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How to make a real smoothie from Instagram hashtags (Gray Bright - The Internet of Things)

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How to make your own REAL smoothie just by using the hashtag #smoothie on Instagram - this uses the Belkin WeMo switch (a app controlled switch you can turn on or off from anywhere). Check my channel for other Connected Devices / Internet of Things videos and tutorials. More fun at www.graybright.com
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PYRASMUS! (1 year ago)
Wait, what if someone else uses #graysmoothie and just turns on your blender in the middle of the night?
Clara Baez Morandi (4 years ago)
Ok, I'm already obsessed with your channel.
Gray Bright (4 years ago)
Hey Clara, Thanks so much, really glad you enjoy them!!! Hope to see you around YouTube again soon. Thanks! Gray

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