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Believe Hollywood Undead Piano Tutorial

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This is a video on how to play Hollywood Undead's Believe on the piano. I figured it out all by ear, tell me if i got any notes wrong.
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Fanni Hancsak (1 year ago)
I’m trying to learn this cuz Hollywood undead is bae😂😂😂
DatOneBoi 1738 (1 year ago)
Kim Adair (1 year ago)
Dude you Sucked at the ending, you messed up than Messed me up, and you didn't even slow down idiot
Rachel Delaney (2 years ago)
Arennella (2 years ago)
Oh geez slow down
TheTrashHeap (2 years ago)
Could you please tell me what the notes for Danny's verse are? You go so fast and don't even put them in the description...
nik rose (2 years ago)
please make a video with the note please I know u learned it by ear but could u try to convert it to notes please iv been looking everywhere for notes like this please man
nik rose (2 years ago)
anyone got notes for the left hand?
Random person (2 years ago)
best piano dude I know
zopran gaming (2 years ago)
Bogdan Kolmogorov (3 years ago)
Mohammed Alfateh (3 years ago)
Oh my god you're my heroooo I love u I've checking for this a while ago and never thought anyone would do it you're awesome we should be friends😂😂. Subbed
Emilie Wingerak (3 years ago)
+4YearProjectOfficial can you do safe and sound by taylor swift
Sage Naruto fan (3 years ago)
You said to let you know what you left out........how about the rest of the song?! Lol anyway thanks for the vid. You really helped me out because all the synthesia vids I found only teaches the instrumental. Hopefully theres a follow up video containing the rest of the vocals from J3T and J-Dog because ear learning rap verses is both easy and difficult at the same time if you know what I mean.
Edwin Reyes (3 years ago)
also not trying to be mean really I'm just saying put some full pants and really I'm not trying to be mean
Edwin Reyes (3 years ago)
thank you for the help I needed to practice on this and I'm also playing circles
Hektor (3 years ago)
Nice, can you get me your sheet music ?
Joshua Moreno (3 years ago)
what's the rhythm for the left hand it's hard to mimic it
Лиана Мейер (4 years ago)
Belle S. (4 years ago)
Do you mind writing what all the keys are? I, trying to learn the keys. I'm, personally, a reading learner. Also, this sounds great!!
Bailey Metzger (4 years ago)
I need the notes please
babyswithrabies (3 years ago)
@Bailey Metzger e g f sharp g f sharp a g f sharp. for the intro on the right hansd
Samantha Buck (4 years ago)
You have the same keyboard as me!
Anthony Fawaz (4 years ago)
Omg thank you so much!! You really don't understand how much this song this means to me, I'm still sort of a beginner at piano and I'm learning all HU songs. I learned circles, then I don't wanna die, and now this song believe. I love them so much. They're my favorite band. Thanks for posting this video!
mārtyrx (3 years ago)
same 😁
Michael Lawson (3 years ago)
that's awesome btw
Ian Tolentino (4 years ago)
Subs, :p okay! Thankw broo
Alexander Flaggard (4 years ago)
How about the rap???
Gabriel Torres (5 years ago)
I did it freakin sweet
Focus Eiein (5 years ago)
I want note!.Can u give me a note .
Angel Jaime (5 years ago)
dud you should put the notes for every thing and the cords 
Mrshadow (5 years ago)
dud dud you should really put the cords up that would be helpfull 
TheDreamOfHope (5 years ago)
Joseph Berrios (5 years ago)
could u do the part with the BBDE BBDEDDBBCAG. way slower?
NehemiahTV13 (5 years ago)
what are the notes for the first part of the song
DeadShotLives (6 years ago)
What are the notes for the chorus and Danny's verse?
andruskii (6 years ago)
What were the notes for the part at 2:44
DeadShotLives (6 years ago)
SaltyLager (6 years ago)
I like it :) , though you're doing it a little bit to fast :/ It's really hard to keep up with you when you're new to piano like I am ^^
BigMacZack (6 years ago)
Niceeee. :D i liek it
4YearProjectOfficial (6 years ago)
HAHAHA!! none taken xP
Danny threetears (6 years ago)
No offense but you look like Cameron from Ferris Beuler's day off!. I know I probably spelled that wrong but yeah
4YearProjectOfficial (6 years ago)
You are repeating the right hand (E G F# G F# A G F#) so every time you play the E at the beginning you change the chord in the left hand. Hope that helps.
DeadShotLives (6 years ago)
When/on what note do I change the chords for the left hand when I play the right hand.
ElectroFlasherFilms (6 years ago)
Cool. Anyway, this was pretty sweet. And I like the twist you made in case anybody wanted to play this solo.
4YearProjectOfficial (6 years ago)
yea, if i remember correct they are called power chords.
ElectroFlasherFilms (6 years ago)
The octaves with a note in the middle, aren't they called power chords and fifth chords? I'm just curious.
XxUndeadJDogxX (6 years ago)
Thanks this is really good. Better than my tutorials :P haha
Sam Matteson (6 years ago)
Thanx bro..... It's good
Justin JDM (6 years ago)
You should make an instrumental
horses1238 (6 years ago)
Wow you're really good !
tayyabno10 (6 years ago)
My bad Jdog*
4YearProjectOfficial (6 years ago)
i think you mean j-dog instead of charlie, but J3T and JDog's part is the same as the intro.
tayyabno10 (6 years ago)
Here's what you're leaving out lol, johny's and Charlies parts
4YearProjectOfficial (6 years ago)
Thats whats up!
godschilde01 (6 years ago)
my boyfriend learned before u even finished the vid

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