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Movie Prop Guns Tour at Independent Studio Services (ISS) Part 1

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Check out part 1 of our 2 part interview with Larry Zanoff of ISS where Larry talks a bit about the movie industry, and the importance guns play in the majority of films we see. Larry shows us ISS's massive collections of guns which are available for rent to various film and television productions.
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Text Comments (61)
KλLINKA (2 months ago)
I thoght they sand ISIS
Steven School Alchemy (6 months ago)
airindiana (8 months ago)
What a cool job!
James Hopkins (8 months ago)
Just waiting for Terry to show up
Know Your Place (11 months ago)
I bet atf is on their ass all the time lol
CrIITiCALSNiiPes (1 year ago)
That fat fuck
NEOGEO1966 (1 year ago)
Weird voice at 2:40
United Volkssturm (1 year ago)
Bro look at this projectle
trevor pietruszka (1 year ago)
i fuking love prop guns anyone else
amit patil (1 year ago)
very sexy girl
blackzed (2 years ago)
Blanks can kill you and that's a fact...
Riff Raff (1 year ago)
blackzed is it? Is that a fact? Cuz you said so?
anoniem (2 years ago)
@ Larry zanoff🌲 goodday first I saw a movie that you talk about how powerful a .50AE caliber is! this question sounds maybe for you a little bit dumb or weird. but I would know or there is a Possibility to Survive a Shot in the head with a.50cal Desert eagle at close distance 10-30 feet? are you dare to answer that? greets from Dioni
אלינור ממן (2 years ago)
אלינור ממן (2 years ago)
אלינור ממן (2 years ago)
michael burke (2 years ago)
Why are so many directors using a sparkler effect for bullet impact? You evev see it when they hit drywall,it's so bad sometimes it puts the May's 4th of July fireworks display to shame. When I see a movie or TV show and that first magic sparkling bullet makes its impact, (I can't believe I just said impact, that would suggest that it would leave a hole or do physical damage) and sparkles out of existence without leaving a trace of damage, I feel like I've been cheated. Sorry for venting but this is one of my biggest pet peeves and I would really like to know why the director would choose this fantasy over a ballistically correct reality, which in my opinion is much more frightening. thanks in advance for any information.
FergieTheSeagull (2 years ago)
Directors and special effects artists would favour these effects simply because they look "better" on screen for the audience, and really makes it much more visual- that way an audience really knows that there has been an impact, and might wow more than a usual impact. This is very much related to the use of huge muzzle flashes for movie guns, as while they are not ballistically accurate, they make much more of a visual impression on the viewer.
Frogman Smith (2 years ago)
You know someone in the IDF is going to be in guns. Nothing like trying them out on Palestinian kids.
NEOGEO1966 (1 year ago)
Israel commits war crimes against innocent Palestinian men, women, kids and babies. There is nothing good about glorifying Israel's war crimes and human rights abuses. Wake up.
CaseyKaiJones (2 years ago)
Who else thinks this should be a store?
Busa Nut (11 months ago)
CaseyKaiJones I wish
DJJAW11 (2 years ago)
Could I work for you please :)
Jxcksonn (3 years ago)
Give me one!. :(
TheStgmp44 (3 years ago)
Geez this guy sure knows how to talk his job up. a 14yr old who has the money could do his job. no licence is needed for ownership of blank firers or blank ammunition.
Steve Rogers (3 years ago)
I like that Boys anti tank rifle!
Damdin sukhbaatar (3 years ago)
Are there any Vikers guns for sale
Travis Gilroy (3 years ago)
he says projectile like an idiot.
andy red (4 months ago)
😂 yeah he does
jadou88 (3 years ago)
WoW  How much does it cost for a gun that has been modified to shoot blanks ? Lets say an ar15 or a 1911 for example Any idea guys and how expensive it is to by special ammo for them ?
jadou88 (3 years ago)
+JakeTheRipper 73 Hahaha true to that
JakeTheRipper 73 (3 years ago)
blanks are actually quite expensive, believe it or not. Many TV shows use CGI to generate small arms fire. A main example of this is The Walking Dead. watch an episode that uses alot of gun fire. You'll notice that automatic weapons won't even be ejecting shells, and you won't see any kick from the weapons. Sometimes you'll see way too much kick from actor error.
Tommy Ricks (4 years ago)
I am looking for a movie prop double barrel shotgun that fires only blanks
JakeTheRipper 73 (3 years ago)
just get a real one.
JakeTheRipper 73 (3 years ago)
+Adam B It totslly depends honestly. There's rubber stunt guns, airsoft replicas, non functional steel replicas, and then the real deal. It deoends on the production situation.
Steve Rogers (3 years ago)
+Adam B 99% of these guns cannot take the pressures made by real bullets, they'll only fire blanks. Up close shooting will either be done with CGI or as this dude said, they have a clear sheet of plastic between them so there is a physical barrier between the two actors.
Maggie Koch (5 years ago)
Blanks are dangerous because of the pressurized gas. Any skilled professional would triple-check to prevent such a horrible accident.
Polish PlumBag (5 years ago)
does anyone kno a site where i can buy these prop handguns!!!!!!! i want one so bad
Rodney (5 years ago)
Jesus. All the handguns!
diasirea (5 years ago)
Incident w/ Brandon Lee was due to NOT following established protocols. Non-professional gun wranglers and chain of custody of prop to blame.Close-up scene of revolver was filmed, using .44 mag rounds with powder removed, but still w/ live primers.All, supposedly told NOT to pull trigger, since primer would put bullet in to barrel.3 weeks later, second scene filmed, blanks set it gun, which launched stuck bullet, killing Lee.A professional, would've checked gun for obstructions prior to scene.
AjackLee4 (5 years ago)
a man was making a movie, and put a blank firearm to his head and pulled the trigger, and died because of the flame and gas
AjackLee4 (5 years ago)
6:12 SPECTRE'S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prospective Candidate (5 years ago)
3:04 are those sanjuros?
trichloroacetaldehyd (5 years ago)
dat hoverhand 1:45
Yiu-Сhung, Sunny Mak (6 years ago)
I don't think muskets pistols in 4:28 need to convert into "movie guns"... You can just blank fire it if not putting the bullets.
I want to have sex with Starwarschick
MrBarricane (6 years ago)
You still have a shit load of hot gas coming out the end. You can loose an eye if your too close
orgekiller (6 years ago)
me likey,me likey !!!
braedon96 (6 years ago)
kidcarlyray (6 years ago)
sunray gaming (6 years ago)
Thay catn throw some shrapnol on the odd acashion. thay hve the safty meshers for that.
Noah Margera (6 years ago)
i need a address for this place
Harrison Thomas (6 years ago)
Motherfucking gold deagle!
oozi (7 years ago)
OMFG, they have an entire wall of Peace makers!
loudsqueak (7 years ago)
crazy old mini-gun at 5:25 ..... sooooo sick
braedon96 (7 years ago)
JonMacFhearghuis (7 years ago)
'It is a real firearm'. Unless it's a flashpaper gun. Or a rubber stunt gun.
Noeland (7 years ago)
Wow. Kid in a candy store. I love this kind of stuff. Thanks for posting this. I'm sure you guys had a blast doing this too. :)
bgcorporation (7 years ago)
That, is freaking awesome. Can't believe you guys were able to do such an awesome interview. I can't wait for part 2.
w0mbles (7 years ago)
OK, I'm not a gun nut in any way, but sheesh, that's an impressive collection of bang-bangs.
Daniel S (7 years ago)
Who disliked this? This is one of the many places that provide the awesome guns in all the action movies and TV shows!

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