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Dreams: London Explosion? Planet X? 7 o' Clock is 5 o' Clock

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Proof the Visions Come True: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pl5UgN7xId8&list=PL7FC33A78317963BA All Dreams & Visions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pl5UgN7xId8&list=PLh4QY-6dLCJT-8rnvOGSEhTzAfjni2CMW "And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams" Acts 2:17
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A idea taught to me years ago...When you have these dreams write them down as soon as you wake up.Keep a note book or pad of paper on your night table and a pen, then you will never have to try and recall them later ever again...
KINGDOM OF LIGHT OF (6 years ago)
I think it's 55fwy connects to I-5 Interstate and 57fwy in Orange County, California.
ASCENSION4USALL (6 years ago)
Interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing 8~)
HarryTBaggins (6 years ago)
Could mean timezone GMT -2? Cape Verde and part of Iceland are there.
organicbiscuitdip (6 years ago)
i see 55 and 555 all the time. the number of awakening, the fifth dimension. so maybe its seven o clock and its time you're waking up? you said its five o'clock its five .... so another 55 for me today
Roger Starchild (6 years ago)
Nania how are you.
Aetheras (6 years ago)
The dream with the hand sliding the window open, do you recall smelling anything in the dream? Or even afterwards?
CasyYooHoo (6 years ago)
Nania, what if the 1260 days starts after Spiro on Norway? calc...
TheGamingAffiliate (6 years ago)
I keep feeling Germany. Don't know why.
michael blu gameing (6 years ago)
Hey 9nania, I have a weird question but why is it that Dreams seem more real than life itself? Its just a weird feeling that ive had all my life.
J K (6 years ago)
My friend. The visions and dreams are going to get more intense soon.
Angela Blue (6 years ago)
hi 9nania, please see this vid, called, 'i saw the tribulation' ken peters. i had an intense response to this video, it is 2 years old or it was 2 years ago, that i put it in my favorites, he said it started with an emp, this was an old video. /watch?v=x2owHVfZlDg ......x
Brian Prince (6 years ago)
Nania, I just posted on twitter today @zerrubabel a link to a "Tale of Two Cities" you-tube which is metaphorically like the Charles Dickens novel. Features like London and Paris. Lots happening on "May Day" regarding money.
GOD OF STEEL (6 years ago)
I had the exact same dream and the feel of terror when I saw this enormous object in the in the sky many years ago.
mymiagui (6 years ago)
Are you pisces ?
Yahushuah Selah (6 years ago)
When you drew this picture, ..it looks like the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, ...interesting.
RockStarPreacher (6 years ago)
Planet X is a 'Cluster of Comets'. An EM Wave that is 4D Realm Border (Edge of Dimensions) is following this 'Cluster'. If a person's Molecular Vibration is conducive with this 4thD Wave, you shall be taken to the 4D Earth. 3D will experience a 'SHAKING', as Jesus tells us 'Not ONE STONE shall be left upon another'. That's EVERY rock in the World. An EQ can't do that. This EM Wave shall also reanimate ALL dead bodies. The believers shall be 'caught up' in this wave, the others left here.
210magiallombardo (6 years ago)
i love you.
Vanning Tell (6 years ago)
9nania, I was recently watching some videos on automatic writing. I think you would like it. Perhaps it would let you tune further into your visions and your connection with God. Please try, I would love to see your results!
Johnmichael Clark (6 years ago)
Are you a caucasian woman with brownish blond hair, slim? I ask because I had a dream of the same scenario that you described in this video. I was flying and I was carrying a woman as I was flying. Someone or something was after this woman. I didn't know this woman, but I knew that I had to protect her. The Courtyard dream with buildings like dormitories. I had the same one...Send me an email address I would like to talk more with you about it if possible.
185Diannah (6 years ago)
Not for sure that this might be the meaning of your dream for five oclock but I know you will be in prayer about it. About the eleventh hour = Five o'clock. It believe this is about time all the workers was called out of the Vineyard and was rewarded for their works.(Matthew 20:9) ELEVENTH HOUR -means something "Late or shortly before an anticipated event.
Magie Struck (6 years ago)
Another thing maybe ur dreaming of the apparent fema residential camp
Magie Struck (6 years ago)
5 oclock is 7 oclock... maybe may 7th???
nicwebana (6 years ago)
And I live on the coast and fear the time we live on here is borrowed...I have had many tsunami dreams and most were all intense vivid and set up in similar ways....and I have dreams that came true as well...so mostly I've been really depressed because I know u have to leave but most will stay..
nicwebana (6 years ago)
Have you seen the zeta report where she talks about planet x being just about at the spot your diagram you had of big black object and Lil red one...anyways the x you drew reminds me of how planet x and the sun and earth are in basically a hold position...and this coastal water event is what happens basically when it lets go of us and we experience a pole shift anyways just made me think of that
kelly gannon (6 years ago)
I got the number 527 in a dream two days ago
Mark Cook (6 years ago)
The last dream you had. You said it was in London?? I think there is another marathon, to be run, but this time in London, unless it already happened. God Bless!!!
Lori Wheeler (6 years ago)
clock time could be daylight savings time?
MoneySignZay'sWay (6 years ago)
Thank you for sharing your dreams and visions. I feel love for you and I hope you feel peace in life. Sometimes I ask archangel Micheal and Rafael for protection during the night and during dreams.
ym schmitz (6 years ago)
could the clock one be 5/7 as in may 7th maybe?
Aaron Nisley (6 years ago)
omg I had the same dream! what?

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