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Hack any Windows PC in 2 minutes

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Are you a 1337 hacker? You don't need to be if you have this tiny device. Zotac links: Buy Zotac's 10 series cards on Newegg: http://geni.us/S2tdsDP Buy Zotac's 10 series cards on Amazon: http://geni.us/8NubISW Buy Password Reset Key on Amazon: http://geni.us/HyKS Discuss on the forum: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/671966-password-reset-key/ Affiliates, referral programs, & sponsors: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/75969-linus-tech-tips-affiliates-referral-programs-and-sponsors/ Join our community forum: http://bit.ly/ZkLvE7 https://twitter.com/linustech http://www.facebook.com/LinusTech Intro Screen Music Credit: Title: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfxmFU3lWY iTunes Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712 Artist Link: https://soundcloud.com/laszlomusic Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnirvana Sound effects provided by http://www.freesfx.co.uk/sfx/
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Text Comments (9564)
Michael Stevenson (13 hours ago)
Or you could save $20, & just flash chntpw to any usb device... Not to mention you should password protect the eufi/bios so that changes can't be made too it. Even that can be bypassed with physical access to the mainboard but some scrub trying to hack you with this $20 device isn't likely to know that...
FANKY LET'S PLAY (16 hours ago)
Best intro ever
dark gamer (4 days ago)
i hate my bios. this one look so good and simple
Aayush Production (5 days ago)
change bios password
Shane Mohammad (6 days ago)
Good for school hopefully bios doesn't have password.
Roblox Videos (6 days ago)
666 420 (9 days ago)
I miss windows 7 were I could rename sethc.exe to cmd.exe and just spam the shift key on the login screen.
FarmYard Gaming (9 days ago)
Pushu Sharma (10 days ago)
Cringy cartwheels 🤨🤨😠😡😡
Eddie Martinez (11 days ago)
That is sick stunts you got there
Zach H (11 days ago)
I have Christmas money. And I want one of those. But why. I can't think of anywhere that I would use it.
Erville Ritche Okinlay (12 days ago)
net user [<UserName>} {<Password>}
Aaron Irby (15 days ago)
This has been a thing for a very long time. It requires local access to the PC you're trying to crack which most hackers don't have unless you invite them into your home. I'd rather see how hackers are breaking into systems from outside your network. Everything from spoofing their IP's and MAC addresses to how they're able to hide behind three to four different devices spread out across the world while still being able to crack into your system despite the god awful amount of latency that has to be present when they're coming from behind devices spread out in such a large dispersion. Those are the hackers that scare me. Most hackers simply throw a link out there and try to trick people into clicking on it. That's how they'll find the information they need to locate your system. There are some out there who don't even need to do that and those are the ones I'd love to talk too.
free entertainment (16 days ago)
you can do it for free
Dallas Kappel (16 days ago)
Hi Linus. I like your channel!
Adriene Vince Mejia (19 days ago)
Your boss in an undercover mission
reincarnation (20 days ago)
Time for school
Andres Valdevit (21 days ago)
Those are some mad typing skillz
Silas Peters (23 days ago)
Best intro ever
Great info!!
Gerlando Caldara (1 month ago)
Thats linus that helps a lot, very helpful for admins
Perry McClusky (1 month ago)
Loved the movie quality keyboard typing.
KINGMAN SUPERGOD (1 month ago)
Boot bang a whole lot a gang shit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
BaseFocus (1 month ago)
Linux clan! Lol.
Snail HornsTM (1 month ago)
Socks with sandals I see
Regetix Musketeers (1 month ago)
Kon boot does the same. U just need to create a bootable usb drive and burn the files into the flash drive. So u can flank the security layer of the accounts security. Search kon-boot in google
Daan Landsman (1 month ago)
Hey linus cant you just use hirens boot instead of a 20 dollar usb?
101ToonLink (1 month ago)
I think Linus would be terrible at infiltrating a company to get some information from Intel or some other company like Intel. 🤣
Karlee Grey (1 month ago)
Do you need to catch a cheating spouse. It’s been made easy by an online hacker empire I met. I’ve worked with them and I was able to win my ex in the court. Our divorced was filled for successfully. Well this is a chance. Contact them on [email protected] Very trusted and tested
Soren Sassanid (1 month ago)
Linus funniest vid I laughed at this to die....
Call Me Dougan (1 month ago)
0:05 socks & sandals
ExoTixx Gamerz (1 month ago)
thanks dude i am a hacker but i did not now that u can buy somthing online and hack a PC
DigitalJeremy (1 month ago)
meh; Konboot.
Kyle Durack (1 month ago)
Despiser Despised (1 month ago)
Democrats (Clinton/Reno) sued Microsoft for basically nothing. Now MS is a good lil Fascist company like Facecrook and Google. Big offices on K-Street that give overwhelmingly to Democrats. Not a new phenomenon, for FASCISTS...
Randomly Entertaining (1 month ago)
That intro is what everybody is like when they realize just how many ultra end CPUs and GPUs they have in their warehouse lol
Ike (1 month ago)
1:55 is where the video starts. Life is short, save yourself time✔✔✔
Jacktone Okwemba (1 month ago)
just in case the robber managed to escape, from CCTV footage we can just tell its Linus
Xaranthos (1 month ago)
Why pay for that, just get any USB key, download NTreset and your done...
Victoria Obispo (1 month ago)
Socks and sandals.
Brooklyn (1 month ago)
I'm only looking this up because of T-series
The Real Hal Jordan (1 month ago)
does this still work? lol
Vũ Mạnh Quyền (1 month ago)
It's 7 minutes. Scammmm
The Muha Sblek (1 month ago)
dat intro tho...
Cryzk (1 month ago)
tactical sandals and socks
ThePrimeGameProtector (1 month ago)
Missed opertunity, he didn’t use the one true super weapon. The cardboard box.
MR. ɅPΞX (1 month ago)
I'm going to charge you with murder because you _killed_ me with that intro.
R34L157 (1 month ago)
Intro: literally what i feel like while doing completely whitehat things on Kali
Mehnaz Fazal (1 month ago)
Very simple. Stiller + installation. Installation take here:"TELEGRAM BOT"- @installsMakerBot INVITE y34db6762ab Package price from $ 100 All installs make from Top installs network in USA and EU countries. Your file delivering from our private loader. Our system make byte-encode your file on every install PC with uniqe keys. Minimum number of installations for ordering is 1000 installations for USA and EU package,3000 installs for MIX package.
chnapo1 (1 month ago)
Linus, why not mention BIOS password? You will not boot to that USB without knowing BIOS password, right?
RazgrizOne (1 month ago)
"I'm in..."
Bobinator (1 month ago)
You start protecting yourself by having no usb ports. Well i will bring a Bluetooth usb hub
T0XR 3 (1 month ago)
Yay wireless hacks
Dante Inouye (1 month ago)
Ya see, people in the comments, this is why it's best to live in 'Murica. All this talk about "oh what happens if the person gets physical access to the PC case, and takes my data, ecetera. What you do, is apply for a Class 3 license, go through a tax stamp, and buy urself a set of claymore mines. Place those bad boys around ur PC in a nice circle, and BOOM (literally), anyone that comes near it is dead, Including you!
12345assad Qwerty (1 month ago)
3.4 million views scare me.
Lucky Mason (1 month ago)
12345assad Qwerty Contact Johnnorvell22 @ Instagram to get reliable and credible hacking experience like i did and thank me later.
Gwern Ap Rhisiart (1 month ago)
Hillarious intro
Lucky Mason (1 month ago)
Gwern Ap Rhisiart Contact Johnnorvell22 @ Instagram to get reliable and credible hacking experience like i did and thank me later.
Arjan Bandari (1 month ago)
You know you can just go into recovery mode and use the command prompt to change it there, or change the sticky keys shortcut to a system 32 command prompt then do it
PatrickDizon (2 months ago)
fbi: check your dms it’s important
Chakrapani Gautam (2 months ago)
Strange!! The code right at 1:07 is an excerpt from group.c file from Linux kernel. https://github.com/spotify/linux/blob/master/kernel/groups.c What this dumb hacker is actually trying to achieve? Inserting a flash drive and typing in a Linux code on Windows (which didn't even boot up properly)? And that's a C program. When, where and who is going to compile it before you can do something with it?! Great skit by the way :p
TheRobMozza (2 months ago)
Crazy glue your USB slots.. simple
Fran Bartoluci (2 months ago)
You can open a command prompt and change the password from there.
Red_Snake (2 months ago)
and when you delete windows with cmd and go away ??
Dominic Evans (2 months ago)
Where can I get one of these
The Fireplace Freak (2 months ago)
Tech is being invaded by Muslims
gabel56 (2 months ago)
Bitlocker... bam
Anthony Jurado (2 months ago)
Make a video on how to protect pc windows 10 with free softwate on the market. Aside from us knowing not to download or click on stuff. The casual user doesnt know commom sense and clicks on the link saying free million dollars click here.
James Middleton (2 months ago)
i just liked for the intro lol
Ryan Graham (2 months ago)
dos cartwheels doo
DerpyQookie (2 months ago)
1:09 Linus aka HowToBasic
slippery grammer (2 months ago)
jamie williams (2 months ago)
Or you can use konboot which is free
Mark Buunk (2 months ago)
if it this ease why hase windows not fixsed it jet
Banger Beast (2 months ago)
*forgets the password to even to log on*
Erik Burzinski (2 months ago)
And I forgot how to spell
Erik Burzinski (2 months ago)
And how to grammer
Matthew102000 (2 months ago)
Two words. Kon boot
TCG Tsopi (2 months ago)
Linus Hack Tips
Somebody .____. (2 months ago)
Like the opening lmao
Alex Thomson (2 months ago)
Ok, looks like a cheap version of MS DaRT, why would any self respecting windows technician not use the tools that come with enterprise volume licensing?
Jc Chia (2 months ago)
Tom cruise's nemesis
Optimus Prime (2 months ago)
Access any file in windows by trying linux os. Just select try ubuntu(if ubuntu you want) and it'll show you all data in all drives. you can delete, move and do anything by this simple technique. Maybe he tried that only with some extra stuff like regedit or cmd..
Henry Torfs (2 months ago)
Sandals and socks ninja...
jourpool (2 months ago)
lovelltec is a fcking scammer
metro dash (2 months ago)
Going to robbery with my chu chu shoes
Derren Tech & Games (2 months ago)
Those Sandler’s indicatevits lins
Hipro 84 (2 months ago)
Where dose I buy
Dean Grey (2 months ago)
Best cold open.
Anti World curruption (2 months ago)
Ea_ger (2 months ago)
So if you buy this you can walk around and Hijack Computers and Laptops? YEET
Launchpad Pro (2 months ago)
Me when playing Metal Gear Solid be like: 0:22 *SNEAK 100*
HX3 EN/FR (2 months ago)
Amanbeer Khanduja (2 months ago)
hackertyper.com, in case you're all wondering
Satyaki Das (2 months ago)
Bro use kon boot to unlock windows
LOL WOW (2 months ago)
0:31 those flips though 😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😂😂😂😁
David Pierce (2 months ago)
This seems like just UBCD on a usb. And UBCD is free to download.
Tyler Wong (2 months ago)
... Linus would not make a good ninja.
Kikox Colter (2 months ago)
Linus are you from czech republic? Because fucking sandals with socks
Uthan Han (2 months ago)
If i really could give a million likes to this video, i would
Sameer Malik (2 months ago)
@linus I can set password for my bios to protect my pc
mohammed aly (2 months ago)
why did you make this video is it to help hacker hack on to anything
Theemeraldwither (2 months ago)
If you dislike the video, hit the dislike button! why linus. just. why

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