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Get Windows 8.1 for FREE, straight from Microsoft! - Tips and Tricks

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Here's a build for under $500 that you can make: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/X8gZvK System specs: R9-270X 2GB OC'd @ 1280 A10-6800k 12 GB 1866 DDR3 240 GB Intel SSD 1 TB WD Blue
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vikram gahlot (1 year ago)
is it really same as the normal windows ,I mean performance wise (gaming ,browsing, videos)
4k60fpsHDR (2 years ago)
I'm in Summer going into 7th grade, will this work for me? By "students" do you mean high school/college? To save money on my gaming pc I got a handmedown 32 bit.
Mangesh Poojan (2 years ago)
anyone who can help me in that
Mangesh Poojan (2 years ago)
hey man it ask for student verification
kik808 (2 years ago)
So with the windows 8.1 embedded from DreamSpark is it exactly the same as Windows 8.1? I don't really wanna purchase windows 8.. aha.
NoVa Glory (2 years ago)
+Tech Tacular how's your home button bigger?
Petter Larsen (2 years ago)
it says i need to verify a student status..
Gaming & Vindy (2 years ago)
So I'm building my own PC. When I boot it up for the first time, am I able to put it on a flash drive and boot it from there?
Gaming & Vindy (2 years ago)
I found that it was difficult to do... so I just spent $30 on G2A for Windows 10 Professional Edition
Lauryn Kimbrough (2 years ago)
+Dion Jonkheid I'm new to this kind of thing, so can you please explain how you'd make a bootable USB of Windows from this site? (:
The Peepee Poopoo man (2 years ago)
Tommypat (2 years ago)
can you get windows 10 for free ??
entoxic gaming (2 years ago)
ya u can
Cywbhjanvy Txizdyvjgi (2 years ago)
+Thomas Pratt Guys who need windows 10 key try link http://www.instructables.com/id/Cheap-Windows-10-Product-Key-Here-1/. Just it help me on my windows.
PC GUY 1241 (2 years ago)
Yay! I saw ghostery!
Rockstar Driver (2 years ago)
Really good and helpful video! Keep up the great work!
Bobby Smiles (2 years ago)
Would you have to put the download file in a flashdrive to install it onto a new pc?
Bobby Smiles (2 years ago)
+Tech Tacular Ok, thank you for the help :)
Chris Langley (2 years ago)
+Bobby Smiles Google around for "create bootable USB" :)
Bobby Smiles (2 years ago)
+Tech Tacular Sorry I'm new at this, but how exactly do you do that?
Chris Langley (2 years ago)
+Bobby Smiles Yep. But you'll have to actually write it to the flash drive as a bootable stick, not just throw the file on there.
jono (2 years ago)
You have to be in college?
Chris Langley (2 years ago)
+Mr. Littlenewo Yup, unfortunately. Or have a .edu email address. Although MS ended up giving any Windows 10 beta testers a free license, so I got an extra two Win10 licenses out of it since I was beta testing on both of my computers.
CaptainKid (2 years ago)
can you download an OS to a big enough flash drive and just use that for as many pcs that you want
Chris Langley (2 years ago)
+KrazykidmanHD Yep, as long as you have enough activations! :)
Hod Cohen (2 years ago)
If I will download this Windows 8 Embedded version and then upgrade to Windows 10, do I get the Windows 10 Embedded version or just the regular/Pro version?
Chris Langley (2 years ago)
+Hod Cohen You can't upgrade embedded to 10, unfortunately. You'll have to wait for a new version of Windows to become available on Dreamspark.
HexDanFPV (3 years ago)
does it last 4 evr??
Chris Langley (2 years ago)
+HexDan Yes.
Carson Jacobs (3 years ago)
do i have to be in college
Chris Langley (2 years ago)
+Carson purple LoStgaming Yes... Or have a .edu email address.
Carson Jacobs (3 years ago)
wow thanks man
Omer zip (3 years ago)
cheap laptop to a ...
David Ochoa (3 years ago)
I'm currently building a computer so I can't exactly download it from there but is there a way where I can download it from another computer and put it on a usb?
jono (2 years ago)
I think that's the point
Edgar A (3 years ago)
The SDM gave me problems, now i cant use my computer because my system protection its messed up by the SDM I NEED HELP PLEASE I CANT CONNECT TO THE INTERNET EITHER!
lnquisitive (3 years ago)
fuck outta here
who am i (3 years ago)
Swift Blade ™ (3 years ago)
Can i update the 8.1 industry version to windows 10 ? Please answer -> thanks !
Haseeb Khan (3 years ago)
after i download the SDM manager and the file... can i put it on a USB drive? If I can can you tell me the step by step?
anthony acosta (3 years ago)
Someone please respond how would i download this on a new computer ? Thanks in advance :D
Jeff Tang (3 years ago)
Loved it man! Keep up those vidz! And PS you just got yourself another subscriber! :D
MrSukafu (3 years ago)
does the OS expire at al
iReviewer (3 years ago)
How would I install this to a computer without an OS? Do I download on another computer and put it on a flash drive?
Casandra Hebert (3 years ago)
+iReviewer1486 Microsoft Office Activator Click Here:https://plus.google.com/101672007903590947767/posts/FXL1qSzFbLg Working for Microsoft Office 2003/2007/2010/2013 The key is 100% genuine by experience to share.
IsabelStreetz (3 years ago)
+iReviewer1486 yes Buy it, put it on a flash drive and put i on there
Nathan Higley (3 years ago)
+Tech Tacular  TBH, the download page looks sketch O_o  This is why I use linux :P
super awesome gamer (3 years ago)
you dont have to put a school press the school email thing and type your email it worked
super awesome gamer (3 years ago)
IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG
Legendary Stooge (3 years ago)
who am i (3 years ago)
Legendary Stooge (3 years ago)
+super awesome gamer did you need a product key?
Nikhil Shisode (3 years ago)
you have evaluated copy how will it be fixed?
chrisrocks0102 (3 years ago)
is it 64 bit
App mania (3 years ago)
+chrisrocks0102 yes
James Kot (3 years ago)
Is there a difference between this free windows 8.1 and the one i buy it?
Naval Rathod (3 years ago)
Do This site allow indian students , studying in India-University of Mumbai- ?
tardy (3 years ago)
It said I have to verify and I have none of the things it is asking for?!
kAcHoo bRoTHeR (2 years ago)
You have to be a COLLEGE student
Fluky (3 years ago)
How do I back up
Tyler Carman (3 years ago)
can i reinstall windows 8.1 on a laptop that currently runs windows 7
Clifford Cabasag (3 years ago)
Ive been a member of dreamspark for 4  months now...for those who are not sure how to verify ...just take a photo of your ID or any documents like receipt or load form containing the date you are enrolled... your account last for a year and u need to verify again...
Frxshh (3 years ago)
My login screen is totally bugged, i cant even log in.. it turns totally blue (same as the background color of the login screen) help me pls
Young Mouse (3 years ago)
i waited for so long and the update failed...
Javier Carrasco (3 years ago)
Do you need an installation disc?
Eldin Drljevic (3 years ago)
are you sure I can boot it on multiple computers? because they only gave me one key. can I use that one key multiple times or something?
tyler hutchinson (3 years ago)
will i lose all my stuff
Stängd Kanal (3 years ago)
+tyler hutchinson You probably only have malware on your HDD anyways.
Skylar Harrah (3 years ago)
I need verafaction
Rahul Katre (3 years ago)
Hi. Would this work with Steam, since I am using this for a gaming PC. Also, did you make your desktop look like that or was it default?
Erwin Klaseboer (2 years ago)
+Rahul Katre ah i see. thank you
Rahul Katre (2 years ago)
+Erwin Klaseboer Basically the full version, its just that you will get beta builds instead. You also can't opt out. However, I had installed the Insider Preview before July 29 of last year, and I somehow got the full version. I researched this and I found out that it might be because I signed in with a Microsoft account before the release date of the full Windows 10. This probably won't happen when you install Windows, but there is no difference between the full and IP versions.
Erwin Klaseboer (2 years ago)
+Rahul Katre does the insider preview give you the full version?
Rahul Katre (3 years ago)
+Lxjad Fumide Sorry, you're a little late. I installed the Windows 10 Insider Preview and on July 29, I got the full Pro version.
BeyonD NameS (3 years ago)
can someone make a mediafire download of it please and link it to me
NvAzzo (3 years ago)
do i have to put a school? cause currently im not in school
A Big Red G (3 years ago)
+NvAzzo Be a thug and lie.
Cuntaur Stroke (3 years ago)
I don't think anyone understood the joke... Well if it is a joke anyway. Since he's not in school, he's not a student...
Gowen Joseph M (3 years ago)
+NvAzzo you can try click this link to got working product key: https://plus.google.com/115515217937008762445/posts/LpdLVUrg6N5. I got help here.
Abdullah Hujaifa (3 years ago)
+Tech Tacular hey i am not in school so what do i do in the verification part. plz reply fast
TechKnowBros (3 years ago)
+JoJo Kadilihopper I dont use Bluetooth so it dont matter 
Ǝʀᴀsᴇ (3 years ago)
Gettin dem Runtime errors. :3
Jackson Eastman (3 years ago)
what if you wanted to install it on a brand new computer? i am building one right now and need an OS
YourManUgly (3 years ago)
Is it like a trial version, windows 10 I mean
JoshuaRants (3 years ago)
No, its an Insiders Preview (formerly Technical Preview), which is basically a beta version of Win10. it's not as polished as it will be when its released to the public, its mainly for developers to test out the software and give their opinions to Microsoft to help improve it.
Fahrenheit38 (3 years ago)
What browser are you using? 
Mr. Sinister (2 years ago)
+Tech Tacular Thanks and great videos btw!
Chris Langley (2 years ago)
+Mr. Sinister I don't, I'm not currently using FFX/Waterfox. :/ But if you search "dark theme" it should turn up plenty of results. :)
Mr. Sinister (2 years ago)
+Tech Tacular Would you know off hand what the theme is? Great video btw!
Chris Langley (3 years ago)
Waterfox, which is a 64-bit fork of FFX, with a bunch of add-ons and a theme.
Grey Goo (3 years ago)
Do you get to keep it after it comes out of beta ?
Brehmly (3 years ago)
Windows 10 will be free for people with windows 7/8, so there is a chance it might apply to beta testers too
BadGuy84 (3 years ago)
No you don't: it usually expires, but you may actually be able to get Windows 10 through dreamspark once it's released (if you have dreamspark).
LukeyWolf (3 years ago)
Thanks, but what is the difference between Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro and Windows 8.1 Pro? Can I have a list of differences or things that are added?
Abdullah Hujaifa (3 years ago)
I don't have a student ID.
Jon Gerges (3 years ago)
+Sarwar Hossain Join a school?? I don't have a student email, but I have a student ID. I just scanned that to my computer, and i got verified.
Abdullah Hujaifa (3 years ago)
+Tech Tacular hey i am not in school so what do i do in the verification part. plz reply fast
Chris Langley (3 years ago)
Couldn't find a list, but I used it as my daily driver for 6 months, alongside using "normal" Windows 8.1 on a laptop, and didn't notice any differences at all.
lekoro1 (3 years ago)
embedded is for things like ATM terminals and sat navs

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