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Best Place For Barbaric And Primal Motif Farming - Elder Scrolls Online (Tips)

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I Have found many Motfis in this area, u need to be Vetran 1 and finish the main story line to do this, The Prices For the Items Found Are As Followed ( This Is Based Of Current Prices): BarbaricMotif: 20k - 30k Primal Motif: 20k - 25k Copper (Used To Make Barbaric Items) : 1k -1.5k Each Argentum (Used To Make Primal Items): 500 gold - 1k Each Make Sure to Like Comment and Subscribe :) Subscribe For More Ryno :) Hit the Subscribe Button Above :) Sub To Me At - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MrrRyno Follow Me At : https://twitter.com/MrrRyno https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mrrryno/594115557320408?bookmark_t=page Best Partnership: http://rpmnetwork.com/ Hey there everyone my name is Ryan also know as Ryno, im would love to hit 1000 subs asap, i will be uploading once daily until i hit 1000, until then Enjoy The Videos :D If you would like to know who made my intro or who made the music for the intro there links are lower in the description :D And I will See Yous In the Tamriel... ╔╗╔╦╗ ║║╠╣╠╦═╗ ║╚╣║═╣╩╣ ╚═╩╩╩╩═╝ ╔═╗────────────╔╗ ║╔╬═╦══╦══╦═╦═╦╣╚╗ ║╚╣╬║║║║║║║╩╣║║║╔╣ ╚═╩═╩╩╩╩╩╩╩═╩╩═╩═╝ ╔══╗─╔╗╔═╗───╔╦╗ ║══╬╦╣╚╣═╬═╦╦╬╣╚╦═╗ ╠══║║║╬╠═║═╣╔╣║╬║╩╣ ╚══╩═╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ Me - http://www.youtube.com/user/MrrRyno?feature=mhee Arrow ( Logo and Background Maker ) http://www.youtube.com/user/BrokenShockwavee Rynos Crew: Ladiesman - www.youtube.com/user/Ladiesman12775 AussieBoy - www.youtube.com/user/XAussieBoyXx Arrow- http://www.youtube.com/user/BrokenShockwavee Jocko - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZqYQy37GHjmyQpW-yaIY9g/videos Mario: https://www.youtube.com/user/N16bitLegends
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Text Comments (85)
Michael White (2 years ago)
it's pronounced Moe teef
NightWipe (2 years ago)
this video is useful, you have 53 500 views. and you only have 1k subs^^ good job and thx
Mista Crow (3 years ago)
had to farm 20 times and got a daedric motif
jacob baron (3 years ago)
does not work
Buddha Man (3 years ago)
there was nun for me
tusiosu (3 years ago)
Xbox One Eso player here looking for a barbaric motif I'll buy for 30k my gamer tag is Captiansparkl3s
alex wiegelmann (3 years ago)
found one of the primal motifs on ps4 within 10 minutes of farming this spot
Brian Giardina (3 years ago)
Where is a good spot in the aldmeri dominion to farm where there are the most containers. I ask because that is the zone for daedric for the ebonheart pact
Bahto Kalac (3 years ago)
to everyone who says its not working just a heads up you need to be at least veteran rank 1 and have beaten the main storyline so don't go farming needlessly.
That Annoying Guy (3 years ago)
Saw somebody selling this motif for 80k coins....had to get it
Asuna Miku (3 years ago)
Are you joking.
justin lagrange (3 years ago)
Im not a veteran but i have barbaric is there any other place i could go??
Wait you farmed here and got barbaric... And your not a veteran rank?
PLATINUM DUBS (3 years ago)
anyone know if this still works?
PLATINUM DUBS (3 years ago)
6 days of farming and got 1 barbaric no primal(which is the one I wanted) haven't been back cause it took so long to get 1. now in daggerfall hoping for a daedric and ancient.
Kakka-Carrot-Cake (3 years ago)
Plus you can't find it there if your in ebonheart the area is too low of a level
Kakka-Carrot-Cake (3 years ago)
Are you veteran level
PLATINUM DUBS (3 years ago)
5 days now no drop....
PLATINUM DUBS (3 years ago)
+MrrRyno been doing it for almost 4 days now and not a single drop :(
Dee Roe (3 years ago)
i did this today.  Takes time.  But other then this I havnt found ANY copper anywhere else.  Im getting lucky with the Primal here.  Seems to spawn more for that then Copper.  But definitely works for Console
Dee Roe (3 years ago)
+Justin Womack Ancient Elf in store for 65k now
PLATINUM DUBS (3 years ago)
+Dee Roe you did thanks bro i accepted. 5 days farming and still no primal or barbaric drop from 3 different cities
Dee Roe (3 years ago)
+Justin Womack I believe I sent it. Its called Auridon Trading Co
Dee Roe (3 years ago)
+Justin Womack Ah, the motifs! As far as that. When they say its rare, they mean RARE! I havnt came across one Rare in all my time playing and farming. I bought my barbaric with crowns. There was a barbaric for sale in the trading guild im in last night for 50k. But I just checked and its gone. Its a HUGE guild and tends to have good things. A friend of mine got insanely lucky and found a Daedric Motif for 10k. lucky bastard. Now there are just Dwemer Maces, Gloves, axes, swords, gloves, daggers, helmets all for around 15k. Theres 414 members so it keeps updating with things in the guild store. If you're on Xbox one I can invite you and you may come across a killer deal if you keep your eyes open.
PLATINUM DUBS (3 years ago)
+Dee Roe im trying to get he motif itself i have plenty of of the "gem" it takes to craft it i just need the motif itself. happen to get any of those? also on xbox one im not even trying to get them to sell just want to get one of each for myself to craft
Russell Muse (4 years ago)
Good tips, thanks bro
Christian Guerrero (4 years ago)
I farmed here for 2 hours and found no motifs only a purple recipe called consumate jazbay brew recipe which I guess is rare or something
Guamish (4 years ago)
Awesome tips
Kevin Thorn (4 years ago)
Damn why do u have to finish the main quest to find it ughh
Similak Child (4 years ago)
ESO Patch Notes v1.1.2 - The rate at which you can earn racial motifs and provisioning recipes from lootable containers and furniture has been slightly reduced.
killmyindianbrother (4 years ago)
This only works when the phases are active. Basically you relog and you enter a different phase where nobody has looted it. The more people online in the area, the easier you can change phase. I suggest moving around in residential areas with 4-5 houses, then relog a few times, change location, rinse repeat. More efficient.
Steve Ring (5 years ago)
Been farming non stop as fast as I can for 5 hours all I got is 1 copper. Am I really unlucky or doing something wrong? So frustrated.
KabutoRex (5 years ago)
The motif drops are completely random. I have found most of mine in random crates out in the wild.
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
I know that they are random, this is just the easiest place/ quickest place to farm the rare motifs :)
Tamás Petrovics (5 years ago)
Hi I try this but, all time relog, all stuff is empty? this is bug or just im unlucky? 
Tamás Petrovics (5 years ago)
+MrrRyno - ESO, DayZ, Rust And More if u have a little time pls check it. i read now he fixed the respawn.
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
Im not sure, ill have to go to that place tomorrow and see if its still working, usually if u re log the draws should get random items in them, i am not sure why they are always empty.
Joseph Alexandrino (5 years ago)
no joke first time after watching this video and going there i found a primal motif
Joseph Alexandrino (5 years ago)
you have to be in the veteran levels
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
Very nice :)
Hush3d Hustla (5 years ago)
I heard you talking in chat about a week ago saying you were making a video about this and I was looking all over for it and here it is tnx and great vid.
Jordan Millward (5 years ago)
Hi a guy on my friends list reported me for this will I get banned :( please if you could reply I'd appreciate it thanks
Liquid Moon (3 years ago)
I know this was a year ago but, that guy who reported you is a moron, farming is not a crime it's part of every mmo
Jordan Millward (5 years ago)
Thanks MrrRyno I love your videos they're amazing they help a lot I've found over 4 motifs in an hour only they crappy ones though hahah
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
No, farming is a normal thing in any game, u will be fine. Farming is a part of MMOs
Brandon Barth (5 years ago)
I like how you mention that you exploit a noob for an extra 500 gold. Which is sad because you can farm racial stones for barbaric and primal before being veteran and since you can buy most if the stones for cheap at a vendor the stones for rare styles shouldn't be any more expensive than corundum. The motif's themselves is where you should be making your money as they are in fact rare. And shame on you for taking advantage of noobs.
killmyindianbrother (4 years ago)
Can't buy copper from NPC and people pay what they think it's worth. That guy's probs desperate.
813FROST813 (5 years ago)
You cant buy copper from NPC's. 
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
+Brandon Barth This was early on probably 1 and a half weeks after release so the prices were pretty high at that time, 1.5k was the average price at the time :)
Brandon Barth (5 years ago)
I'll accept that as an excuse but it doesn't make it right to take advantage of someone that doesn't know what the prices should be.
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
He was the one who offered the price so I just said yes
Kian Knowles (5 years ago)
You start in daven watch if you choose ebonheart pact
Sarujan Balachandran (5 years ago)
If u know where to find it, please tell us where to get daedra racial.
Kolbeinn Rökkvi (5 years ago)
+MrrRyno - ESO, DayZ, Rust And More They already nerfed this. It's really hard to find any motifs now thx to farmers..
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
I have started looking for a spot to farm daedric motifs but so farm I have been unsuccessful, hopefully in the next few days ill have a video up on where to find them :)
Timmy Keane (5 years ago)
God I hate farmers in games like this!!!!!!!..
Visigothette (5 years ago)
And we hate you whiny faggotkid
Happy Shinigami (5 years ago)
Does level matter for farming these?
Happy Shinigami (5 years ago)
+MrrRyno - ESO, DayZ, Rust And More tyvm, I just need to level a little bit longer now xD
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
U need to be Vet 1 with the Dominion faction to do this along with finishing the main story
Cody Craft (5 years ago)
What armor are you using? What racial style?
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
At higher levels when i make more armor, i believe the colour of my armor will change along with the quality.
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
+Ryix I Nope im using medium daedric armor the mage spell one is completely silver :)
Ciota Silviu Marius (5 years ago)
i relogged 10 times,every time they were all empty
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
Hmmmm thats very odd, it does take a while sometimes to fine them, but it comes down to luck in the end :)
Mercenary Chief (5 years ago)
How did you get that sweet Daedric armor? Did you craft it?
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
I was lucky enough to find it randomly in a chest :)
Phil Grosskopf (5 years ago)
+MrrRyno - Lots Of Games Where'd you get the Daedric motif?
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
I found the daedric motif, gave it to a friend and had him make it for me :)
DunRover (5 years ago)
What about aldmeri dominion?
Jay Wilson (5 years ago)
How do you get to stonefalls from AD?
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
U need to hit veteran Level and finish main story
AAAYogibearAAA (5 years ago)
I'm not a subscriber but I'm very interested in ESO tips and things to know etc. I could not care less about someones play through of the game though because I'd rather play it than watch it. Just some unbiased information. Otherwise great info very grateful. 
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
KK i have many more tips to come, want to start posting daily tips and stuff. If u want to keep up to date with the tips then subscribing is the best option :)
Janthon Lemming (5 years ago)
Hey whats your username? Im interested in buying a full steel barbaric set in game name :@Omgasquirrel
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
+Janthon Lemming my in game name is @MrrRyno
Janthon Lemming (5 years ago)
I can also supply the steel btw
MystiCalBEING89 (5 years ago)
do you have to be lv 50 to find barbaric and primal motifs?
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
In this spot i believe so, i will look for other spots also :) 
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
Just made a guild so people can ask me questions on ESO, Guild name is exactly as followed: Mrr Ryno Offical Guild. Mail me ur name and ill add u to the guild :) Rules are in the guild description :)
Seth Kangas (5 years ago)
are you on the us server id love to get barbaric off you
Ryn0 (5 years ago)
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