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[Blair&Serena] Good girls gone bad.

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If you don't get what's happening in the video, it's simply that after being repeatingly stood up and let down by Chuck and Dan, Blair and Serena tries to move on but have a hard time doing so. They constantly flashes back to moments when they were with Chuck/Dan. So instead, the result to a quick escape, alcohol, partying and constant new relationships. Blair and Serena are letting loose and "going bad." So I guess this could be concidered slightly AU, since I actually tried to make a storyline to this one. But in the end, this is just pure randomness, which i hope you'll enjoy. :)
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Text Comments (29)
delena smile (5 years ago)
Beautiful flower same wonderful video! Sub?
Punkshaline (6 years ago)
Faith Horn (6 years ago)
what song is this?
Faith Horn (6 years ago)
What is the episode where Nate and blair find out that serena killed somebody?
toinfinityandbeyond (6 years ago)
this is fucking perfect // love it !
lodilou (7 years ago)
Great! I love this song, it's perfect for Blair & Serena!
Éliane Bergeron (7 years ago)
omg!!! i love this video!
aniston87 (8 years ago)
wow, that was awesome
Emily Bryant (8 years ago)
Good job :) I especially like the part with blair the limo, the juxtaposition of the past and present is brilliant. :)
Raffy Zaidi (8 years ago)
amazing editing! love it. subbed! =)
ggloveit4eva (8 years ago)
ahhh i love it so much!!! this is really really really good!
Susie (8 years ago)
so well made! what did u use??
Alicia McCaffrey (8 years ago)
that was really great. The clips fit the song so perfectly
flashingfly (8 years ago)
@AngelDelightning Thank you very much! :)
xosimplyvidsox (9 years ago)
OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!! Beautiful Editing !!
Audrey's channel (9 years ago)
Amazing editing! 5* =)
procrastination1O1 (9 years ago)
Wow! really well done! I love all the parallels you were able to draw between serena and blair :) love those two! excellent editing overall great job! :)
flashingfly (9 years ago)
Aw, thank you so much! :D
farhampton (9 years ago)
wow, this is so good!! i reall really really loved it
flashingfly (9 years ago)
thank you! :)
CantStayAway (9 years ago)
LOVE IT!!!:)
betulbstg (9 years ago)
very good !
xDxBellaxDx (9 years ago)
wohoo, looks amazing!!
flashingfly (9 years ago)
aw, thanks :)
ETM (9 years ago)
hunnie this is absolutely amazing! You're awesome! and your coloring is stunning! 5* and faved of course :D
flashingfly (9 years ago)
thank you :)
flashingfly (9 years ago)
working on it, but im lacking inspiration for it right now. I'll try my best to hurry up :) Thank you so much.
CamGGsweden (9 years ago)
amazing!!!! <3
Isabella Peterson (9 years ago)
that was so great :D i loved it!

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