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Bill Gates, Windows 98, Blue Screen of Death

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Bill Gates experiences the BSOD while presenting Win98.
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Illegal to buy.
Majin Buu (7 days ago)
I'm gonna close a window on that one
Sibernethy (8 days ago)
Can we all just appreciate the fact that Bill Gates turned something potentially extremely embarrassing into something funny and saved his rep a lot of face?
You know when your PC is so garbage and one of your friends keep poking you with that phrase " It's all about the user ? " than you want to show him how it is by trying to play his favourite game and eventually crash ? At the end, I did so and I summarized it by Bill Gates's quote: " This is why we are not shipping Windows 98 yet. "
Tomato Ninja (24 days ago)
i see why microsoft BSOD are so fucked even in 2019
usctrojans001 (1 month ago)
The Most Famous "Whoa" Ever! or should I say Infamous...
Sirusness (2 months ago)
mine mine (2 months ago)
😂😂😂all that cuz of the data show ..oh god ..i love how they are laughing when its so serious
Dark Channel (2 months ago)
You fired man
Paul Fisher Media (3 months ago)
Some things never change!
Nedim Mehmedovic (2 months ago)
I love my Windows 10 and Xbox one S
Po Lu (3 months ago)
While linux would just say Oops and let you go on with your business. See Wikipedia#kernel Oops
mobiusraptor7 (3 months ago)
0:20 It was at this moment that he knew he fucked up.
Player (4 months ago)
lzcdf (4 months ago)
Why are they clapping? fucking psycophantic bitches
Aza-Industries (5 months ago)
Can't say I've seen a BSOD or had a crash since before Win 7, my guess is all the people making comments have broken their systems themselves. And I'm not even a fanboy, linux is my daily driver.
xXJosH132 (5 months ago)
Mentarle ,la madre a Bill Gates desde tu PC con windows XP es lo máximo :v
likelike90 (5 months ago)
At least it prevented dammage to that computer.
Mr. Davis 1337 (5 months ago)
Nik U (5 months ago)
"You've been downloading porn, haven't you?" "Absolutely, absolutely"
eper98 (5 months ago)
Good old days :c
Erdem K. (5 months ago)
BSOD is part of life, deal with it or die like steve jobs :)
Aslanbek Abdulkadyrov (6 months ago)
At least they didnt use imitation video
Natalia (6 months ago)
Walta W (6 months ago)
Really nice😂😂😂👌
Twisted Code (6 months ago)
I dub thee "Bill Screen Of Death"!
Twisted Code (6 months ago)
(a nickname I just came up with now, and seeing as this is the first video result when you Google for "Bill screen of death", the nickname fits)
Format_HDD (7 months ago)
Erick Martinez (7 months ago)
Destroyed in seconds xD
KonstantinGeist (8 months ago)
it's not a bug it's a feature
This is Cutie Ringo Joy (8 months ago)
what year was this?
JeFe_RoJo (8 months ago)
Microsoft Press Conference E3 2018: Cyberpunk2077
get film (8 months ago)
Perfect им было постыдно..
Cristian Martinez (9 months ago)
Windows 98 is hilariously overdramatic. It throws a BSOD over even the slightest errors (even if they are not going to compromise system stability), much much unlike the "you're screwed" BSODs of nowadays.
2018 ??
SL4RK (9 months ago)
Plug and pray
FutureDelica (9 months ago)
Pretty goos job so far.
sparrowJLT (9 months ago)
Anyone can confirm this is fake? i know it happent like this but BSODs dont work like this..they dont slide or overlay over desktop... looks more like a light-up moment from MS (weird granted)
mscolli3 (3 months ago)
No its not fake. This really happened I was there.
greenknight9000 (9 months ago)
If you notice, it says an *EXCEPTION 0E* and not a *FATAL EXCEPTION* - this means there was a high chance of actually continuing, as this wasn't a FULL BIG BAD BSOD
Pipo Zizo (9 months ago)
CNN has the Live broadcast jinx for sure.
garry12gg (9 months ago)
Happy 20th anniversary.
TREE MAN (10 months ago)
*Windows is not responding*
EKANSisCool69 (10 months ago)
wow 4k likes and 1 mil vives omg and only 144 gr8 job
Tryhard Gamer (10 months ago)
2025?????? Probably there...........Windows13?
xxxman360 (11 months ago)
This video makes me second guess myself about installing Windows 98 on an old computer.
Joseph Yu (11 months ago)
Steven Gary (11 months ago)
Scanner:omae wa shinderu Win98:NANI?! *scanner plugs in* Win98:ded
Connor Yoak (1 year ago)
0:07 is kinda funny, since it only takes up half the screen, it seems like W98 was broken from the start
Gyro (1 year ago)
Just like when the new iphone couldnt do the face scanner properly..
leSharky (1 year ago)
Gaming by Zamra (1 year ago)
and nothing has changed since apart from now we get a fake emoji
RJARRRPCGP (1 year ago)
Reminds me of overclocking my socket 462 Athlon T-bird, in the early-2000s, when not enough Vcore, LOL. Definitely sounded like processor overclocking, when one of the folks said, "Moving right along!", LOL.
Josh Wong (1 year ago)
They still haven't fixed that bug Lul
Axess2084 (1 year ago)
Moving right along!
Anthony Maw (1 year ago)
Classic blooper!!!!  I'm sure Bill Gates ordered some "heads to roll" at Microsoft next day back at his office.
ASTEW (1 year ago)
Legend says that the guy was executed in front of all his colleagues.
Daniel Goulart (1 year ago)
it really happen?
Ryu Cyy (1 year ago)
nice BSoD
Nikola95inYT (1 year ago)
Top 10 anime betrayals
CVFireDragon (1 year ago)
TheLambdaTeam (1 year ago)
Epic mega Windows fail :D And the funniest thing is, Blue Screens of Death could still not be corrected even in Windows 10. Instead of ironing out the errors, the development team just gave us an error screen. Way to go, above and beyond, Microshit.
Delay (1 month ago)
Blue screens are only shown if the OS finds itself in a situation where continuing to run would be a risk to system components. So the OS stops and shows the blue screen to inform the user of what happened. Oh, and Microsoft is not the only company to use these screens. "Kernel panic" is a thing.
Morahman7vnNo2 (1 year ago)
I still love you Windows 98! You start menu was the best!
Charbax (1 year ago)
Apple just did the same thing at iPhone X launch event, their face unlock failed to work.
Abhay Sharma (23 days ago)
Didnt failed...They kept the phone just aftrr booting so it asked for passcode
wafle betonowe (1 month ago)
No, it worked how designed. Problem was to much people trying to open it before presentation.
xXxKAMIKAZExXx (1 month ago)
Gravity They should have prepared better if that was the case.
Gravity (9 months ago)
IT wasn't unlocked. The forgot to boot the iPhone before, the first time you turn on the iPhone, you cant use the Face iD.
Pipo Zizo (9 months ago)
Well there weren't any BSoDs.
remogaggi82 (1 year ago)
Like Craig Federghi during iPhone X announcement trying to use face ID lol
osamaFXX (1 year ago)
Am using Windows since 1999 and I faced the blue screen for about 5 times in my entire Windows experience. yes its annoying and one of windows worst flaws but its not like you gonna see it everyday like most Mac users claim!
MariusHKN (1 year ago)
Bill took it really hilarious because nothing is perfect so either Windows :)
Chris Molyneaux (1 year ago)
"You told us Windows 98 would be faster, and more efficient with better access to the Internet!!!"
Ishak Modtres Games (1 year ago)
00:05 USB BSOD Windows 98
Ld Alexandrite (1 year ago)
This is the actual representation of my experience with Windows so far.
Tony Hunter (1 year ago)
haha windows xDDDD
honestly the crowd are a bunch of legends for laughing it off lmao
Rossella Viacolvento (1 year ago)
it was a fake mistake
YT Gamer (1 year ago)
Assistant:Wow. *AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA* Assistant:Moving on...... B.Gates:That`s why we don`t shipping Windows 98.
Ben (1 year ago)
Times never changed
*bill gates has the "im gonna fucking fire you" look*
Rex Blank (1 year ago)
Przemek (1 year ago)
Is there a place in the Internet where I can watch the whole presentation?
Andrea SuperTux (1 year ago)
windows = shit
woxow (1 year ago)
2017 and still you can see blue screen
Exetical (2 years ago)
Can u ron BF1 in that bitch? xDDD
Sim Won (2 years ago)
this is too funny to be true, seems to have been done on purpose hahaha
Chi (2 years ago)
0:09 Obvious Mac fanboys are obvious.
Grzegorz Ziąbkowski (2 years ago)
Yeah but I need to show my "knowledge" xD
Chi (2 years ago)
+Gerg It's a joke.
Grzegorz Ziąbkowski (2 years ago)
sega310982 1. Windows and Mac aren't the only OS'es Unix/Linux/BSD/Amiga/OS2 etc. exists too 2. The whole 9x line was just a buggy GUI for DOS
that is motherf***ing hilarious! ROFL!
TMCG (2 years ago)
-_- I'm get BSOD.... Playing Synthesia..... My PC show BSOD.....!!!! in Windows 7 :-(....
Mike Gengar (2 years ago)
RandomTux (2 years ago)
In that moment Bill Gates showed us the most important feature of Windows.
Twisted Code (6 months ago)
technically, it is pretty darn important, since it keeps really bad errors from getting even worse and let's face it, even if you don't consider it a feature, it's probably more useful than most of the "features" that are built into the OS, at least treated individually
TheRedCap (1 year ago)
yes - the meme function - aka the BSOD
JoohnCZ (2 years ago)
Dkzeria PR (2 years ago)
Bill my computer can run back in time with 98FPS to fix your Blu screen Lol
UTY (2 years ago)
Alan B (2 years ago)
I had a dream that Bill Gates dreamt of the BSOD following him wherever he went, only visible to the great coder himself. The BSOD was armed with AI ( artificial intelligence) that was light years away from todays technology, giving it the ability to speak, criticize, and make judgements with uncanny resemblance to humans. The BSOD would flank Bill, like the devil embodying ones conscious when thinking of engaging in a potentially regrettable or morally conflicting act. The BSOD would pester his creator for a simple answer to a simple question: "Why?" Why create such a debilitating feature, one whose only resolution was the reboot button or CTRL -ALT-DELETE keys and paralyze millions of users in the process? It turns out that BSOD was a necessary evil. To be continued ( from former MSFT employee)
Daniel Lim (2 years ago)
Epic fail!
CorporalPig22 (2 years ago)
Windows 98 Epic Fail! XD
TheLambdaTeam (2 years ago)
*Well, that pretty much explains what quality we can expect from Microshit*
Ref (2 years ago)
+Nott Joey there is a Linux distribution thats made for newcomers from Windows. its called Zorin OS. look it up ♡
Nott Joey (2 years ago)
+Toxcique I would, but it has a strong learning curve and my family wouldn't let me install it on our computers.
Ref (2 years ago)
+Nott Joey go linux. Linux can do things that microshit only can dream about.
Reed Crosby (2 years ago)
NinelivesBobcat (2 years ago)
+Twisted Code I also call them Microshit.
Daniel Lim (2 years ago)
He should have said "Obviously a major malfunction!"
Dan (2 years ago)
+Daniel Lim Dang!
Daniel Lim (2 years ago)
Dan (2 years ago)
Space shuttle reference?
Brskywalker14 (2 years ago)
Bill: (presenting Windows 98). Windows 98: Oh hell nah.
LondenTower (2 years ago)
I had a bsod on Windows 10. And then i thought. Maybe i should downgrade to Windows 7. 😅
TheLambdaTeam (1 year ago)
No wonder. The idiots at Microshit don't want to fix the errors of their shitty operating system, instead they give us error messages. Lazyness at its finest. It's like when da gubbmint doesn't want to spend on repairing a deteriorated road, instead they put a warning sign on it. And the funnies thing is, they actually think this will fix the problem...
- degeVoodoo (1 year ago)
Nope, Win95/98 and NT kernels are totally different colours of horses. Win95 didn't even exist when the early version of NT kernels in Windows NT 3.1 was being in usage. Even the Win32 API of the NT line was partly backported to Windows 3.1 (DOS product line, Win32S) only after WinNT 3.1 came out.
Jonathan Warner (2 years ago)
The macOS kernel is a weird bit of glue between BSD, Mach, and Darwin. It works for the most part but it feels like a stretch to call it more modern than the NT kernel, though I do agree that MS should start sunsetting legacy Win32 APIs and the like.
Titus McCarthy (2 years ago)
I've had BSOD on Win7
Sonic The Gamer (2 years ago)
+Microsoft Developer will you quit virus and blue screen
Evandro Doctor (2 years ago)
Tela azul da morte. kk
rip bill gates downloaded games xD
Wow Wow :3 (2 years ago)

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