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Golden Shoes Official Trailer (2014) - John Rhys-Davies, Soccer Movie HD

22583 ratings | 7263568 views
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Text Comments (1712)
Joël Kooijman (8 hours ago)
I wish i had that shoes
Winyx (4 days ago)
Give my newborn cousin $1 dollar, and he could do the job.
itsrexohere (5 days ago)
wow great rip off
Kyle Simpson 21 (5 days ago)
Oh dear
Finley Cook (7 days ago)
Shite and unrealistic
Muaadh Cows (8 days ago)
This is the most shiftiest movie I’ve ever seen it’s actually true
Sniper Husky (8 days ago)
I thought it was fake
Mary Lennon (8 days ago)
its_levi 4 (9 days ago)
The swerve looks so fake though. I wonder if this kid can do all this in real life?
Wisconsin boy (10 days ago)
Soo dumb!!!
Tyler Hyde (10 days ago)
I give it five bags of popcorn.
I. s
Shillix (11 days ago)
This kid im the best. Meets average European kids
Einari Kisel (21 days ago)
Pause at 2:03
Son Nguyen (22 days ago)
Amitav Jain (1 month ago)
why is this a thing
Do I Know u (1 month ago)
its *football*
Panda 870 (1 month ago)
This like my life exacly almost
Josh Cyriac (1 month ago)
Prachee Mandavale (1 month ago)
Zidane Cool (1 month ago)
A lot of kid better than that boy
Bindu Lakshmi (1 month ago)
Stop saying soccer instead of football
Zachary af (1 month ago)
Bulid3R Kadair (1 month ago)
this is like mike but soccer
Sparrow Jenkins (2 months ago)
Like mike of soccer
ProGamerXxxX12 (2 months ago)
A YouTube skit would do way better
DatranBoy In Games (2 months ago)
They Tried so stop
NEaR Bapeshot (2 months ago)
There not even golden
DatranBoy In Games (2 months ago)
Who cares
Slavic Bitch (2 months ago)
What happens when he grows out of the shoes
Luke Zawaideh (3 months ago)
Hey, leave me boy alone. This is a great film
Sort of Like (3 months ago)
So it's Like Mike but with football, drama and a lower budget?
Subs without videos! (3 months ago)
Watching 2018?
Oh yeah yeah Weest (3 months ago)
This can’t be real. Don’t tell me this is real
ItzTomiChan (3 months ago)
This is the American jimmy grimble
Rizwana Kana (3 months ago)
xXgetbodiedXx XD (3 months ago)
I Am The GAMER GUY (3 months ago)
Kelly Rocha (3 months ago)
THElifeSpecialist21 6666 (3 months ago)
First the president says that he lost his dad in the war , then he says I will do my best to find him😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂
THElifeSpecialist21 6666 (3 months ago)
He would get a red card for that celebration “FOR MOM PLUS DAD”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
THElifeSpecialist21 6666 (3 months ago)
If they made a movie about Jake Paul it would be better than this crap
WHUgeorge (3 months ago)
This is a true story
James K (3 months ago)
WHUgeorge no it’s not
dollee meep (4 months ago)
Pulisic sorry
dollee meep (4 months ago)
This kid is like pulusic
dollee meep (4 months ago)
Hes america
dollee meep (4 months ago)
Dyl19 Bourke (4 months ago)
to be honest the first shot he takes with the boots really wasn't that good the goals are tiny
Mattias Deac (4 months ago)
i am watching this 100 times xD
Richard Skitt (4 months ago)
What about when his feet get bigger
Ori Azuz (4 months ago)
Worst movie ever.
Will Harrison (4 months ago)
Tz_basieboy (4 months ago)
The president is the dad from flash/Barry allen
Mark Atherton (4 months ago)
What happens when his shoes get to small
Minhaj Minhaj (4 months ago)
Jonathan Marquez (4 months ago)
Ya estoy cansado de peliculas fantasiosas de futbol xq no hacen peliculas como gol y hooligans eso si demuestra lo q es este deporte
Rick Severson (4 months ago)
My name is christian
Delirious Sailing (4 months ago)
Great overhead kick
Rusty Rev 0071 (4 months ago)
Hesaam Sadeghi (4 months ago)
When they don’t fit him anymore
Deruzzi (4 months ago)
It’s Budget is prolly 10k
DR. AKKI (4 months ago)
Mustafa Ayache (4 months ago)
So fake especially the goal
Ben Bcc v be
Andreu Mason (4 months ago)
"Like Cristiano"
CharlieZekko (4 months ago)
you know its a bad football movie since it's made in the U.S if you couldn't tell I was making a joke...
dafreutmich (4 months ago)
See the trailer. Read the comments. See the trailer again.
Gaming Society (4 months ago)
Caseme Basha (4 months ago)
Is that barry's dad in the flash
OwenGamer513 (4 months ago)
1:26 does not look even close to real
TheProff (4 months ago)
im better than that kid the president doenst care bout me
Shane Maguire (4 months ago)
2:01 the president is just like “hold on a minute, there is a sport in this world that ISN’T NFL or basketball!??! Please explain?”
Linn (5 months ago)
Tbh it’s actually good
Why does everyone have a tan
Robertpaula Oldaker (5 months ago)
God! He's actually good! I thought he was terrible!
SGHD of knock (5 months ago)
Javier Pena (5 months ago)
1:26 the ball looks like if they buy it in walmart
Unknown Elite (5 months ago)
LOL is this real tho
zZorky (5 months ago)
Americans don't know shit about football they thinks it's just a game
LONG RADOLA (5 months ago)
I clicked on this vid only for the comments
ItzTevin! (5 months ago)
the ball doesnt even touch his foot when he kicks
Yeram Park (5 months ago)
wow so cool
Salariedcube (5 months ago)
Erm well shit
Gabriel Miranda (5 months ago)
I have down syndrome but (5 months ago)
Lmao where did they get the Dwayne Johnson rip-off
Joani Joaniguruni (5 months ago)
Cotah (5 months ago)
The search for the worst?
Razvan Marinescu (5 months ago)
Razvan Marinescu (5 months ago)
Gavin William Rickelton (5 months ago)
Football movie
Dylan (5 months ago)
His hair at th end 👦🏻🤮
SARANG SOHONI (5 months ago)
So it's just his boots ,he doesn't have any talent
The woof Squad (5 months ago)
Be cool if his dad was ronaldo
Lidija Čunko (5 months ago)
Adrian Flores (5 months ago)
This is sl cringi
Bro Dawg (5 months ago)
christian pulisic look exactly like him
Woowowoow Bank (5 months ago)
What if he didn’t have special shoes ;/
Banana Locks (5 months ago)
I’m sorry I can’t stop laughing how cringey this is😂 on Netflix if this film was even a comedy I would be done with life when he got dem boots he scored with his head so yeah you really messed up Der didn’t yeah I haven’t even this yet but just seeing the trailer I know it is bad now. Wait I’m not finished but when the woman crashed it looked like they bought the cheapest special affects app and the president I mean there’s like kids in academy’s like juventes or Real Madrid also Liverpool but no your focused on a team that probably gets beat every week and scoring the cheapest goals😛
D4nverse (5 months ago)
Omg about time for a soccor movie
Dark_Mr _Man (5 months ago)
Paulo6y Barbetta (5 months ago)
Good Very good
Paulo6y Barbetta (5 months ago)
gaming scientist (5 months ago)
It is football not soccer
Madhuri Kadlag (5 months ago)
ronaldo always best

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