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Video and photographs of the Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam taken by Eugene Taylor and Abraham Krikorian in November 2013. These tunnels are approximately 200 kilometers long and were hand dug by the Viet Minh and later by the Viet Cong using crude tools. The incredible ingenuity and determination on the part of the Vietnamese in fighting for independence and unification is reflected throughout the tunnel complex.
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Dibyajyoti Patro (1 day ago)
Holy fucking shit.....these guys are amazzzzzing and ingenious as fuck..... I'm totally amazed !!!!salute to these rebels.....
Cesar Gonzalez (4 days ago)
“Coochie tunnels”
Rock Lee (6 days ago)
Most ak47s that the VC used came from China, not a bad version but just not the Russian AKm
Voice of REASON (6 days ago)
Horrifying job to be a tunnel rat, I could NOT imagine! Respect to both sides for having the balls! Glad we can look back at it now and be allies with the Vietnamese people, war is hell. Would love to go visit one day! RIP to all who gave their lives!
Alfred Tyrefors (10 days ago)
Mm yes, coochie gorilla
Jacob Constantine (11 days ago)
Who was the winner of the battle Viet cong or American
anhduc nguyen (5 days ago)
american don't want to win and they leave the war then vietcong win it, that's it
His english is good.
john plaid (1 month ago)
The United States is crazy. Stupid. Can't leave well enough alone.
Jim Tuna (1 month ago)
Fucken rats
huy hoang (1 month ago)
Cử chi việt nam.
S Dew (1 month ago)
vietnamese gives a tour about how to fight evil invaders of hes country, to the evil invaders...lol
Barrokhan Jaan (2 months ago)
ferdinand marcos sold his soul to the US govt against the VietCong. WW3 comes Pilipino soldiers are with China this time.
chokino marilo (2 months ago)
Fuck you america from vietnam 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳
john plaid (2 months ago)
If they ever phased out the weapons display those weapons would be worth millions if auctioned off. The provenance on those weapons would increase their value quite alot. People will pay $20,000 for one of those .45 ACP submachine guns. They could be replaced by wood replicas. No disrespect intended.
yamen Jolak (2 months ago)
The best tourist guide I have ever seen in my lifetime
John Eastman (2 months ago)
My compliments to the period ingenuity and now current educational tourist attraction.
Kevin Johnson (2 months ago)
Of course the coochie area was marked in red
Michael Reyes (2 months ago)
“And to your right is agent orange!”
Paul Conrad (3 months ago)
The Vietnam War was gay! So stupid and retarded! What a joke!
3% (3 months ago)
This was so cool to watch my father is an USMC VET. from Vietnam
Malik (3 months ago)
I’m down for coochie tunnels
Lost Soul (3 months ago)
Jacksonia (3 months ago)
I'm very sorry towards you that take this stuff seriously, but the name just kept making me think of Coochie Tunnels.
Jer T (3 months ago)
Who are these rich white tourists?
se7ensnakes (3 months ago)
Andre Erik Höglund (3 months ago)
Vietnamese farmers better im combat than a well trained US Army guy. By the way even during the vietnam war ameeicans were to fat to get in the tunnels
pgroove163 (3 months ago)
build a wall
nobber d robber (3 months ago)
I like ice cream
401576 401576 (3 months ago)
NRadiation (3 months ago)
64maxpower (3 months ago)
I wonder how many VC had accidentally walked into their own booby-trappes
leonardimas1 (4 months ago)
mostly of tunnelrats was italian, latino's, afroamericans, they needed smaller men, US Propaganda film!! you will also never see a black guy in this film, every time they show only white man... Vietnam was not the enemy, you were the enemies, they fought for their freedom.. wake up, US folk, you fought for the deep state,and you loose your freedom also,today you are the most monitored folk worldwide,your politician are puppets,corrupt and murder, stand up like we in french,or the italians,who support their minister against the MSM.but you hope that a president comes and does everything for you,support him,like we with the yellow vest protest. They will also ban most of your weapons. wake up,brainwashed folk
Miguel Castorena (4 months ago)
War is hell
Food Reviewer 9001 (4 months ago)
Coochie tunnels
yolosolo ravioly (4 months ago)
Cu chi more like guhy
Billy The-Kid (4 months ago)
I like this tour guide. Very soft spoken and professional.
Streloks stalker (5 months ago)
The Vietnamese are such clever people! I must go visit this wonderful country one day
Marty Bear (5 months ago)
Thank you for posting.
Natasha Emden (5 months ago)
The guide was great. Very knowledgeable. Just have to drown out the bimbos dumb fucking questions.
Bugsy (5 months ago)
Man we dropped a shit load of bombs on that little place
Magne (5 months ago)
QueuedJar (2 months ago)
*American tourist enters tunnel* "Deltah is bedee attakt*
Pink Starburst (5 months ago)
Them damn VC were some smart mother fuckers.
Abe Im (5 months ago)
vet nam Roob the land of Cambodia 21 province!! Hochimin all the land of Cambodia kingdom!! vet nam Stole the land of Cambodia 21 province!!
NEYOmofo (5 months ago)
I can’t imagine falling in a trap like that honestly scares me
Forgot to mention how Jane Fonda single handedly attacked the US armed forces and murdered US troops through her compromise.
Tony Adkins (5 months ago)
That guide is awesome! Very informative. We truly underestimated the ingenuity if the Vietnamese people.
Larry B (5 months ago)
Is that why we use so much napalm to suck the air out of them Rat holes.?
Born to be dEfOrMeD (5 months ago)
Teach me how to make those tunnels
Caolho, o Pirata (5 months ago)
Spare some Cu Chi ma'am?
Joe M (5 months ago)
Steven Martin (5 months ago)
The cootchie tunnel area, wonder what thats like?
Steven Martin (5 months ago)
Isn't this what makes the Vietnamese and the american society great. We're able to go their country and vice versa and be friends!
Foom-zilla ゴジラ (6 months ago)
Hmmm - I came to wondering - how come North Vietnam didn't perhaps also consider using underground tunnel networks hence the Rolling Thunder Bombing campaign would have been alot less damage? I mean underground tunnel factories would be harder to strike (other than cave in risks) right?
tin Yang (6 months ago)
Xam lon cong san gioi bo.
tin Yang (6 months ago)
Bullshit. It's just a myth and propaganda . VC can't survive in the tunnel for 1 day as B52 dropped bombs on top of the tunnels. Vc just wants to get money from foreigners and reconstructed them
Coolcat AMApro (6 months ago)
20yrs of digging
Kaizer Cuambe (6 months ago)
U need to do what u gotta do to survive , that's y Vietnam won the war
Chuck Finley (6 months ago)
From what I read in history. President Kennedy did not want boots on the ground in Vietnam. Even though we had covert intelligence gathering troops in the 50s. After his assassination, Johnson put troops on the ground. President Kennedy only wanted an air campaign. I’m a Republican, but I have to agree with that Democrat president.
pgroove163 (3 months ago)
like their is a difference between the two parties !!...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ get it...and kennedy was more conservative than the republicrats of today
pgroove163 (3 months ago)
johnson was the worst ever..on everything
T Stelle (6 months ago)
Did that fellow actually say an Ak47 was better than an M60... And perhaps they could have filled the termite nest with gasoline and light match eh.
QueuedJar (2 months ago)
All depends on the role. For precision firing and mobility ak would be ideal, m60 is heavy af and no single shot capability. Both fire 7.62 round. M60 is better for suppressing an area and fire superiority.
Romina Roman (6 months ago)
-que belleza,
afridi10 (6 months ago)
funny to see american actully pay to see where their army was fucked and how.lol
Dakota P (6 months ago)
Great video i had a family member that served and died from complications from Agent Orange to hear the tour guide talk about it was crazy for me
George Jones (6 months ago)
Nice to see " Americans " funding the very people that killed and injured so many GI's during the war. Commies.
Ma Y Cung (6 months ago)
some stupid guys still believe in VC s' propagendas ,
D_Mib1 _M (6 months ago)
Myron,Zeke,Purcell,Ruiz,Taylor,Baker,Alex,Johnson & Doc say , hi.
superdrewster98 (6 months ago)
Hmm, coochie tunnels you say?
wakeup (6 months ago)
wakeup (6 months ago)
keith barthe (6 months ago)
Smart lil buggers
willieboy (6 months ago)
dump a bunch of burrowing animals in those tunnels a few million snakes in there see how much fun those those little fers have... nasty little shrew crawl up your leg and make dinner out of VC balls. yeh old VC run down a tunnel and find a nasty pitbull waiting for them yeh sounds like fun to me. archiology has a tool today called a ??? cant remember the name put a shootgun shell with no lead in it and the blast vibrates the ground you read the sonic image.....no more hidden tunnel fk!!! add powder to it start head concussions and cave it ins....yeh you go down there you little bastards confine yourself. lllloooolllllll take a skin for every hole you put in my chopper....prick lllooollll your thin fers because of poverty!!!!
Patrick Farrell (6 months ago)
Smart people.
T Stelle (6 months ago)
Patrick Farrell, Yeah, theyre really smart, living in those straw huts...
Flanker_USMC (6 months ago)
Cu Chi tunnels lead to babies
willieboy (7 months ago)
Background: Chronic lung diseases, such as COPD and asthma, cause more than 3 million deaths each year – mostly in resource-limited settings. ... Vietnam is a low middle-income country in southeast Asia where risk factors for chronic obstructive lung disease, such as smoking and indoor air pollution, are common. The spores from living in the underground have been catostrophic for the country. The country loses more people in a decade from lung disease than they lost in both wars. Dont be too impressed with the tunnels. dont forget Veitnam fought japan and china as well as laos and cambodia ....it is not as clear as the guide is making it. we can potentially go back to SE Asia to fight as population increases and Russia needs to increase its shipping to the south! the same can be said for Korea...
willieboy (6 months ago)
under dog beat who...+Salmo Ali you see what a paradise Vietnam people live in today! yeh thats paradise...yeh that what I hear it looks like I suppose China Beach has massive hotel they cant afford a coffee in. he does make it sound rosey does he....should I remind this audience and the people of V that 15 milllion people were killed or maimed for life. yeh sounds like a win to me!
Salmo Ali (6 months ago)
Ok? The guild is just showing them a tour around the place which they paid for. Who cares what happened years later? Also aren't you embarrassed the underdog beat you? Sad.
willieboy (7 months ago)
the veitnamese were fighting for their counrty.....that is NOT why the Russians or Americans were there what is there today...the same thing that was there in the 30s congradulations 60 years of stalemante...NOW that is progress!
Alex Gowers (7 months ago)
That rolling trap looks epic. Some of them are ingenious uses of limited materials
Tomoko (7 months ago)
He has a pretty good handle on English. I've been speaking it 18 years now and I turn 30 in December. I visited Vietnam before and complete strangers were very hospitalible.
Diều Hâu (7 months ago)
Needs a bunkers buster bombs blow the shits out of that place
JMac (7 months ago)
Excellent tour guide
That's very nice video and useful informations.Thank you so much!
Grant Whitehead (7 months ago)
Would love to go....
M B (7 months ago)
Sneakey fucking zipheads
BROOKS39 (8 months ago)
What I learnt when visiting the Cu Chi tunnels was it was in fact discovered by the Australians not the Americans.
Great watch! Intriguing .
kendy123456789 (8 months ago)
I have just had a thought after watching this...the guide said the current Vietnamese generation could not fit in the tunnels, USA now is your chance for revenge😂. Joking aside i am glad the Vietnamese can now progress and slowly build thier country back up independently. Did think a nice gesture from usa would be financial support to repair the long term damage of Agent Orange...lets be realistic they could easily afford to.
Cyrano De Bergerac (8 months ago)
Going north from Saigon just across the rivers you can see cement pill boxes that were never dismantled. Its a ominous site. It was a sick thing we did to those people all because the Vatican felt they were going to be run out by bhudism. Over a million civilians dead. All for what... So the system could feed and it still does the same thing.. Making up a boogie man Excellent tour guide and very hospitable even though the guests that killed his countrymen had a bad attitude.
Ady Tech (8 months ago)
never good to disclose everything they do , because the next war , they wont change much their tactic and we all know where to find them
Q(t)=π (8 months ago)
My mom said when Vietnam was separated by the North and the South, the South was very advanced compared to its northern neighbor. The North, led by Ho Chi Minh, was very poor. Mr. Ho envied the riches of the South and hatched up a plan. He told the people in the North that the people in the South is very poor and being mistreated. At the time when the country was separated, the people were allowed to go South freely. Seeing that a lot of people choosing to migrate to the South, Mr. Ho didn't allow any more people leaving. People who took their time were stuck in the north when he gave the order and had no idea what's happening in the South. So when Mr. Ho lied to them and told them the people in the South need rescue, they thought they were going to liberate them. However, when they invade the south, they were in awe of the riches and how advanced they were. This was how the war in Vietnam started. The North was prepared to surrender, but the corrupted US president at the time made some deal with the communist and called off the bombing, which changes the tide of the war. This results in many people fleeing the country (Boat people) instead of being "liberated." The Viet Cong ruled the country with corruption to the present day - many people were oppressed, land stole, etc... this situation turns many people into ugly people, do anything they can to survive while the corrupt government lives off the fat wallet they took from the people. It not that the government doesn't have money to clear the landmine, they pocket all the money and cry being poor. If you want the truth story, look up for the Vietnamese communities in the US and other countries and not lies from the VC government or news from Vietnam. Like China, the VN government controlled what to publish in the news.
vivian winer (23 days ago)
You and ypur mother are lier ! So don't try
C'ment Deez (8 months ago)
I'm glad I've watched this✌
SAMWISE GAMGEE (8 months ago)
the old guy in the red shirt chewing his cudd does not look happy,probably lost friends during the war...another american fiasco killing thousands of american children in the name of big business and weapons sales,oh well c est la vie,ou la mort take your pick
T Stelle (6 months ago)
PINK PANTHER, STUPID ASS, why do morons like you always run your gobs like ya do ? Didn't mommy and daddy let you speak when you were little ? vou lez vou, SCREW YOU !
David Hawkins (8 months ago)
I give up these older people are just fucking stupid...lol wow crazy
David Hawkins (8 months ago)
these old people should stop being snowflake s and understand what happened.lol
T Stelle (6 months ago)
David Hawkins, Dolt...lol
David Hawkins (6 months ago)
+T Stelle tuff guy lol
T Stelle (6 months ago)
David Hawkins, These young idiots should learn to shut the hell up til they have the other half of their brain online.
Jim Campbell (8 months ago)
both sides victims to the Zionists military industrial complex.
Slappin Liberals (8 months ago)
coochi tunnels LOL
gretz lawrence (8 months ago)
again, what the was fucking the point of Vietnam war?
Heather Te Iwimate (8 months ago)
u good man thts your enmy around u stay calm
Florleah Nunez (8 months ago)
Hahaha I saw two dirty old man american and two Vietnamese slots hahaha. Equals fuck fuck fuck
Mike B (8 months ago)
I think this guy talks in run on sentences... God I'm exhausted listening to him. Lol.. joking. Very informative.
Gilley Loranger (8 months ago)
I think if I decide to go to Vietnam I would like to have this guide pretty good
Gilley Loranger (8 months ago)
The guide did a good job
Du Nguyen (8 months ago)
VC were bunch of rat we knew who they were, we treated them as human beings and country men, that is why they are still alive and lying, fabricated buckshit stories tunnel there now ,were digged after war VC are famous for their lying and fabricated propagandas
Thao Luong (4 months ago)
Du Nguyen hey looser ! Người thắng viết lên lịch sử hiểu chưa thằng bán nước

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