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Versace | Spring Summer 2019 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Versace | Spring Summer 2019 by Donatella Versace | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video - MFW/Milan Fashion Week) #Shalomharlow
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Text Comments (697)
Gabriela Plaza (1 day ago)
No me gusto su ropa horrible 😑😑😑vesace lo unico llamtivo son los colores los cortes el estilo nada del otro mundo su. Colección muy sencillo
Herr Drumpf (6 days ago)
This looks cheap. I love freja though
laurie evan (9 days ago)
Somehow you can tell Gianni is not around - i loved his collection - the Master is no longer so sad
RobRossiFan (27 days ago)
Kremi and Anna Ewers - fantastic devotion of V cast managers. they still in every Vshow even FW2019
RobRossiFan (27 days ago)
Now we can resume that only Shalom, Anna, Irina and MC replicated in next FW2019 show No Anja. Natasha and Liya, Freja,
Юлия Тах (27 days ago)
Очень круто!!
Crystals Cartoonz (1 month ago)
IT'S SPLATOON MUSIC BOIIII GAGAGAGA XDDDDDDDDD and DONATELLA should go for whatever SHE wants and what SHE decides for and not the fucking world. Damn.
Crystals Cartoonz (1 month ago)
Spice Girls Net (1 month ago)
Why are models legs and body shapes today so strange, these models don't compare to the 90s supermodels who had a range of body types/looks and personalities. Still love Versace though.
Estera Kowalczyk (1 month ago)
Yancho Spasov (1 month ago)
I think that this collection is inspired by the gypsy culture. But why so Many different fabrics in one dress?
Freddy Vasquez (1 month ago)
At 10:07 the Medusa logo made an appearance.
Alison Laing (1 month ago)
the black models really stood out etc. that orange dress was FAB.
Gucci Mayne (1 month ago)
Borrring collection
Glo Lo-Ag (1 month ago)
kaia I love you, I think you are a true model but giiiirrlll stop, just stop for a second
Selia Ortiz (2 months ago)
not so good
Zuna Lee (2 months ago)
徐雲亮 (2 months ago)
Aleccej Kraftcoff (2 months ago)
Hey!Amazing greatly beauty cool sexyes!Thank you very much! 👏🌈💎🍓🍒🌹👄🍒👏👅❤🌼🌷💋🎆🌍👏!pretty dress!👏🎆🌷
carol kolts (2 months ago)
Window panes 1969, vibes, stripes, earth tones. Navy was in, window panes and all. Short skirts and baby dolls, called (Mary Janes) now.
Justin lol (2 months ago)
3:28 YES PLEASE 😍😍
kimberly c a r t e r (2 months ago)
This collection should have been better. The music made it bearable.
Elisabeth Sonuga (2 months ago)
It was a simple live.We felt enough,we felt complete.Involve with human right.Board meeting.GET The taste ja
Elisabeth Sonuga (2 months ago)
A lot holding chain in there hands back.A few holding nothing in there hands and no back.
Elizabeth McElynn (2 months ago)
Where is your original style Versace?? Donatella...??
Elizabeth McElynn (2 months ago)
Crazy fashion, too much prints and colors together... waist out again?
Massimo Giordano (2 months ago)
brava ,,per il grande fardello che porti,,,,,,,,,un fratello GENIO
Vinicius Ferret (2 months ago)
uh, messy
Krina Kkrriinnaa (2 months ago)
Love it! Finally I saw something interesting for SS19 :)
s kim (2 months ago)
Ugly must be in
Patricia Lynn (2 months ago)
Patterns too busy and all over the place.
Jier Jeyser (2 months ago)
it doént catch my eyes. not as good as expected
e Born in Providence (2 months ago)
Disaster... except for the hair.
Jun Satria (2 months ago)
Who is @ 1:52 ? She will be one of the next Super Model! What a face!
Natalja Rogalova (3 months ago)
Много излишних деталей, образ перегружен. Отсутствие общего стиля. Ощущение, что это показ моделей из сэконда. Разнообразие рисунка и цвета чрезвычайно в каждой модели. Хотя бы время от времени успешно. Ткани мне приглянулись. Фасоны дудки.
Angeltravel world (3 months ago)
Name (3 months ago)
I am kinda worried about the models wheights 😐 they seem so fragile ☹️
TheB antique (3 months ago)
I like to listen IIO Rapture.
luisdmatas (3 months ago)
Who? 7:54
Admilson Santos (3 months ago)
MadLove (4 months ago)
kendalls walk wasnt bad
MadLove (2 months ago)
+salfaridz like I said she'll improve
salfaridz (2 months ago)
+MadLove like i said "after all these years"
MadLove (2 months ago)
+salfaridz shell improve
salfaridz (2 months ago)
wasn't good either. i mean, after all these years
Maria Korikova (4 months ago)
Anyway sisters Hadid they are not supermodels and never will be. Totally dead look and same angry face on every fashion show. They are boring 😔😔😔
Maria Korikova (4 months ago)
finish SuperModels. I can't understand why in 90s in 2002/4/5 Models was walking with such pride and with great honor and now they walk like someone push them ...go or I kill you 😔😔😔 pity but there no show anymore.
Maria Korikova (4 months ago)
Models walking and looking so bad. In which bas station Donatella found them 😝😝😝
Das Bienchen (4 months ago)
The Hadids and Jenner are allowed to be so fat. Unfair to the others....
Gabriela Santacruz (4 months ago)
Freja opening yessss she is queen of cool she is a real model not a instagram model
Caitlin Sanderson (4 months ago)
I honestly love these looks
Chi Tukuravi (4 months ago)
World biggest hack designer..
Raheelah Saqib (4 months ago)
natasha fucking poly
Malik Rahman (4 months ago)
Has she just taken 50 dresses, ripped them apart and sown them back together again?
Rico Lu (4 months ago)
This is not Versace
MIHAICA SAVA (4 months ago)
Good for hangover :(
FishM86 (5 months ago)
The most comments about girls and music.. Collection is big Fail. I'm just watched some videos of Guo Pei and i'm still under impressions. Maybe thats one more reason why this looking so "simple".
Diana Shevchenko (5 months ago)
What is the name of the music???
gu goop (5 months ago)
I hate those heels
Garland5 (5 months ago)
Models in their 40's!!!!! Awesome. Those silver metallic and floral body-hugging dresses at 7:20 and 7:30 are amazing. Lots of gorgeous colour here and the black dresses were stunning.
Alistair Drennan (5 months ago)
coletteleto (5 months ago)
Who is the model at the finale? Gorgeous
Patrick Edgar Regini (5 months ago)
wow. You can really see his hand is no longer in it. It's his fault though. He was determined to have her inherit it, instead of creating an in-house school of design that would later maintain his spirit and sensitivities. Like all the great brands of quality do.
BIG MOM (5 months ago)
i feel no for this collection
Marco Vera (5 months ago)
sneak6957 (5 months ago)
Amazing pieces
senes65 (5 months ago)
I like this collection,yes maybe more versus but she can not does the same....it's modern. Great cast, Mariacarla with red hair!
Danny the amirez (5 months ago)
La conexion a la escina, seria mucho mas una collection nuestra.
serdar akbaş (5 months ago)
8,06 ☄️❤️❤️
cat rg (5 months ago)
6:55 who is that?
Annisa Kesha (3 months ago)
Hiandra martinez
cat rg (5 months ago)
Are some models even TRAINED? tf did i watch?
Park Chae Young (5 months ago)
Nicki Minaj was in the crowd at 6:54 next to the pink lady
Keshie Mansouri (5 months ago)
Most of these garments are a whole mess. 😖
Keshie Mansouri (5 months ago)
Adut is a baby doll.
Joseph McPeak (5 months ago)
can someone say A MESS
Lord Armyn (5 months ago)
Kaia and her stupid walk ... Fix it sweetie !!
XsurendraX (5 months ago)
Park Chae Young (5 months ago)
Min Cher (5 months ago)
anybody knows what the title of this soundtrack is?
Park Chae Young (5 months ago)
Min Cher same question here
Dorian Guillen (5 months ago)
Músic on point 👍
Julek Cęcelewski (5 months ago)
who's the model at 4:58?
Annisa Kesha (5 months ago)
Kris grikaite
I Am Pulatti (5 months ago)
I noticed most of the African American females have their hair braided back
Das Bienchen (4 months ago)
I Am Pulatti And?
calafeast (5 months ago)
Let just say Donatella is not the designer that will make black satin and micro floral patchwork look expensive. This was quite awful. The dress on Maria Carla was inexcusable. I love Liya’s number, but what the f- is w/ all the clumsy draping and hideous fabric stripes hanging off of everything? Weird lengths, ugly snakeskin and hideous shoes. If your clothes look off on runway models, how will they look in the store?
MissTina (5 months ago)
1:55 giiiiiiirl 😍😍😍😍
Maris MM (5 months ago)
is my computer lagging or what? this video looks so shaky
Aeshiryzen Aeschirett (5 months ago)
Paulo Claudino (5 months ago)
Nice casting, but this collection sucks. Plastic everywhere, messy prints and very common peaces, like those shirts. The powerfull woman Versace raised in the fashion world os resting (not) in peace at this moment.
Jorge Hernandez (5 months ago)
The ones with no hips at all trying to sway..... That even hurt me ouch lol
ADAM AYOUB (5 months ago)
So sad donatella is no longer the designer
SJ 1992 (5 months ago)
The casting and walks in this show is 🙌🏻....save Kendall & EmRata
G Zuo (5 months ago)
Some models are wayyy too thin😨😨😨
Bella Mde (5 months ago)
jordan williams (5 months ago)
Katya inspired
Zeljko Anzulovic (5 months ago)
Hadid Hadidn't... when put in a show with great models you just want to send them to sell shoes in the local mall...
tina (5 months ago)
Emrata’s walk 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Nicki Banged (5 months ago)
what a mess
cristina (5 months ago)
N Lee (5 months ago)
что за пиздец с походками у моделей
Pam Jack (5 months ago)
Can somebody please tell Kaia to stop doing what she's doing.. Fix her walk and she is really thin
guanche26 (5 months ago)
so Versace was sold to MK??
hoo--ligan (5 months ago)
This is horrible lmao
Tan Poliak (5 months ago)
this collection is a mess, but l will love Versace forever
Brent Yalowica (5 months ago)
CRAP!!!! a few nice things , but too much black clothes, 2 thumbs down
alifshafix (5 months ago)
look at the way the girl at 3:27 walk lmao
vũ nguyễn (5 months ago)
It's good to see Shalom's comeback

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