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ESO - Top 5 Motifs - Armor Styles - Elder Scrolls Online

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Text Comments (169)
Majin R (12 days ago)
Omg the first armor 😍 how to get it?
Player Guides (12 days ago)
+Majin R Np :)
Majin R (12 days ago)
+Player Guides thanks :)
Player Guides (12 days ago)
You can get it in gold coast area or just buy it in guild stores. :)
Loitz DS (1 month ago)
how did the thief flip and spin the dagger like that some one plz tell ? is it an emote if so where do I get it ???
Player Guides (25 days ago)
What he said ^^
Faggoth Ur (1 month ago)
When you go to anvil you instantly get it
Megalith555 (2 months ago)
My main character is a male Nord. My favorite motifs are Ebonheart Pact Heavy, Nord Motif Heavy, Dark Brotherhood Medium, Skinchanger Heavy, and Mercenary Medium/Heavy... 🤣
Player Guides (1 month ago)
Luis Zamora Rodriguez (2 months ago)
I have a problem: the ancient elf craft motif requires rank 8 in any of the crafting skills to use it. I'm already level 8 at woodworking but I still can't use it... and I don't know why
AHB (3 months ago)
what personality shows the dagger?
Player Guides (2 months ago)
David Cochrane (2 months ago)
Assassin I believe :)
Javier Campos (6 months ago)
Kill him he's evil
Kieslo Darkmoon (9 months ago)
What great sword was that on #4?
Lerik (1 year ago)
The best helmet In the game has to definetely be the ebonheart Light armor mask
Il y a t-il une touche spécifique pour jongler avec les dagues comme il le fait dans cette vidéo ?
RedCrowFilms (1 year ago)
What city are they in? I like the vibe and style of it
Apocalypse Toast (1 year ago)
What race is your male dark brotherhood guy?
david hagberg (1 year ago)
Is the first charachter an elf?
Player Guides (1 year ago)
I think so. :)
Umut Çınar (1 year ago)
First armour color??
bran lee (1 year ago)
how are u walking with a knife?
Gripping Lips Fishing (1 year ago)
bran lee dark brotherhood personality
Sharbo Life (1 year ago)
What colors were used on the dark brotherhood medium armor set please tell
These all look very gay. Is this really what the game has to offer?
Agung Rizki (1 year ago)
Male --------- 04:00 01:06 02:19 03:23 04:39 --------- Female --------- 05:35 06:59 08:05 09:00 10:25 --------- 11:43 - END ---------------
Sentient Six (1 year ago)
ESO have really shit looking sets compare any mmo I've been playing.
Sentient Six (1 year ago)
Lineage, Aion, GW2, Tera.
Player Guides (1 year ago)
Which mmos, I'd like to see some cool art too. :)
Clavicus Vile (1 year ago)
#1 makes you look like the phantasm from dc comics
Player Guides (1 year ago)
hehe nice
xXSilentAgent47Xx (1 year ago)
Hollowjack Heavy looks dope, the mask reminds me to the Red Hood but in knight style.
Verticom 1 (1 year ago)
xXSilentAgent47Xx almost reminds me of world of warcraft firelands paladin armor
Player Guides (1 year ago)
The_Lex (1 year ago)
I know this is an old video, but if you can remember, what colors did you use on the male, Skinchanger, heavy?
Player Guides (1 year ago)
Glad you did! :) There's a whole fashion playlist for you to enjoy if you need to see any other motifs. :)
The_Lex (1 year ago)
That's okay. I enjoyed the video!
Player Guides (1 year ago)
I wish I could remember, sorry. :)
Aryan Koul (1 year ago)
how did u get the dark brotherhood motif I have done a lot of daily quests in the gold coast but I still haven't gotten it
Player Guides (1 year ago)
Bought them all in guildstores, except the crown store ones, those I don't care about. :)
Umut Çınar (1 year ago)
Outlaw Medium <3
Emre Yılmazer (1 year ago)
Umut Çınar reis ben yeni oluşturduğum mavi renkli staffıma neden enchant basamıyorum. Daha yeni oluşturdum improveladım enchance olmuyor. Neden?
TheGamingAssassin (1 year ago)
Umut Çınar I don't see why so many people like outlaw, it doesn't look anything specail
Umut Çınar (1 year ago)
color ???? color number??
Player Guides (1 year ago)
xSilentGhost (2 years ago)
At 5:20 seconds what armor is that
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Skinchanger heavy.
Alpha97 (2 years ago)
ive been wanting to make a female character but the armor just looks so much better on the males.skinchanger looks so badass.
Player Guides (2 years ago)
I agree!
Sean Patrick (2 years ago)
I use the exact same female glass armor. It looks so good without the helmet
Alex Weaver (2 years ago)
What are your camera settings?
Dawnbounder (2 years ago)
What emote is that
Loitz DS (1 month ago)
ikr idk if you find out plz tell me
Davy Jones (2 years ago)
I like all the Xivkyn sets, looks awesome.
Ghost Ajax (2 years ago)
Xivkyn heavy will always be my favorite
dovah cow (2 years ago)
Hollow jack looks like a mix of dadric and dwemer
omot18 (2 years ago)
Where is yokuden medium, that style looks amazing
OrganizedGamesta (2 years ago)
Female Heavy Ebonheart Pact 👌.
where can i get the dark brotherhood motif?
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Daily quests in goldcoast I think, or guildstores if you got the gold.
Smokeytripod (2 years ago)
If only we had a transmog system in ESO, would be awesome because then I would finally go out and gather some BiS gear for my toons instead of sacrificing power for style...and yes I do prefer to look better rather then be a tad stronger :p
Player Guides (2 years ago)
haha nice! :)
Lloydplayz (2 years ago)
Heavy xviviny is better than light
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Glad you liked the video :)
conduit64 (2 years ago)
Its too bad Motifs are basically useless since dropped gear is better than crafted in almost every situation now.
Leo Nardo (4 months ago)
+Chuck Norris From what I've seen, dropped sets are mostly better. Though there are some crafted sets that are good for certain situations
Chuck Norris (4 months ago)
Leo Nardo oh okay are drops still better pieces or can you craft better armor now
Leo Nardo (4 months ago)
+Chuck Norris As long as one of your characters knows a motif, it's unlocked account-wide at an outfit station. You can change the appearance of your amour/weapon pieces to any of the motifs you have amassed, although it costs gold. Typically 200-1,000 gold for each armor piece, and 500-3,000 gold for each weapon, depending on the rarity of the motif.
Chuck Norris (7 months ago)
Jeff Smith yea? What did it do?
Joey (10 months ago)
Jeff Smith what did the update do?
jairo lorenzo (2 years ago)
Guys how does one gets all this motifs ? Wondering inthe world or an expecific quest ?
Player Guides (2 years ago)
+jairo lorenzo Quests, lucky finds when killing bosses etc.
jairo lorenzo (2 years ago)
Legendary Gaming thabks good sir but whats the legitimate way to get them ?
Player Guides (2 years ago)
You can buy most in guildstores, I'd say that's the easiest way. Make sure you have lots of gold though.
Shotgun Matt (2 years ago)
medium assasans thou 😮
Player Guides (2 years ago)
josh long (2 years ago)
At 3:53 what staff is that?
Robert Andreone (8 months ago)
where do you get that from??? VDSA??
Player Guides (2 years ago)
It's the master's destro staff, unique style. I love that one too. :)
Cruelkingmuffin (2 years ago)
these suck
Player Guides (2 years ago)
haha I take it you don't like them :)
SkyFrance (2 years ago)
can someone explane me what material do i need for the male xivnyk heavy armor
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Apart from the style stone, just mats and a trait stone and that's it. :) You need xivkyn motifs for every piece you want to craft.
SkyFrance (2 years ago)
yes charcoal i know this one but what else
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Charcoal of remorse, I believe.
J (2 years ago)
I have the mimic stone thing using this to decide
VQJownsyou (2 years ago)
Noob XD
Jr Reyna (2 years ago)
Where to get dwarven armor in Eso
J (2 years ago)
+Legendary Gaming i have 5 :) 
Player Guides (2 years ago)
That's a cool stone. :)
Sawdust (2 years ago)
Cool video, but unrelated question - how did you get your character to walk like that?
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Thanks! In the crownstore you can buy those 'personalities' and then apply them to your character for more unique movement. :)
Finleyz (2 years ago)
Ur vids are awesome keep it up
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Thanks man, I will!
Benni (2 years ago)
No Dtomathra?
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Maybe next time.
Johannes Meuer (2 years ago)
Nope Assasin League light
Player Guides (2 years ago)
I like it too. :)
tom inator (2 years ago)
hey man how did you get the hallow jack heavy set that looks wicked ( from 1:10)
Zombie Warrior60 (2 years ago)
tom inator if you have Xbox one I have all the hallojack motifs so yeah
Smokeytripod (2 years ago)
@ I for got, Once you did the short quest during the festival you had to use the witches cauldron momento you should have got to turn into a skeleton(it also granted double exp while active) then when you killed world bosses, dungeons, did dolmens etc you earned plunder skulls as a consumable the skulls could contain pages of the motiff. Pretty sure guild stores have some for sale, not played since the event myself so not checked.
A young Chicano (2 years ago)
How did you earn it during the festival I never got it when I finished the quest????
tom inator (2 years ago)
i play ps4 version
Edwardo Kenway (2 years ago)
tom inator what do you play on. I'm on console and I've got some spare if you want.
Eriandhor (2 years ago)
I want an extra character page next to the regular one, the extra is purely an outfitpage with armor slots as normal but you can wear armor/armor parts as outfits instead of using complete ones. Crafted armor with motifs aren't as good as you get from instances and raids and using complete outfit sets does get boring in time. Lord of the rings online had THE best outfit system i've seen in an mmo, where you use everything you want as an outfit in any of the armor slots on the character.
Kebab Ajaib (1 year ago)
Glad that outfit system has come to eso today. Be joyful my friend
iHeroShot (1 year ago)
Eriandhor kinda like dcuo's style system
TheMartinator99 (2 years ago)
Eriandhor GW2 is pretty much exactly what you would want. You can reskin every piece as you want and dye it as you want. All withoit unnecessary ways to npcs.
V1c1oUs (2 years ago)
yep like diablo3 w/ the transmog option ... U can make every piece of armor look like every other pieces of armors u already collected in the game
Lukas P. (2 years ago)
in my opinion the light and medium harlequin looks MUCH better than heavy on female characters !
Player Guides (2 years ago)
I can't keep track of all these motifs anymore, a lot of them look great to me. :)
Razor Shell (2 years ago)
Where can i found skinchanger style?
Player Guides (2 years ago)
+Cloudy Visualzz Probably early next year.
MOB Ent. (2 years ago)
+Legendary Gaming when is it coming !
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Next update, holiday.
axel zaki (2 years ago)
Order of the hour heavy deserve number 2
Player Guides (2 years ago)
You like it? It's a subjective list though. :)
Neloth290 (2 years ago)
like the list but u might need to look at ur thumbnail for the vid
Player Guides (2 years ago)
+Neloth290 Glad you liked it :)
Neloth290 (2 years ago)
Legendary Gaming ah fair enough didn't think of that nice vid again :)
Player Guides (2 years ago)
It's actually 5 motifs per gender, but yeah I get what you mean.
ObstacleTurtle (2 years ago)
where is male xivkyn medium and heavy?
Player Guides (2 years ago)
In the fashion playlist :P
6ch6ris6 (2 years ago)
male dunmer medium with the right colours looks so cool. i got black as the base colour and gold for the detailed lines and the face of the helmet is white. i looks like a medival anonymous badass :D
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Sounds like a solid combo! :)
bpmachete (2 years ago)
which motif are the daggers in the first one ( darkbothergood medium armor) I dont know what daggers are those. They look like Iron akavir daggers but Im not sure
Player Guides (1 month ago)
+Loitz DS It's one of those personalities, I think 'assassin'. Check your collection for it.
Loitz DS (1 month ago)
how did you flip those daggers and spin it around your hand bro ?? plz let me know (and where do I get it)  +Player Guides
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Oh yeah, they look great!
bpmachete (2 years ago)
nevermind I think I know now, its the darkbrotherhood ones, just saw it better. I am looking for Katana like daggers
Giancarlo Caballero (2 years ago)
Please revisit the Ice Mage set, I'd love to see how that works. Anyways, these motifs are gr8.
Player Guides (2 years ago)
I will, thanks! :)
AMX903 (2 years ago)
My favorite combo is light/medium Assassin's League with a light dromathra sash
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Awesome combo!
AMX903 (2 years ago)
And xivkyn gloves
Caio Cesar (2 years ago)
Your channel it's great!! How do i get the skinchanger set, please?
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Thank you! On the next holiday event you will be able to get skinchanger motif.
LowLifer_ (2 years ago)
Im a pact heavy/light and akiviri medium fan... though skin changer heads look nice.
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Yeah, they all look great. :)
Abel Sánchez Gracia (2 years ago)
Akaviri for me
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Akaviri is cool too.
LowLifer_ (2 years ago)
Synndrel (2 years ago)
Love them all :D <3
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Me too <3
Executi Boy (2 years ago)
how i can get the skin cahanger motif ?
Executi Boy (2 years ago)
ty :)
Player Guides (2 years ago)
It will probably come with the next festival, but I could be wrong.
Fenr1r (2 years ago)
Nice vid, you have good taste Mage :) My favorites is: 1.Naked with kettle on head 2. Bosmer medium (female)
Player Guides (2 years ago)
lol fen :P
Synndrel (2 years ago)
First Name (2 years ago)
My favorite styles: 1 Order of the Hour 2: Convenant 3: Stahlrim Forecaster 4: Ebonheart Pact 5: Dwemer
Player Guides (2 years ago)
_Matthe (2 years ago)
they should add so you can craft outfits. first of all the dont add outfits like glasit, daedric or other armorstyles into the crown store so they would not lose money. for example i really want to use xivkyin heavy armor with my argonian but im dps and i run monster sets and all that so i cant wear armor i like. and yes i know there is a xivkyn polymorph but it want to see my argonian
Player Guides (2 years ago)
It would be cool, yeah!
Patouf (2 years ago)
You work a lot for the ESO community. Thank you so much :) My favorite : Ebonheart Shoulders - Legs - Hands Covenant Chest Aldmeri feet Barbaric belt Head depends on your beautiful face !
Cyber Mentor (2 years ago)
Hey legendary gaming i want to know what is the dye u used for this video ( silver )
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Thank you, I am very happy I can help! :)
osiris1802 (2 years ago)
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Glad you liked it!
DJolly (2 years ago)
I like argonian heavy /s
Player Guides (2 years ago)
Looks interesting. :)

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