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Georgette Jones Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad

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Georgette Jones, daughter of George Jones and Tammy Wynette, sings, "Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad" on Larry’s Country Diner. Subscribe to the Country Road TV YouTube Channel...FREE! See clips from your favorite artists from Larry's Country Diner, Country's Family Reunion and more!
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Gman LTZ (1 month ago)
Now that's country !
Lars Nicklasson (1 month ago)
TACK för din musik. nicklas
ayronsmama05 (3 months ago)
Absolutely awesome!!!
kevin j Herman (4 months ago)
I have just one Comment, Magic, Magic and More Magic. kevinjhermanmusic, Chicago
Andy Francis (4 months ago)
You have all the qualities of your mum & dad. You r great😀😀😍
Carolyn Bawden (7 months ago)
You would make your Mum Proud
dakotah martin (8 months ago)
same vocal style and tearful style as your momma and your beautiful like her too i love your voice and your beauty georgette keep it up your beautiful and perfect ....
Jeremiah Alan (8 months ago)
She sounds like Tammy.
cubuffdoc (9 months ago)
She sounds so much like her momma, but brings her own talent and phrasing. I enjoy listening to her as much as Tammy.
Musicfan71 Hawk (9 months ago)
Beautiful voice, cute song!
Eva Lehde (9 months ago)
I’m sorry folks, but are you kidding me? She cannot sing even average.
Larry Hill (8 months ago)
You need to get your head out of your you know what.😭
Kay Tanner (1 year ago)
Looks and sounds like her momma👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎶
MrMartybearass (1 year ago)
damn she is her Momma's girl!!!
Savannah Meredith (1 year ago)
She has that teardrop in her voice Iike Tammy!
Jypsie Etris (1 year ago)
You are great...don't hold back, you got it girl!
Linda Godsey (1 year ago)
51Lon (1 year ago)
very much enjoy any singing Georgette does .
Hop Along (1 year ago)
Better voice than her mom
ron cash (1 year ago)
Always did like her but she does a excellent job on this song
Jimmy Gilstrap (1 year ago)
Their ain't nothing wrong with you dear..If you ever go bad I can be had..LOL  Just kidding !
Bill Murray (1 year ago)
If you go bad just let me know. :)
Martin Ward (1 year ago)
Fraser MacDonald (1 year ago)
Any ideas who the backing singer is in this video?
Bill Black (1 year ago)
Fraser MacDonald g
Lowell Green (1 year ago)
The Sheriff Jimmy Capps wife Michelle...
Mary Shaw Roberts (1 year ago)
Awwww made me cry. See so much of her mom and dad standing up there singing.
Pam P. (11 months ago)
Mary Shaw Roberts me too.. 😔
rzsdad1 (1 year ago)
Nice! Made me smile!
IRTheBorg (1 year ago)
Now this IS country music, and this is a great unplugged performance - Thumbs up! ~Larry
Rapture folds (1 year ago)
She's good, but she's no Tammy. A sweeter voice, but lacking the sultry depth and dimension.
Mary Sammons (1 month ago)
I agree. She’s good but I was just listening to Tammy song this today. She doesn’t have the power Tammy had. But that’s okay. Not all children of famous singers are necessarily like their parents.
ayronsmama05 (3 months ago)
Tammy had that because she was determined to sell what she knew she had! Her kid doesn't have to, that's the different!
mckuhn1000 (9 months ago)
The guys right.  She has a good voice, but not like her Mom.
Jimmy Gilstrap (1 year ago)
Rapture fold   Shut up stupid..We don't need a smartass in here so get lost.
Perry Keener (1 year ago)
Damn good guitar player, I'm really impressed. Who's the brunette? I like brunettes.. Georgette you're a fantastic singer, just like your mother.. You're mother has always been and will always be the Queen of my heart. I love you Tammy.
John Dough (1 year ago)
The guitarist is Jimmy Capps, who played on dang near every record made in Nashville. The backup singer is his wife, Michelle.
Ramona Brown (2 years ago)
Beautiful voice, I really like that she doesn't use that fake country accent, just good singing!!!
english warrior (2 years ago)

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