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Text Comments (2509)
Dylan Young (8 hours ago)
Hillarious never gets old
lapez graphics (16 hours ago)
i don't think so she wear a bra
Waseem Ahmed (19 hours ago)
Jagjit Kaur (20 hours ago)
Ya the balloon hat was too good
Paul Bialozor (1 day ago)
Amanda never had on a Bra, so how could he have taken it... Wow...
Silverlast Games (1 day ago)
A golden buzzer= A contestants biggest dream A janitors worst nightmare
Omry Abdido (3 days ago)
I like your smile My daughter 🌹🤩😍🌹
Thi cong Ngo (3 days ago)
That balloon hat is awesome
CREEPOFREEK (3 days ago)
Very entertaining and fun video. I tried out for AGT about 6 years ago. It was really exciting.
Boosted Monkey (4 days ago)
It was funny idk why there were quotes there (SJW bullshit) but it wasn’t her bra anyway
PicPoc ExtremVlog (4 days ago)
He was in Romania at iUmor
Muilisx (5 days ago)
Amanda is soooo hot
Ethan Hatton (6 days ago)
why he picked you
Morsurator (6 days ago)
He reminds me of Howard from TBBT
Honu kailani (7 days ago)
The wind one made me laugh even the bra part haha
Supreme Calamitas (8 days ago)
His wife will be mad lol
The AC Blogs (9 days ago)
I am subbed and turned on the notification bell
Linsy LolYT (9 days ago)
He didn’t take Amanda’s bra, she didn’t have one on you can see through the back of her dress
LAUGH TV AMERICA (9 days ago)
😄😄 nice..
Rocking star (9 days ago)
Sharlla Kelly (10 days ago)
Chimi Changa (10 days ago)
2.57 I was dead 😂😂😂😂
Nana Playz ROBLOX (10 days ago)
Wait why does it said the youtuber has 37 sub?
BEST PRODUCT (11 days ago)
Akash Dey (12 days ago)
Here Everyone American ??
Omar Alhossen (3 days ago)
Akash Dey in Syria
Akash Dey (3 days ago)
+Omar Alhossen where are you live now ??
Omar Alhossen (3 days ago)
Akash Dey no I am not
Mirza Mohammad Ishtiaq (12 days ago)
Vaimoana Tupou (12 days ago)
Niall Lappin (14 days ago)
Rather take her used panties mmmmm
Fatoom Iscool (14 days ago)
What if it was Mel,B
Asier Etulain (14 days ago)
4:03 song?
Artemis 1185 (15 days ago)
The hey
Setare Hamra (15 days ago)
He’s just a little funny but sooooo much rude Did he just got her bra Ewwwww
JD Jaii's (15 days ago)
Thats great... Need support for my...
Min Min (15 days ago)
oml, i love him
Kennedy Mars (16 days ago)
Buuuuuuu!!!!!!!!! Infinity buuuuuuu buuuuuuu buuuuuuu buuuuuuu up !!!!!!!!;!!!;;;
Bea Joy Mulato (16 days ago)
Wow,,, so very funny,, hahaha
EmyleeProGamer 27 (17 days ago)
Lol . . . That’s all I have to say
dusty rose (18 days ago)
Well that was just so funny.
Altaf Shaikh sk (19 days ago)
Jebediah Clang (19 days ago)
Children's party's: But of course children would instantly get the nuances of Celine Dion singing in the background. Or laughing about a bra taken off from a little girl... Duuhh
Ashley Herbert (19 days ago)
If she was wearing any he would take her underwear
Krazy Gamer (19 days ago)
Just wow....
ERAN OZSARFATI (20 days ago)
I didn't think you could get four yes votes with an invisible deck
Kemal Taliboğlu (20 days ago)
çok güldüm))
Vortex (21 days ago)
Female judges are soo gorgeous
Tejas Lipare (21 days ago)
That titanic scene 😂😂
Yanglin Luo (22 days ago)
Legend !
Hannah J (22 days ago)
Before she said the 6 of hearts I said “she’s gonna say the 6th of hearts” 😂😂
Butterfly_ Gaming (23 days ago)
The golden buzzer A contestants dream A janitors nightmare
Sajid Islam (23 days ago)
Magic with Amanda is awsome
Anzar Kunhi (23 days ago)
Why is Simon being rude on this amazing magician guy?
Elpida Printezi (24 days ago)
Adam Webbe (25 days ago)
Wow titanic
Itz_me_i Chesss (26 days ago)
Hmmm where is the bra?
Blue Wolf (26 days ago)
Lol the bra just came out of nowhere and he’s just like “what the”
iubire romaneasca (27 days ago)
Маладец мужчина Американец
вы супер
B Henry (1 month ago)
Simon is such a DORK. I swear his chair must be made of thorns!
Mukesh Kumar (1 month ago)
Ankush Alakanur (1 month ago)
Did he also take her virginity?
puglove833 aj (1 month ago)
Roses are red vilotes are blue his head was big so yours is to
Tučný Tuleň (1 month ago)
Dobrý súdruh Fico!!!😂
Adam Dzurdzuk (1 month ago)
Shan Vang (1 month ago)
smd t . v (1 month ago)
Elle The Dancer (1 month ago)
The guy in the middle at 4:26 looked like Mr. Bean😂
Haruna Ali2525 (1 month ago)
Ghihuka Zhimo (1 month ago)
He did something so different ..I love him
Jadeblade127 Zack (1 month ago)
I love this guy.
D.S jaiswal (1 month ago)
Amanda cool beautiful love u
Adnan Khan (1 month ago)
I like
Angela Chasie (1 month ago)
Motor Brain (1 month ago)
Oke oke
DANIEL MADENYEKA (1 month ago)
Kenneth Wood (1 month ago)
If he would have popped that balloon. He would have lost his hearing.
Roses are red Violets are blue I just got clickbaited And so did you
Me Oi (1 month ago)
Couldn’t tell if Simon said “Children’s panties” or “Children’s parties” XD
Bharath Manjunath (1 month ago)
Bharath Manjunath (1 month ago)
Mr Redhand (1 month ago)
So good
captainwafflesmate (1 month ago)
Sued for me too
Motin Digital (1 month ago)
8801636-777988 khokon
HOKAGE NARUTO (1 month ago)
Very funny man. Barney Rubble. Flinstones.
xhawi bagz (1 month ago)
uhhhh took amandas bra i did not see it
anth benit (1 month ago)
..and he got a souvenir
Wahyudiz Ihsan (1 month ago)
I like 😘😮😂
Michellle Smith (1 month ago)
Any dumbass can see he already has it in his pocket the bra n pulls it out at the time she leaves...
erica reyes (1 month ago)
Prince Charles?😂
Leeann Elisha (1 month ago)
wow, Nice video,Thank you for this video
Crazyfire (1 month ago)
Why didn't Christian choose Alesha? Because she is bla-
WSOS (1 month ago)
every woman need this kind bra removal man
liam Cardinal (1 month ago)
That was awsome
Joost van den Berg (1 month ago)
OliverPlaysYT (1 month ago)
fake music talent now
ну-ка и херня

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