a fuckin girl character
Carl Vitek (3 years ago)
I laugh every time I see the character name
TheSpaghettiKnight (3 years ago)
Does anyone know what the music playing throughout the video is?
Wob (2 years ago)
+Camelworks I can't find this.
TheSpaghettiKnight (3 years ago)
+Camelworks Thanks. :)
Camelworks (3 years ago)
+TheSpaghettiKnight Song called O)))CCult. It will be released on my EP when the channel hits 100k subs :)
Phoenix King (3 years ago)
Make a video on armored mounts I saw a guar mount with armor on
Phoenix King (3 years ago)
How do you dye stuff
Sam M (3 years ago)
Does anyone know how hard it is to even make this stuff... you need 10 dwemer scrap to make 1, dwemer frame, for the dwemer style, and getting 10 dwemer scrap took me about 2 hours of consistently killing automatons. And don't even get me started on how long it took me of looting nightstands, to even get the motifs. I have the chest, that is all, if anyone knows a more efficient way of getting dwemer scrap, please, let me know.
W (3 years ago)
There is a place in the ebonheart pact called inner sea armature and you loot every urn pot and jug you can you should find some way faster I hope I helped
Entreprenoober (3 years ago)
Anyone want to buy a racial motif 15, chapter 8, dwemer helmet?
BoolinHeavy (3 years ago)
Do you need all motif parts to make it?
ß (3 years ago)
+Voltaic yes
FlowTactics (3 years ago)
Willing to pay for dwemer armor book
FlowTactics (3 years ago)
This was a while ago, I got the whole book now lol
M S (3 years ago)
Shoulders? You need that
Ismael Thompson (3 years ago)
Love the war hammer and the maces but the shield completely let me down.
Jacob Leonard (3 years ago)
Perhaps maybe show male and female characters
-Swedude- (3 years ago)
I have had the most luck in this game I guess, with in a week I've found all the Dwemer motifs for the armor and two weapon motifs, found the shoulders two times same with the daggers, and also found the axes the other day... O_o
-Swedude- (3 years ago)
+Nicholas Yowell Any  dwemer dungeon, I was looting every single jugs & urn
Nicholas Yowell (3 years ago)
How??? WHERE??!???!??
AJIsaac (3 years ago)
Can any class use any type of weapon and armor and can you get all the styles
M S (3 years ago)
Yes, but you hace to get the motifs.
Is the elderscrolls online already out cause i preordered tamriel unlimited
TrueArt_1 (3 years ago)
Eduardo Godinez (3 years ago)
What's your fave medium and light sets?
Daniel White (3 years ago)
Hi dude! Which is the minimum blacksmith level to learn this motif? I already find two books, but even at close to 30 at Blacksmith, I still receive the message of that I need a level 9 or up to learn this motif Thanks for the help!
cameroncm (3 years ago)
+Daniel White You need a level 40 blacksmith, It asks for a level 9 "metalworking" which requires a high blacksmith
Ray's Reviews (3 years ago)
Not every two handed sword is a claymore. A claymore is a Scottish sword with a cross shaped hilt.
ohlala va (3 years ago)
in my oppinion this is the least worth motif to get and also the rarest (i know, there is the imperial but for dwemer u need 15(?) parts)  Just GG Bethesta and Zenimax some more efford wouldve done quite well
BigPierce23 (3 years ago)
What is needed to make Dwarven? like corundum is needed for nord, obsidian for dunmer etc..
12121331 1334424 (3 years ago)
What horrible character names...
12121331 1334424 (3 years ago)
Holler you need Reefer
12121331 1334424 (3 years ago)
Woman I'm the LOOOORD of the RIngs!
12121331 1334424 (3 years ago)
+Camelworks Jarl Ballin'
Camelworks (3 years ago)
+Emperor Trajan What are some good character names?
12121331 1334424 (3 years ago)
Except Tities Maximus
IAIN CARMICHAEL (3 years ago)
how do you make dwemer once you learn the motif?
M S (3 years ago)
there are dyeing stations in many towns.
Chris Ross (3 years ago)
Why does almost every ESO video I hosted by a guy, have a female avatar? weird man.
Chris Ross (3 years ago)
It's basically saying you want online players to think you're a girl lol
Camelworks (3 years ago)
+Chris Ross Because tits are the shit
torres dominguez (3 years ago)
everything seems great but you can say that the sword tips does seem a bit too sharp and pointy, and is it just me or the weapon designs are colored purple ?
Camelworks (3 years ago)
+torres dominguez I think the purple tinge one the weapons is to give the metal a magical element to the metal. Kinda like that colors you get with oil in water ( petrol on water ).
Admiral Kek (3 years ago)
This song would go great in the new borderlands
Camelworks (3 years ago)
+TheReidMeister Thanks man, I wrote it and produced it myself! When ever my album is done, I'll release it all and also upload it to YouTube.
Luc McDonald (3 years ago)
I thought dwemer metal was yellowish or goldish not purple...
DuckthatGames (3 years ago)
+Luc Mcdonald It's the dying system brought in to the game with what I believe was update 1.3
ninja_nipples (3 years ago)
As a person who wants to play ESO on consoles wgen it comes out, SHOULD I play it, and should I Pre-order it?
BoJack Horseman (3 years ago)
+James Logan yep ^^ good job
James Logan (3 years ago)
+BoJack Horseman like so? Haha, and no that wasn't what I was trying to do- but anyway thanks for explaining!
BoJack Horseman (3 years ago)
+James Logan nops, petty much u just need to have the + Name infront of your post. so it pings them and shows who your talkin to. most ppl who dont do it. do it to hide your post so they dont have to deal with the person knowin they talked to them. not saying thats what your doing but just a heads up
James Logan (3 years ago)
Don't really use it often, sorry
BoJack Horseman (3 years ago)
+James Logan looks like you forgot how to post on G+/youtube
Adam Toner (3 years ago)
maxdamageman (3 years ago)
females only?
QorinHalfhand. (3 years ago)
Is eso before or after morowind?cs if its before then the dwemer should exist.if i know my lore they should.
QorinHalfhand. (3 years ago)
Ok i missed the timeline.tnx for that.
Camelworks (3 years ago)
The Dwemer Vanished in 1E 700 (700 years into the 1st era). Elder Scrolls Online is set in 2E 582 (582 years into the 2nd era). 1st Era was 2,920 years long... So the Dwemer disappeared  2802 years before Elder Scrolls Online is set. So no the Dwemer should definitely not be seen in game.
QorinHalfhand. (3 years ago)
So the Dwemer should be there.
Camelworks (3 years ago)
It is set 1,000 years before Skyrim, so 800 years before Morrowind.
Lenart Polc (3 years ago)
This armor with no blue, that could be awesome
WaddlingProductions (3 years ago)
When the Thieves Guild, and Dark Brotherhood armor come out will you review them, or just showcase them
G. Eheime (3 years ago)
Great style for a MMO... love it
Divad090597 (3 years ago)
What's with the creepy music haha. Keep up the great work :)
Юрий Малов (3 years ago)
All right. I'll be waiting.
Camelworks (3 years ago)
Юрий Малов I will be releasing an album with my music this year. I will post it on this YouTube channel so you can find it easily :)
Юрий Малов (3 years ago)
+Camelworks Music is great. Where can I download it? I don't know how to say correctly, I'm russian, my english is not so good.
Camelworks (3 years ago)
Haha it is actually music I wrote, album should be coming out this year (which is what I said last year as well).
Sam lewis (3 years ago)
i don't really like the dwemer armor in this game i don't hate it but i feel like the design is weak compared to previous elder scrolls games it lacks the automaton look....if it looked like it was in skyrim but with steam venting that would be cool which is why i think they should make more racial motifs based on past recorded designs that way each race would have multiple motifs each distinct but commonly similar to their races own style other than that i can't wait for what the future of ESO has to offer.IMHO    
Flip (3 years ago)
Don't stop this awesome videos :D
GTAVISREAL (3 years ago)
I need too see the imperial daedric armor set released 
AceVenturaXii (3 years ago)
Some pretty big news about ESO this week. Why don't you make a video about your thoughts on what the effects will be on the game by going B2P?
The Bounty (3 years ago)
The face on the shield is a dewemer, the where elve that's why
Duke Langson (3 years ago)
Yes your back i just hope you're not being pressured in to only ESO stuff because i like all of your vids 
Camelworks (3 years ago)
+cdgames doit You haven't offended me at all, I'm made happy with your kindness and caring.
Duke Langson (3 years ago)
Ok sorry if I offended you I didn't mean it that way.
Camelworks (3 years ago)
Thanks mate, and no I'm not being pressured :) I heard a new motif came out and thought I owed it to you guys. Thank you for the kind words.
Kaizelot (3 years ago)
Thank you thank you thank you, i know you don't like this game as much as before, but thanks to take time to give us this motif style specialy today that they announced the free subscription in couple of months, thanks again.
Poimen Koinonos (3 years ago)
Since when is there dwemer armor and weapons I eso?
Poimen Koinonos (3 years ago)
I haven't played ESO in a while, must of missed when they put it in. Great video! Do you do non-craft-able armor and weapons?
Camelworks (3 years ago)
Not sure but I felt I had to go back and review the armor set.
jelle psych (3 years ago)
Yay he's back
NinjaScheme (3 years ago)
Nice review :D
xxx xxx (3 years ago)
I just start playing eso after a few months and iam hooked again, keep your vids .-)
Vincent (3 years ago)
Yay, youre making videos again :) Your video's have helped me quite a lot is the past.
aWEISS83 (3 years ago)
Camel can u make a UPDATED video for smithing?
TigerNinjaDragon (3 years ago)
back on eso in time for the new update
UnownB (3 years ago)
Awesome thanks :D
Camelworks (3 years ago)
Pleasure mate.

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