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roadtrip with my boyfriend to the beach

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Drive with my boyfriend and I to the beach!This video is a representation of my complete boredem but I hope you guys enjoyed xoxo SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram @yasminebateman Twitter @yasminnlol Snapchat @xoyasminnnn Business Inquiries: [email protected]
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Text Comments (53)
Randomstuff2019 (20 days ago)
I live right by Atlanta 😂 I live in Covington/Conyers
Randomstuff2019 (20 days ago)
What leggings did she say?
Maddie Bramlett (1 month ago)
Atlanta 🤙🏼
Ellie Savary (1 month ago)
you look identical to Jessica Alba
Naomi Jude (1 month ago)
6:57 😂😂in the background
ItsAnessa 8888 (2 months ago)
*i have to go on a bus with people in my grade for 8 hours and i’m scared*
Emma Norman (2 months ago)
i love that he listens to youngboy !!
varsen (2 months ago)
I love you feet on the dashboard... Please make a new video roadtrip with out socks.....
Randomstuff2019 (20 days ago)
Ummm is that like your fetish or something?
Marta Betlej -21 (3 months ago)
lets be real her mom and brother were the real stars of the show
Farrah Marie (3 months ago)
What are your shoes called?!
Cecylia Johnson (3 months ago)
are they still together??
Jamal &Kayy (3 months ago)
New subscriber 🥰‼️
Aliyah Ritchie (3 months ago)
Music tasteeee🔥🔥
shitty banana (5 months ago)
where's the snacks?
maura chaney (5 months ago)
Rachel Goodman (5 months ago)
aghhh holidays in jax are fr the best when do you leave?!
K Ee (5 months ago)
well you don’t have to brag
Randomstuff2019 (20 days ago)
Bruh it’s not bragging where do you see her brag?
VelvetRosee (5 months ago)
But where’s the beachhhh😂?
nicole166677 (5 months ago)
Hi I love u Nd this
Taylor Holcombe (5 months ago)
lol the sweatshirt is from hongkong. i live in hong kong...its not japanese lmaoILYSM
natalie rameriz (4 months ago)
it was so funny 😂 “it says hong kong and there’s a Japanese dragon” no..
Taylor Holcombe (5 months ago)
+yasmine bateman aww omg its okay !! ilysm
yasmine bateman (5 months ago)
Taylor Holcombe I’m such an idiot omg ily too thank you for not hating me
Mikayla Marquez (5 months ago)
Ur so beautiful love ur videos ur so entertaining
Mikayla Marquez (5 months ago)
U guys are so cute together
Christine H. (5 months ago)
Great video ✨❤️
Matt.Cook.Oregon (5 months ago)
Props on entertaining 10 minutes all from a car!
Haley Lalonde (5 months ago)
mama bateman is my whole mood
Mikaela Lawrence (5 months ago)
Where are your sunglasses from??
gabby bel (5 months ago)
omg i want to meet you because i live here
alexis cowart (5 months ago)
do a video of the songs on your playlist
SOPHIE (5 months ago)
Lol you’re so lucky your parents let you and your boyfriend go on vacation together!
Leticia Medina (5 months ago)
You’re so cute! ❤️
Rebecca Jenkins (6 months ago)
lol i think u said the kid in the back is ur brother, does he have a girl?
Emma Elliott (6 months ago)
I love this video so much its sooo cute !! I'm so jealous of their relationship!
Keysha Garcia (6 months ago)
I need more video like these love them 💛💛
Teagan Litten (6 months ago)
WOW this made me feel single :,) BUT IT WAS SO CUTE
Taylor Holcombe (5 months ago)
samee haha
antanel martin (6 months ago)
I really love your videos
carine matthew (6 months ago)
my fav couple!
Emma Carlstrom (6 months ago)
This is the cutest video EVER
Sorelle Nya (6 months ago)
Love your videoooooos 💛 have a great day
Name (6 months ago)
Have fun 💕
grace corns (6 months ago)
i live in jacksonville have fun :)
Kenz Travers (6 months ago)
Yasmine has literally the best personality ever...😂❤️
Amia Dawson (6 months ago)
You’re literally me on road trips lol! Love you Yas💛💛
Simple Things (6 months ago)
Love your channel !
Julia Flattum (6 months ago)
tanaija • (6 months ago)
Love your channel 💓
Chandler Hensley (6 months ago)
Proud of you!
Ayonna Brown (6 months ago)

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